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Welcome to Dartmouth Alumni Magazine’s website and digital archive. This guide will help you navigate the site and its various elements.


The archive contains every page from every issue of DAM ever printed.

We’ve also loaded most magazine content since the end of 2009 into our new content management system (CMS). This means all magazine content that we’ve published since the September/October 2009 issue appears in two places on the site: in the digital archive, and in our CMS, which is web-specific and a bit easier to view and read (you are currently reading a web page rendered in our CMS; when you view the archive you'll see the difference).

We also now offer photo galleries, web extras, book excerpts and numerous links to stories about alumni and the College. You’ll find new stories about alumni each week in our Seen & Heard aggregation department. You can subscribe to an RSS feed for this section by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Seen & Heard column on the home page.

You can view the website on any device: computer, phone and tablet. Since we’ve used responsive web design, your viewing experience is optimized with minimal scrolling, panning and resizing. No need to download special apps or software. You can view this site on any browser on any device.

The archive is easily viewed on computers and tablets. However, due to its massive size, the archive is not yet viewable on smartphones. Our vendor is currently developing technology to make the archive work on phones, and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

CLASS NOTES AND OBITUARIES can be found on your Class Page. Click on Class Notes & Obits, search for your class year and then click View Class Page. Here you’ll find your class’s most recent notes and obituaries. You’ll also find a link at the top of the page: View All Notes For Class of (your year here). This link brings up all your class’s notes published in DAM since the September/October 2009 issue. Another link on that page takes you to the archives in case you wish to search for older notes and obits.

To search Class Notes and obituaries that were published prior to September/October 2009,
search in the archive.

To search Class Notes and obituaries that were published after September/October 2009, use the search field that appears in the upper right corner of the home page. (You can also find these more recent notes and obits in the archive.)

The archives provide an image-based, digital, searchable version of every issue the magazine has published since its inception in 1905. Every page of every issue appears exactly as it did in print. Links on the table of contents pages are live.

To access the archives you must first be registered and logged in­. Once you register and input your class year, a link to your class page will appear with your log-in information at the top of the home page.

You can search the archives with the provided fields. Use quotation marks to search for groups of words. You can narrow your search with the filters provided once your search results appear.

To browse issues by cover or year, click the “Browse Issues” link at upper left of the archive page.

In the archives, you can view a table of contents for each issue, view thumbnail images of every page, and browse issues by year and cover. To share stories from the archive, you will have to direct recipients to the URL (they will also need to be registered in order to view the archive).

To print pages from the archive, click the “print” button at top right of archive pages. This brings up a thumbnail of every page in an issue; click the boxes under the pages you wish to print. Click the “preview as PDF" button and you can then save each page as a PDF that you can print.

The archive is brought to you in part thanks to a generous gift from David Mangelsdorff ’67.

You must search the archive to find content that DAM published prior to September/October 2009. To search more recent content, you should start by using the search field on our home page. You can also find this content by searching the archive.

The more it is used, the better our search engines will perform. Please bear with us during our startup phase as we refine and debug our search functions.

You can download a PDF of any issue published since September/October 2009. Click the Issue Archive link on the home page and scroll through the cover thumbnails. Underneath each cover are three options: Table of Contents (which brings up a list of story links for that issue), View This Issue (which takes you to that issue in the digital archive), and Download Now (which downloads a PDF of that issue).

You can share content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and virtually any social media; relevant sharing icons appear at the top and bottom of each story published in our CMS:

You can comment on all stories on our CMS site but not in the archive. To comment you must be registered and logged in. Please use your real name. Be sure to read our commenting policy.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please email



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