Hello, ’13s, and happy new year!

Everyone on the class executive committee wishes you a safe and happy holiday and the warmest wishes for more, safe, in-person interactions. With that, let’s get to some of our updates this edition!

Jack Boger wrote in to say that he was on a cross-country road trip from San Francisco to Atlanta. When he wrote in, he was in Starkweather, North Dakota, visiting the Berg family farm, where Isaiah ’11 and David ’15 grew up. Emmaline Berg recently started as the new athletic director at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover, New Hampshire, and is excited to be back in our alma mater state! She also got married in December in a Covid-safe micro-wedding in New London, New Hampshire, to Ned Emerson Jr.

After working as a corporate paralegal, environmental advocate, startup founder, career advisor, and baker—making English muffins from scratch at a local bakery—Priscilla Nguyen is taking her many talents to a new adventure: screenwriting! When she wrote in October, she was wrapping up a coming-of-age feature script and starting her next project, a TV drama series. She would love to connect with other alums working in entertainment! We can’t wait to see your work!

Anna Leah Berstein Simpson completed a year on the Dorot fellowship in Israel and decided to stay in Israel to pursue an M.A. in creative nonfiction. She will be studying at Bar-Ilan University. Joshua Lee has recently moved to San Diego to clerk for a federal judge for a year. He looks forward to catching up and reconnecting with friends and alumni in the area (socially distanced, of course!).

Reilly Bertasi graduated from Tuck Business School in June and has been working for the Connecticut Governor’s Office in Covid response, mostly around K-12 reopening. She will head back to Bain & Co. in December. She and Chris MacNaughton were married in October! Special shout out to Camilla Rothenberg for arranging their marriage! In some additional wedding news, Tyrone DeSpenza wrote in that he and Rachel Nelson got married in October in New Haven, Connecticut. The two met five years ago as first-year medical students at Yale. Huge congratulations to you all!

Finally, our last biannual newsletter featured some of our entrepreneurial talent, and we have one more to share with you this issue. Taylor Garner recently launched a consumer financial-tech venture called Card Curator. It had its soft launch on both the iOS App Store and Google Play store in early November, and they have their eyes set on a hard launch sometime around early summer of 2021. To check out more information on the app and venture, check out www.cardcurator.com; we wish Taylor and the team all the best!

As always, thank you to everyone who wrote in, and we look forward to hearing from you again in a few months!

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Hello, ’13s.

We hope this finds you all doing well and staying healthy. It’s been a difficult year, but we continue to hope that our community is one that you feel you can rely on and look to for support when times are tough and celebration when times are good. We only have a few updates this edition, but let’s get to them!

Krista Oehlke graduated from Harvard Law School and will be joining the fight for immigrants’ rights as an ACLU lawyer this October! She will be specifically challenging through litigation and advocacy discriminatory policies that have made immigrating to the United States or seeking asylum nearly impossible. Congratulations, Krista, on your accomplishment and this amazing work! Jen Jaco started her M.B.A. journey at the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management this summer, and she and her husband, Jeremy Whitaker ’15, bought a house together in one of the western villages in Chicago. She writes, “I refuse to say suburb, because the L comes here, so it’s still part of the city!” They also continue to be loving cat parents to their cat child, Holly Berry. Incredible name. Odochi Uwazurike also started his M.B.A. journey at the University of Rochester Simon Business School. Congrats to you both!

We also have some family unions and additions to announce! Rob Collier and Lorin Paley ’15 are excited to announce their engagement! They are eager to celebrate with friends and family, whenever such celebrations become feasible. They are living in Park City, Utah, and are keeping busy with biking, gardening, and western adventures. Madi Gamble got engaged to Jonas Cole on May 31. They are planning a New England wedding in September 2022 and hoping for a Covid-19 vaccine before then! Olivia Durr and Daniel Krawec were married on August 8 at an intimate rooftop ceremony in Washington, D.C., with Chris Woods present as best man.

Finally, Sara Stone moved back to Newport, Rhode Island, where she will be based through September and October to race sailboats—and then, she says, “who knows what the future holds.” If you are around Newport, give her a shout!

Thank you to everyone who wrote in, and we hope to hear from you again for our next edition. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please be sure to follow us on Instagram @Dartmouth2013, connect with us on LinkedIn, and friend us on Facebook so that you can stay updated on our events, stories, and more!

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Hello, ’13s.

I hope this will find you, your family, and your friends safe and well. As I write this, we remain in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the incredible changes and uncertainty that it has brought. We are also in the midst of the continued cries for racial justice that urge us all to both reflect and take action in a myriad of ways. Though these are difficult times, we hope you will continue to lean on your Dartmouth community for both support and action.

We have a few updates this edition, so let’s get to them. First, we received a note about our classmate Allie Young, who is a Navajo tribal member and creator of “Protect the Sacred,” a social media campaign calling on youth to protect their elders, their language, and their culture. You can check out Allie’s work in numerous outlets, including NBC News, the Tamron Hall show, and The Hollywood Reporter. Incredible work, Allie!

Courtney Karol recently graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and has traded the desert of Tucson, Arizona, for the mountains of Denver to start her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She also writes that she’s found a beautiful Big Green coincidence in that Julia Hudnut Bueller will be her chief resident! ’Round the girdled earth we roam! Sarah Aronson Fischell graduated from her Ph.D. program in neuroscience. She pursued a partnership program between the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM). She will be returning to medical school at UMSOM to finish her clerkships. Reese Ramponi has been working as a psychiatric advanced practice nurse and just got grant funding to start a multidisciplinary program that includes both mental and medical health for transgender teens. 

Maggie (Conners) Deforge got married in May 2019 to Robby Deforge. They just bought a house in Durham, North Carolina, with a big back yard for their dogs Rugger and Skipper. She will be starting a yearlong geriatric psychology occupational therapy fellowship at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center in September. Alexis (Monroe) Lightner and her husband, Jacob Lightner, recently moved to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., where she’ll be doing dissertation research for her Ph.D. in art history. She would love to connect with other alums in the area! Finally, Teo Larsson Sax, Libby (Hamlin) Sax, and 2-year-old Eva welcomed Emma into the family in late April. Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for your submissions, and we hope to hear from you again soon!

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Hello, ’13s!

I hope this finds everyone staying healthy and happy. Though I have no idea what the world will look like by the time you read this, I hope that wherever this may find you, you will consider your Dartmouth classmates a community to lean on. With that said, we have many exciting life updates to share!

Rob Bathe’scoffee roasting business, Folly Coffee Roasters (www.follycoffee.com), has launched an entirely new website and subscription service available online. They roast to order and ship coffee within 24 hours of the roast—check them out! Our resident celebrity chef, Priya Krishna, officially changed her Instagram handle, marking the end of what we knew as the DDS Detective era. Follow her at @priyakrishna; #swipeupyouguys. Sara Stone writes in that, given Covid-19, she has been hunkered down in Marion, Massachusetts, instead of racing sailboats around the world. She has continued to train as much as possible on land and has also been putting her background in epidemiology to good use with some independent consulting for the Covid-19 response.

Many of our friends are also enjoying new milestones in their graduate studies and careers! Nick Valentini graduated from the Geisel School of Medicine and started as an emergency medicine resident physician at the University of Michigan in June. He moved to Ann Arbor with his girlfriend (and their border collie!) in early May. Allie Bosch graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School and is moving to Atlanta to start her obstetrics/gynecology residency at Emory Hospital. Juan Estrada is a dermatology resident at Hackensack Meridian Health and was deployed to take care of Covid-19 patients. He has continued bodybuilding, as he did in our glory days. Sayeh Gorjifard finished her master’s fellowship from Johns Hopkins University and National Cancer Institute in pharmacology/drug development. She has since moved to Seattle for her Ph.D. in genome sciences from the University of Washington. When she’s not hiking or biking, she illustrates children’s books and science communications. Amanda Wheelock is planning to move to Ann Arbor this fall to pursue a master’s in environmental policy at Michigan’s school for environment and sustainability. Sophie Palitz defended her dissertation this April on the relationship between therapist behaviors and treatment outcomes for children and adolescents with anxiety. She will be moving to New York City for the year to do her clinical psychology predoctoral internship/residency at Montefiore Medical Center as the final requirement for her Ph.D.

