Behind the Scenes
Storyboard artist Raymond Prado ’89 works his Hollywood magic from the quiet hills of rural Vermont.
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“Do Our Job and Get Outta Here”

EXCERPT: Vietnam vets recall their primary mission during the war: survive, and go home.

A Monitored State

One professor’s smartphone experiment foreshadows a future where surrendering privacy may prevent dangerous behaviors.

At Pain’s Weak Mercy

We need better education and research about opioids for those who suffer chronic pain.

Wisdom of the Sages

Four nonagenarians and one octogenarian serve up more than 450 years of insight into this thing called life.

Eric Berlin ’89

A medical cannabis lawyer on making it legal
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The Eternal Quest

EXCERPT: The pursuit of a meaningful life is more urgent—and more elusive—than ever before.

Over the Hill?

A crew of determined alumni takes on the excruciating hike known as the Fifty—in reverse—before they turn 50 themselves.

I Read, Therefore I Think

Theological debates about the Trinity have their place in the liberal arts curriculum. Here’s why.

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  • War Music
    72" x 96" mixed media on panel (2013)
  • Butterfly Dancer
    40" x 60" mixed media on canvas (2016)
  • Abiquiu
    60" x 60" oil on canvas (2016)
  • Supernova DNA
    60" x 60" mixed media on paper (2016)
  • Glacier Lake
    48" x 72" oil on canvas (2016)
  • Tewa Buffalo Dancers
    40" x 60" mixed media on canvas (2006)

Contemporary artist Mateo Romero ’89, who lives on the Pojoaque Pueblo reservation in New Mexico with his wife and children, has established a reputation for vibrant paintings and mixed media pieces that portray Southwest Native culture. Many compositions use thick layers of paint to depict ceremonial dances and feast-day celebrations, sometimes incorporating historical images or Romero’s own photography. His work is in private and public collections around the world, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and the Hood Museum. “Painting for me has the potential to connect people to each other,” he says. “It’s not just a Native thing. It’s a human experience.”  

Read more about Romero in the January/February 2017 issue of DAM.

War Music
72" x 96" mixed media on panel (2013)
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