Hi, ’18s! I hope everyone is ready for a great summer! As the seasons change, we have a few exciting updates to share with the class.

Earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, Emily Everhard’s original teleplay, Tektite, won the prestigious 2024 Sundance Institute and Alfred P. Sloan episodic fellowship. Emily is an actress, writer, and director who draws inspiration from true stories told through a queer, female perspective.

She is currently completing her M.F.A. in screenwriting at Columbia University. Tektite is inspired by NASA’s first all-female mission in 1970. The teleplay follows five elite female scientists joining an aquatic NASA mission who must band together to survive in the depths of the ocean. While at Dartmouth Emily studied U.S. history, which had a strong influence on this work. Congratulations, Emily, on this incredible honor!

Since graduation Katie Clayton and Elena Horton have continued diving deeper into their passion for endurance sports. Katie is an accomplished triathlete, and Elena is an elite ultramarathoner. Both Katie and Elena are now coaching together at The Endurance Drive, which is a multi-sport endurance coaching platform. Together, they launched a podcast earlier this year called Female Athlete Stories under The Endurance Drive Podcast. Please check out their coaching at theendurancedrive.com, and give a listen to Female Athlete Stories, which is available wherever you get your podcasts. Congratulations, Katie and Elena, on your incredible athletic achievements and this exciting new chapter as you help others to achieve their goals!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. Wishing you all the best; have a great summer!

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Hi, ’18s! I am pulling this column together as 2023 draws to a close and the new year approaches. My husband, Liam Fortin, and I (Emily Choate) have just celebrated our 10th Christmas season together since we met at Dartmouth. Reflecting on this past year, we are so grateful for the many opportunities to connect with Dartmouth friends through travel, at our fifth reunion, and at many friends’ weddings. Thank you to everyone in our Dartmouth family who made this year special!

Last summer Jaclyn Pageau returned to the Big Green and started a new position in the admissions office after five years working in theater. She also got engaged over the winter in New York City to her now-fiancé, Alex! Congratulations, Jaclyn and Alex!

In additional exciting news, Carter Noordsij proposed to Rebecca Giovannetti in Ilhabela, Brazil, this December. Carter, Rebecca, and family took a boat to visit the fishing village of Bonete for the day, and Carter proposed at the top of a hike overlooking the beach. Congratulations to you both, Carter and Rebecca!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to. Wishing you all the best!

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Hi, ’18s! Happy New Year! I hope everyone is looking forward to a great 2024!

We have some very exciting classmate news to share. Becca Suydam and Alex Witherspoon were married Saturday, October 7, at Cedar Lakes Estate in New York. They were joined in celebration by many classmates who traveled far and wide to toast the couple, enjoy the fall weather, reminisce on good times, and even play some pong. The newlyweds live on New York’s Upper East Side, where Becca, now Dr. Suydam, is a plastic surgery resident at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Alex works in private equity at Recognize.

Maya Moten married Nicholas Stanko on October 21 in Dallas. The celebration even included a mini Dartmouth reunion, with many classmates in attendance, including Alex Adams, Marley Peters, Alana Tucker, Jessica Winters, and Gabby Kirlew. In the new year Maya is looking forward to celebrating her first year of marriage and will be creating a limited television series with her production company while she works part time with a local theater organization in Dallas.

Matthew Goff and Adina Harri got engaged on July 30 after hiking “The Fifty” at Dartmouth. Matthew surprised Adina with a gathering of friends and family at the Lodge afterward.

Scheridan Vorwaller-Cloward recently passed the principles and practice of engineering, power professional engineering, exam! She will be accredited and licensed in the state of Utah once she completes her remaining work experience. In 2024 she is excited for some apartment renovations and to pursue her goal of visiting five National Parks. The first will be the Grand Teton National Park, with more to come.

I wanted to extend a congratulations to our newest class executive committee officers and thank our outgoing officers for five great years! I know I speak for all of us when I say that we all look forward to serving our class. The committee includes Devina Kumar (president), Charlie Blatt (vice president), Emily Choate (secretary), Henry Wilson (treasurer), Shania Kee (newsletter editor), Mimi Fiertz (mini-reunion chair), Katie Loughlin (head agent), Josue Guerrero (head agent), Sarah Atac (reunion chair), and Ashley Dotson (Alumni Council representative). Please reach out to any officers if you have questions, requests, or ideas so we can better serve our class!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to. Cheers to another great year!

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Hi, ’18s! It is hard to believe that this is the last column of 2023. As we approach the holidays and the new year, I hope everyone is getting to enjoy time with friends and family!

We have some very exciting classmate news to share as we reflect on a wonderful 2023. Tess McGuinness spent the summer working as an executive on the Gladiator film sequel. The film will be directed by Ridley Scott and will star Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, and Pedro Pascal. Tess also set up an ongoing television series at A&E for which she will be receiving her first co-executive producer credit. Last but not least, Tess got engaged this summer to her now-fiancé, Joe! Congratulations, Tess and Joe! We are all so happy for you both, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store!

Sophie d’Orchimont and Garrett Martin have had an exceptionally eventful 2023. The highlight came in July, while vacationing in the south of France. In the early evening of July 28, while strolling through the medieval, mountaintop village of Èze, Garrett popped the question, and Sophie said, “Yes!” The pair will be getting married in Boston next fall. As a personal note, it makes me so overjoyed that my best friend has found her perfect match in such a wonderful person. You both mean the world to me, and I cannot wait to watch you enter this incredible new chapter of your lives.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to, and I hope everyone has a great fall!

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Hi, ’18s! I hope everyone had a lovely summer. I know that, for many of us, a major highlight of the last few months was our five-year reunion in Hanover! Priyanka Altman described the weekend well, writing, “Eleni Mora, Imanol Avendano, Shirley Gabber, Jimmy Fair, and I had a blast reconnecting at our five-year reunion this year. We’ve had many reunions and adventures together through the years since graduation but being back on campus all together was truly magical. We are all so grateful to Dartmouth (and our McLaughlin freshman floor) for bringing us together!” I agree; it was a magical weekend, and I know many of us are counting down until it’s time to celebrate 10 years.

Brendan Schuetze was very sad to miss reunions, but he had a great reason for not making it! Brendan graduated with his Ph.D. in educational psychology at UT Austin in May. Immediately after graduating, he packed up all his belongings and moved internationally to start a new job as a postdoctoral researcher at the university in Potsdam, Germany. Brendan wrote, “It has been a hectic month and there has been a lot of cultural adjustment and paperwork to complete, but so far it has been a great experience. That said, I hope to see everyone at the 10-year mark.” Congratulations, Brendan. We cannot wait to hear more about your adventures!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to, and I hope everyone has a great fall!

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Hi, ’18s! It was a blast seeing so many of you at reunions last month. Thank you to everyone who made the trek out to Hanover and who made our five-year reunion one that we will always remember!

In the spirit of summer and getting out into the nice weather, I asked our class to share memories of their favorite outdoor activities at Dartmouth. Alison Clarke described how much she enjoyed playing tennis, including playing in heels and a dress at a Sigma Epsilon formal! In addition to her incredible tennis skills, Alison also had very exciting news to share with the class. This year Alison officially became Dr. Clarke! She began her physician residency at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in June. Congratulations, Alison! We know you are going to do such an amazing job for all your patients, and we wish you all the best in your medical career!