After a couple of years in Denver as a college counselor, Frankie Herrera has relocated to Providence, Rhode Island, and is back in the admissions world at Brown University. He is so happy to be near so many friends on the East Coast again and hopes to reunite with Dartmouth friends once it is safe to travel again. Hilary McNamee and partner Welly Ramsey are recently engaged, though their wedding plans are on hold until next year. They are still in the Upper Valley, renovating a house in Strafford, Vermont, while Hilary runs a cut-flower farm and florist business. On June 28 Evan (Gray) and Peter Hill celebrated their five-year anniversary! He writes in that he feels beyond blessed to have a beautiful, fun, accomplished wife who loves him and challenges him to be a better person. We can still remember when these two got together and we couldn’t be happier for them! Last but certainly not least, Mike Keenan and his wife, Deirdre, brought beautiful baby Tessa Shea Keenan into the world December 20. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who wrote in—and enjoy the rest of summer!

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Hello, ’13s, and happy summer! We have many updates this edition, so let’s get to it.

Matt Nichols moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, in September to enroll in the one-year M.B.A. program at Copenhagen Business School. He has also joined a startup there called Amodo Associates, which provides human resource analytics and people strategy consulting. If that sounds like something that could benefit your organization, reach out to him on LinkedIn! Ben Southworth received a Nicholas C. Metropolis Postdoc Fellowship at Los Alamos National Lab and will be moving to Los Alamos, New Mexico, this summer. If you are in the area, please reach out! Svati Kirsten Narula and her dog, Cabot, are continuing to settle in as Upper Valley community members living in Lyme, New Hampshire, and working at DAM’s office in downtown Hanover. When they’re not in one of those two places, they are training for a 50k trail race that Svati plans to run in Stowe, Vermont, in June or hanging out at Still North Books in Hanover.

Danny Freeman began hosting Politically Speaking, a weekly politics show for NBC San Diego. “June” Yuan Shangguan writes in that she is still working on speech recognition research, pushing the boundaries of on-device artificial intelligence. She’d also like to give special shout-outs to ’13 ladies Rachel Wang and Annie Chen, who are working hard to build amazing careers in STEM and who consistently inspire her. Callista Womick appeared on the cover of the catalog for watercolorist Wendy Artin’s latest show, Révèle, and achieved her highest FICO score yet: 817! Sophia Schwartz is still living in Jackson, Wyoming. This winter season she worked on a ski project that entailed landing a double backflip and skiing the Grand Teton and Cody Peak’s Central Couloir. 

We also have many peers graduating from different grad school programs! Emily Fletcher, James Lee, and Angie Yang graduated with an M.B.A. from the Ross School of Business. Emily also earned an M.P.A. from the Ford School of Public Policy. Lexi Kellison and Elizabeth Fleming graduated with their M.B.A.s from the Wharton School of Business and Elise Smith graduated with her M.B.A. and master’s in education from Stanford. Maia Matsushita graduated from NYU with her master’s in education and is staying in New York City to teach. Robbie Hoffman, Shea Smith, and Aly Perez also all graduated from the Darden School of Business. Chloe Teeter graduated from law school in May and has headed to Brownsville, Texas, to clerk for a judge for a year. If anyone is in the area (or knows anyone in the area), please let her know! Congratulations to everyone and best of luck in the next step of your journeys!

Finally, we have multiple friends with big life changes! Chelsea Hassett married John Brunda, Tu’14, in February with many ’13s (Lina Monsalve, Elizabeth Fleming, Angie Yang, Dimpy Desai, andAly Perez) in attendance. Karoline Walter got engaged to her partner, Lucia Martino, in a treehouse in the woods in December. Though Lucia didn’t go to Dartmouth, she fit right in at reunions and we are so happy to welcome her to the Dartmouth family! Delanyo Kpo ’14 and Richard Asala got married in December 2019 in Accra, Ghana. Delanyo is a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University, while Richard is an associate at Morgan Stanley. Last but certainly not least, as of mid-January Shannon Draucker and Matthew Boyas have a new addition to their family: a mini Australian labradoodle named Hazel! She’s already met a bunch of Dartmouth alumni and you can follow her adventures and her Dartmouth leash on Instagram at @ladyhazel_thedood.

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Hello, ’13s, and happy new year!

We have many notes this edition, so let’s get to it. Ryan Archer recently moved to Atlanta to start medical school at Emory University. Samantha McPherson moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota in September and is working for Best Buy headquarters in product development for exclusive brands! She is loving being in the Midwest and experiencing seasons again. Marina Villenueve moved to Albany, New York, to cover New York state government and politics for the Associated Press. She’s also now a foster cat mom! If you’re in any of these areas, reach out to your new Dartmouth residents!

We have several classmates who wrote in with exciting news of their engagements and marriages. Jane Lu was engaged very recently. Her fiancé proposed in Shanghai and they are both so excited for their future; fun fact: they met in middle school! Sophie Palitz got married in September to Jacob Buinewicz. In August Robbie Cholnoky got married to Sara Medina-DeVilliers ’12 in Crozet, Virginia. They were surrounded by family and a small army of Dartmouth grads, including Jane Cai, Max Sloan, Chris Rhodes, Maan Tinna, and many others! Sarah Hylton and Tim Abbot ’12 were married in New York City in September, also surrounded by Dartmouth friends. Danny Zhang and Jillian Dunne got married in September. Jillian also started her M.B.A. at Wharton this past fall. Marissa Lynn writes in that it’s been a crazy couple of months for her, including an engagement to Sam Hills ’15 in June! She graduated from Harvard Medical School in May, moved to Minneapolis in August, and started working for McKinsey & Co. in September. She notes that Sam proposed during a run on Nantucket, Massachusetts, and the pair plans to wed in New Hampshire in the summer of 2021.

Qian Zhang writes in that, by the time this update is published, she’ll be in the last semester of her M.B.A. program at Harvard. She has spent the last one and a half years working on small, self-funded, and mission-driven ventures, and is confident many of her fellow Dartmouth alums (that’s you!) may find value in the two businesses she has started: 3nuggets.com is a personalized mobile platform connecting us back to what truly matters, and puermovement.com is fighting social and political divisiveness, one cup of tea at a time. Please reach out to her if you have any thoughts on these! Lin Bo just starred in his first Shakespearean drama this past fall. He played the roles of Hastings and Tyrell in Eclectic Theater’s production of Richard III at the Athenaeum theater in Chicago. 

Finally, Sophia Schwartz is still living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and loving it. Last year Sophia produced and starred in a skiing web series called Greater than Sum, which is now available online at Freeskier Magazine. This winter she will continue to chase after big mountains and endless powder. If you find yourself in Jackson, give a holler to make some turns.

Thank you all for writing in and continuing to be accepting of my spamming of your inboxes. If you have any suggestions for things we can do this year to continue to bring our class together, please reach out! We would love to hear from you.

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Hello, ’13s, and happy fall-to-almost-winter! Lots of great updates to share, so let’s get started.

First, a huge congratulations to Trevor Horan, who recently got engaged to marry Elizabeth Ballantyne ’12!

In the category of friends in advanced degrees, Ali Essey graduated from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management in June and is moving to Los Angeles to work at Disney in September. Maha Malik graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School with an M.B.A./M.P.P. this May. After a decade in beautiful New England, she is excited to move to Manhattan, where she’ll be returning as a consultant at Bain & Co. Tanisha Panditharatne recently moved to Austin, Texas, to start at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. Melanie Wilcox graduated from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, where she specialized in business reporting and documentary filmmaking. This summer she will have completed her third documentary film, which will be released sometime next year. Stay tuned! Olivia Korostelina graduated from University of Chicago Booth School of Business and has moved to New York to resume work in management consulting. If you’re passing by NoHo, let her know!

Next, we have some classmates making moves around the country. Jenna Kaplan moved to New York City at the end of August to start a job at New York Presbyterian-Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, where she works as a speech pathologist. Svati Narula is leaving her job at Outside magazine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to move back to…Hanover! She will be starting her new gig as an editor at the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine in September. Finally, Blaine Johnson just moved to San Francisco in June to start a new job at Boston Consulting Group; she would love to catch up with any ’13s in the Bay Area!

