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Crisis Management

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ’83 talks to Matthew Mosk ’92 about fixing a financial mess that arose from too much optimism and a system operating “with no cops and no rules.”

Par for the Course

Welcome to the College’s largest and wildest playground: Hanover Country Club.

Sea of Dreams

Eager to purge himself of “the wanderlust,” Brue Potter ’38 set out for a life of grand adventure. His aspirations ended right where they started: on an ill-fated voyage with famous playboy explorer Richard Halliburton.

Road Warriors

Coaches who travel to Hanover face the best of times. And the worst of times.

Growth Opportunity

The College should marshal its resources to prepare more students for careers in agriculture.

Opportunity Knocks

The first director of A Better Chance looks back on the early days of an innovative program that has opened doors for minority students.

Nothing In Common

All because of an athletic—and quite persistent—classmate, an undergrad discovered her inner “sporty girl” more than 30 years ago.

Wall Papers

History seminar students revisit the lives of alumni veterans who died in combat during the Vietnam War.

Voices in the Wilderness

Dan Schreibman ’86 • Caroline Choi ’90 • Sam Stein ’04 • Liz Gannes ’04 • Esther Cohen ’79 • Diarmuid O’Connell ’86

Hal Macartney ’75

An oil and gas geologist defends fracking


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