Herbert Chang also had some exciting news to share. He is returning to Dartmouth to join the faculty as an assistant professor in quantitative social science. His door is always open to chat to see if there are any opportunities to provide students research opportunities with digital data. Herbert is returning to Dartmouth after having spent the Covid-19 pandemic in Taiwan, where he got to meet many current Dartmouth students and alumni. Dartmouth is very excited to have you back. Congratulations, Herbert!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to, and I hope you will all enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Hi, ’18s! Next month we will convene in Hanover for our five-year reunion on June 16-18. It is sure to be a weekend full of great programming and reconnecting with fellow ’18s. Get ready for the best weekend of 2023!

In anticipation of this year’s reunion, I asked you to share stories of reconnecting with your Dartmouth peers since graduation. The self-proclaimed “Bonnet Squad,” including Dami Apoeso, Elias Bello, Amos Cariati, Kendall Ernst, Natalie Mueller, Marcus Reid, Gabby van den Hoek, and Zach Yates, described how they have partied and ponged together all over the world since graduation. They’ve visited New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, Denver, and Majorca as a group. Be sure to ask the Bonnet Squad about their adventures if you see them in Hanover next month; I’m sure they will have amazing stories to share!

At the time of writing this column, Bridget Dougherty and Adam Philipps were preparing for their wedding. On April 22 they were married on Candlewood Lake, Connecticut. Congratulations, Bridget and Adam!

In additional classmate news, ’Bov Water, a new play written by Celeste Jennings, was premiered earlier this year at Northern Stage (see her profile on page 66). As described by Northern Stage, the play tells the stories of four generations of Black women who “breathe and bathe in a past that’s both intentionally and accidentally forgotten. Challenging and discovering their own narratives from the Civil War to the 1960s to modern-day America, these strong and inquisitive souls wrestle to unearth a family’s past and build resilience for the future. ’Bov Water is a touching, vital, and intensely human poetic journey that aims to answer how do you define yourself if you don’t know your family’s history?” The premiere was met with critical acclaim, with The Rutland Herald writing, “It is sheer poetry. It’s also a fascinating tale, a mystery, that is heart-wrenching, heartwarming and hilarious, and very, very human—in fact, a search for roots.” Congratulations on the premiere of this exciting work, Celeste. We cannot wait to see what you do next!

Sarah Rote is planning to through-hike the Appalachian Trail this summer. You can follow her Instagram @rotesarah to follow her along the way; please reach out and say hi! Happy trails, Sarah!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to! Cheers to reuniting next month!

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Hi, ’18s! As winter wanes and we look ahead toward warmer weather, I hope you are also looking forward to our five-year reunion in Hanover on June 16-18! This month (March) our reunion registration site and housing form are live. If you haven’t yet, please register and spread the word. Your classmates on the reunion committee are preparing an exciting weekend full of programming and reconnecting with fellow ’18s. Please stay tuned for additional information and don’t hesitate to reach out to me via text or email using my contact information at the bottom of this column if you have any questions or have not been receiving class emails containing reunions information. We are looking forward to celebrating five years with you all in June!

In anticipation of this year’s reunion, I asked you to share stories of reconnections with your Dartmouth peers since graduation. Amir Sharifzadeh wrote, “One day around noon in June I was on the Johns Hopkins shuttle and I saw a medical student wearing a Dartmouth T-shirt. I was also wearing a Dartmouth T-shirt that day and I was going to my office in the physics department. We had never met before at Dartmouth, but we were both very excited to meet each other—just like two family members who met each other in the same place after a long time. I realized that day how much I miss home (Dartmouth).” I can certainly relate to this story and agree there is nothing better to bring together two strangers than a Dartmouth T-shirt! Amir has been studying applied physics and working at the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Data-Intensive Engineering and Sciences since November 2021. Thank you for sharing your story and your update, Amir!

In exciting news, Lydia Jabs was named as an awardee of the Middle East Policy Council’s “40 Under 40 Awards,” which recognizes professionals shaping the present and future of U.S.-Middle East relations. Lydia is the executive director of the U.S.-Libya Business Association, where she strives to enhance the diplomatic and commercial relationship between the United States and Libya and facilitate opportunities for mutually beneficial investment. Congratulations, Lydia!

Sarah Rote is planning to through-hike the Appalachian Trail this summer. You can follow her Instagram @rotesarah to follow her along the way; please reach out and say hi! Happy trails, Sarah!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to! Cheers to reuniting in 2023!

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Hi, ’18s! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2023 is off to a great start. Sending best wishes for the year ahead!

One thing we can all look forward to in 2023 is our five-year reunion in Hanover! If you haven’t already, please mark your calendars for June 16-18 and spread the word. Your classmates on the reunion committee are working hard to prepare an exciting weekend full of programming and reconnecting with fellow ’18s. Please stay tuned for additional information, which will be communicated via email in the coming weeks and months. If you are not receiving class emails, please reach out to me using my email address, below. We are looking forward to celebrating five years with you all in June!

Claire Bird and Chris Tinsman were married in a beautiful ceremony in Chicago on September 17, 2022. Many Dartmouth classmates were in attendance, including Mary Clare Seeman, Madison Smith, Will Allan, Tiffany Dyson, Ciro Riccardi, Lauren Stone ’19, and Wyatt Smith ’19. Mary Clare expressed her congratulations to the couple, and Tiffany wrote, “We loved celebrating and dancing the night away with the newlyweds at their stunning reception at the Field Museum. Congrats to the new husband and wife!” Congratulations indeed to Claire and Chris!

Bruno Korbar recently got engaged to Tamy Gomez-Ortigoza ’21. Congratulations to you both and all the best for a happy wedding and marriage!

Maya Moten had a busy year full of exciting new changes! In 2022 she started film school, launched a production company with a couple of friends, and got engaged to her boyfriend of three and one-half years. Maya and her fiancé are excitedly planning their wedding for October and cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store. Congratulations, Maya!

Kimberly (Kimmy) Ma is working toward her Ph.D. and her career in public health and was also recently selected to be the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Biosecurity Editorial Fellow. She is super excited to learn from and collaborate with the incredible team on staff at the Bulletin. Congratulations, Kimmy!

Scheridan Vorwaller-Cloward is enjoying her new job in electrical engineering for Stantec Consultants and recently helped write an article about transmission interconnection that will be published online. This January she and her husband, Matthew Cloward, are celebrating two and one-half years of marriage. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to! Happy New Year, ’18s! Cheers to reuniting in 2023!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! It’s hard to believe another year is drawing to a close! As 2023 approaches and I reflect on this past year, I’m so grateful for my Dartmouth family! I hope you all feel the same during this holiday season. In this column, I asked you to reflect on fall at Dartmouth.

Scheridan Vorwaller-Cloward wrote in to describe her favorite memories from freshman fall. She wrote, “Two of my favorite things from freshman fall term included settling in and getting to experience a New England autumn! I remember feeling so nervous and so small when I first got to my dorm room. How was I going to fit in and meet people?

“My floor in McCulloch was seemingly empty besides my suitcases and me. I remember being anxious to see how the term would progress. A little while later I heard life on the floor and stepped out of my room. I saw a tired but fantastic human being, toothbrush in hand, who was fresh off of her trip and had just woken up. We both seemed a little timid and startled at first, but she became one of my dearest and closest friends from my time at Dartmouth. The next memory was from ‘Writing 5.’ I had a view from the third floor of Baker Library, and I would get so genuinely distracted by the changing foliage outside the window that I eventually had to change seats and put the window to my back. It was so colorful and gorgeous; it really stole my heart.” Thank you for your reflections, Scheridan! Your entry truly brings me back to 14F!