Last but not least, a host of classmates are off doing amazing things around the world. Lin Bo finished the acting program at Second City Chicago and will be performing as Hastings in the Eclectic Theater production of Shakespeare’s Richard III this fall. Damayanti “Dimpy” Desai writes in that she is done with her clerkship in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and will be traveling through India, Nepal, and Europe for the fall! She is trekking to Everest base camp and has a variety of other outdoor adventures set up. If anyone finds themselves in those areas, please reach out to her! Post-trip, she’ll take a road trip up to D.C. with her giant dog to start her job at a litigation firm. R.J. Griffin writes that he has been growing his real estate development business in Philadelphia during the last three years, looking specifically for value-add projects in under-served, working class communities. He is a licensed real estate agent and has built a team that is capable of fully rehabilitating properties into income-producing rentals or new homes for retail buyers. He hopes to scale up his business moving forward—great work, R.J.! Joe Schwappach, with two other cofounders, recently launched Eliqs, a company offering custom-designed beers for all types of events. They’re currently serving California and will be expanding into new geographies and beverage types in 2020! Rolland Mansilla spent his summer building a company in Y Combinator’s summer 2019 startup batch in Silicon Valley. They were covered in TechCrunch recently after presenting at demo day, pitching to top investors around the world. They’re growing quickly and hoping to find introductions to partnership opportunities with banks and law firms. Their website is www.safelydeposit.com if you’re interested!

And that’s all for this edition—see you next time!

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Class of ’13s, hope you have your pumpkin spice latte nearby, because this is going to be a good one.

Let’s start with our academic friends. Rachel Abendroth moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to pursue her M.P.P. and M.B.A. degrees at the Ford School of Public Policy and Ross School of Business. Maia Matsushita started at NYU Steinhardt over the summer in its master’s in education program. Katie Adams is starting an online master’s in computer science program through Georgia Tech, bringing the Fletcher-Adams household’s advanced degree count up to three! Shannon Draucker successfully defended her dissertation and graduated with her Ph.D. in English literature from Boston University in May. This fall she begins as a tenure-track assistant professor of English at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. She and her husband, Matt Boyas, are looking forward to moving to the Capital Region—let them know if you are in the area! Julie Fiveash was accepted to UCLA’s master of library and information science program. She also recently moved to Los Angeles with Thomas Tao ’11. Luca Molnar finished her M.F.A. at NYU in 2018 and will be moving to DeLand, Florida, this summer to join the faculty at Stetson University as an assistant professor of studio art. She would love to connect with any central Florida alums! Danny Zhang graduated from Chicago’s Booth School of Business and moved to Philadelphia with his fiancée; they are also getting married in September! Hank Savage just moved to Evanston, Illinois, to pursue his accelerated M.B.A. at Kellogg, where he will be for the next 12 months. Finally, Parnian Parvin-Nejad is finishing up his intern year in general surgery residency in northern New Jersey. He would love to hear from anyone passing through the area.

Next, let’s catch up with classmates celebrating the joining of families. Nathan Friendly and Rita-Louise Montour got married over Memorial Day Weekend in a fabulous camp adventure with a strong Dartmouth showing. In August Ryan Collins married Sam St. Lawrence, a Brown 2014 graduate, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Megan Bunnell and Eric Schlobohm ’11 were married in May with a reception at the Dartmouth Skiway that included many Dartmouth alums and a photo-op with the DartMoose! Gardner Davis and Anna Fagin got married this summer in Thetford, Vermont, and also had many generations of Dartmouth alums present. Dan Husband got married to Jessica Murrer in New York City and Elizabeth King married Allen Shih before relocating from New York City to Boston this year. Finally, Jen Jaco-Whitaker and Jeremy Whitaker ’15 got married in May in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Jen is now in Chicago working at Uber Freight.

To round out this edition, let’s end with some classmates doing great things. Danny Freeman proved he’s not just a pretty face on TV and recently changed his Twitter bio to include “Emmy Award-winning reporter”—congratulations! Mike Barile cofounded LootScoot, an app-based service that lets you sell your used electronics instantly and get paid within minutes. It’s currently available in San Francisco and will be expanding to other cities soon. Courtnie Bolden is still in New Jersey with her husband and interned this summer at the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals with Judge Greenaway. Daniel Akinola-Odusola is in London working on building his Daotive Thinking and Daotive Learning brands. He is also working with Centric Labs to quantify biological stress risks in London. And last, but certainly not least, Callista Womick has a leading role in the recently released film, Cobwebs and Strange.

Thank you all for writing in and have a great season of leaf peeping, wherever this may find you!

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Hello, ’13s! I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the peak of summer in a location slightly less swampy than my current residence in Washington, D.C. We have lots of class news this edition, so let’s get to it.

You may have seen this a few months back, but this was the year that many of our aspiring doctors were matched to their residencies! Gaby Sauza matched at University of Washington, Seattle Children’s for pediatrics residency. Jennifer O’Donnell is moving to San Francisco to start her orthopedic surgery residency. Cecil Qiu is moving to Baltimore this summer to start residency at Johns Hopkins in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Nerina DiSomma graduated from University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria this year and will be moving to Indianapolis for her interventional radiology residency at Indiana University. Shanterian King also graduated from medical school and matched to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for her physical medicine and rehabilitation residency. Elizabeth Hoffman is graduating this June from Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine, along with fellow ’13s Meghan Bunnell, Stephanie Castillo, and Brendin Beaulieu-Jones. A huge congratulations to all of you and the many more that will be transitioning to residency! Everyone wrote in that they are looking forward to spending time with Dartmouth friends in new places, so we can’t wait to get updates in the future.

We also have a few marriages and moves to celebrate! Sarah Aronson Fischell wrote in that she and her husband, Evan Fischell, were married last year in Baltimore and celebrated their one-year anniversary on May 5—congratulations on one of many more to come! Clau Becerra and her husband, Matt Weiss ’06, DMS ’12, are excited to move to Missoula, Montana, this summer and are looking forward to making local friends that will help them explore Big Sky country. Courtnie Bolden got married in Lake Tahoe, California, last summer and will be in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, this summer with her husband and hopes to see some Dartmouth friends. Before that, she’ll be interning with a judge at the 3rd Circuit federal appellate court in Newark, New Jersey.

Finally, as always, we have classmates doing neat things that never fail to astound me. Danielle Jellerette participated in Annapolis Opera’s spring production of Carmen, her first opera performance, and will be attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall to get her M.B.A. Sara Stone is continuing to pursue professional sailing and has been racing all over the United States and Caribbean this winter. This summer she is residing in Newport, Rhode Island, and would love to catch up with anyone in the area. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Brittany Yoon, moved to San Francisco last summer and joined Ethos, a life insurance startup. She was the 13th employee and they are already at 55; Jessica Yu ’14 and a recent ’19 grad are among their ranks, as well as investor Nate Niparko ’09. They are looking to continue growing their Dartmouth contingent! Matt Sturm is living his best artist life in Washington, D.C., where he just curated an art exhibition of 14 artists, up through June 14, as part of May Is All About Trans, a community-led month of events celebrating transgender community and culture. His own art will be featured in a two-person gallery show, also in Washington, D.C., up June 2-30. Reach out to him if you’d like to see either show!

Thank you all for sharing your life updates with the class and hope everyone has a great summer!

Aly Perez, 104 Ivy Drive, Apt. 8, Charlottesville, VA 22903; alyp625@gmail.com

Hello, ’13s!

Hope you are all enjoying the start of summer; we have a lot of exciting announcements!

Daniel Jamokha and Courtney Brown got married in September 2017 and recently bought a house in Alexandria, Virginia, before welcoming their son, Jordan, in October 2018. Lexi Zavras and Eric Sussman ’12 got engaged in Bermuda! And, after striking up a Sophomore Summer romance more than seven years ago, Ginny Miller and Misha Gordon-Rowe finally made it official by getting engaged in December 2018. They are both currently at Harvard Business School with no idea what they will do with their lives, but excited it will be together.

