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Man of Character

Commencement speaker David Brooks offers his thoughts on the liberal arts, campus microaggressions and the first thing he’d do if he were president of the College.

The Spy Game

CIA veteran Robert Grenier ’76 offers his take on his critical role in post-9/11 Afghanistan and explains what it was like to deal with Hamid Karzai, U.S. presidents and enhanced interrogation.

To Build a Fire

Here’s how former smokejumper and Montana professor Carl Seielstad ’90 is helping change fire policy forever. For starters, he says, you’ve got to fight fire with fire.

The Beat of Terror

For New York Times foreign correspondent and Pulitzer nominee Rukmini (Sichitiu) Callimachi ’95, digging for the truth sometimes means digging for bodies.

Life Support

Facing daunting challenges, a wounded Vietnam War vet finds a support system through his College connections.

Inspired by Salvador

At the mustachioed DALI Lab, students get paid to delve into innovative computer science and design projects.

The Chosŏn One

The influence of Homer Hulbert, class of 1884, lives on in a country far from his home.

Voices in the Wilderness

Luisa Kroll ’91 • Peter Kilmarx ’83 • Christine Souffrant ’11 • Mike Markaverich ’71 • Lauren Indvik ’09 • Jeff Albright ’88, DMS’92

Big Picture

Eve of Destruction


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