Scheridan also celebrated her second anniversary with her husband, Matthew Cloward, this year. Happy anniversary! She has received her engineer-in-training certification in electrical engineering and is working toward becoming a professional engineer in Utah. Congratulations, Scheridan!

In July Ella Ryan, Dru Falco, Francesca Governali, Carolyn McShea, Riley Carbone, and Lily Xu reunited for a week-long bike trip. They biked from Underhill, Vermont, to Portland, Maine, making many stops along the way, including at Hanover and the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. It sounds like an amazing trip!

Taylor McKenna got engaged in July to Duncan Hurrelbrink ’17. The pair met on ski patrol in 2014 and have been together since 2016. They currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with their puppy, Rhubarb, and are gearing up for a September 2023 wedding in Vermont! Congratulations, Taylor and Duncan!

Finally, Taylor Johnson is enjoying a new basketball season in London. He is excited to have the opportunity to share the court with his old teammate Aaryn Rai ’22 this year. Sounds like fun; go, team!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to!

Have a happy New Year, ’18s! Cheers to 2023!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. We have some exciting updates to share in this column.

Jiarui Wang moved to San Francisco in June to join a venture capital firm as an investor. He is very excited for the new job and wrote that he “finally broke in after a career trek hosted by what is now the Magnuson Center introduced me to the industry six years ago.” He will be joining Chris Kymn and Shuoqi Chen in the Bay Area and would love to meet up with other ’18s in the area! Jiarui will also be hosting friends Jerrel Catlett and Caroline Petro in July as they stop by on their California road trip. It sounds like you are in for a wonderful summer in San Francisco, Jiarui! Congratulations and best of luck in your new job!

Annie Huang is moving to Australia for a new job in Sydney. Annie has lived in New Zealand for the past year and is looking forward to the move and this new opportunity. She invites everyone to please get in touch if they find themselves in the area. Congratulations, Annie!

Finally, I have a bit of personal news. On June 25 Emily Choate (yours truly) and Liam Fortin were married at St. Bernard Church in Keene, New Hampshire, followed by a beautiful reception at Aldworth Manor in Harrisville, New Hampshire. The entire wedding weekend was so incredibly beautiful, moving, and all-out fun! We loved reconnecting and celebrating with so many of our amazing Dartmouth friends, especially bridesmaid Sophie d’Orchimont and groomsmen Garrett Martin, Peter Blum, Carter Noordsij, and Andrew Ogren. Liam and I are endlessly grateful that Dartmouth brought us together, and Hanover will always feel like our home. We are so excited to embark on this next chapter in married life together! Thank you to everyone who made our wedding so special—we will remember it for the rest of our lives!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to! Have a lovely fall, ’18s!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! It seems everyone has been busy, as we have lots of exciting updates to share!

Charlie Blatt wrote, “Many exciting things on the horizon! I recently got engaged to my fiancé, Jack Greenberg. He describes Dartmouth as his ‘college-in-law.’ In May I graduated from Yale Law School. After I take the bar exam in late July Jack and I are moving to New York City, where I will work for a law firm and later clerk for a federal judge. I’m looking forward to starting a new post-law school chapter and hope to spend more time with Dartmouth friends in New York.” Congratulations, Charlie and Jack, on all these exciting developments!

On April 20 Francine Mejia welcomed home twin baby boys, Alistair Logan and Harvey Grant. She wrote, “The sleepless nights of studying have prepared me well for the sleepless nights to come!” Congratulations to you and your family, Francine!

Herbert Chang has exciting news! During his time at Dartmouth he coinvented a musical instrument with his music professor Spencer Topel. Now, seven years later, their instrument has won the prestigious Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Jury’s Special Award, known as the X-Prize. Herbert wrote, “My friendship with Professor Topel was one of the most important things I gained from Dartmouth and culminated in this way. I’m currently a Ph.D. student at USC, but collaborate heavily with Dartmouth mathematics and the Neukom Center, with our most recent work featured in Scientific American.” The award comes at a sad time following the passing of professor Jon Appleton, who invented the Synclavier at Dartmouth 40 years ago. Herbert wrote that Professor Appleton’s legacy was conceptually instrumental in his and Professor Topel’s work. Congratulations to you both!

Recently, Ben Farrar, Jack Taylor, and Jimmy Buchanan went to Chamonix, France, for an extended vacation! Ben wrote that they “enjoyed several weeks of skiing, rock and ice climbing, and eating more cheese and bread than previously considered humanly possible.” That sounds like an ideal vacation!

Kate Letkewicz wrote in to say, “Congratulations to Emily Slagle for the bun in the oven! You’re going to be the best mom!” Congratulations, Emily, and thanks for writing in with the amazing news, Kate!

Kimberly Ma will be beginning her Ph.D. program in biodefense at George Mason University starting in the fall. She wrote, “I will be continuing to work full-time in public health for a while so it will be a little tough, but I am super excited for this next step. I’m looking forward to continuing to connect with D.C.-based Dartmouth alumni during the next (at least) five years!” Congratulations, Kimberly!

Hollye Swinehart is currently living in London and finishing her master’s in filmmaking. She is currently in pre-production for her directing and writing debut, Cotton Something. Congratulations, Hollye! If you want to be involved or to find out more, please visit cottonsomething.com.

This past spring Maya Moten went back to school to study film and got engaged to her boyfriend (now fiancé)! Congratulations, Maya!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and stories. It’s so good to hear about what everyone is up to! Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay cool, ’18s!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! I hope everyone has been enjoying their fall! It was nice to reconnect with some of you at Homecoming earlier this fall; nothing is better than the bright Hanover foliage and a roaring bonfire!

The last issue of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine includes an interview with actor Sarah Wayne Callies ’99 talking about her new podcast drama. Inspired, and also looking for some entertainment inspiration to avoid the doom scroll, I asked you to submit your podcast, TV, film, and literature recommendations. Danica Rodriguez recommended Only Murders in the Building, a great new comedy-murder mystery series on Hulu centered around the creation of a true crime podcast. The show features Steve Martin (who actually played his banjo at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in 2012), Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. I also love this show—amazing pick, Danica!

In addition to having impeccable taste in television, Danica is also a leader in her field! In October she was announced as the new resident casting director for the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C.! In this new leadership position, Danica aims to uplift the industry’s most under-considered voices, centering Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, and disabled artists on the stage. Congratulations, Danica! We hope to see your company’s performances soon!

Charlotte Dahl has been working with Dartmouth’s young alumni campaign advisors to increase alumni-giving participation, particularly among the youngest alumni classes. Her team has decided to focus their efforts on mental health and wellness. They launched the Vox Clamantis Intergenerational Fund for Student Mental Health & Well-Being to support the College in providing mental health initiatives and clinical positions for members of the student body. Thank you to Charlotte and her team for pursuing this incredibly important cause at Dartmouth. All alumni are invited to support the organization’s work at calltolead.dartmouth.edu/stories/young-alumni-shine-light-student-mental-health-and-wellness. Thank you for your support!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their recommendations and updates for the column. It’s so good to hear about all the amazing things our class is doing! This column is our first of 2022, so I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. Cheers to you, ’18s!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! The years 2020 and 2021 have been full of ups and downs. For many of us, the warmer weather and miracle of vaccinations helped make this past summer a highlight in an otherwise challenging time. For the last column of 2021 I asked you at the end of the summer to share your stories and updates with the class. It was great to hear about some exciting life updates and about the good times that were enjoyed during the summer. I’m writing this column at the end of August, and while it’s impossible to know what the future holds for us (or what will have happened between now and when this column is published at the end of the year), it is so nice to revel in the joys of this pleasant moment. Thank you for sharing your updates!