Next, we have some classmates doing great things in the world. Michael Burbank was recently elected as an at-large representative for all five counties in downtown Los Angeles. Ali Oberg just started a role marketing all the features in Microsoft’s products either designed with or for people with disabilities. She would love to connect with others working with this community. Remy Franklin launched his life coaching practice last fall. He coaches people who want to clarify their life vision and career goals, and you can learn more about his coaching on his website, remyfranklin.com.

Alice Liou wanted to share that she created Upstander, an app for teachers that is free for download on the Apple Store. It allows teachers to practice their high-stakes, in-the-moment responses to microaggressions in classrooms and other learning spaces. She hopes it will reach all educators, so spread the word! Callista Womack writes in that she has a lot of art sitting around her studio that she would love to find homes for. Check out her collection at www.etsy.com/shop/Alackaschmatz and let her know if you are interested in adopting anything! Finally, the final issue of The Weekly Standard, which folded late last year, featured two pieces by ’13s: Clare Coffey wrote on mythical creatures and Alice Lloyd closed out the issue with an essay on the last lines of novels.

In graduate school news, Melanie Wilcox is currently a graduate student at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and Mae Abdelrahman is going to Harvard Business School this fall. Congrats to you both!

Finally, in general life news, Anupam Choudhary is back in Seattle, where he grew up. He is enjoying time with old friends and would love to hear from you if you are in the area. Kelsey Byrd is finishing up her first year at the California College of the Arts M.B.A. in design strategy program. She is still living in San Luis Obispo, California, and welcomes catching up with anyone passing through. Ali Oberg wrote in that Luke Murphy, J. Michael Mentrek, Kelly Kugler and others visited her in Seattle in early February. She, Elizabeth Reynolds, and Kara Hedges ’14 got a group of 25 Dartmouth people together to celebrate. Great to see a Dartmouth contingency growing out in the Pacific Northwest! Last, but certainly not least, Jack Boger is settling intoSan Francisco with his fiancé, Thea Sutton ’10, and exploring northern California. He says his favorite part about living out there is listening to the foghorns complain out in the bay late at night. He is still getting used to microclimates, cold and foggy forecasts, and the rent being too damn high. Same, Jack, same.

Thank you again for all the life updates everyone and have a great summer!

Aly Perez, 104 Ivy Drive, Apt. 8, Charlottesville, VA 22903; alyp625@gmail.com

Fellow ’13s, by the time you read this, I hope the snow will be melting off the trees nearby, the birds will be signaling the arrival of spring, and you will be coming back from a spring break trip full of beaches and sunshine! There is no better way to kick off a new season than with a full review of your classmates’ happenings around the world.

As our first update, the class of 2013 officially welcomes Maya Herm as our new class president! Maya has been heavily involved with the College since graduation, and we could not be more excited to have her at the helm of our leadership team. In addition, she wants to let you know that she has moved to sunny Los Angeles. While she is sad to leave college coaching behind, she is looking forward to new challenges and adventures!

While we are on the topic of moving and travel, Harry Greenstone is moving to London with his wife, Sarah Rossow ’14, and their son, Charlie. He will be continuing his work with Deutsche Bank. Meanwhile Sarah Stone is travelling the world—from Florida to China—as she pursues professional sailing full-time! She is based out of Marion, Massachusetts, and if you are curious about what boats she is racing on, follow her on Instagram @floatlikesstone (very clever).

As always, we also have a host of classmates with great accomplishments to share. Priya Krishna has a book coming out called Indian-ish. She writes, “It’s a celebration of the hybridized Indian food I grew up eating, and it’s the perfect starter book for someone looking for an accessible entry point into Indian flavors.” Plus, it took a small ’13 village to taste test: She thanks Thea Stutsman, Edita Robinson, James Lee, Caitlin Ardrey,and many others for their participation! You can pre-order her book on Amazon or buy it wherever books are sold as of April 23. Renee Scott presented one of her research projects, “Black Child Breathing: Finding Freedom Through Black Normativity in Young Adult Fiction,” at the biannual Princeton African American studies conference in October and has launched her website, reneenscott.com.

Michelle Berlinger also writes in with an update on her business, Berlinger Jewelry. If you’re in the market for engagement or wedding rings, she has you covered! Michelle re-launched the company recently after getting her start during her senior fellowship creating jewelry in the Dartmouth jewelry studio. You can find more about her creations and business on her website, berlingerjewelry.com. Dennis Page passed the principles and practice of engineering certification exam in October and works for LTK Engineering Services in White River Junction, Vermont. In December he moved to Enfield Center, New Hampshire, with his girlfriend, Meaghan Warburton. From Chicago, Lin Bo let us know that he has finished up his basic improv comedy program at Second City. Congrats, Lin!

Finally, in case you missed it, our classmate Jeff Butler was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list! Jeff is an investment analyst at Viking Global Investors, where he has seen great success across investments in the industrial, business services, and energy sectors. Jeff, if you’re reading this, please let me know your finance tutoring availability.

Last, but certainly not least, are our recent engagements: Danny Zhang and Jillian Dunne got engaged in Hawaii in September 2018 and Lisa Berreman and Justin Foley have proven that love can be found in the Gamma Delta Chi pit (R.I.P.). After having met over “a lovely game of pong,” they got engaged in Chicago in the fall of 2018. Congratulations to all!

Aly Perez, 104 Ivy Drive, Apt. 8, Charlottesville, VA 22903; alyp625@gmail.com

Fellow classmates, can you believe fall has already come and gone?! I hope by the time you are reading this you’ve made it through weekends of apple picking, football season, and exams unscathed.

Before we jump into updates this month, I want to take a quick moment to propose a new 2019 initiative for future class newsletters and updates. The idea is we would “feature” a fellow ’13 every other month or so, coinciding with each alumni magazine release. The feature would come straight to your inbox and provide a brief update and summary on the work and accomplishment of the featured individual. The purpose of the feature would be to highlight classmates’ unique stories and impacts on their lives after Dartmouth, providing us all with the opportunity to learn from one another and keep connected with each other’s endeavors. Please send any comments, suggestions, or submissions my way.

Alright, now on to the updates! In the new nuptials category, Brad Nelson married Xiaotong Suo on the Stanford campus in July, with several Dartmouth alumni in attendance. Olivia Durr and Daniel Krawec got engaged while on a sunset sail in Cape Cod, Massachusetts—these lovebirds had been dating since summer 2012! By the time you read this update,

Sean Derrow will have gotten married to Margot Farrell (and partaken of a honeymoon to Hawaii). Tanisha Panditharatne married Buddhima Kurukulasuriya in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This one looked like a party on social media and was well attended by a slew of ’13s!

Courtney Crutchfield married her longtime boyfriend in Lake Tahoe—only to start at Rutgers Law School five days later. Finally, Matthew Boya and Shannon Draucker got married back in August, where Lindsey Romero and Mike Boyas ’16 were maid of honor and best man, respectively.

We also have a new addition to the Dartmouth baby family: Jacob Hickson welcomed a baby girl, Eleanor “Nori” Rose Hickson, on May 10!

In this month’s episode of classmates doing awesome things, Adam Schwartzman wrote in that he and Matt Habig cofounded LiveWrite, a nonprofit through which he teaches creative writing and literature in New York City jails. Chris O’Connell climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and then vacationed in Zanzibar, as one does.

I heard Elise Smith also completed a hike around San Francisco—congrats, girl! Qian Zhang moved back to Boston to begin school at Harvard Business School. Lindsey Romerohas made the move to Oregon to begin her Ph.D. in counseling psychology at the University of Oregon. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, let her know!

And finally, after finishing business school together, Roanna Wang and her husband, Nathan Bruschi ’10, have moved to Albany, New York, to help run the family business.

With that, we close out a fantastic 2018. Warm wishes this holiday season, and I look forward to continuing to hear from many of you in the months to come!

Aly Perez, 104 Ivy Drive, Apt. 8, Charlottesville, VA 22903; alyp625@gmail.com

Hello, ’13s! Lots of updates this issue, so let’s get started!

