Here we are again, ’14s! Another two months have flown by, and I know that you all have been eagerly awaiting this next installment of our Class Notes! I was recently reminded that I agreed (read: was tricked) to be your class secretary for eternity (read: the next five years), so just wanted to start with a friendly reminder to keep sending in any updates whatsoever. I was definitely not a math major, but according to my rough calculations that means I’m expected to write more than 18,000 words to entertain you all, so nothing is too big or too small!

On a somewhat related note: Behind every great class secretary, there is team of brilliant writers, producers, general class gossips, etc., that go uncredited every issue. So for once I’d like to take the time to acknowledge one of the class’ most valuable talents and lead New York correspondent, Amelia Acosta! In addition to gallivanting around the globe covering the Olympics, track and field, and football for NBC Sports, Amelia still has time to brainstorm some plausible yet devastating lies that “inspire” members of our class to provide us with some real updates every issue. She has also recently started producing top-notch cookie baking content on Instagram as well as documenting her culinary adventures partaking in unusually gross foods on the Instagram page @uglyfoodintheair.

The other behind-the-scenes producer I’d like to acknowledge in this issue is none other than the singularly talented Meredith Sweeney, who directs our West Coast gossip operations office. She just returned from an epic two-week adventure in Australia and currently lives in San Francisco, where she recently started a new job working for Chargehound—“a comprehensive chargeback solution that makes handling disputes easy”—joining fellow ’14 Pallavi Kuppa-Apte. I think the company has something to do with credit cards? As Meredith returns to America after a few weeks in Australia, she is switching places with her former S.F. roommate Seanie Civale, who is moving “Down Under” and temporarily trading her Dartmouth and Bay Area friends for a less cute group of kangaroos, koalas, and dingoes! On the other side of the world another one of our esteemed classmates, Chelsea Estevez, is moving back to Egypt after a few years working for the U.S. State Department in Tunisia. Although we all know that she really works for the CIA, Chelsea claims that her job traveling throughout North Africa and the Middle East is “50 percent official state business, 50 percent real life episodes of TLC’s hit show, 90 Day Fiancé.” The class of 2014 is really roaming all around the girdled earth these days!

Let’s finish this installment back on the East Coast with two quick, but very important updates. In addition to pursuing a master’s at Columbia University Teachers College, Veronica Leonard auditioned for the upcoming season of ABC’s The Bachelor. We can only hope that she gets selected and we get lucky enough to watch our former classmate on TV starting to pursue something even greater than an advanced degree—true love!

Finally, in the coming months Isaac Guttmanwill officially graduate from New York University School of Law and immediately be starting a position as “general counsel to Class Notes,”protecting me from the many misguided libel suits and accusations of slander that I am inevitably bound to face during these next few years. Isaac has also recently developed an impressive reputation as one of New York’s hottest amateur comedians. Everyone follow him on Twitter @imguttman for your weekly dose of his legendary dry wit and observational comedy.

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Hello again, ’14s.

Happy new year and welcome back to another edition of updates from the class of 2014! However, given our class’s general lack of enthusiasm for sending in updates, this note might be more aptly titled, “George’s musings after scrolling through social media for three hours.” Thank you all for giving my Internet addiction and God-given talent for procrastination a productive and creative outlet, but in the future please send me updates! Not only will they be much appreciated, but they will also prevent me from reporting any fake news, which, entering 2020, is more important than ever before.

Starting off this issue’s edition of “Weddings, Engagements, & Other Romantic Activities,” Isa Francisco and Nate Reznicek got married this October in Boston. Meanwhile over in the vastly superior city of Chicago, Kalon Stephen and Ellen Daily got engaged on the shores of Lake Michigan. I know I have missed many other engagements and weddings, but one in particular was the wedding of Alison Levens and Dong Zhao who got married in St. Louis, Missouri, in July. Speaking of St. Louis, going back into the Class Notes archives, it also seems as though my predecessor as secretary never announced the engagement of Meg Guard and Mark Andriola. Congrats everyone!

The only actual update I received for this edition comes from Dan Harnish, who writes, “There were 12 ’14s inducted into the Dartmouth Athletic Hall of Fame during Homecoming.” Upon further investigation, Nathan Utterback, Peter Horak, Stuart Ghafoor, Scott Brookes, Ivan Antoniv, and Gabby Stern joined the Wearers of the Green this fall for outstanding years fencing at Dartmouth. Additionally, Victoria Rackohn, Kristen Nehls, Maria Sperduto, Iris Yu, and Jojo Miller were honored for their accomplishments on the ice while figure skating at Thompson Arena. What Dan somehow failed to mention was that he also was inducted into this illustrious group for putting his ridiculously long limbs to use as goalie for the water polo team. While some may think Dan was just being humble and deferential to his classmates, I would definitely put this update in the category of “subtle self-call.” Well done, Dan.

In terms of professional accomplishments, our fellow classmate Ben Nguyen won this year’s Milken Educator Award for his work teaching students robotics at Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas. This year Ben was one of only 40 teachers in the country to win this award, dubbed as “Oscar of Teaching” by Teacher magazine.

Finally, Clifton Lyons recently moved into a new apartment, started a new job in Chicago, and is generally thriving. Since graduation Clifton has been a co-creator and executive producer of the web series Velvet, which premiered in March 2018 and is obviously still worth checking out if you haven’t already. More recently, Clifton writes in that they have rebranded as “sporty” and can be found in their free time watching The Game.

George Helding, 1216 W. Addison St., Apt. 2, Chicago, IL 60613;

Hi, ’14s.

Guess I will start off my first notes with the most important news of the summer: I, George Helding, am your new 2014 class secretary. Democracy has spoken and you are now stuck with me. Thank you to all those who chose to start my write-in campaign for this position as class secretary. You took the campaign to Instagram and it could not be stopped. Unfortunately.

In order to make these notes more efficient, I will be including a new section each issue titled “Weddings, Engagements, & Other Romantic Activities.” In the inaugural edition, we have a long list of engagements that I am sure are a huge surprise for us all. First, we have Andrew Roberts and Maddie Garcia, who got engaged at the Grand Canyon this summer after first meeting during the fall of 2010 and dating ever since then. Another one we didn’t see coming: Alesy Iturrey and David Lerner got engaged this summer. Alesy also started business school at Columbia a few weeks ago. Another good ol’ Dartmouth couple, Claire Stewart and Alex Brown, got engaged a few months back at the Grand Canyon. Seems like a popular spot. In Boston and the Upper Valley area, Michael Zhu got engaged to Abiah Pritchard ’17. Yet, winning the competition for longest-time-dating-before engagement, we have John Zahka and his fiancée, Lindsay, who have been dating since high school. Congratulations, everyone!

Our class has also been busy on the wedding front. Mila Sheeline got married to Ryan Huff in Hillsborough, California, this past July. The bridal party included many of our classmates, such as Caroline (Steffen) Suydam, Gaby Stern, Katherine Hickey, Hilary Campbell, and Amelia Acosta. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country down in Florida, Alex Welton and Alexa Dixon ’15 got married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Traveling up north, John Daniels and Allie Taikowski tied the knot amidst a picturesque fog in Vermont. Staying in the Green Mountain State, Janna (Wandzilak) Collucci got married to her fiancé, John. Moving back south, Alex Wolf and Stephen Praetorius ’12 got married in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. And further south yet, Andrew Shanahan and Nancy Seem married in Princeton, New Jersey. Needless to say, there were Dartmouth graduates in attendance.

Moving on to other activities, Victor Hollenberg is a second-year law student at the University of Chicago and spent the summer working for the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago. He enjoys wearing baseball caps and walking around with a sense of urgency while holding a copy of The New Yorker in one hand and a liter of orange juice in the other. He is a now devout convert to Chicago and will proselytize the benefits of the city to anyone within a 10-mile radius.

Looks like the “Romantic Activities” section is going to dominate this issue of alumni notes. Either people need to slow down on the rate of this whole marriage thing or send me more interesting things to write about because I’ve already hit my word limit. Send me whatever you have for future issues and I will be happy to report it!

George Helding, 1216 W. Addison St., Apt. 2, Chicago, IL 60613;

My dear classmates, I am writing this a few weeks after our reunion. I spent time with some of you I knew well, as well as others who had been acquaintances and people who I didn’t know at all during our time in Hanover who I got to know better. This was my favorite part—just chatting, connecting, seeing smiles, and hearing laughter. I asked you to submit news and your favorite part of reunions if you were able to attend, so…on to the news.

Kristen Flint graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in May. While celebrating graduation in Scotland, she and Stefan Deutsch got engaged! The two are now living in Boston, where Kristen has begun her internal medicine residency. Her favorite thing from reunions was seeing friends all together and walking around Occom admiring the flowers.

This year Kate Thorstad graduated from NYU School of Law. She will move to New Orleans to work as a public defender in August. Her favorite part of reunions was throwing an almost-surprise birthday party on the Collis porch with an Umpleby’s cake and old friends.