This summer Will Tremml got engaged to Olivia Champ ’19 on their road trip to the Grand Canyon. This fall will mark six years since they first met in the Alpha Chi Alpha basement after being introduced by mutual friends. They recently moved from Washington, D.C., to Boston, and look forward to watching the Dartmouth-Harvard game together in person. Congratulations, Will and Olivia!

Love was truly in the air this summer! Josie Yalovitser and Raphael Sacks ’17 were engaged in July while vacationing in beautiful Aruba! Josie and Raphael are currently living in Burlington, Vermont, with their Siberian Husky Shurik. They are super excited for this next chapter in their lives. Congratulations to you both!

In June Cindy Li moved to Boulder, Colorado, quit her job, and started a new specialty tea company called Uproot. Her new company sources directly from family farms to bring consumers the freshest tea possible. You can learn more about Uproot at uprootteas.com. Congratulations on this exciting new venture, Cindy—we’re “uprooting” for you!

This summer Caroline Petro joined AmeriCorps and moved to California to start a year of service at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. Caroline also took a beautiful trip to Spain this summer with Jerrel Catlett and had a fantastic time exploring Madrid and Barcelona. She hopes everyone is staying safe and doing well! Congratulations on an exciting summer and on the amazing work you’ll be doing this year, Caroline!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their stories and updates for the column. It’s so good to hear about all the amazing experiences our class had this summer! This column will be our last of 2021, so I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season and a happy New Year. Cheers to 2022!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! I hope you are all doing well. It has been so wonderful getting to reconnect with classmates as we begin to venture out into the world and enjoy our old favorite things again. I’m grateful for the amazing science that brought us these vaccines and such wonderful classmates with whom to enjoy the new freedom they bring!

This issue we’re spreading awareness about an incredible nonprofit organization near and dear to Elena Horton’s heart. Elena recently fundraised for Girls Gotta Run, a nonprofit that invests in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities in Ethiopia. They use their donations to invest in girls during adolescence, when they are most likely to drop out of school and enter early marriages, with scholarship programs, coached running communities, and financial management classes. Elena held a fundraiser as a part of her own adventure solo bike-packing between Seattle and Portland, Oregon, climbing and skiing lines on Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams, and Mount Hood along the way (check out her journey on Instagram @elena_horton).

Elena describes the importance of programs such as Girls Gotta Run and endurance sports in general to instill confidence and independence for women globally. She wrote, “Being from Ohio, my first time backcountry skiing was with the DOC as a sophomore, and the trails around Hanover quickly solidified into my sense of home while in school. I’ve gained so much from my adventures, and I’ve learned everything I now know from a combination of friends and opportunities, beginning with my time at Dartmouth. I am on a mission to introduce more women to their potential in the outdoors, and I felt this experience was the perfect combination of raising funds and awareness for a great organization and role-modeling by throwing myself independently into a big challenge. I’m hoping to get the word out about this effort and the Girls Gotta Run organization to inspire and encourage more women to get involved.” Thank you for all the work that you’ve done, Elena; your passion is truly inspiring!

You can learn more about Girls Gotta Run at www.girlsgottarun.org. If anyone else has charitable causes or other passions to share, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to spotlight them here. It’s great to see all the good that our class can accomplish! In the meantime, I hope everyone has enjoyed this summer and that the fall has plenty of enjoyment in store for us as well. Be well, ’18s!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! Happy summer! It’s hard to believe this year marks five years since our own Sophomore Summer. I have so many lovely memories from “16X,” including plenty of time in the great outdoors, countless late nights with friends, and exciting trips to explore the Upper Valley.

Alex Wolf remembers plenty of crazy times from 16X, but will keep the details to himself in his and his friends’ memories for the time being! These days Alex is working on a new startup called Deltawave.ai. His startup is aimed at fighting climate change with state-of-the-art blockchain and machine learning technology. It is in the very early stages, but Alex looks forward to raising capital to support his project in the near future! The class of 2018 wishes you luck, and we are all excited to see how Deltawave.ai can help our planet!

I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this summer, and that you will all think back fondly of the summer we shared at Dartmouth during 16X. Be well, ’18s!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hi, ’18s! As we approach sun and warmer weather, I hope you are all well!

Jerrel Catlett was accepted into the M.D./Ph.D. program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in January. He will be officially matriculating into the class of 2028 this June. Congratulations, Jerrel!

Tragically, Sheria Musyoka died when he was struck by a drunk driver while jogging near Lake Merced, California, on February 4. Sheria was born in Kenya. At Dartmouth he studied government and was a participant in the Rockefeller Center’s management and leadership development program. He traveled to Berlin on the German studies language study abroad program. He was involved in the first-year student enrichment program and worked as a recruiting coordinator for the College. He graduated in the top 3 percent of the class of 2018. After graduating he became a valued member of the talent acquisition team at Akili Interactive & Verana Health. Weeks before his death Sheria proudly became a U.S. citizen. In January he moved from Connecticut to California with his wife, Hannah, and son, Theo. The young family was excited for their new adventure. Sheria was eager to give back to his community and planned to get involved in politics, diversity programs, and his city’s charter schools. Sheria was looking forward to teaching his son to play soccer and speak Swahili. His friends and family spoke of his kindness, intelligence, and friendliness. He had a charming personality and always had a warm smile to share. He is survived by his wife, Hannah Ege, and son Theo Musyoka, as well as his parents, Tabitha Musyoka and Morris J. Wanzili. His warmth and compassion will be deeply missed by his class, his community, and all those who knew him.

A GoFundMe has been established to support Sheria’s wife and his son in this difficult time. You can help at www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-sheria-musyokas-wife-child. Thank you for your support and your condolences.

Be well, ’18s!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hey there, ’18s! As we approached the end of 2020, I asked you to share something positive from the year. Here are some of the reflections you shared in the last days of 2020. I hope you enjoy and continue to find light in otherwise dark times!

Nicholas Norwitz had a successful 2020. He wrote, “November 3 is a date I will forever remember. It is the day I completed my Ph.D. in neuroscience and metabolism from the University of Oxford, as well as Election Day and my 25th birthday. I suppose I’m now Dr. Norwitz, which is pretty cool. I’m also proud to be launching a first-of-its-kind science-based cookbook. This book fuses my academic interest in metabolism with my recreational interest in cooking. While I feel I’ve achieved a lot in 2020, professional achievements mean little without health and family. The best part of 2020 was that the pandemic forced me to relocate from the United Kingdom to the United States. This unexpected truncation of my studies abroad provided the opportunity to spend six months with my whole family. It was a blessing.” Nicholas is also looking forward to 2021. He shares, “In our senior year I was admitted to Harvard Medical School but deferred to complete my Ph.D. Along with the fun I had in my gap years, one of the great aspects of deferring was that Dylan Cahill and Arielle Isaacson effectively leapfrogged me and started one and two years before me. When I enter Harvard Medical School this summer I’m looking forward to having two Dartmouth friends ahead of me in the ranks.” Congratulations on a phenomenal year, Dr. Norwitz! You can find Nicholas’s cookbook at ketodietapp.com/books/new-mediterranean-diet and read about his journey to becoming an M.D.-Ph.D. here at www.metabolicmultiplier.org/palliative-care-to-an-md-phd-healthy-ulcerac....