First, we have classmates celebrating the wonderful news of engagements, marriages, and family additions! Trisha Murphy married Carl Van Doren in Connecticut. Twin brother Luke Murphy was a groomsman, and Alex Lucas was a bridesmaid. Eva Petrow and John Burden ’11 recently got engaged. Camden Nogay is engaged to Dylan Smith, and they are enjoying life in Los Angeles. Andrea Baer and Jorge Pelaez tied the knot in April and have since moved to Chicago. There was a squad of ’13s in attendance, including Lauren Vespoli, Hannah Kuhar, Julia Danford, Katharine Pujol, Tanay Ganga, Paul Wagdalt, John Yoon, Roberto Guerrero, Kimberly Mendez,and Hannah Decker. Caroline Francis and Tim Brown got engaged alongside their two pups, Dakota and Sadie. Medha Raj and Anirudh Jangalapalli ’09 got engaged and will be getting married next summer. Tommy Das and Olivia Martin were engaged in December 2017. Finally, Rachel Yang and her husband moved to Santa Monica, California, in 2017 and welcomed a baby girl in July! Congratulations to all!

Next, a number of folks have become masters of subjects and industries. For example, Lexi Campbell completed her M.F.A., concentrating in photography at Brooklyn College CUNY. Tom McQuillan finished up medical school in the Bay Area and has now started his orthopedic surgery residency at the Harvard hospitals. Dan Marcusa finished medical school and is now an internal medicine resident at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Parnian Parvin-Nejad is starting his residency in general surgery at Rutgers. Mike Jacobs alsofinished medical school at Jefferson Medical College and has started an internal medicine residency at University of Chicago. Remy Franklin has finished his master’s in human geography and is moving to Santa Cruz, California. Chris Zhao graduated from Tuck and has moved back to N.Y.C. Natalia Agredo completed her master’s in teaching at Relay Graduate School of Education and has adopted two adorable cats named Hall and Oates. Awais Malik completed his Ph.D. in civil engineering and urban informatics from New York University. Great accomplishments all around!

In other graduate school news, Joe Chance is pursuing a Ph.D. in economics and public policy at Tufts University. Melissa Gordon is starting her master’s at Tufts’ urban and environmental policy and planning program. Stephanie DeCross is starting her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Harvard. This fall Angie Yang and James Lee will be pursuing their M.B.A.s at Ross (Go Blue), where they will join Emily Fletcher. Ayda Ramadan is starting her M.B.A. at NYU Stern, and Shea Smith is pursuing his M.B.A. at Darden School of Business. Yours truly (Aly Perez) will also be at Darden.

Last but absolutely not least, here are the classmates doing other really cool and impactful things! Casey Aylward started work at an early-stage enterprise fund as an investor. She would love to connect with anyone who is interested in working in tech-venture. Jules Sarkar is starting his own law practice, Sarkarlaw, in San Francisco. Svati Narula ran a 32-mile ultramarathon in Wyoming—I have no words. Congrats, girl. Ally Armstrong just moved to Berkeley, California, where she is working as a pediatric nurse practitioner. In March Callista Womick and her co-defendants were found “not responsible by reason of necessity” for an act of nonviolent civil disobedience blocking construction of a natural gas pipeline in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. The finding set a national precedent for other activists and was covered through multiple news outlets.

Wow…go, team. Thank you for being wonderful, impressive classmates. Enjoy the fall weather!

Aly Perez, 104 Ivy Drive, Apt. 8, Charlottesville, VA 22903; alyp625@gmail.com

Hi, class of 2013! After five years of gracing your inboxes every other month and sharing your impressive achievements and exciting life events, this will be my last Class Notes as your secretary. Thank you for making my job so easy and enjoyable, and please know it was truly a joy to hear from so many of you over the last few years! And now, back to all of you—the real stars of this show.

In April Deidra Willis was promoted to senior systems engineer I at General Mills (GMI) and moved to the Los Angeles area to work at the Yoplait yogurt plant—congratulations! She has been with GMI for five years and was a systems engineer II for fruit snacks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, since 2015. If you’re in the L.A. area, give Deirdre a shout!

Globetrotter Dan Marcusa writes in, “I’m graduating from medical school in May, starting residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in internal medicine in June, and am writing this from New Zealand, halfway through a four-continents-in-four-weeks tour of Thailand, New Zealand, Guatemala, and Colombia.”

Kelly Hanen has been elected to serve on the Houston Young Lawyers Association’s board of directors for the 2018-19 bar year. Kelly is a trial associate in Baker Botts LLP’s Houston office and represents clients in litigation matters, including commercial disputes, energy and securities litigation, personal injury, and property damage claims.

Jane Lu will be starting at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in the fall to pursue her M.B.A. and says, “I’m super excited to stay in the Cambridge area and always happy to meet up with ’13s who are in town!”

Sahil Joshi will be attending the Harvard Kennedy School next year, getting a concurrent M.P.A. with his M.B.A. from Sloan.

Jack Boger just got back from a deployment to East Asia and left active duty with the Marines in May. This summer he’s moving to San Francisco, where he’s looking forward to catching up with fellow ’13s in the Bay Area and rejoining the civilian world.

Sara Stone moved on from Boston and is pursuing sailing full-time. At the beginning of May she joined the team at Oakcliff Sailing and is now based out of Long Island, New York.

Emily Blackmer will be moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in August to begin a dual M.S.-M.P.P. at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability and the Ford School of Public Policy. She says, “While I will certainly miss mountain life in California, I’m looking forward to hanging out with Ellen (Roy) Thompson, John Thompson,and Steph (Crocker) Ross ’12!”

In May Luisa Sperry graduated from medical school and matched at her first choice, Mount Sinai, for her internal medicine residency, which means that Luisa and husband Michael Adelman ’10 will be staying in New York. Congrats, Luisa!

Nora and Roland Mansilla are loving life in San Francisco. Nora begins class at the Stanford Graduate School of Business this fall, and Roland continues his work as a product manager at LendingClub.

Callista Womick’s band The Melted Chapstixs performed in South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Sean Kaufman reports, “I’m happily humming along in the actor’s life! After Dartmouth I completed the two-year program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, a school for the Meisner technique in N.Y.C., and have been the lead in two independent films. One of them, a short dramedy called Maturing Youth, recently premiered on the silver screen and is now onto the independent film festival circuit for the next year and a half before entering major distribution platforms. Other than that, I’m producing, writing, and directing some smaller projects while I really get my sea legs here.”

Emily Fletcher, 822 South Main St., #4, Ann Arbor, MI 48014; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Lots to report this month–thank you all for sharing updates!

Emmaline Berg writes in, “This fall I finally (sadly!) left Dartmouth, where I was a volunteer assistant for the track team, to move to Burlington, Vermont, as the new track and field coach at the University of Vermont.”

Larissa Russell transformed her food startup Green Pea Cookie into a new venture, Pod Foods, which is modernizing wholesale food distribution. She wrote an article in the Huffington Post—check it out to learn more about what Pod Foods has been up to.

Torey Barrett started working on the sales team at Pinterest in October.

Millen Abselab was recently accepted to the Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and will start in the fall as a member of the class of 2022.

Paige Elliott,along will fellow alumnae Eileen Carey ’04 and Kristina Trygstad-Saari ’07, headed to the Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang in March as part of the support staff for the U.S. Paralympic Nordic ski team.

Clark Moore is portraying the character Ethan in the new film, Love, Simon, an adaptation of a popular young adult novel. Catch him at a theater near you!

Matt Sturm had two photos in a gallery show in Oregon and got to catch up and hike with Morgan Wharton while visiting.

Jen Jaco is getting married to Jeremy Whitaker ’15 in May 2019 outside Chicago.

Kate Comee and Benjamin Rowe got engaged in October in California.

Teni Oyo-Ariyo will be attending Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business this fall and would love to connect with any alumni in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina!

Ali Oberg is graduating from Tuck School of Business in June and moving to Seattle in August to start as a product marketing manager at Microsoft.

Last fall Scott Lacy spent seven weeks in the Ethiopian jungle kayaking 916 kilometers down the entire length of the Blue Nile in what became the first successful expedition to navigate the Nile and the Northern Gorge. What was originally supporting a documentary film crew on the last 300 kilometers of the river—to be flooded this summer by a dam—became a trip about survival and endurance when everything went wrong. Back in the United States, Scott is recovering well and has some stories to share.