Another newly minted lawyer is Andrew Shanahan, who graduated from Columbia Law School this past May and will work in New York City starting this fall. Additionally, he and Nancy Seem are getting married this summer in Princeton, New Jersey, and will spend their honeymoon in Hawaii. Andrew’s favorite part of reunions was hiking Moosilauke and seeing friends again.

Kylie Lucas graduated from Harvard Business School with her M.B.A. in May and is moving to Washington, D.C., where she will work at Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s space launch company. There, she will work on national security market strategy and sales. “I’m very excited to be combining my passions for engineering, physics, space, and business together in my next professional chapter.” Her favorite part of reunions was sitting by the river Saturday afternoon, a throwback to Sophomore Summer and a reminder of how special Dartmouth is.

Matt Wefer and Sarah (Knapp) Wefer were married in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, in January with many alumni in attendance. They’ve come a long way from their first date of pong in the Alpha Chi basement. Don’t worry, they recalled it several times at reunion!

Renee Lai graduated with her M.F.A. in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin this past spring. She loved singing “Dear Old Dartmouth” at reunions after the fireworks show.

Lindsay Mandel emailed in: “After meeting sophomore year, Jack Foley ’13 and I finally tied the knot this summer! The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and we were so blessed to have many ’14s in attendance! After an incredible European adventure with Jack, I am excited to be back home in N.Y.C. to begin my career as a physician.”

Arianne Hunter recently completed her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. Her research was focused on the development of synthetic methods to rapidly construct pharmaceutical drug molecules in hopes of making them more affordable. She will be pursuing postdoctoral training at the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory as a forensic chemist in Atlanta.

J.D.s, M.D.s, Ph.D.s (and more that don’t fit this rhyme scheme), oh my! This is my last column, so I wanted to thank you all for reading, and an even bigger thanks to those who sent in news and responded to my sometimes desperate calls for submissions. Sending you all the best, and I am so excited to see many of you over the next few years!

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

Hello, ’14s! I hope you’re well and enjoying the summer so far. It was lovely to see you all who attended our reunion early this month, and I hope everyone had a blast! I always love going back to Hanover; that feeling of first walking back onto campus is unlike anything else. It definitely feels like a homecoming. It was lovely reconnecting with many of you, and I hope to see you all at various events in the future elsewhere! For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope you’ll be able to come to the 10-year; time surely will fly, as it always does. And now, to the news!

Aaron McGee will obtain his M.B.A. upon graduating from Wharton this year. Although he wasn’t able to make the Dartmouth class of 2014 five-year reunion (super disappointed, by the way), he was thinking of his classmates from Europe, where he will be completing an M.B.A. exchange program at INSEAD’s Fontainebleau, France, campus. Anyone should feel free to look him up in Europe this summer or in New York City, where he will be returning to work in management consulting, starting this fall!

Anna Winham wrote in to update us on her two roles. “As the director of corporate relations at DHP, I organize art fairs in Miami and Barbados with a focus on underserved genres. In particular, I manage our sponsorships, venues, marketing, and contracts. As the director of marketing at Biblionasium, an education-tech startup that has been dubbed ‘the GoodReads for kids,’ I manage our publisher advertising relationships as well as our digital marketing strategy.”

Deborah Yeoh-Wang was promoted to a product strategy manager, unified membership experience, on the digital experience and platforms team at American Express. Her team focuses on ensuring that commercial customers have a streamlined and uniform experience using its products. She also recently visited Reykjavik, Iceland, with fellow ’14 Semarley Jarrett.

Emily Jordan reports, “I recently started my M.B.A. in international business at the University of Colorado Denver, and I am loving it so far. I also just kicked off my fourth season of road racing. My last season was cut short for hip surgery last summer, so it feels great to be back to training and racing full time!”

Mike Zhu also sent in an update: “I have been living in Boston since graduation with two Dartmouth alums (Anoush Arakelian and Amrita Sankar ’12) and recently started a new job at Bain as a consultant. Since graduation I’ve remained connected to the Upper Valley, often visiting my girlfriend, Abiah Pritchard ’17, who is in her first year at Geisel, and our new dog Frankie.”

Thank you to everyone who emailed in and have a lovely rest of the summer!

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

Hello, dear classmates! I am so thrilled I get to see you in just a few weeks’ time at our five-year reunion! The reunion planning committee, led by the wonderful Jen Weissbach, Kasey Boyd, and Sophia Vazquez,has been hard at work organizing a weekend to remember. In the last column I asked you all to send in news along with your answers to the question, “What are you most excited to see or do at our reunion?” I got some lovely responses, so here they are!

Our incredible class president Holly Foster will kick us off with some news and anticipations. She wrote in, “After four years working at State Street Global Advisors in Boston, I moved over to Acadian Asset Management, where I work in business development and sales with Dartmouth ’05 Layne Finnerty, covering endowments and foundations. I am loving the new role so far and beginning to explore part-time business school options for next year. I’m so excited to bring our class back together again at the place where it all began. Can’t wait to see people who I haven’t seen in five years and feel the magic of Hanover and Dartmouth all over again!”

Ryan Toimil emailed, “I’ve been living in south Florida since graduation (my hometown is Boca Raton) and I currently live in Delray Beach with another former baseball alum Christopher England ’15. I’m currently an outside sales representative for a roofing material distribution company called Beacon Roofing Supply and am thinking about business school in the next few years. I hope to attend our reunion and am most excited to see everyone and lose to them at pong just like when we were undergrads.”

Congrats to Nicola Segal and Jorge Rodriguez ’12, who got engaged during Thanksgiving in Paris. The happy couple feels so fortunate to have met at Dartmouth, which of course holds a special place in their hearts. Nicola is also looking forward to seeing everyone back at the College this summer and can’t wait for “that summer smell on campus.”

Emma McDermott will be graduating with a J.D. from Yale Law School this May and starting a Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard this fall. She would love to connect with classmates in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, area, and she’s excited to jump into the Connecticut River again in June.

Nina Montgomery reports from her Ph.D. program in anthropology and business at Oxford. Based on her academic research, she has edited two books, Perspectives on Impact and Perspectives on Purpose, that feature essays by 40 leaders from various sectors discussing social impact and corporate purpose. Both books came out in March and feature introductory essays by Nina.

Joseph Miller was promoted to assistant principal at Success Academy Charter School. As an ice skater, he’s excited to visit Thompson Arena, check in with figure skating club coach Jackie Smith, and eat Collis chocolate scones.

And that’s it for this column. See you in the 603.

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

Hello, ’14s! I hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring. In my last column, I asked you to send in news along with what you hope Dartmouth will look like in another 250 years in honor of 2019, Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary. I got some great responses, so here we go!

Nancy Seem started as an account strategist for Google New York after previously working at a digital marketing agency. In another 250 years at Dartmouth, she hopes that every freshman still learns the “Salty Dog Rag” for freshman trips. “After all, it is a Dartmouth classic.” Nancy and Andrew Shanahan also recently got engaged; we’re sending them best wishes!

Patrick Yukman and Anna Bladey completed their respective master’s degrees in computer science and data analytics from the University of Chicago in December. Earlier in 2018 Anna won a free weekend at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge through the Dartmouth College Fund raffle, so she and Patrick trudged out into the woods with fellow ’14s (and former roommates) Nate Utterback and Jake Nevola for a phenomenal weekend hiking up and down Mount Moosilauke together. What Patrick hopes Dartmouth will look like in another 250 years: “I hope Dartmouth is able to still provide that one-of-a-kind sense of a community in the wilderness—while offering the best interplanetary study-abroad programs available, of course.”

Frank Wang reports, “I spent four years working in N.Y.C., Washington, D.C., and Shanghai after college. Recently I quit my job and am now doing my M.B.A. at London Business School. I am looking to switch into media and entertainment investment later, and I hope to start my own music studio in the next few years. In 250 years I hope Dartmouth still has some of its old buildings because I really loved Baker Library. I also hope it continues to educate all the fun and interesting people and stay the coolest college in the world!”

Ben Morse and Molly (Pugh) Morse made a cross-country move this past summer from Boston to Santa Barbara, California, where Ben is working in marketing for Deckers Outdoor footwear company. After earning her master’s in marine science, Molly is conducting research on bluefin tuna fisheries in the area. They look forward to returning to Hanover for the five-year reunion this coming spring! In another 250 years Ben hopes that Dartmouth can be a world-class academic institution that is still deeply rooted in the outdoors and equips students to face the pressing challenges of the world.

A couple of other notes as well in this column. Shane O’Neal recently moved to Washington, D.C., for a position with the National Park Foundation and is looking forward to exploring the museums and all D.C. has to offer.

Katherine Dwyer writes in, “Sam Winters and I have been living in Seattle for the last couple of years with our dog Juno. Sam works for Facebook on a team that stops ad fraud, and I am earning my clinical doctorate in nursing to become a nurse midwife. I also work as a nurse in a reproductive health clinic. We got engaged last December on a trip to Bend, Oregon, and are getting married this summer in the White Mountains. We met as freshman floormates and can’t wait to celebrate with many of the lifelong friends we made at Dartmouth!”