Jerrel Catlett also accomplished much in 2020. He wrote, “Working with three of my fellow students at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City this summer I developed an anti-racism discussion series open to faculty, physicians, students, and hospital administrators across the Mount Sinai Health System to engage in small group conversations focusing on how anti-Black biases and prejudices manifest in medical practice and research. The initiative recently finished its first series, with more than 150 diverse participants ranging from professors and hospital executives to students from the medical and graduate schools. I was also elected to serve as the sole M.D. student representative on Mount Sinai’s workgroup on genomic medicine, which serves to create institutional guidance promoting inclusive, anti-racist research agendas and more ethical study of the important intersections between race, ancestry, genomics, and social determinants of health.” Thank you for championing these initiatives, Jerrel, and congratulations on your success in promoting these important discussions!

Bryan Bliek and Olivia Bewley ’19 were engaged in Washington, D.C., at the end of November. Congratulations, Bryan and Olivia—the class of 2018 wishes you all the best!

In October Alexa Escalona and Thomas Lee Hodsden III were married. Alexa writes, “This year I married the love of my life.” Congratulations on your union and thank you for sharing your joy with the rest of the class of 2018!

In other classmate news, Emily Everhard served as the associate producer of the new Netflix docu-series Surviving Death, alongside five other Dartmouth alumni. Based on Leslie Kean’s book of the same name, Surviving Death is a journey of discovery that investigates whether consciousness can survive bodily death. We look forward to watching the series upon its January 6 release!

Thank you to everyone who shared their reflections and life updates. Here’s to more great memories in 2021!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Happy New Year, ’18s!

Well, 2020 has come to a close. After living through a year with its fair share of uncertainty, fear, and strife, many of us are entering 2021 with a great deal of hope for what’s next. In late October Tiffany Dyson reflected on the year we just experienced and all that is to come. She wrote, “With a week until Election Day and the end of the year in sight, my dream for 2021 is simply that America and its people can start to heal. There has been collective grieving of epic proportions this year, as the weaknesses and limitations of our country have been exposed by the pandemic. I hope there is more compassion and understanding for those around us, especially for those who differ from ourselves. I hope there is a greater appreciation for life, since we’ve been shown how easily it can be disrupted and taken away.” Thank you for your poignant reflection, Tiffany—I know many ’18s share the same dream as you. Here’s to 2021!

Though 2020 had its fair share of ups and downs, we have plenty of exciting class news to share! In early October Sammi LaFontaine and Christian Humann ’17 got engaged in Stamford, Connecticut. Sammi and Christian met in October of the fall term in 2015, and are so excited to embark on the next chapter of their lives together. Congratulations to you both!

And in more exciting news, Alexa Escalona and Thomas Lee Hodsden III were married on October 4. Their special day was six years to the day since they first started dating. Alexa and Thomas celebrated their wedding with an intimate ceremony at Simon Pearce that showcased all the things they loved about their relationship and the time they spent at Dartmouth. Give a rouse for Alexa and Thomas—the class of 2018 wishes you both all the best!

Thank you to everyone who shared their reflections and life updates. Happy New Year—let’s make 2021 a great one!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Avenue, Apartment 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hey, ’18s! I hope you are all well. In these challenging times, I asked our class to share their thoughts to help capture this historic moment. So many of you shared your reflections that I don’t quite have enough space to feature them all in this brief column. Fortunately, the class executive committee will publish everyone’s submissions in full in our year-end newsletter. You will receive the newsletter in your email inbox, and I encourage you to read the heartfelt submissions inside. The trials of this time have impacted us all in different ways, but I was inspired to read your stories of self-reflection and, most importantly, hope.

Here are some quotes from the submissions we received. Please enjoy and look for the full stories in our upcoming newsletter.

Kihong Ahn described the importance of the Dartmouth community in these times, writing, “In light of recent events I realize how privileged I was to have the community I had at Dartmouth—people who wrote me letters while I was serving, people who texted me during the last couple of weeks, people who stayed good friends while I was at Dartmouth and while I was not. Dear class of 2018, I miss you dearly and wish all of you the best of luck with everything from the bottom of my heart.”

Liam Fortin wrote, “During the course of this lockdown I’ve kept returning to John Donne’s poem, ‘No Man is an Island,’ when he claims, ‘No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.’ The past few months have shown me community is not something I should take for granted, and my goal is to remember that as we exit this odd time.”

Sarahi Pineda described an amazing pandemic project, writing, “I finally managed to put together a T-shirt quilt using all my old Dartmouth T-shirts from trips, the house system, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and all those random free shirts from freshman year. The quilt is a good reminder of how our old memories from Dartmouth can stay with us in the form of something new.”

An anonymous author writes, “Sometimes it feels like there’s no turning back and we should just give up on it all. We can’t, though. We need to hold each other accountable and make difficult choices. As long as we do our part to make sure that the next generation has it a little bit better than we do, I think we can afford to feel a little hope for the future.”

Another anonymous reflection reads, “Above all I tell myself to remain hopeful and optimistic every day. We can move past this, but only if we are willing to be a part of the change we wish to see and only if we refuse to rest until we have helped to make it a reality.”

Hassan Y. Hassen wrote, “We are dealing with things we never imagined, but I am confident that, by the grace of God, we will endure. The closing lines from ‘Don’t Quit’ by John Greenleaf Whittier ring especially true during these difficult times, ‘So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit—it’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.’ ”

As a final update, Maya Moten completed a two-year leadership development program and accepted a new position as a communications professional with the external communications team at her company. Congratulations, Maya!

Thank you to everyone who shared their reflections. I am grateful for this community of fellowship and hope and wish you all the best!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hey, ’18s! This issue, I asked you to share your favorite summer memories and did my best to include them all!

Fiona Bowen has always loved biking in the summer, saying, “There’s nothing like it!” She recently moved into a new apartment.

Rocco Di Leo shared, “One of my favorite memories from Sophomore Summer was a BBQ cookout on the Fourth of July, mixed with a few games of pong that ultimately led to a group of guys going down to spend the day at the river.” Currently, Rocco is a student at Durham University Business School with Jack Anderson and Kyran McKinney-Crudden. They are enjoying playing and teaching American football to the students. They will be in Europe throughout most of the summer. You can follow their Instagram at @passports_n_jansports.

Deana Chou remembered, “A group of us had gone to see the sunset. After dark, the area lit up with fireflies, and Mikiko Takato’s face lit up seeing them for the first time. I also loved late nights baking with Josue Guerrero and the Tanabata decorations and film I made with Mikiko and Ashley Kekona. It really felt like Camp Dartmouth!”

Gricelda Ramos interned with the U.S. State Department Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs in 2019. She wrote, “This experience allowed me to engage with leaders, see foreign policy designed and enacted on a first-hand basis, and help with many events happening at the State Department.” Gricelda received a certificate of appreciation for her performance. She has also joined a band and will be performing at the Cherry Blossom Ball at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. This fall she will be starting with the Foreign Service.

Jessie Colin provided a touching memoir on her summer memories with Chris Vale: “No one was a better adventure partner that summer than Chris Vale. He’d text me as the light was getting that afternoon glow to go on a ‘run,’ which was equal parts bushwhacking, obstacle course, and running. I remember sprinting down the train tracks with Chris feeling incredibly alive, full of adrenaline, thinking anything felt possible. It was a summer of his encouragement on the rock, laughing while aqua-jogging in the river, and feeling like a part of something inexplicably bigger, surrounded by friends. Summer with Chris was summer on the edge, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Maya Moten wrote, “Life is going great in Dallas! I’ve recently switched roles in my company to join the communications team. Since then I’ve run a few social media campaigns for International Women’s Day and during the holiday season. I’m also taking the lead on planning the launch of our company website.”

