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A selection of must reads about Dartmouth alumni making news around the world.
Solomon Rajput '14

“Unapologetically Progressive”

According to Michigan's All About Ann Arbor: "Although it was an agonizing decision for him, he’s taking time away from medical school to run for Michigan’s 12th congressional district seat, which is currently held by Rep. Debbie Dingell. He said he noticed she didn’t support the issues he, and many of those he knows, feel are most important." 

Kyle Hendricks '12

"Constantly Evolving"

"Kyle Hendricks’ dedication to his craft — rather than obsessing about velocity — has taken the Cubs pitcher from trade throw-in to opening-day starter," writes the Chicago Tribune, in a lengthy profile that also mentions how Hendricks honed his mental game while playing for Dartmouth. 

Odette Harris '91

Not from Maryland

As told to TODAY: My husband jokes that my memoir should be titled, “No, I’m Not From Maryland” because of the number of times when I’ve had the “Odette Harris, MD” name card in a meeting and someone asked, “Oh, are you from Maryland?” Something as absurd as putting the initials of your state next to your name seems more plausible than the fact that “MD” stands for doctor. I can’t even tell you how many people ask that. 

Mateo Romero '89


Romero was one of seven Native American plaintiffs to petition the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to rescind the Washington NFL franchise's trademark on the "Redskins" mascot name in 1992. 

“I was painting late last night, so this is news to me,” Romero told the Santa Fe New Mexican, after being informed that the team has finally caved to pressure and is officially changing its name. “With that said, this is fantastic. It is wonderful.”


Amy Guan ’20

Essential Help

“I thought a lot about how I could use my knowledge of economics to help out essential workers who are struggling during the pandemic,” Guan writes, in an op-ed for New Jersey's Star-Ledger.

Maya Wiley ’86

Mayoral Potential

“Maya Wiley — who worked as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lawyer, chaired a police accountability board and is now a professor at The New School—is contemplating a bid for the seat de Blasio will vacate next year,” reports Politico.

Mirelle Phillips ’07


Phillips is one of the founders of Studio Elsewhere, which has provided pop-up stress relief rooms for hospitals “looking for ways to help their staff cope with the trauma of recent months,” according to The New York Times.

Annette Gordon-Reed ’81

“Growing Up with Juneteenth”

“When I was a little girl, in Texas, I thought Juneteenth belonged to us, meaning to the state of Texas generally and to black Texans specifically,” Gordon-Reed writes in The New Yorker. Juneteenth received more national media attention than ever before this year in the wake of George Floyd’s death and protests across the country concerning racism. 

Jamal Brown ’08


“The personal is political. When I was younger and my mother and I were on welfare for a period, I understood firsthand the power of government to create positive change in people’s lives. I took that understanding and passion with me to college where I started Dartmouth’s annual Pride celebration,” Brown told Politico in a short interview published on his 34th birthday. 

Gabriel Redel-Traub ’14

Early to Work

“On April 3, I became a doctor while sitting at my dining-room table….Just ten days earlier, I had received an email from my deans at NYU that asked me and my 122 classmates to voluntarily graduate early and join the workforce in the fight against COVID-19.”
—Gabriel Redel-Traub ’14



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