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January-February 2021

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New titles from Dartmouth writers (January/February 2021)


Athletes face a winter without sports.
How to Find Your Inner Gamer

Continuing Ed

A neurosurgeon on being a disruptor


Ojibwe poet Heid Erdrich ’86 rides an unconventional creative streak.
Agent Tony Godsick ’93 and tennis superstar Roger Federer join up to create a grand slam partnership.
MacArthur fellow and Stanford professor Heidi Williams ’03 explores the forces that impede advances in healthcare.
On the field and off, Herb Hopkins ’74 gave it his all.
Only at Dartmouth can you find tennis mixed with hockey. Here’s how a fanatic tradition began.
With her memoir of heartbreak and hilarity, Olympian and movie-maker Alexi Pappas ’12 stays on track
New FBI general counsel Jason Jones ’98 joins the U.S. Justice Department in a time of turmoil.


Readers write, react, and respond. (January/February 2021)

Look Who’s Talking

Campus Arborist

Voices in the Wilderness

Engineer Hilary Johnson ’15, Th’15, builds a better Braille label maker.
Filmmaker Óscar Cornejo Cásares ’17 is a force for change.
AAA exec Xantha Bruso ’97 sees the future in self-driving cars.
NFL hires an impact player in Jonathan Beane ’92.

Web Extras

An excerpt from “False Light” by Eric Dezenhall ’84

Green Room

David Clemens-Sewall ’14, Th’22 describes working in the Arctic for a momentous scientific expedition.
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Always Faithful
An excerpt from “War and American Life,” a collection of essays about U.S. veterans
Charged Up
Jamie Reigle ’99 helps electric racing take off.
Dynamic Duo

Filmmakers Phil Lord ’97 and Chris Miller ’97 talk about the ups and downs of moviemaking, life in Tinseltown, and how they’ve honed their comedic collaboration.

“Sandy” Alderson ’69
The New York Mets president on America’s game

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