Next column is the last before we head back to Dartmouth for our fifth reunion, so what about returning to Hanover are you looking forward to the most? I am excited to feature your responses in the next issue of the magazine. Until then!

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

Happy new year! This issue marks the first for Dartmouth’s special celebration of the College’s 250th anniversary. Of course the College on the Hill is a storied institution, one with many alumni across the world who work hard to make change in a multitude of different ways. I’ve been proud to be a Dartmouth alumna, and there are countless ways I’ve used lessons I learned at Dartmouth (both inside and outside of the classroom) to work to become a better person. I met people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences during my time at the College that broadened my perspective, challenged me, and helped shape me, and I personally hope that, in another 250 years, Dartmouth thrives as a place that pushes people out of their comfort zones and nurtures students who are open, global citizens. So, what do you think Dartmouth will look like in another 250 years? Send me your updates for next issue with an answer to this question! Now on to this month’s news.

On October 7 Kelly Brait ran the Chicago Marathon. Even though it rained, it did not dampen her spirit and enthusiasm to complete her first marathon. She was enjoying her time so much throughout the race that she said, “I never got to my playlist!” Kelly also earned her C.F.P. designation this year and is working with J.P. Morgan Chase in Chicago. She still meets with former Dartmouth soccer teammates and enjoys annual trips with the girls.

Patton Lowenstein writes in, “I spent the first year or so working on an oyster farm on Cape Cod, including the winter when New England got about 8 feet of snow—we spent a lot of time in sub-30-degree water in leaky waders. For a year or so after that (plus about two weeks of unemployment) I worked as baker, then line cook, then sous chef at Water Street Kitchen in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Since mid-2017 I have been working in the chemistry department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, studying coral skeleton chemistry as proxy for ocean temperature and chemistry change. I am beginning with a new lab next week to study lipid biomarkers (metabolic indicators) in marine microbes.”

And, if I may, I’d love to share some personal news. I had the pleasure of marrying Brian Flint in New Orleans on October 27. We were so thrilled to share our hometown (we met at a Dartmouth meet-up event the summer before freshman year) with people we love so much. Many Dartmouth alumni attended, including Brian’s parents, Delos and Elizabeth (Putnam) Flint ’78. Maids-of-honor Semarley Jarrett and Tashneen Bakht, best man Brendan Nagle, and bridesmaid Chisom Obi-Okoye were a part of our wedding party, which also included, among others, Connor Flint ’12 and Caitlin Flint ’16. Thank you to all of the alums who joined us for this special day!

Looking forward to receiving your news! Also, don’t forget to tell me what you hope the College will look like in 250 years!

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

This past summer I had the pleasure of running into a member of the class of 2021 as we both waited for the train to New York City on a platform in New Jersey. He was wearing some Dartmouth gear, so I, of course, said hello and offered my class year, and we struck up a conversation. I never thought I would be one of thosealums who would just talk to random students, but I was totally thrilled to chat about the classes he was taking, the state of social life on campus, and his freshman trip. He was positively glowing discussing his experience, and it really brought me back; I honestly still get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about the College.

It was great experiencing that feeling in real-time this past September in Hanover; I just visited for Class Officers Weekend. Of course, I am eagerly awaiting my next visit to campus in January to celebrate the reopening of the Hood Museum of Art. The Hood was very important to me—academically, professionally, and socially—so I am thrilled to see the new building and envision just how crucial it will be to the next generations of Dartmouth students. Should any of you be interested in visiting for the reopening, I hope to see you there on January 26! If not in January, I look forward to seeing you at reunions in June!

Whether you’ve been back every big weekend since 2010 or if you haven’t stepped foot on campus since graduation day, I hope to galvanize your excitement for returning to Dartmouth over the next few months in these columns. In preparation, and to cultivate those warm fuzzy feelings, please email me fond memories you have of the College! Funny stories, great classes, meaningful professors, your favorite place on campus: You send it, I’ll share it. And now, the news. I only got a few submissions for this column (as I’m sure you already knew from my long-winded introduction), so let’s ramp it up for the next one, yes?

Talia Weiss recently graduated with a master’s in biomedical visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she focused on developing virtual reality tools for medical education and training. After graduation she and her husband, Robert Rein ’12, moved to San Francisco, where Talia started a new position managing the virtual human interaction lab at Stanford University.

Michelle Shu started a new product engineering role at Asana in New York City. She is building user interfaces to help teams plan, manage, and track their projects to completion.

Isha Flores, who has been working in education for the last four years, will be taking on the director of operations role at a local Williamsburg, Virginia, charter school this year. The school’s mission is to ensure that all students, regardless of income, make it to and through college.

Congrats you all! And, I am excited to hear more from others! Sending you all best wishes and holiday cheer. Enjoy the season, and see you in 2019!

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

Hello, ’14s! Can you believe our run around the fire during freshman year’s Homecoming Weekend was eight years ago? Now, this school year, we’re headed back for our fifth-year reunion!

I promised to share more information about this highly anticipated event (June 14-16, 2019) as it became available, and I will deliver! Your five-year reunion chairs are—drum roll, please—Kasey Boyd, Sophia Vazquez, and Jenn Weissbach! They eagerly look forward to planning and executing an unforgettable weekend for our class. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to reach out to any of the organizers! Now, on to the news!

In May Jovalee Thompson graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a master’s of science in nursing. She’s now working in the neuroscience critical care unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Phil Schmidt writes, “I have been in Manhattan working in finance since graduation. I recently made the move to Goldman Sachs’s leveraged finance sales team in the Fixed Income Clearing Corp. division. It’s going six years strong with Caroline Black ’13, who is currently working at Decade Capital, and I spend most of my free time with fellow ’14s Myles Christian, Peter Calvanelli, and Dean Bakes as well as the handful of ’13s living in the city.”

Aaron McGee interned this past summer at Citi, where he worked with the mergers and acquisitions group; he was very excited to be back in New York City. Now he’s returning to Philadelphia to finish up his M.B.A. at Wharton.

Paige Monborne recently moved from the Washington, D.C., area to Manhattan, where she will be attending Columbia University Teachers College to pursue her master’s of education in counseling psychology.

Rae (Kameko) Winborn is in Beijing this academic year as a Yenching Scholar at the Yenching Academy of Peking University pursuing her master’s. She will study Chinese private equity and social impact investing in China, joining 120 other Yenching Scholars from more than 60 countries.

Shea Flanagan will be starting the master of environmental management program at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in August after three years working for the Nature Conservancy. She is excited to connect with Dartmouth alums and new friends in New Haven, Connecticut.

Thank you to all of those who wrote in and answered my requests for news. I look forward to getting more updates, especially as we near June!

Jessica Womack, 223 Madison Ave., Box E, Fort Washington, PA 19034;

Hello, ’14s! Happy summer! I hope you all are enjoying the weather and are able to spend some dog days with family and friends. I’ve been traveling for research the past few weeks and am excited to go to Chicago in August with a few fellow ’14s. If anyone is there over the first weekend of the month, let me know!

It’s absolutely wild to me that we’ve almost been out of school for five years. Time has really flown, and it’s time to start thinking about our first reunion! You will hear from the College and our class officers about the planning, but hold the date! We will be back in Hanover June 14-16, 2019! So excited to see you all then, and if you have any suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. What’s super exciting about this for us is that our fifth-year reunion will overlap with the revelry for Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary. Celebrations abound.

Anyway, enough of the business; on to the news!

Recently, I was reading Forbes online and came across two classmates making moves! Andrew Lim and Simon Zhang launched their new direct-to-consumer wedding band company, Holden, in late April. Holden allows customers to easily and affordably design a custom wedding band online. Utilizing innovative 3D printing technology, Holden crafts each ring to order in Manhattan and delivers it direct to the customer’s door. Find more about Holden at

Speaking of wedding bands, John Daniels and Allie Taikowski got engaged on March 30 in Austin, Texas! John and Allie became friends during freshman orientation in September 2010 (they were freshman floor-mates in McLaughlin) and started dating during Sophomore Summer in 2012. They moved to Texas in January 2017 and have been loving life in Austin with their dog Olive! Sending best wishes and big congrats to you two!

Anoush Arakelian wrote in about her experience this year at the Boston Marathon. “It was one of the slowest Boston Marathons since the 1980s due to downpours and wind.” Despite the wild weather, she and Caitie Meyer both ran personal bests at 3:11 and 3:15, respectively. Along the route, they saw another ’14, Laura Goodfellow, who was also running the marathon. Congratulations on the feat, ladies!

Devin Chu emailed in with an update on his graduate research. As a Ph.D. student at University of California, Los Angeles, in the department of astronomy and astrophysics, Devin recently published a paper as lead author making an important breakthrough about the star S0-2. Devin and his team have found that S0-2, previously considered a binary star, has no significant partner star; this important finding means that the star is a prime candidate for testing Einstein’s theory of general relativity, a portion of which states that strong gravitational fields stretch and bend light. Good luck with future observation and testing!

Thanks to those of you who wrote in! Have a great rest of the summer, and I am looking forward to reunions next June!

