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A selection of must reads about Dartmouth alumni making news around the world.
Susan Matthews ’11

Thinking Out Loud

“We are all grappling with the fact that our personal health is more connected to everyone else’s health than we previously realized,” writes Matthews, an editor at Slate, in an article about the “nesting doll of conundrums” individuals are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Damianos ’16

Ready to Work

John Damianos ’16, DMS’20, talked to Time about his “Match Day” experience and readiness “to jump into patient care whenever the call comes.” Many medical schools are graduating students early so they can enter the healthcare workforce immediately as needs increase due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Jodi Archambault ’91

On Display

In a video by the Met, Archambault, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux, shows off a traditional dress that she designed, wore, and danced in before it became part of the Met’s collection. She also shares her thoughts on the display of Native American artwork and artifacts in museums: “The world likes to see American Indians in the past, and that’s something that causes a lot of difficulty with being seen today in America.” 


Amanda Trunzo ’11


Downhill ice cross is an extreme sport that has been described as “roller derby on ice” or a combination of “downhill in-line skating and snowboard cross.” Trunzo races down frozen slopes wearing ice skates, navigating sharp turns, obstacles, and other competitors—and she’s won these races enough times to be crowned the women’s world champion. 

Celeste Jennings ’18


“This play is fire,” theater director JaMeeka Holloway-Burrell says of Citrus, which Jennings wrote when she was still an undergraduate. The play—a “choreopoem” combining music, poetry, and dance to tell the stories of black women over more than 150 years in American history—premiered at Northern Stage in White River Junction, Vermont, last month. 

Latif Nasser ’08

Fateful Name

Latif Nasser has worked for the audio show Radiolab for years as its director of research. But now he’s hosting the program’s first serialized story, “The Other Latif,” about a man who shares his name and is imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay. 

Diana Taylor '77

Power Partner

The Washington Post published an expansive profile of Taylor, who has been dating Mike Bloomberg for 20 years. The article says she "faced roiling tides of sometimes-toxic masculinity at Dartmouth, where she was in the second class of women." 

Alix Peabody '12

XX Factor

Peabody is the founder of canned wine company Bev. In a personal essay for Marie Claire, she writes about learning that she had a rare medical condition, deciding to freeze her eggs, and figuring out how to pay for it—which led her where she is today. 

Brandon Staglin '93

Money on the Mind

Staglin runs One Mind, a nonprofit that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for furthering brain research. He spoke to the Washington Post Magazine about surviving schizophrenia when he was a student at Dartmouth. 


Alumni Books
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The Computerization of Music

A Dartmouth professor explains how electronics have changed the music industry and made the traditional music major obsolete.

James Newman ’78
An astronaut’s perspectives on gravity, Earth, and aliens

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