Johnny Sanchez has been an active part of the “No Coal No Gas” campaign since September 2019, working to close the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, New Hampshire, which is one of the last coal-fired power plants in New England. The campaign has organized several marches and successful blockades of coal trains in which Johnny has personally taken part. The campaign will continue until there is a closing date issued for the plant.

In February Northern Stage staged the world premiere of Citrus, a choreopoem written by Celeste Jennings. The press release reads, “With music, dance, and spoken-word poetry…Citrus intricately weaves together stories of black women throughout American history to create a portrait of resilience and humanity.” Along with writing the choreopoem, Celeste also designed its costumes.

As always, thanks to everyone who shared stories and updates for this column. I look forward to staying in touch in the next column!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Hey, ’18s! I hope all is well with you and that you’re ready for springtime weather, wherever you are! In this edition of our Class Notes column I asked everyone to reflect on the 2010s to share some favorite memories as we close out the decade. Brendan Schuetze wrote, “I will always look back fondly on the summer of 2015, which Timothy Messen and I spent at the Second College Grant, located in New Hampshire’s northernmost Coos County. The outdoor programs office had given us grant funds for a research project. Our project essentially boiled down to cataloguing every log in the Dead Diamond River. Although I can’t say I loved the tedium of measuring the length and width of countless half-submerged logs, there’s nothing better than spending your days canoeing with a close friend, plucking leeches off your legs while resting on the riverbank, and finishing the day tossing a Frisbee on the Second College Grant’s abandoned airstrip. Nearly five years later, I still find myself reminiscing about summer 2015. The Grant is truly a treasure.”

We have some exciting entrepreneurial news from Emily Lin, who started her own probiotic drink company! Her new business, Jem Ferments, offers several flavors of water kefir, a fermented probiotic soda. Emily was inspired to bring this tasty beverage to local grocery stores following her travels in Malaysia. Jem Ferments recently launched in Union Kitchen DC grocery stores in January. If you’re in the area, make sure to grab a taste! You can learn more and follow the business on their website, jemferments.com. I can’t wait to try some the next time I’m in Washington, D.C.!

On a personal note, I’m excited to announce that Liam Fortin and I got engaged at the end of November while back on campus. Liam proposed in the Bema at the end of a beautiful autumn day, and we celebrated with a lovely dinner at Pine before heading back home to Boston to celebrate with friends and family. We are both so happy and so excited for this next chapter in our lives!

As always, thanks to everyone who shared stories and updates for this column. If you’re not getting emails from me and want to be included in receiving these column prompts and other important class news, the best way to do so is to update your alumni profile. You can find details on how to update your contact information and customize the content you’re receiving at www.alumni.dartmouth.edu/connect/find-alumni. As always, I look forward to staying in touch!

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Hey, ’18s! Hope you’re all doing well and that you had a happy New Year’s! In this edition of the class column I asked to hear a funny story about a time that you’ve messed up since entering the real world. As 2020 kicks off, I figured we could all enjoy a quick laugh among friends before turning over a new leaf. I hope you enjoy some of the anonymized tales below. Also, please make sure to read through the full column for an announcement featuring one of our most musical classmates!

“The second week of medical school I was at a happy hour mixer with other first years. There was a guy across the table I had never actually met, but I knew his name was Matt. Trying to mingle a bit, I caught his attention across the table and said, ‘Hi! I’m Matt!’ He looked very confused.”

“I didn’t realize that my company and the rest of the office building all used different access cards. I managed to ‘lock myself out’ twice, had to call coworkers to help, and filed an incident report before someone pointed out that I did, in fact, have access. This was six months in!”

“I had just started at medical school, and our first unit was anatomy. This included an in-depth unit on both male and female reproductive anatomy. Let’s just say that the patrons at my local Starbucks weren’t too pleased to have me studying detailed diagrams in their midst. I had to close down a few tabs and make a quick exit!”

“My group was hosting a seminar on research opportunities. Everything was ready, and our catered breakfast spread was delivered on time. Although we had three dozen bagels, someone decided at the last minute that we needed to give people the option of toasting them. Unfortunately, we had no toasters on hand. As the new hire, I ran back to the office, grabbed the toasters scattered across our kitchen spaces, and dashed back to set up our deluxe breakfast buffet. I didn’t have time to explain to my officemates why I was stealing all of our toasters. When I returned, I started plugging in toasters with reckless abandon until the building’s security personnel approached me angrily to dampen my toasted bagel plans. Turns out you aren’t allowed to plug in a bunch of rogue electrical appliances without appropriate oversight. Sadly, I returned to the office with the contraband toasters in hand and placed them back in their proper spots. The seminar may have been a success, but 10 months later my name at the office is still ‘Toast.’ ”

We have some exciting news from one of our class’ rising superstars! In September Zach Plante released his first extended play record with his band, Pass By Catastrophe. Zach plays bass, guitar, and piano on the record, which includes rock, indie rock, and pop rock hits. Everyone should give it a listen and read Zach’s interview in The Dartmouth to learn about its creation. You can find the record on all major platforms, and I highly recommend a listen. We can’t wait to hear your next release, Zach!

As always, thanks to everyone who shared stories for this column. If you’re not getting emails from me and want to be included in receiving these column prompts and other important class news, the new year is a great time for you to update your alumni profile. You can find details on how to update your contact information and customize the content you’re receiving at www.alumni.dartmouth.edu/connect/find-alumni. As always, I look forward to staying in touch!

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As we move deeper into summer and temperatures climb, it’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since we entered the wide world as Dartmouth alumni. I hope this has been a year of growth, happiness, friendship, and success for the class of 2018, even if there were moments that challenged us in new ways. In this edition of the Class Notes column, I wanted to hear from you on your reflections on the past year and learn about any new updates in your life since Dartmouth.

Sarah Rote wrote, “Though it’s exactly what I wanted, it’s a little overwhelming to move by myself to an entirely new city. I’m lucky to have plenty of free time for hobbies (my year-to-date novels read is 58 at the time of writing), but I do miss the welcoming Dartmouth atmosphere and easy ability to meet others with shared interests. Only now do I appreciate the great diversity of knowledge on campus—in class, from friends, or at random events (shout-out to a dinner discussion I once attended about man-eating lions)—and I strive to continue learning wherever I can. A print of the library bell tower hangs on the wall of my new apartment, reminding me of the last time I was in a completely new place where I knew no one, and of how much I’ve grown since.” I’m so glad to hear that this year has been a year of growth, Sarah! I must say, I’m a little intrigued to learn more about the man-eating lions; maybe we’ll connect some time. All the best in your new city!

Hassan Y. Hassen wrote, “This past year I began my graduate studies at Columbia University School of International Public Affairs, where I am pursuing a degree in public administration. During this time I have had the pleasure to take courses that focused on conflict management, defense policy, military strategy, and cybersecurity. These experiences aided me heavily as I was recently given the opportunity to brief the entire economic and political section at the U.S. embassy in Santo Domingo on 5G technology. In the upcoming year I will conclude my studies at Columbia and will begin my career as a foreign service officer, when I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions while also giving back.” It sounds like you’ve had a truly exciting year and that next year will be just as exciting. Can’t wait to hear all about what the future holds!

Seeing Dartmouth friends is always a pleasure. In June Liam Fortin, Sam Colello, Carter Noordsij, Erik Loscalzo, Andrew Ogren, and Dave Tramonte met up for a weekend in Boston. They enjoyed walking around the city, going out on the town, and even hitting the beach. I’m glad you all got to spend some quality time together in such a great city!