Jessica Womack, 8 Spring St., Princeton, NJ 08542;

Hello, ’14s! I hope you all are well and enjoying the spring! We have some great news from our classmates, so let’s get to it!

James Lin is finishing up his master’s in public administration with a focus in environmental science and policy at Columbia University. He has worked on various client-focused projects during his study and is expected to work for the New York City mayor’s office or in the public sector after graduation. Congrats, James!

Morgan Curtis writes in, “In these times of intersecting crises, I’m grateful to wake up and contribute each day at Canticle Farm, an interracial, intergenerational, interfaith urban farm and intentional community in East Oakland, California. I’ve also been working for three years now with SustainUS, a national network of youth climate justice activists. This year I am organizing the California Allegory Youth Fellowship, an opportunity for young artists and organizers from the frontlines of the climate crisis in California to bring their stories to the Global Climate Action Summit. The question most alive for me right now is: How, amidst our work resisting the systems of oppressions that bind us, do we enact our visions of liberation in the here and now?”

Alison Polton-Simon recently started a new job working as a software engineer at Angaza in San Francisco. At Angaza, she’ll be working to expand access to solar energy and other clean technologies in areas without grid electricity.

After spending three months last summer cycling across Europe from Scotland to Poland, Eric Waskowicz joined the American Academy of Family Physicians in Washington, D.C., as a legislative and policy strategist in their state health policy office.

Lauren Jenny moved from her hometown of Boston to Dallas in January. After working in finance for three years, she is excited to join Compass Real Estate, a technology-driven real estate firm.

Katie Randolph recently joined the BlackRock digital wealth team. In her new role she facilitates strategic partnerships between BlackRock’s technology platforms (most notably its robo-advisor) and other financial institutions.

Jane Cavalier has returned to the Museum of Modern Art as a curatorial assistant in the department of drawings and prints. Having worked there in 2016-17 as the Modern Women’s Fund 12-month intern, Jane eagerly continues developing MoMA’s collection and exhibition program.

Last, I write with the news about the passing this past fall of two of our classmates, Hunter Foraker and Caleb Ladue. Our deepest condolences are with their families and friends. I have seen some beautiful tributes to Caleb and Hunter from many of you; I know our class will miss these two vibrant and kind individuals very much.

Thank you to all of those who wrote in. I look forward to hearing from more of you as the year progresses. Sending the very best wishes.

Jessica Womack, 8 Spring St., Princeton, NJ 08542;

Hello, ’14s! I hope you are enjoying the fall. This is my first fall in New Jersey, and while I am enjoying the season here, I must say, it just doesn’t compare to the beauty of the fall in Hanover. I miss the crispness of the air, the hot apple cider and donuts outside of Collis and seeing those gorgeous red trees on the south side of the Green. My nostalgia got me thinking; we’ve been out of school for a pretty decent bit of time—over three years! In the spirit of my reminiscing, I’d love to receive updates from you all about your lives of course, along with the things you find yourself still missing about the College. Anyway, I’m done going on and on; to the news!

Anna Bladey and Patrick Yukman are still hanging out in Chicago. Anna spent last year taking postbaccalaureate classes in math and statistics at the University of Chicago and has just started a master’s in data analytics there this fall. She spent the summer interning on the analytics team at a tech company. Patrick has switched jobs and is now working as a software developer at a proprietary financial trading firm. He’s also started a master’s in computer science part-time at the University of Chicago. This past June Anna and Patrick went to Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee and just so happened to set up camp right next to three other Dartmouth ’14s! They spent a fantastic week with Carinna ArvizoIris Yu and Ruosi Zhou.

Emily Jordan writes in, “Having just completed my 50th road race of the year, I am wrapping up my 2017 season. This was my first full season racing at the pro level (and only my second full season ever), and with a really flexible job I was fortunate enough to be able to travel and race all over the country against some of the best professional female cyclists. I am looking forward to a bit of down time, then gearing up for next season!”

Chelsea Estevez spent two life-changing years after graduation in Cairo, Egypt, conducting sustainable development work through the American University in Cairo and gaining fluency in Egyptian Arabic. Since returning to the United States she has been working at a nonprofit that leads in providing civic education to the New York City school system. She recently started her master’s at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs this fall. 

On July 18 Max Kingsley graduated from the U.S. Army officer candidate school at Fort Benning, Georgia. Second Lt. Kingsley received the Distinguished Honor Graduate Award as the top graduate in his class of 115 newly commissioned U.S. Army officers, as well as the Academic Achievement Award for the highest GPA in his class. Max is an infantry officer and will continue his training at Fort Benning.

Autumn White Eyes emailed in, “This past May I graduated with my master’s in education from Harvard’s graduate school of education, where I studied arts education. I am now the executive director of Lakota’s Children’s Enrichment Inc., a nonprofit doing youth work on my reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to get involved or support! My email is”

After three years in New York Carly Emmer moved to San Francisco. She recently joined the team at Coinbase, an online platform for bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrency transactions, as a business operations associate.

Thank you to those of you who shared updates! Enjoy the holidays; I look forward to hearing more news (and memories!) in the new year.

Jessica Womack, 8 Spring St., Princeton, NJ, 08542;

Happy spring, ’14s! I hope you all have had a lovely start to 2017. This column is short and sweet, so I’ll get to it!

This fall Aaron McGee will move to Philadelphia to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. While pursuing his M.B.A. Aaron also looks forward to being a voice for progress at Wharton, serving as a student leader and becoming involved in a selected set of academic and cocurricular activities (maybe even the rugby team!). Aaron hopes to travel rather extensively in the months leading up to business school, noting that he “hopes to break 35 countries visited before the end of the year!”

Margaret “Maggie” Rowland emailed in, “I started my master’s in nonproliferation and terrorism studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California, in August 2016, preceded by a 10-week intensive course in Arabic at the Middlebury summer intensive language program. I’m also excited to say that, along with my studies, I have recently begun work as a content analyst at the homeland security digital library located at the naval postgraduate school in Monterey. Life is full of excitement!”

Congrats, you two! To others reading, please email in with anything and everything! I look forward to hearing from more of you soon.

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53 St., New York, NY, 10019;

Hello, ’14s! I hope you all have rebounded from that mess of 2016. It was a rough year, but here’s to hoping for a prosperous and happy 2017!

I got some lovely news from a number of our classmates at the end of 2016 that I am happy to share with you all here. It’s a bit light as I was collecting these notes after the holidays, but I do what I can. If you’re disappointed by the depth of these notes, then you must just feel morally obligated to send me some news next time.

And now, drum roll, to the notes!

Cheree Mills and Aaron Goone married in November 2016. Cheree reports in, “We had such a great time celebrating with all of our friends from Dartmouth and we are so thankful they traveled from all over to share with us!” Cheers to the happy couple!

We have a few peers who have made major international moves for incredible professional opportunities. Guilherme Ferraz moved to Dublin to work for Google. Another classmate, Amy Li, moved to Sierra Leone to work for the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Jonele Conceicao and Sam Knowles ’12 worked on an HBO documentary called Marathon: The Patriots Bombing—it’s out now, so go see it! It was produced by Dartmouth alums Ricki Stern ’87 and Annie Sundberg ’90.

Anna Roberts is a budget director for the New York City Council and recently traveled alone through the Balkans because she’s a boss. She acquired six new coats in 2016, proving that 2016 was not actually the worst year on record.

Hope you all have had a nice winter and a beautiful start to spring. Excited to hear from you soon!

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53 St., New York, NY, 10019;

Hello, my dear classmates, and welcome to 2017. Though you’re reading this at the beginning of January, I am writing this on the Friday of Homecoming weekend and my Instagram feed is full of pictures of the bonfire, Dartmouth Hall, brilliant orange and yellow leaves and people in warm-looking deep green sweaters. Many of those sharing these images are a few years younger or a few years older; it doesn’t seem like many ’14s went up to campus for Homecoming 2016, likely because of increasing work or school obligations. I’m sure many of you also scrolled past these images and were filled with the same sense of nostalgia as I am feeling presently.

But life goes on, and we are presented with other chances to see people we care about. Like how I recently went to the wedding of Chelsea Stewart ’12 and Connor Flint ’12 (congrats!) and got to celebrate with Brian Flint, Kristen Flint, Stefan Deutsch, Brendan Nagle, Harry Gates, Steve Muenzen and Jenna Vickers. Class of ’14s roll deep.

Anyway, enough of my musings. On to the updates. Thanks to the kind souls below who responded to my call.

Last summer Alex St. Romain, Molly Grimes and Kara Hedges spent three weeks hiking the John Muir Trail. They completed their 220-mile journey with a sunrise summit of Mount Whitney on July 2. After quite a successful summer trip Alex began law school at New York University this past fall. She is excited to reconnect with the many other ’14s in New York City! 

Jane Cavalier is also in New York and actually works just two floors away from me at the Museum of Modern Art. After receiving her master’s in the history of art last spring from the Courtauld Institute in London (where she concentrated on contemporary American art) Jane accepted a 12-month curatorial internship in the department of drawings and prints at MoMA.

