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September-October 2021

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New titles from Dartmouth writers (September/October 2021)

Big Picture


Dr. Mark H. Reed, director of Dartmouth Health Service, discusses the state of student mental health.

Continuing Ed

Politico’s White House editor on his beat


Was it recklessness or bad luck that cost Arthur Moffatt ’41 his life on a 1955 canoe expedition in Canada’s Northwest Territories? The survivors have never agreed.
How two former football players chucked their jobs in full-time pursuit of the rock and roll dream
Bianca Smith ’12 steps up as professional baseball’s first Black female coach.
Did TV and film wunderkind Herb Solow ’53 boldly go where no man has gone before? Indubitably!


Readers write, react, and respond. (September/October 2021)

Look Who’s Talking

Director of the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship

Personal History

An undergrad snaps his way through a wacky practice routine with hopes of landing a teaching assistant job.

Voices in the Wilderness

Fragrance maker Keta Burke-Williams ’15 launches new line.
India Wood ’88 walks a 732-mile transect.
Rookie producer Larry Jaffe ’46 hits paydirt at 98.
New chief justice Gordon J. Macdonald ’83 joins state supremes.

Web Extras

An excerpt from “Race Against Time: The Politics of a Darkening America” by Keith Boykin ’87

Green Room

Caitlin Hackett ’13 helps create the worlds you see on screen.
PaaWee Rivera ’13 represents Indian country in the White House.
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Shared Experiences
Excerpts from “Why Black Men Nod at Each Other,” by Bill Raynor ’74
One of a Kind
Author Lynn Lobban ’69 confronts painful past.
Going the Distance

How Abbey D’Agostino ’14 became one of the most prolific athletes in Dartmouth history. 

Joseph Campbell, Class of 1925
The author (1904-1987) on mythology and bliss

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