As always, thanks to everyone who shared their updates and reflections. If you ever have news you want to share with the column, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly by email at eschoate@gmail.com. If you’re not getting my emails with the column prompts, feel free to reach out by email and I’ll make sure we’ve got your current email address on file. Looking forward to sharing your stories in the next column!

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Summer is here! As I write this column in April, it’s hard to believe that one year ago we were getting ready for Commencement. How did that happen? In this edition of our Class Notes, our class reflected on the advice we would have liked to have heard one year ago and offered advice for the ’19s as they prepare to graduate from Dartmouth and enter the wide, wide world. You all had great tips that I hope the ’19s will take to heart as the newest Dartmouth graduates.

Andrew Sun shared some advice that I certainly wish I’d thought of before graduation: “Wear sunscreen.” I hope the ’19s fared well in the sun or at least that their burns will fade into summery tans!

Danica Rodriguez wrote, “First and foremost, breathe and enjoy your last few weeks. Don’t stress about the future too hard, even though it’s very tempting. If you don’t have it all figured out by graduation day, that’s perfectly fine, life works itself out. Also take as many daytime naps as you can, you will miss them so much.”

Lyam Torrens-Dodaj wanted to remind the ’19s, “Take advantage of every last moment and every last opportunity that Dartmouth offers. You might not think much of it now, but life goes on, and you might never get the chance again to hike that mountain, take a swim in the river, or ask your favorite professor for advice.”

An anonymous classmate shared, “Take a few risks. Now is when you have the least to lose. The older you get, the more commitments and dependents you’re expected to have. Don’t have the regret of not trying, and build your unrealized potential today.” This ’18 is striving to leave a mark in the areas of climate change and education reform and urges our class and others to take charge on the issues that matter most.

Adam Baillie observed, “Dartmouth is a fairly certain place; you typically know what is coming next, when the term ends, and when vacation begins. The real world doesn’t come with such luxuries; prepare to become comfortable with uncertainty.”

Andi Norman shared some very wise advice for all of us, “It’s okay to not know what is next. It is so okay to not know. And it’s okay to feel however you feel about it. But know this: Whatever is next—whenever it comes and wherever it takes you—is just the next stepping stone to your future success. Never be discouraged by not knowing.” Thank you to all who shared advice with the ’19s! I hope we and the ’19s all continue to carry these messages forward in our “real world” lives.

The class of 2018 has had an eventful spring! Danica Rodriguez accepted a position at the Public Theater in its casting department and just finished up assisting on Shakespeare in the Park. She writes, “If you’re in N.Y.C., love theater, and want to experience summer nights in Central Park, check it out!”

After graduation Adam Baillie moved to Orlando, Florida, to work with Disney Parks and Resorts as a quality engineer. He was just recently promoted to a fulltime position with the company. Congratulations, Adam!

Lyam Torrens-Dodaj married her husband, who she met on a Dartmouth advanced language study abroad in Italy. She also finished her first semester of nursing school. Wishing you the best, Lyam!

As always, thanks to everyone who shared stories and advice for this column. I’m looking forward to hearing about your wonderful summers!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Spring is on its way! It’s hard to believe that one year ago we were enjoying our final term at Dartmouth. Though it’s been a while since we were on campus, I enjoyed reading the memories and stories you submitted. Here are some highlights from your notes.

As a New Hampshire native, I’ve always loved a good snowy winter. After this year’s Winter Carnival, I wanted to learn about your favorite winter memories at Dartmouth.

Madeline Miller wrote, “My freshman year I had a friend who built a toboggan in the wood shop. It was a good winter for snow, so we took a group of people to the golf course to see how many of us could fit on the sled at once!”

Jessie Colin wrote, “Freshman year I felt that Hanover winter was so cold compared to the California temps I was used to, so naturally I decided to do a weekend mountaineering course up Mount Washington with the DOC to shift my frame of reference. Ninety-mile-an-hour winds, minus-40-degree temperatures, and a full heart were the summit conditions. My plan worked. Coming back on campus, low 20s didn’t feel so cold anymore and, despite the fact I had the beginnings of frostbite on my face, I couldn’t believe that this school in the icy, isolated woods could feel so much like home.”

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, I asked, “Did you ever send a Flitz while at Dartmouth?”

Jessie Colin wrote, “I developed a habit of sending Flitzes to new friends I thought were cool. As a freshman, I didn’t quite understand that you weren’t supposed to write, ‘This is a Flitz’ in the subject line of every single one.”

Finally, Ashley Zepeda wrote a heartfelt message to share with the class. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did. Ashley wrote, “Adjusting to life post-Dartmouth has been an adventure in and of itself. I guess you don’t realize the bubble you’re in until you finally leave it. Now that 2018 has come to a close I’ve found myself reminiscing quite a bit about my years at Dartmouth and how the relationships and experiences I fostered there impacted me. Moving to Mexico and living there for six months post-grad was a humbling experience that gave me incredibly valuable perspective. The class of 2018 is arguably in an extremely formative period of our lives right now, experiencing our first real exposure to the ‘real world’ in a particular time and setting brimming with political and environmental turmoil. It’ll be up to us and our generation to shape the world as we know it in the coming future.

“The biggest lesson I have learned since graduation is never to let age or circumstance distract you from your passions and purpose. Yes, Dartmouth helped prepare us with degrees and perhaps good jobs and stability, a network of close friends, and great memories, but I have found it even more enlightening to remember what got me into Dartmouth in the first place, before all the hustle and bustle and real-life expectations took a grip on me. As we navigate our new lives, perhaps in new cities and countries, and continue to grow as adults on this changing planet, remember to keep your curiosity alive and seek knowledge and truth in all of your endeavors. Never doubt your brilliance and creativity, because Dartmouth saw it and fostered it, and the world will come to need it someday. I miss you all immensely!”

Thanks to everyone who submitted their funny, heartfelt, and touching stories! Don’t be a stranger!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Happy new year, ’18s! This year Dartmouth celebrates its 250th anniversary. To mark the occasion, I pulled together a set of prompts so that everyone could share some of their favorite Dartmouth memories. Here were some highlights from your responses.

First I asked, “Tell us about a Dartmouth tradition you hold dear or about a tradition you share with your classmates.”

Andrew Sun wrote, “ ‘Let’s get a meal sometime!’ I’m sure everyone has asked this of a classmate at one point. It’s almost become a running joke at Dartmouth because of how often this exact phrase is used. However, I think we really took for granted how easy it was to actually get a meal, sometimes with a complete stranger, while being a student at Dartmouth. Maybe it’s the small size of the student body or the strong sense of community that is cultivated starting from first-year trips. All I know is that I built many strong relationships that started with, ‘Let’s get a meal sometime!’ ”

Sarah Rote wrote, “Though it’s not talked about as often, one of my favorite traditions is the midnight snowball fight on the Green after the first significant snowfall. Large groups of people, summoned by a Dr. Seuss Blitz, mill about until snow starts flying in all directions. It’s dark out and chaotic, so I might have launched a few snowballs into unsuspecting clusters and then run the opposite way.”

Andi Norman wrote, “Class Day was really special for me. I got to experience the ’16 Class Day as a sophomore and then again during my senior week. To be all together with my class at the Bema, right where we began as freshmen, gave me chills and filled me with so much joy and nostalgia for my time at the College on the Hill.”

Then I asked, “This fall we celebrated our first Homecoming as alumni. What’s your favorite Homecoming memory?”