Callista Womick is releasing her first book, 1: Nectar Collector, as a serial on Medium.

Angela Gauthier matched to the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University for ophthalmology residency.

Charlotte Williams now works for Amazon in Los Angeles.

Zack Doherty is a public affairs officer in Okinawa, Japan, and has been traveling all over Asia. Jack Boger is finishing active duty this spring and moving to San Francisco this summer.

Joel Malkin is currently serving a three-year tour as an instructor at the Basic School, the Marine Corps’ six-month course in Quantico, Virginia, training Marine lieutenants in the fundamentals of platoon tactics, officership and leadership.

Emma Smith Cain and husband Peter Cain recently welcomed the newest member of the Dartmouth class of 2039. Asher Jeffery Cain was born on Feb. 11, 2017, weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and measuring 19 inches of perfection. He can’t wait for his first trip to Hanover!

Sean Darrow and Margot Farrell (UMass Amherst ’14) got engaged over Thanksgiving, and their wedding will be in late August.

Amanda Wheelock moved to Golden, Colorado, to work for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition as its marketing and communications specialist. She would love for people visiting Colorado to say hi!

Dimpy Desai graduated from University of Michigan Law School in December. After studying for the bar in Houston, she will move to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to clerk for a federal judge.

Emily Fletcher, 822 South Main St., #4, Ann Arbor, MI 48014; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Save the date for our five-year reunion in Hanover June 15-June 17! Laura McFeely and Lee-Or Ankori-Karlinsky ’11 got engaged in August while hiking in the White Mountains. Joanna Schneider and Brannon Cavalier ’12 got engaged on a beautiful snowy day in Boone, North Carolina, in December.

Emily Fletcher, 822 South Main St., Apt. 4, Ann Arbor, MI 48014; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

First and foremost, huge shout out to our five-year reunion chairs Caitlin Ardrey and Maya Herm! With the help of many of you, they’re putting together an amazing reunion in Hanover June 15-17. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Congratulations to Jessica Gagner and Matt Binnington, who got engaged in August.

Sending warm wishes and congratulations to Ian Martin-Katz and Lauren Willoughby, who got engaged in Stowe, Vermont, in September.

In other romantic New England news, Dan Rosengard and Kate Burns got married in Boston in October with many classmates in attendance. Congratulations!

Michael Burbank celebrated his 30th birthday last summer and planned a get-together for the entire Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles.

After spending the last year in China working at Alibaba’s Hangzhou headquarters, Qian Zhang moved back to the United States to join Alibaba’s New York City office, where she is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with North American brands and helping them sell to Chinese consumers.

Max Sloan recently got a job on Amazon’s Kindle education team and will be moving out to Seattle at the start of 2018 with his girlfriend, Jessica Ost. He writes in, “I’ll be sad to leave Chicago (and my wonderful roommates Angie Yang and Ben Page ’12), but I’m looking forward to new challenges, new community and much bigger mountains.”

Sean Derrow and Sahil Joshi started business school at MIT Sloan School of Management.

After four years selling craft beer throughout the Midwest, Rob Bathe moved back to Minneapolis to open a coffee roaster called Folly Coffee to rave reviews. You should all check out his delicious coffee!

Max Hunter recently finished up a month of theater residency in New York City through his theater company Bride Production Group, which featured plays written by Maia Matsushita and Carol Brown ’12.

In the fall Jill Dunne and Danny Zhang both moved from Boston to Chicago, where Danny started business school at University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Jill is working remotely at her job in healthcare consulting. Olivia Korostelina is a fellow first-year M.B.A. candidate at Booth.

Kate Sullivan completed her time as a company commander and finished her active duty tour as a Marine officer in November. She is planning to move to Los Angeles or New York City to pursue arts, entertainment and writing. She writes in, “I’m still learning how to surf and I recently purchased a bunny whose name is Mars. He is just like a dog, only he’s actually a bunny.”

After finishing his master’s in Latin American studies at the University of Texas at Austin, Francisco Herrera began working as a college counselor in the Mile High City at KIPP Denver Collegiate, where he is supporting students through the college admissions and financial aid process.

Melanie (Parnon) Guyer, her husband, Martin, and their three little ones recently moved to Wylie, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, for Martin’s job.

After three years in New York City working for Quartz, Svati Narula moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July for a job as an assistant editor at Outside Magazine. She promptly adopted a puppy and got a season pass at the local ski area. She reports that life is good in the land of enchantment, but she does miss New Hampshire.

Ben Southworth recently completed his Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Yuan “June” Shangguan moved from Seattle to California to work for Google’s embedded speech team. She reports that she is enjoying the challenges of her research and catching up with Bay Area Dartmouth friends.

Emily Fletcher, 822 South Main St., Apt. 4, Ann Arbor, MI 48014; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who sent in Class Notes! It’s always such a pleasure to hear what you all have been up to lately, and the breadth and diversity of our class’ accomplishments never ceases to amaze me. See you all back in Hanover for reunions in six or seven months!

Warmest congratulations to Melanie (Parnon) Guyer and Martin Guyer on the June 8 birth of their third son, Everett Walt Guyer. 

This summer Ben Southworth married Laura Spector ’10 in the mountains in southwest Colorado before moving out to the Bay Area in the fall. Congratulations, Ben and Laura!

Best wishes to Andy Zureick and Angela Gauthier on their wedding in June.

Jose Miguel Ordonez writes in, “I moved to Mexico City about a year ago and am currently working for J.P. Morgan. I recently renewed my contract so I’ll be staying here a while longer. If you’re ever in the area, let me know!”

A large contingent of our classmates is headed back to school this year! Congratulations to all on your exciting next steps.

John Hanna recently started his first year of medical school at Tufts University in Boston.

Anneliesse Duncan is in medical school at University of North Carolina. Meeta Prakash is in her first year of medical school at Virginia Tech.

Chloe Teeter is in her first year of law school at the University of Texas; if anyone is in Austin, let her know!

Ben Feeser started the M.B.A. program at MIT Sloan this fall.

Heather Beatty started her M.B.A. at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto this fall.

Ali Essey and Isabel Hines recently started the M.B.A. program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Amelia Raether started law school at Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law this fall.

Sara Marcus, Katherine Shu, Ginny Miller and Misha Gordon Rowe recently began their first year at Harvard Business School.

Tim Connor is pursuing his M.B.A. at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Emily Fletcher, 822 South Main St. #4, Ann Arbor, MI 48104; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Thank you all for making Class Notes possible! I am continually reminded why I am so proud to be a member of the class of 2013. Please do not hesitate to reach out and email me any time if you have a note you would like included in the next edition. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Vivian Deng and Victor Tsui plan to put an end to a three-year long engagement with a wedding at the United Services Recreation Club in Hong Kong in December. Both are currently working in private equity, in Hong Kong and Shanghai, respectively—Victor spends his free weekends drinking whisky and playing poker with Frank Wang ’14 and Henry-Paul Xu. Congratulations!

Priya Krishna reports that Kate Taylor is becoming one of the top voices on fast food as a senior retail reporter for Business Insider (her article on unicorn fraps was featured on Colbert). Lauren Vespoli is working for Ink Global and she recently wrote a cover story for Hemispheres on Allison Williams, the star of Girls.

Yuan “June” Shangguan writes in, “We have a very tight-knit Dartmouth group in Seattle and we are getting more and more active together. A few months back we had a ‘Thinking and Drinking’ wine and beer and presentation event in Vipul Kakkad’s place and many Dartmouth alumni showed up! Personally, I bought a small house in the Greenlake neighborhood and adopted a dog named Dory. I am looking forward to friends and families visiting!”

Owen Peter Scannell will be moving back up to Hanover in the fall to start business school at the Tuck.

Maan Singh Tinna is moving on up in the theater industry. He started as a contracts administrator at 321 Theatrical Management, working on Wicked (Broadway and second national tour), Fun Home (national tour), War Paint and the upcoming Broadway musical Spongebob Squarepants.

There are several Dartmouth alumni working at Major League Baseball, including Peter Kim, who works in the MLB international department and recently went to Seoul, South Korea, for the World Baseball Classic Tournament, along with Joyce Fu ’03 and Shane Weisberg ’16. All had a great time!