Stefan Deutschreported,“For the past year I worked as a team leader for AmeriCorps National Civilian Corps, so I did a variety of service projects throughout the southwestern United States. Now I’ve started my M.S. in chemical engineering at UC Berkeley and am looking for friends in the Bay Area!”

Rohail Premjee currently works for the impact investing initiative at the Aga Khan Development Network’s offices in Washington, D.C. He is excited to be moving for a year to Karachi, Pakistan, to consult for the Aga Khan University and Hospital System on its grants and investment strategy, as well to assist with a World Bank study that is evaluating the system’s social and economic impact in Pakistan. Let him know if you’ll be passing through!

Cal Steffen also wrote in with an exciting update of a different sort: She and Luke Suydam are engaged! The couple recently moved to Hong Kong, where they will be for the next year. Luke is working at Bain Capital’s Hong Kong office as a private equity associate and Cal is working remotely at Rent the Runway as a software engineer. Congrats, Cal and Luke!

Looking forward to hearing good tidings from more of you all! Here’s to a great year.

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53 St., New York, NY 10019;

Wow, has this summer flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was burning the midnight oil writing the summer’s class notes, informed by letters full of good tidings from our classmates.

Now it’s fall, and I am excited to report that the ’14 class officers have just returned from a wonderfully bucolic and productive weekend in Hanover for Class Officers Weekend. We’d like to remind you that we are excited to serve as your liaisons for all things Dartmouth, and we hope you will use us as a resource! Please go to to be in touch. And now, for some classmate news!

Gavin Huang writes in, “I’ve taken on a full-time position as deputy business editor of an English newspaper in Seoul, the Korea JoongAng Daily. I’ve also started a podcast with a friend here on Korean current events that you can check out on the newspaper’s website.”

In honor of the National Parks Centennial, Gerben Scherpbier emailed in about his experience working at Yellowstone National Park. Gerben said, “I got my start in Yellowstone while traveling through the park with the earth sciences off-campus program in 2012, when I was a junior. I initially started working for the service in Yellowstone as a leader with the Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps, which brings high school students into the park for one-month work projects. I have since recruited Cedar Farwell ’17 (my successor as DOC president) and Kelly Wood (who I worked with on H Croo for DOC trips) into the corps program. It’s a Dartmouth takeover here in Yellowstone.”

Geanette Foster reports, “After graduation I worked for an education policy-based nonprofit. This past summer I worked at Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft, LLP in Washington, D.C., as a sponsor for an educational opportunity intern. I recently moved to N.Y.C. as a member of the class of 2019 at Columbia Law School, where I will be classmates with fellow ’14 Will Kuzma.”

Have a wonderful autumn, ’14s. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53 St., New York, NY 10019;

Hello all! All of my dedicated readers will notice this column is a bit lighter than usual. One can only assume you all have been truly living life rather than spending your time telling me about it. Which is fair. Luckily, some of our wonderful classmates indulged my ceaseless pleading and sent in some updates. Many thanks to you!

Boston is getting some fine folk these days, if I do say so myself. I know there is a pretty strong contingent of Dartmouth ’14s in the area, so those there: Be prepared to welcome some familiar faces! Kelsey Wheeler is moving to Boston in September and she’s going to be living with Avery Plough. While (as of June) Kelsey doesn’t know what her new job is going to be quite yet, she looks forward to being in a new location after Hanover.

Michael Zhu, Anoush Arakelian and Andrew Roberts are all moving in together in Kendall Square in Boston. “Pong table included,” they announce. In addition to crushing marathons regularly, Anoush also runs the class website and Instagram (@dartmouth_2014—follow it!), so if you have any recent pictures from mini-reunions, trips back to Dartmouth or any other events where you’re with a contingent of our classmates, please send them her way (!

Julie Ann Haldeman writes in, “I’m looking forward to joining the Dartmouth community in Boston! I’ll be starting at Harvard Business School this fall along with classmate Alex Styk.” Catherine “Caitie” Meyer emails, “I have been working at Deloitte Consulting in Boston since graduation but have left my job to do a post-baccalaureate program so I can apply to medical school.”

Good luck to you all on your new endeavors!

Also, on a separate note, I wanted to share a recent lesson. I was able to go up to Hanover for Commencement and I was very pleased to hear to the words of Leymah Gbowee. In her speech she challenged members of the class of 2016 to take the “open mind challenge.” To make the conscious effort to learn about others and their backgrounds and experiences to become a more compassionate person and a true global citizen. If you have not watched the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s speech yet, I recommend it. I look forward to taking the challenge with all of you.

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53, New York, NY 10019;

Finally, summer is upon us. Though it wasn’t particularly cold or snowy in the Northeast this past winter, I missed the long days and the abundance of exciting outdoor things to do. This summer I intend to soak up the sun (and all the free programming in New York City) with a number of our classmates. I’m also looking forward to an upcoming trip to London, Paris and Madrid. If any ’14s will be in any of those cities in early August, let me know so we can hang out!

Kathleen (Katie) Chung is also planning some exciting travel. “This summer I will be backpacking with fellow ’14s Mitchell Jacobs and Colleen Cowdery through Southeast Asia. Then Allegra Condiotte will join us on a cross-country U.S. road trip from California to the Northeast. After, I will be moving to Providence to begin medical school at Brown University!”

A number of our classmates emailed me about new jobs or endeavors. For example, Corinne “Rin” Kominkiewicz has been attending a school to become a professional wrestler since January. Rin says, “I have my first match on Saturday, April 30, for WrestlePro in Rahway, New Jersey. Since I know this will be published after the fact, you can say I got thrown over the top rope (because it’s all planned out, but shh). It’s a battle royal with seven other people and I’m the only girl (of course). I have no real aspirations to be on television doing this, but I do want to get good enough to have shows in different parts of the country where I hope other Dartmouth folk can come see me compete!”

Since graduation Taha Adib has shifted gears from investment banking to education. Still in New York City, Taha now teaches writing and rhetoric at Democracy Prep. He is excited to share that this year he will be the summer academy director (principal). He looks forward to opportunities in educational leadership and technology and would love to connect with fellow alumni in the field!

Shane O’Neal reports, “I will be heading down to Duke in the fall to start a master’s in environmental management.” Though he has enjoyed living in New England, he knows he will appreciate warmer winters.

Abigail “Aby” Macias recently began working at an immigration law firm as legal assistant. “I’m not sure if I want to go to law school, but it is awesome to gain a practical skill set that’s applicable to so many fields. I work on cases ranging from investor visas to pro bono asylum, so every day is an adventure.”

This fall Talia Weiss starts graduate school in Chicago to pursue a master’s in biomedical visualization. Ariel Low recently graduated from Harvard School of Public Health and moved to California to work with the Environmental Systems Research Institute setting up mapping systems for disaster relief agencies. She says, “While I’m sad to leave the awesome Dartmouth community in Boston, I’m looking forward to some more sunshine and meeting Dartmouth alumni in the Los Angeles area.”

To those who wrote in, thank you! To others, send updates my way!

Also, to everyone: Don’t forget to make an end of the fiscal year gift to the Dartmouth College Fund! Every cent counts. Go to to give!

Enjoy the summer!

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53, New York, NY 10019;

Hello, ’14s! I hope everyone is enjoying the spring! I recently took a trip out to California with Tashneen Bakht and Brian Flint to visit Brendan Nagle for his birthday. Loved seeing him and other ’14s such as Jennafer (Jenna) Vickers, Ryan Tibble and Kali Pruss! Mark Andriola also ventured out west recently. In addition to currently finishing up as a business analyst at McKinsey, where he has spent the last five months on a project aimed at reducing violence in one of the largest jails in the United States, he visited Phi Delta West Coast ’14s Daniel (Dan) Bernhard, Samuel (Sam) Bauer and Nelson Santry. “While I still live with four fellow ’14s in N.Y.C.,” says Mark, “I will be leaving my job and apartment to attend law school this fall.”

Lauren Jenny reports, “I live in Boston’s North End with classmate Kara Lehman. I recently completed a rotational program with Putnam Investments and started as a relationship manager for the firm. I am heading to Florida with some classmates from my sorority Kappa Delta Epsilon in three weeks for a nice vacation!” Xavier Curry lives in New York City. He’s releasing colorful, vibrant R&B music under the moniker Xav A. His most recent projects feature contributions with amazing Dartmouth talents, including Christopher Gallerani ’15 and Nathaniel Graves ’13!

Dylan Gabel writes in, “I am currently a medical scribe at Tufts Medical Center for ScribeAmerica. In this role I work alongside ER physicians to provide real-time documentation and facilitate greater efficiency and care for patients. Also, I accepted a full-time offer from Fanning Personnel, a financial services staffing agency in downtown Boston.” Graylin Harrison says, “After spending a year in Italy, I returned to the United States and have been working in Chicago. I have applied to Ph.D. programs in art history and have received some offers of admission. I am still contemplating my options, but it’s looking like this adventure will take me someplace new (with balmy winters).”

Anna Bladey and Patrick Yukman have moved to Chicago. Anna is starting mathematics classes at the University of Chicago as a graduate student-at-large and Patrick is starting a new job as a software developer in the center for personalized therapeutics at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.