Lindsay Salem wrote, “My favorite Homecoming memory is running around the bonfire with my dad, Steve Salem ’87. Sharing that experience with him will always be one of my favorite Dartmouth memories.”

Finally, “What do you love most about Dartmouth?”

Andrew Sun wrote, “ ‘Dartmouth Undying’ has a line—‘Dartmouth…the gleaming, dreaming walls of Dartmouth, miraculously builded in our hearts.’ I’m not sure I can put it much better than that. Dartmouth holds a special place in my memory—not because it was a perfect experience; it was far from perfect. My Dartmouth experience was fraught with struggle, deep realizations, and sometimes painful self-discovery. Yet I do feel I came out a better and stronger person. So whenever I think about Dartmouth, with its beautiful trees, benches, and libraries, I also feel a deep sense of nostalgia for the place, its people, and what Dartmouth has meant to me.”

Emma Mouzon wrote, “What I love most about Dartmouth is, undoubtedly, the unique bond it has as a community. The endless love and support of the Dartmouth community extends far past the grandiose pines of New Hampshire. I fell in love with Dartmouth during my interview after hearing my interviewer reminisce about this magnificent college on the hill and its lasting traditions. Welcomed by the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles after being admitted, I knew that Dartmouth had become my home even before stepping foot on campus. To me, Dartmouth is more than just my college; it’s an identity that I am truly proud to uphold and celebrate around the girdled earth.”

Thank you to everyone who shared their reflections for this column! I hope that 2019 is full of exciting new adventures for the class of 2018.

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

The summer is winding down, but the class of 2018 sure isn’t! Our classmates are staying busy as they settle into their new lives all around the world.

Sammi LaFontaine recently started classes at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as a member of the class of 2022. Sammi chose Einstein because her faculty interviewer, David Rubaltelli ’97, M.D., described how the college was similar to Dartmouth. Sammi has definitely found this to be true! The learning environment is collaborative, and the faculty, students, and staff are like a family. Sammi’s also grateful that Dartmouth’s academic rigor has prepared her for the high volume of information thrown at new medical students. Sammi is so happy to have found her new home!

Kimberly Ma had a great summer. She traveled to Tokyo with Hughes Lee ’17 for a whirlwind, six-day trip. The time flew by with good food, old friends, and even a swim practice. Back in the United States, Kimberly moved to Arlington, Virginia.

She has enjoyed hanging out with Nan Hu and Krishan Canzius on the weekends. Though her graduate classes at Georgetown University haven’t begun yet, Kimberly’s new school is already reminding her of Dartmouth. Georgetown also uses Banner and Canvas; it feels almost as though she never left Hanover! Kimberly has already made friends with many of her new classmates at Georgetown and is looking forward to many more social events and trivia nights. Make sure to say “Hi” if you’re in the area!

Sophie d’Orchimont and Garrett Martin have become true citizens of the world. In August they visited Sophie’s family in Belgium and then traveled to London, Paris, Chantilly, and Amsterdam. In Amsterdam they met up with Alex Putter and had an amazing time exploring the city together. After a great trip, Sophie and Garrett finally arrived in Pécs, Hungary, their new home. This year Sophie and Garrett will be teaching English to young Hungarian students. Garrett is teaching kindergarteners, while Sophie is teaching nursery students in the morning and grade-school students in an after school English program. Adjusting to Hungarian life has been both challenging and incredibly fun! Sophie and Garrett are learning to navigate the city, finding the best food and exploring a new culture. They are currently living in a local church complex until their permanent apartment is renovated. Each morning Sophie and Garrett are awakened by church bells and loud roosters, but at least they get farm fresh eggs. While they are both enjoying all of their new adventures, Sophie and Garrett truly miss all the members of the class of 2018!

Liam Fortin has been enjoying his post-graduation life. This summer he visited Carter Nordsij and spent an awesome day wakesurfing on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, and catching up after a hectic senior week. In July Liam and Emily Choate (yours truly!) traveled to Italy for a spectacular vacation. Starting in Naples, we traveled north to Rome, Florence (our favorite), and finished off the trip in Venice. We enjoyed some of the best food we have ever eaten and shared an incredible experience in each of the unique, vibrant cities of Italy. In August we moved into our new home in Boston’s Back Bay. The apartment is coming together with plenty of Dartmouth decor, and we can’t wait to host other ’18s when they visit Boston! We are enjoying our new jobs in consulting and making new friends in the city. Come say “Hi” any time!

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories! I look forward to staying in touch!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Unit 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com

Congratulations, ’18s! It’s hard to believe that our four years in Hanover have come to a close. As a class, we have learned and grown together. As alums, I’m sure we’ll do the same. In the coming years I’m looking forward to showcasing all of our classmates’ impressive, exciting, and fun activities in this column.

If you or your friends are doing something exciting, please reach out to eschoate@gmail.com, so I can highlight your news. Whether you’re starting a new job, moving to a new city, attending graduate school, or experiencing a major milestone, I hope you’ll share your stories. I am looking forward to celebrating the diverse achievements of our class, so I hope you’ll share whatever makes you happy, excited, and proud.

This summer Natalie Chertoff moved to southeast Washington, D.C. During the next year Natalie will be working as an elementary school teacher through a program called Urban Teachers and will also be working toward her master of science in education from Johns Hopkins University. Best wishes, Natalie!

Trevor Davis enjoyed a very busy summer of traveling and seeing his closest friends and family. After graduation Trevor spent a week in Cape Cod, Massachustts, with a few Dartmouth friends before returning home to North Carolina. Soon after that he embarked on an Alaskan cruise with his family. Trevor then traveled to Washington, D.C., to celebrate his grandfather’s 90th birthday. From there, Trevor traveled through Spain and the Netherlands with friends and then headed to Costa Rica with his father. In August he moved to Boston with Andy Werchniak and Dami Apoeso. This fall Trevor will start work as a software engineer at Microsoft and is very excited to continue seeing other ’18s in Boston, at Homecoming, and around the world!

Reed Horton also enjoyed traveling, as he backpacked around Thailand for the summer. In the fall Reed started his job at the San Diego Zoo. If any ’18s want a closer look at the reptile exhibit, give him a holler!

Dylan Alvarez is very excited to begin a new career. After graduating Dylan moved to New York City to begin working as an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. Best of luck, Dylan!

Brendan Schuetze will be attending graduate school at the University of Texas, where he will be studying educational psychology and applied statistics. Brendan was awarded the university’s most prestigious graduate recruiting award, the Harrington Graduate Fellowship, which will support his studies during the next five years. Brendan and Stephen Banks are both looking forward to meeting other ’18s living in the Austin area!

Kate Letkewicz is going pro! In September Kate began her professional basketball career on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. Best wishes, Kate!

Cindy Li had a very enjoyable summer! After road tripping with a friend from Chicago to Denver, Cindy visited her East Coast friends in New York and Boston before heading to Hong Kong for a month. While there, Cindy participated in a work-study program at an aerial gym, where she pursued her passion for aerial silks, trapeze, and acro-yoga. After that Cindy headed back to California to take the GMAT, before moving to San Francisco with Janice Fidalgo. Cindy and Janice are both very excited to start their new jobs and are looking forward to seeing other recent alums in California!

Rafael Nunez is beginning his two-year mission for the Church of Latter-day Saints. From the class of 2018, best of luck in your mission!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in. I look forward to keeping in touch, and I can’t wait to reconnect in Hanover for Homecoming!

Emily Choate, 172 Commonwealth Ave., Unit 3, Boston, MA 02116; (603) 305-5346; eschoate@gmail.com


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