Vaidehi Mujumdar, a third-year medical student at Wake Forest School of Medicine, received the 2017 Excellence in Medicine Leadership Award from the American Medical Association Foundation. Vaidehi created a teen cancer prevention program focused on HPV vaccinations, cofounded Wake Forest’s Medical Students for Choice chapter and works as a freelance journalist. The AMA Foundation’s Excellence in Medicine Awards program recognizes physicians who exemplify the highest values of volunteerism, community engagement, leadership and dedication to the care of underserved populations. Congratulations, Vaidehi!

And finally, for a quick personal update: After a summer of traveling and spending time with family in Seattle, I am moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to begin a three-year master of business administration and master of public policy dual-degree program at the University of Michigan. If you ever find yourself in Michigan, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Emily Fletcher, 545 North 70th St., Seattle, WA 98103; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

First, please accept my sincere apology for the lack of Class Notes in the last issue. I won’t let you all down again! This is why they pay me the big bucks after all. Now on to more important things.

Congratulations to Clau Becerra and Matt Weiss ’06, who were engaged in Peru over the holidays! Matt proposed in Clau’s home country, and although there had been more than some clues, she was completely oblivious and so surprised when he got down on one knee. They hope to tie the knot with a Maine wedding and a big crew of Dartmouth classmates!

Matt Boyas and Shannon Draucker are happy to announce they are engaged! They are planning a summer 2018 wedding in Boston. Matt works as a data scientist at the Mitre Corp. in Bedford, Massachusetts, and Shannon is an English Ph.D. candidate at Boston University, where she also teaches courses in writing, literature and women’s, gender and sexuality studies.

Chidi Anyadike also sent in the following update: Congrats to Whitney Bren and Peter Hughes ’11 on their engagement this winter!

Congratulations are also in order for Nora Hodgson and Roland Mansilla on their upcoming wedding!

Dimpy Desai is a second-year law student at the University of Michigan Law School and is working as a student attorney for the Innocence Clinic, the only non-DNA clinic in the country working to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. This year she worked on a team to secure a new trial for Lamarr Monson, who was imprisoned for more than 21 years, based on new evidence implicating another man in the crime. Mr. Monson is now at home with his family. Congratulations on the big win, Dimpy!

Switching gears to career and employment updates, Sam McPherson started a new job as a product manager at MerchSource in Irvine, California.

Molly Hassell is joining the U.S. Air Force for four years before heading to law school. Immediately after graduation she worked for two years at the Manhattan district attorney’s office as an analyst in the special victims/sex crimes unit. She then attended Oxford, where she received her master’s in classical archaeology. While there she rowed for her college and was a member of the university boxing club. Now, while she waits for officer training school to start, she is doing Title IX investigations at New York University and training for her second charity boxing tournament.

Sara Stone moved back to the United States from London and is living and working in Boston, traveling back to London every few months for work.

Yuao Wu recently left his first post-college job at Morgan Stanley to become a portfolio manager at a hedge fund. In his break between jobs he is traveling in Europe and North Africa with his wife. On the family front, Yuao and his wife are expecting their second child in August—a younger sister for their now 2-year-old son. Congratulations!

And finally, many classmates are transitioning to graduate school. This year Sarah Aronson began the Ph.D. portion of her M.D./Ph.D. training. She is pursuing neuroimaging research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore.

Both Sahil Joshi and Sean Derrow are planning to attend MIT Sloan School of Management for business school in the fall. Sara Marcus is currently working at WhiteWave Foods in Denver but will be moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to attend Harvard Business School. Juliana Ortega will be spending the next few months backpacking in Latin America before starting at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Holly Ceplikas will be heading back to Hanover to start business school at the Tuck School of Business. Congratulations to all of you!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, D.C. 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Hello, ’13s! Thank you, as always, for making Class Notes possible. Keep sending in updates so we can hear how you’re doing!

First and foremost, I am in awe of this (slightly belated) update from our very own Olympian: Josh Konieczny and his rowing partner Andrew Campbell Jr. placed fifth for Team USA in the lightweight men’s double sculls finals at the Rio Olympics. Although the pair finished two spots shy of earning a medal, Konieczny and Campbell became the first Americans to compete for a medal in their category of the sport. Wow! We are very proud.

Happy thoughts and congratulations go out to Thomas Prewitt and wife Tiffany Colvin on the birth of their daughter, Riley Wolf Prewitt, on September 27. Facebook indicates Riley is already a dedicated, if sleepy, Broncos fan.

In October Kim Rose married Drew Dillingham in Washington, D.C., followed by a honeymoon in Greece. Congratulations, you two!

Sophia Schwartz, a member of the U.S. ski team and one of the coolest people I know, writes in, “I am living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado—still skiing moguls and loving it! I traveled to Australia and Switzerland this year for training camps. I’m excited for the competitive season to start in December. In April I am rafting the Grand Canyon—woohoo. Life is full of adventure!”

Jack Boger reports, “I just returned from a deployment to Australia and, in an incredible moment of serendipity, I ran into Esty Yanco at the top of Mount Sorrow in Queensland while on a few days of R&R—one of the craziest small-world moments of my life. Esty was on vacation for a few weeks in Australia, where she has been doing ecological research.”

As for other Dartmouth Marines, Charlotte Williams is deployed in Sicily, Kate Sullivan qualified as an airborne logistics delivery officer (got to go to airborne school and jump out of planes!), Joel Malkin just returned from a deployment to the Middle East and Zach Doherty is in Quantico, Virginia, doing infantry officer training.

Congratulations to Angie Yang and Chelsea Hassett for completing the Chicago Marathon in record times! Lina Monsalve, Max Sloane, Ben Paige and Aly Perez also made a fantastic cheer squad.

In September Elliot Kastner, Th’14, shared his experience developing a robotic tackling dummy prototype, known today as the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP), at a free public talk as part of Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s alumni speaker series. Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens banned tackling at practice during Kastner’s time as a defensive tackle on the team to reduce the risk of concussion and other injuries.

Teevens tasked Kastner and other engineering students with creating a replacement for tackling other players, and the MVP was born. The MVP has garnered substantial media coverage, and Kastner and other members of the MVP team have been brainstorming ways to expand the product to other sports. The MVP is currently being used in NFL training camps, and I know I speak for many when I say we’re excited to see where the MVP goes next!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com


Our classmates are doing their best to live up to the oft-cited stat that 10 percent of Dartmouth alumni meet their spouse at the College—and we couldn’t be happier for them. Casey Griffin and Bryan Giudicelli ’11 were married in August, with many Dartmouth friends in attendance.

And congratulations to Kate Burns and Dan Rosengard on their recent engagement! Kyra Hansson and Jackson Floyd were also recently engaged—congratulations, you two!

In other very exciting classmate news, Jonathan Gault spent 10 days covering all the track and field action during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for the website he writes for, LetsRun.com. He wrote in: “During my free time I checked out the men’s rugby sevens gold-medal game, USA-Spain men’s basketball and Italy-Serbia men’s water polo. I also caught up with Anthony Romaniw (a ’13 who transferred after two years at Dartmouth), who ran the 800 meters for Canada. It was awesome to see Anthony realize his dream of competing at an Olympics. Despite an average bedtime of about 3 a.m., it was an incredible experience. I’m already getting excited thinking about Tokyo 2020!”

Troy Dildine isstarting a Ph.D. program, going back and forth between the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden during the next four years.

Still working in the startup space, Matt Sturm was elected to the board of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network of D.C. He’s hosting regular open entrepreneurial happy hours—check dendc.org and come on by!

Qian Zhang sent in the following update (and I have to say, it’s stories like this that make me love Class Notes!): “I have been working in Boston since graduation, but recently took a job offer with Alibaba Group. I am moving to Hangzhou, China, to work at its HQ for a year beginning in October. I will transfer back to one of its U.S. offices at the end of the year. It feels strange to be booking a one-way ticket—the only other time I did that was exactly seven years ago, when I packed up everything to move from Shanghai to Hanover for college. As if all of this is not making me nostalgic enough, I just found out that I will be on the flight back to China with John Guo, the first Dartmouth classmate I met outside Terminal E at Logan Airport on September 7, 2009. How far we’ve come!”