And now for some exciting engagement news from Kevin Griffith and Nayrana Carneiro: According to Kevin, “A few minutes after sunset on Friday, February 12, I asked Nayrana for her hand in marriage while on vacation in Colorado. Nay and I first met during freshman fall and quickly became close friends, though we didn’t begin dating until much later. After college Nay stayed in Hanover to attend Geisel while I moved down to Dallas, returning to visit her every two or three weeks. In January I moved back up to Boston to be closer to her and decided the time was right to propose! Thankfully, she said yes. We’d like to thank all our classmates and friends who have reached out to congratulate us on the engagement.”

Marianna Cid is searching for jobs in Los Angeles, but writes in with a winter highlight. She spent Valentine’s Day with 20,000 runners, joggers and power-walkers for the Los Angeles Marathon. Clarisse Benoit emailed in, “After almost two years teaching kindergarten in the Upper Valley I am planning to move to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this summer to be closer to my family. I am excited for the move, but it will be hard saying goodbye to the Dartmouth area, since I didn’t really go far after graduation!”

Thanks for the updates! Keep emailing in!

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53, New York, NY 10019;

Happy spring, ’14s! This past December I took my first work trip for my new job to Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach. In addition to seeing art, I also ran into a few Dartmouth people randomly at the art fair. I bumped into a ’15, ran into classmates Rachel Decker-Sadowski and Nicole Chiavacci and hung out with Chisom Obi-Okoye! It’s wonderful how there’s always someone from Dartmouth nearby!

Kelly Wood feels similarly. She has been working as an education ranger in Everglades National Park. “I love that I can find Dartmouth people all over the country. During the summer season I worked in Yellowstone and was surprised to run into another Dartmouth alum atop a remote mountain!”

Kelsey Wheeler writes in, “I’m working in a cognitive neuroscience lab at Dartmouth (still). Shockingly, I’ve discovered a social world that exists south of Wheelock Street, and anybody who comes through Hanover should let me know they are in town!”

Yoo Jung Kim emailed in about What Every Science Student Should Know. According to Yoo Jung, this is “a book that I’ve been working on for the last four years with coauthors Justin Bauer ’12, Andy Zureick ’13, Daniel Lee ’13 and editor Christie Henry ’91. It will be published by the University of Chicago Press in May! It’s been an exciting ride and thanks to many ’14s for their input!”

Jennifer (Jenni) Gargano is back in the Upper Valley area, working as an assistant director of admissions. She says, “I’m excited to be back in Hanover helping to select the Dartmouth class of 2020!”

Phoebe Palmer reports, “I’m living in New York with classmate Carly Emmer and loving how many Dartmouth friends of all years I get to see here. I was lucky enough to visit Dartmouth this fall for several recruiting events and it was great to be back on campus.”

Alison Helzer says, “I am now working full-time in the developmental social neuroscience lab at the University of Oregon. I am the project coordinator of a three-year longitudinal study of 170 adolescent girls as they transition through puberty. The study will use behavioral, biological and neuroimaging components to examine how different elements of pubertal development co-vary with adolescent-emergent mental health problems, in particular symptoms of depression, anxiety and deliberate self-harm. My lab hopes to use this information to develop a set of mediation models addressing these pathways to adolescent mental health problems.”

Renee Lai is working in New York City as an implementation manager and loves living in the city! Amy Li is also in New York, working for a boutique consulting firm.

Email me with updates! Enjoy the spring!

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53, New York, NY 10019;


Happy 2016! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and are starting the new year off happy and healthy. I am writing these notes at the end of October, and I have been hearing great stories about members of the class of 2014 meeting up and traveling to Hanover for what I am sure was a fun Homecoming.

Although I was unable to make it to Homecoming this year, I did manage to make it back to the College this fall. In September several members of our class’s executive committee traveled up for Class Officers Weekend, when we attended different sessions on how to plan mini-reunions and most effectively lead our class in our alumni years. Our class had a great showing that weekend, especially for such a young class. We love keeping our class connected to Dartmouth. Now on to the updates!

Ian Stewart wrote in, “I’ve recently started my Ph.D. in human-centered computing at Georgia Tech, and so far I’m loving the Atlanta sunshine. Also, a few ’14s—Crystal Ye, Kathleen “Katie” Chung, Abigail “Abby” Bard and I—recently had a reunion in Boston to celebrate Abby’s briefly returning from South Korea to the United States. It was a great chance for everyone to catch up over drinks and karaoke.”

Robert “Rob” Rein ’12 and Talia Weiss got engaged over Homecoming Weekend at the top of Baker Tower. According to Talia, “We met at Dartmouth four years ago and we are both currently living in N.Y.C.” Congrats to Rob and Talia!

Tev’n Powers spent the past year working as a data and applied scientist on the natural language experiences team at Microsoft in Seattle. According to Tev’n, “In my time here I’ve also been involved in the #BlackLivesMatter community organizing and hope to continue to contribute to this type of liberation work. Also, most recently I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong, China, and Seoul. In November 2015 I’m working on releasing a black business app called Commonwealth ( with Kyle Davy, Kaya Thomas ’17 and Logan Henderson ’17.

Shelley Wenzel, Kellie MacPhee, Lisa Rennels and Grace McDevitt went to Greece in June and, according to Grace, it was the best week of their lives. They saw all the sights, swam in the middle of the Aegean, colonized a private beach and befriended the goats on an uninhabited island. “It was glorious.”

Nathaniel “Nate” Davis reported in, “Brian Joseff and I hiked the Teton Crest Trail in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, in mid-September. We unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately) did not see any bears, but we did run into several mule deer, the friendliest of which we named ‘Gladys.’ ”

Arenne Clark and Brendon Stoner got engaged in May and are planning a summer wedding in New Hampshire with plenty of Big Green teammates and friends in attendance. Congrats to the happy couple!

Lillian “Lilly” Maguire emailed in, “I’m glad to report I’m back on the East Coast, attending Georgetown Law School and living with Lela McCrea, Anna Harty, Amelia Raether ’13 and Heather Szilagyi ’15 in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.”

“Since graduation,” said Kathleen Dobell, “I’ve been working for Axiom Learning in Boston. I recently moved up to managing two of our Boston centers so most of my time now is spent in business development and management rather than teaching. I’m planning on staying in Boston for another year and then I hope do some traveling before going back to school.

Thanks so much to those who emailed in, and I look forward to hearing more exciting news soon!

Jessica Womack, 228 West 140, Apt. 3C, New York, NY 10030;

Hello, ’14s! I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the holiday season. For those of you who were able to make it back to Hanover for this year’s Homecoming, I’m sure you all had a lovely time and were able to visit with other classmates and alums. Congrats to the newly matriculated class of 2019. Now, on to the updates!

Erin Abraham moved to Boston and is now working for Wayfair. This fall Melinda Agron began her studies at the Yale School of Architecture

Jacob Blair writes in, “After a wild six months spent motorcycling around Brazil and coaching youth rugby for the Rio Rugby Football Club, I came stateside in June for a month of mountaineering in Alaska’s Chugach range. Now I’m back in New York City and have turned the inordinate amount of time I spent in the weight room at Dartmouth for rugby into a career, training clients at Soho Strength Lab and working on a startup that aims to provide co-working space for independent personal trainers.”

Stefan Deutsch hiked the John Muir Trail with Steve (Steven) Muenzen this summer and, as of September, started his position as a team leader with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps.

This past summer Charlotte Hendren visited Jane Cavalier (who was finishing up her Fulbright)in Germany. Charlotte also hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with a friend from work.

Dylan Jones recently moved to Washington, D.C., where he started a new job with Delta Associates.

Emily Jordan reports in, “Last fall I moved to Denver and began working as a clinical research coordinator on breast cancer clinical trials at the University of Colorado Hospital. I also took up road biking and recently joined a local race team!”

Ben Morse and Molly Pugh tied the knot on July 3 in Camarillo, California! According to Molly and Ben, “The Big Green tore up the dance floor and was well represented within the wedding party: Mary (DiGeronimo) Fletcher, Julia Berkowitz, Sara Peterson and Freddie Fletcher. Three generations of Dartmouth alums attended the wedding!” After honeymooning in Jamaica, Molly and Ben are now living in Boston. Congrats, Ben and Molly!

I look forward to hearing from more of you all soon; I love knowing what my peers are up to! Enjoy the holidays, and until 2016….

Jessica Womack, 11 West 53, New York, NY 10019;

Happy August, ’14s! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! I recently moved to New York City to start a new job working with the junior associates young patrons group at the Museum of Modern Art. I love the city in the summer and it’s great running into friends and other Dartmouth alumni here. Now for the updates from our classmates!

Abigail “Abby” Cohen writes in, “I moved to Paraguay in March and on May 18 I swore in as a Peace Corps volunteer in the community economic development sector. For the next two years I will be living in Paso de Patria, a town at the southwestern tip of Paraguay. I will be working with Paraguayan counterparts in the local schools and municipal government and the local youth group, getting involved with community projects.”

Harrison “Harry” Gates is currently living in Boston working as a technology consultant at Mindstream Analytics. Outside of traveling for work he has been keeping up with Frisbee with a pickup group at Harvard.

Rachel Decker-Sadowski just finished her mechanical engineering degree this year at Thayer and has been in Los Angeles since June pursuing her dreams to be an actress. Jacqueline “Jacqui” Calloway is also in L.A., living with Emma Steele, Charlie Laud and Michelle Khare. “I’ve signed with a commercial agent,” she writes, “and have been going out on auditions! I’m appearing in Jeremy Thibodeau and Ben Edlin’s next feature, Circle. Other than that I’ve been soaking up the sun!”

Julia Berkowitz emailed, “During my gap year I had worked as an intern in the clinical department of Partners In Health. My responsibilities included helping the team in Boston to support the Ebola response in Sierra Leone and Liberia, working to reduce maternal mortality in Haiti and reanalyzing existing malnutrition protocols for improvements.”

Samantha “Sam” Oh reports in, “I quit my job the first week of 2015 and joined my brother Kevin, a ’12, to work full time on bringing Axel Audio to life. Believing that only you know for yourself how to listen, look and feel, we created three distinct soundscapes—or sound profiles—to cater to the music you listen to and adopted a fully customizable design to match your unique personality. Since raising more than $200,000 on Kickstarter earlier this summer we’ve been gearing up for our official launch this fall!”

This past year Rebecca “Becca” Rothfeld has been published in The New Republic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bookforum, Slate and the Los Angeles Review of Books. “This fall,” she writes, “I will begin a master’s program at the University of Cambridge before continuing on to the Ph.D. program in philosophy at Harvard.”

Hugh “Joseph” Miller says, “I’m doing a teaching fellowship at Success Academy charter schools, teaching first grade. I’m also working toward a master’s in elementary and special education. It’s been incredibly fast-paced; Success Academy is intense and the days are long. However, I’ve fallen in love with teaching and my students and I’ve learned so much about education and myself. It’s endlessly fulfilling to journey with my students during the year. Next year I’ll be completing my master’s and teaching first grade again! Other than work and school a large part of my life has been keeping my attention on Madagascar, where Charles “Tyler” Bradford is for the Peace Corps. I miss him dearly, but it’s been an adventure for us both to be doing things that require our passions and a desire to do good by the world.”

Thanks to all who wrote in, and I look forward to hearing from more ’14s soon!

Jessica Womack, 228 West 140, Apt. 3C, New York, NY 10030;

Happy summer, ’14s! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and that you are each able to get a little bit of time to relax, travel and see friends and family. I didn’t get too many submissions for this column, but I am super excited to share what people sent in.

Megan Krumpoch wrote in, “I’m currently working at Joslin Diabetes Center as a research technician in Boston. I also am part of the running team that’s coached by Mark Coogan and sponsored by New Balance. I’ve been really fortunate to be able to continue racing competitively while also working in science!”

After graduating from the B.E. program at Thayer School of Engineering this spring, Brian Flint is enjoying his new job outside of Philadelphia as a project engineer with Globus Medical. A perk of being near Philadelphia, he says, “has been the opportunity to cheer on the Dartmouth rugby team with other alumni at the Collegiate Rugby Championships in May.”

Rohail Premjee will be attending the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University as a Russell Fellow. In this program he “will be completing an intensive one-year program in management studies and then hope to segue into a career in philanthropy and social enterprise.”

Adam Kraus reported in, “I am finishing up a year of working for a primary care clinic in rural Haiti (about three hours from Port-au-Prince). I have been collecting data and overseeing personnel who run worker programs on infant malnutrition, water purification, chronic disease management and community health. I have been working with our U.S.-based team to ensure the sustainability of the clinic for the coming years.”

Ryan Tibble completed his master’s in biophysical chemistry at Dartmouth in the spring. He is looking forward to relaxing this summer before heading off to graduate school at University of California, San Francisco, where he will begin pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry.

Kristen Flint has finished her work with Informulary in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and is traveling to Holland and Spain this summer. After her trip she is looking forward to starting medical school in the fall.

It’s been more than a year now that we’ve had a column in the Class Notes section of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, so I hope many of you have gotten into the habit of flipping to the back of this magazine to see news from our classmates. Now I want more of you to get into the habit of sending me updates! I love getting to hear what other 14s are doing, and I truly enjoy getting to share it here. So, big or small, brag about yourself! I am excited to hear from more of y’all soon!

Jessica Womack, 3715 Jena St., New Orleans, LA 70125;

Hello, fellow ’14s! It is the first anniversary of our graduation from Dartmouth! Congratulations to you all for all of your successes and adventures from this past year. I have been reflecting a lot about the past year and realized this year has been very important for me and my personal development. I have been deciding who I am, what my passions are and how I like to spend my free time after work. I have discovered I really enjoy cooking, especially for friends and family. Also, this first year has reminded me how much I like reading for fun; I missed having time to get wrapped up in a book and stay up all night reading.

For this issue of the Class Notes I asked our classmates what they have been up to and what is the most interesting thing they’ve learned during their first year after college. Here are a few people’s answers.

Amanda Spoto will be attending Oxford University’s English literature summer school 2015 program. She says, “I plan on taking two seminars, ‘Modernist Fiction’ and ‘Contemporary Fiction,’ both of which will count as my elective courses for MALS. These two classes coincide with my cultural studies track in MALS as well as my interest in fiction related to memory and nation. The most interesting thing I’ve learned during my first year after college is realizing I will forever be a student of life. The learning experience never really ends.”

Shane O’Neal reported in, “I just started a new job working in a research department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and am living in Boston. Since graduation I’ve learned that Dartmouth grads pop up in all sorts of unexpected places.”

Samuel Rauschenfels, inspired by his time as a program coordinator at the Collis Center for student involvement, will be attending a master’s program in higher education and student affairs in August. He said, “The most interesting thing I’ve learned at my job is how rich and varied student life is at Dartmouth and institutions around the country.” 

Renee Lai has been working as an assistant product marketing manager at MBI in Norwalk, Connecticut. This year she has renewed her love of cooking and working out.

Brendan Nagle is currently interning at Rabobank in New York City in the global client solutions department. He will be starting a job in July at Oracle in Santa Clara, California, in July and will be living with Jennafer “Jenna” Vickers. He commented, “The most interesting thing I’ve learned since graduation is what I want in life. I don’t have an exact idea, but I feel like I have a better idea.”

Steven Muenzen is working at Rabobank in New York City as an analyst. He says, “I have learned to keep my nice cooking appliances in my room and away from my roommates.”

Leslie Ye moved from New York City to Boston and is currently working as a staff writer at HubSpot. Aaron McGee recently traveled to Dubai with coworkers. Erin Abraham recently started as an account associate at EMI Strategic Marketing in Boston after spending the past few months completing book publishing internships in New York City. Earlier this year Matthew Wefer was in Miami trying to qualify for the 2016 Olympic team in sailing.

Thanks to everyone who reported in! I really want to hear from more of you all, so please respond to my random email requests and Facebook posts if and when you see them. Have a lovely summer everyone!

Jessica Womack, 6034 Hinman, Hanover, NH 03755;

Hello, ’14s! I hope everyone is well! Inspired by the changing seasons, I have decided to start getting rid of some things as I prepare to move from Hanover and into the great big world out there. So I am doing some spring cleaning! However, it’s proving to be harder than I imagined. I did a horrible job packing on the afternoon of graduation, and lots of things have sentimental value—like the Dartmouth T-shirt I tie-dyed during Sophomore Summer that I would never throw out. So I decided to ask members of our class: “What’s an item you acquired during your time at Dartmouth that you will never get rid of?” when asking for updates! Here is what people said.

In October Cheree Mills moved to Columbus, Ohio, to start a merchandising training program at the Abercrombie & Fitch home office. One thing from Dartmouth she’d never get rid of is her puppy, Jo. She got her senior year, and now Jo is living with Cheree in Columbus.

Jennafer “Jenna” Vickers is currently working at a tech startup called Neon Labs in San Francisco as the happiness coordinator/office administrator. “At Neon,” she says, “we currently focus on helping companies select video thumbnails using our program, which models how the brain responds to images in order to promote engagement and increase click-through rates of videos. The Bay Area is proving to be super fun to explore and I’m really enjoying living on the West Coast!” As for an item she acquired at Dartmouth that she will never get rid of: “That would be my Winter Carnival poster. It’s too cool to ever get rid of.”

Rohail Premjee would never abandon his signed copy of former Dartmouth President James Freedman’s book, Liberal Education and the Public Interest. Which makes sense, considering Rohail’s interest in a career in higher education and current position as the presidential fellow for operations and special projects in the president’s office at Dartmouth. 

Claire Arthur has been living in Chicago and working at AEI Consultants, where she performs environmental due diligence during commercial real estate transactions. She lives with Kara Dastrup “in a neighborhood that is way too hip for us,” she says. Graylin Harrison has been in Milan teaching English and also working as an assistant to artist Jacopo Miliani. She says, “the latter is particularly exciting as it allows me to experience firsthand the contemporary art culture of Italy, which has been an intellectual interest of mine for quite some time.” 

Members of the 2014 class executive committee have selected an excellent, totally exciting class project and we hope to announce details soon! In order to make anything happen, we need you to pay class dues. Venmo them to Malcolm Leverett, class of 2014 treasurer. That’s all for now, but please send updates my way! I really enjoying hearing from you all and sharing the good news!

Jessica Womack, 6034 Hinman, Hanover, NH 03755;

Happy New Year, ’14s! 2015 marks a big year for us. It will be the first full year we are out in the “real world.” Well, I shouldn’t say “we.” Unlike many of you who are traveling the world or calling new places home, I am in Hanover still freezing my eyelashes off. However, I do have a pretty big New Year’s resolution. I will do this fifth winter in the Upper Valley right and actually ski. I implore all of you to hold me to this goal.

Some of you emailed me with updates or New Year’s resolutions. So, let’s get to it!

Dylan Assal writes in, “Right now I’m a first-year medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (in New York City). I’m studying the standard medical curriculum while also trying to gain experience in technology and business. Over the next year I hope to become more active in community involvement.”

Rachel Aragon is currently working as a general assignment reporter in Bozeman, Montana, for a local ABC/Fox affiliate station. She is slowly embracing the outdoors of the Big Sky country and hopes to squeeze in some traveling in the new year!

Nathaniel “Nate” Davis is living in Boston, where he is working at Treacy & Co., a management consulting firm located in Needham, Massachusetts. His New Year’s resolution is to begin giving back financially to Dartmouth. 

Devin Chu started his first year of graduate school in astronomy at UCLA. He is currently researching the orbits of stars around the supermassive black hole located in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. He works for professor Andrea Ghez, principal investigator of UCLA’s galactic center group. 

Last summer Kali Pruss traveled to Peru (highlights, according to her, were the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu and traveling to the Peruvian Amazon basin) and Maui, Hawaii. She also traveled along the East Coast visiting friends in Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston. Currently, Kali is a first-year microbiology and immunology Ph.D. student in the biosciences department at Stanford. She says, “It’s a five-plus-year program, so everyone has plenty of time to come visit me.”

Wei Wu and Joseph Styer got married on August 2, 2014, in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Wei and Joseph! Best of luck to you both. 

Amber Porter moved to New York City this fall to work as the production assistant for Tony Award-winner John Doyle and his production of Allegro at Classic Stage Company. Michael Berger moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, after graduation and has been working for an environmental consulting firm on the cleanup and restoration of the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill. 

Sonja (Ali) Uribe spent her fall at home in Hamburg, Germany, where she enjoyed hanging out with her dogs and working a few internships. This February she will be traveling to Australia for four months to work at a dive shop and travel around the continent. José Valdovinos is working as a junior analyst at Acento Advertising in Santa Monica, California. Nikolas (Nik) Medrano has been working in recruiting at Box, a cloud storage and content management company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is working to grow Box’s rapidly expanding sales team. He loves San Francisco, saying, “It’s been an awesome experience so far. I ride around on a scooter all day, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Keep sending updates my way! I love hearing from you all!

Jessica Womack, 6034 Hinman, Hanover, NH 03755;

Hello, ’14s! I hope you all are doing well. I am still in Hanover, and let me tell you, a lot has changed since June 8. In addition to the new first-year class, there have been several new trees planted in various locations on campus and the roads were repaved. Also, if you’re headed up any time soon on the Dartmouth Coach, be prepared to see a “mobility hub” in front of the Hop that rivals Penn Station. Hanover’s on the rise, y’all. (RIP 3 Guys, though.)

Okay, enough about the town. Members of our class are up to incredible things!

Taha Adib is working as an analyst at Kidron Corporate Advisors in New York City. Melinda Agron began work as a gallery guide at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. 

Stefan Deutsch worked as a research intern at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is currently back at Dartmouth to attain his B.E. Victoria Fernandez started her new job working as a sixth-grade teaching fellow at the Kent Denver School in Denver. When she isn’t teaching she is coaching volleyball and soccer and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Freddie Fletcher and Mary DiGeronimo were married on the evening of June 28 at the Inn at Warner Hall in Gloucester, Virginia. Congratulations, Freddie and Mary, and best of luck to you both!

Michelle Khare has spent a great deal of the summer traveling across the country for cycling competitions. This summer, she won the U23 Criterium Nationals and wore her Dartmouth uniform while racing. Her victory led to her being invited to the USA Talent Identification Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Additionally, she and her sister have started a YouTube channel called Helmet Head, where they share their love of cycling and the issues cyclists face in a comedic and informative manner. Check them out and subscribe to their channel!

Caroline Steffen is working as a mobile software engineer at Rent the Runway in New York City. Aaron Tyler is also in N.Y.C., working as a private bank analyst (asset management) at JPMorgan Chase. 

Sophia Vasquez started law school at Wake Forest University. Celeste Winston is attending the graduate center of the City University of New York, where she is working toward a Ph.D. in earth and environmental sciences.

Marissa Wizig began her job as the campus engagement director at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. In her role, Marissa works with students on college campuses across the country helping them build relationships with campus leaders and their local and state representatives to be successful pro-Israel activists. 

Eric Yang started at Simon-Kucher & Partners in Boston, where he works helping pharmaceutical and medical technology companies launch new products and competitive strategies. Leslie Ye joined Barrel, a digital creative agency in New York City, as an associate producer.

Members of the 2014 class executive committee are in the process of outlining organizational goals for the next five years. We have been discussing mini-reunions and brainstorming ideas for a gift to the College. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me or Holly Foster, class of 2014 president. In order to make anything happen though, we need you to pay class dues. Venmo them to Malcolm Leverett, class of 2014 treasurer. Big thank-you to the class of 1964 for its gift of $2,014 to help us get started!

That’s all for now, but please remember to send updates my way! I look forward to hearing from you all. Happy holidays!

Jessica Womack, 6034 Hinman, Hanover, NH 03755;

Hello, ’14s! First and foremost, let me say congratulations on graduating. You all inspire me and I know that each of you will take what you’ve learned during your time at the College and dynamically change the communities, institutions and companies of which you are a part.

For the next five years I will be updating you all on what other members of the class of 2014 are up to. I beg of you: Just make it easy on all of us. Send me your updates so that I can publish them here. That way people won’t have to divert their attention from their jobs and classes to Facebook stalk you.

This past summer many members of our class traveled internationally, showing they definitely took “’round the girdled Earth they roam” to heart.

After buying a hatchback on eBay UK, Nicholas Allen, Benjamin Jenkins and Cooper Thomas drove from England to Mongolia during July and August in a cross-continental trip of epic proportions. Their sense of adventure was only outweighed by their altruism; while traveling they fundraised for several charities, including SOS Children’s Villages (which provides foster care to orphaned and abandoned children in under-resourced areas). To read about their journey, visit their blog:

Leah Feiger, Bridget Golob, Michael Klein, Alison Polton-Simon and Rena Sapon-White spent the summer on Project Preservation, where they worked to restore the Jewish cemetery in Lutowiska, Poland.

Rose Wang, on an “around the world” trip, visited more than 10 countries, including South Korea, Singapore, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France and the United Kingdom.

Mackenzie Bohannon, Jane Cavalier, Eliza Hanson, Charlotte Hendren and Christine Kim spent two “awesome” weeks in Japan, exploring fish markets, visiting historic sites and dressing very fashionably. 

Kachi Anumonwo, Anoush Arakelian, Steve Beal and Kelly Brait traveled to Croatia and Italy, where they ate good food.

While many members of our class traveled the world, others moved to new places to begin their internships, jobs and graduate studies.

Anne Ressler worked at the Institute for Defense Analyses Science and Technology Policy Institute in Washington D.C. before heading back to Hanover to get her B.E.

Similarly, Brendan Nagle will be returning to the College to finish his B.E. after interning at Oracle in San Jose, California. During his free time this summer Brendan made use of the trails in Yosemite and Tahoe to train for the upcoming hike from his off-campus house to Thayer.

Semarley Jarrett began her job at Google as a small- and medium-sized business associate account strategist. Gunnar Shaw is working at Morgan Stanley as a fixed income analyst. Andres Ramirez started work at Target as a sports and toys business analyst. Here’s to hoping he can hook us up with pong balls and paddles in the future.

Katelyn Walker has just started law school at George Washington University. Tausif Noor began his Fulbright fellowship in India in August; he will spend the next year working with tribal artists to ensure the fair sale of their work and studying their aesthetic tradition.

Two quick notes. This past academic year Lou’s started a book for ’14s in which members of our class can write brief letters (to Lou’s, other ’14s, Dartmouth, etc.), so whenever you are back in town, please stop at Lou’s and ask them if you can sign it. Also, don’t forget to pay your class dues! You can venmo them to treasurer Malcolm Leverett.

Good luck as you all start new jobs, grad programs, or travels. I hope to see you all in Hanover at Homecoming during our year zero reunion! 

Jessica Womack, 6034 Hinman, Hanover, NH 03755;


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