Remy Franklin is heading to COP22, the international climate negotiations in Marrakesh, Morocco, this November. He will be participating in the negotiation as part of SustainUS, a nonprofit advancing justice and equity by empowering young people to engage in advocacy. The COP22 delegation includes activists, writers, artists and researchers who are leading voices around climate change and social justice. The delegation is led by Morgan Curtis ’14.

Lots of our impressive classmates also started graduate school this fall. Eric Finkelberg just started at Cornell Law and Sandra Gonzalez recently moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to start at Harvard Law School. David Connelly started his first year at Tuck School of Business, along with classmates Richard Asala and Chris Zhao.

Sophie Palitz just started her second year at Temple University in their clinical psychology Ph.D. program, where she’s now seeing therapy patients in addition to continuing her research on child anxiety treatment.

Sara Stone moved back to Boston from London in September to begin a curriculum development position at the Planetary Health Alliance, housed at Harvard.

In May Melissa Gordon, Laura McFeely, Sharon Zhang and Liza Huntington ’14 ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Lots of wonderful updates (thank you for writing in!) so let’s get to it.

In March Phil Royer finished first in the Nina Brekelmans Memorial Scholarship 5K in Washington, D.C. The race raised money for a scholarship at Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies in honor of Nina Brekelmans ’12, who ran track at Dartmouth and had earned a master’s in Arab studies from Georgetown shortly before being killed in a house fire in June 2015.

Chase Womack married Columbia University alumna Sara Perles in November. Chase is working as the chief investment officer of the Brewer Group and explains, “We invest in companies that are making a social impact. We manage athletes’ money, help them run their businesses, help them analyze investment opportunities and get them access to further education options.”

Congratulations also to Sara Rutter Vermeer, who married Gordon Vermeer ’12 in Woodstock, Vermont, on May 29! If the pictures are any indication, it was a lovely event attended by many Dartmouth friends. We are so happy for you both!

On June 11 Nerina DiSomma married Ned Matuszak at St. James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago. The couple met in Peoria, Illinois, and Ned proposed to Nerina in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., last year. Sounds like a lovely event!

If anyone else is looking for wedding and engagement rings, Berlinger Rings, founded by Michelle Berlinger, builds rings exclusively for men. Michelle launched the company after completing a senior fellowship studying and creating jewelry at Dartmouth. Her website is berlingerrings.com.

Matt Nichols is now working as the air quality and climate change program manager at Fort Benning, a major military installation in Georgia.

Eliana Ramage is moving to Iowa City, Iowa, in September to start an M.F.A. in creative writing at University of Iowa.

After two awesome years in Jackson, Wyoming, Rob Collier, Lorin Paley ’15 and Max McClorey ’11 are moving down to Park City, Utah. Max and Rob are working for Alces Technology, a 3D-scanner startup that is relocating from Jackson to Park City.

Sara Stone has finished up her M.Sc. control of infectious diseases degree in London. Jill Lyon, Caitlin Ardrey, Heather Beatty, Alyssa Boehm ’12 and Anna Harty ’14 visited and toured the city (and pubs)! Afterward, Sara headed south to the British Virgin Islands to work as a sailing director teaching big-boats sailing, marine science and marine conservation to teens.

Maan Tinna has transitioned from nonprofit to commercial theater, working as an executive assistant at Richards/Climan Inc., a general management agency that managed three shows on Broadway this season, including Fiddler on the Roof. He is currently managing Anastasia at Hartford Stage before it transfers to Broadway next season.

Alfredo Velasco recently stopped pursuing a Ph.D. at Duke University to work for Ticketmaster in Durham, North Carolina, doing Android development. Additionally, research that he and Reed Harder coauthored and published in an open-source journal got reviewed in the online version of The Atlantic.

Natalia Agredo is currently living in Brooklyn and working as a sixth-grade special education teacher for Uncommon Schools and she will be pursuing a master’s in teaching at Relay Graduate School of Education this fall.

Maya Herm is now the assistant field hockey coach at Tufts University. 

After two excellent years in Mumbai, Caroline Liegey is moving to Geneva for summer and fall 2016 to continue working for Vera Solutions.

Blaine Johnson writes in that she has finally given up the itinerant grad school life and moved to Washington, D.C., to work for a think tank, which promptly sent her overseas again. She says hello from Beijing!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Our classmates have tons of exciting updates (this might be a record!), so apologies for the brevity, but let’s get right to it.

Congratulations to Kimberly Rose on her upcoming wedding! Kim will be getting married in October on George Washington’s estate—a fitting locale for the former government major—and will be moving to Rome as a newlywed in February!

Casey Conway is very excited to be moving to San Francisco to take a new job at Apple as a product manager, applying user-centered design principles to improve maps, and she’s looking forward to reconnecting with Dartmouth grads!

BreAnna Houss is moving to Duluth, Minnesota, to medical school at the University of Minnesota campus.

In September Ben Riley will be moving to London to pursue a master’s in the history of art at the Courtauld. After completion of the degree next summer he will return to his editorial work at The New Criterion.

William Derdeyn will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison for nuclear engineering graduate school.

Congratulations to all our newly engaged classmates! Ben Reasons recently got engaged to his girlfriend of many years, Ailie Taylor, who graduated from Boston College in 2014.

In March Matt Peterson got engaged to his girlfriend, Amanda Ross (University of Texas ’13), in New York.

Janet Hong, who is currently in her third year of medical school at Tulane, recently got engaged to Bryan Song ’11.

Melanie (Parnon) Guyer gave birth to her second son, Deacon Cal Guyer, on March 6. We can’t wait to meet him!

Zack Doherty was recently commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is in training at the Basic School in Quantico, Virginia.

After a wonderful experience living, working and sweating in Singapore (where Elise Smith, James Lee and Lexi Kellison recently visited), Chris O’Connell is moving to the United Arab Emirates for a job at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Madi Gamble is starting her Ph.D. in Dartmouth’s ecology, evolution, ecosystems and society graduate program in September. Welcome back to Hanover, Madi!

Nick Valentini will also be returning to Hanover this summer to start classes at the Geisel School of Medicine. Before that, he is planning a trip across the western United States and hopes to catch up with fellow ’13s along the way!

Last August Sam Ticker moved to Chicago to work with Kraft Heinz.

Julian Sarkar will be graduating from University of California Hastings College of the Law with a J.D. this spring. He plans to celebrate at Oktoberfest in Munich this fall.

Katherine Lindzey finished her M.S. in geology at the University of Oklahoma in December and she is now in Houston working as a geologist at ExxonMobil.

Benji Kessler and Sam Merwin are collaborating on an illustrated collection of limericks to be self-published. Let them know if you’d like to be their muse!

In June, before beginning her second year at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Caitlin Foley attended commissioned officer training in Alabama as part of her commitment to the Air Force.

This summer Joshua Lee was in Costa Rica working with a nongovernmental organization on international marine protection law issues.

Ashlee Roberson is moving to California and will be attending Keck School of Medicine of USC (class of 2020) in August. She would love to make Dartmouth alum connections in Los Angeles!

Classmate Meghan Sigvanna Topkok is currently serving as the president of the National Native American Law Students Association.

Ryan Collins will be starting a Ph.D. in genomics at Harvard Medical School in August.

Richard Asala will be starting his M.B.A. at Tuck in the fall.

In June Juan Sanchez moved to Fresno, California to work for the chemistry group of E&J Gallo Winery.

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, D.C. 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

It’s always such a joy to hear what you all are up to, so thank you for making this column possible issue after issue. Please keep sharing your updates so your classmates and fellow alumni know what you’re up to and where to find you. Without further ado, your updates for this issue.

Andrew Park is excited to (finally) start his first year of medical school at University of California, San Diego, this fall. As an aspiring physician-writer, he regrets not having taken any creative writing classes at Dartmouth. Brittany Yoon is currently working for Uber and will be going to Harvard Business School in Boston for an M.B.A. in the fall. Congratulations, Brittany! Helena Witte reports that she has no major life updates, except that she has the best dog ever. He’s a six-year-old German shepherd and actually came from the Upper Valley Humane Society, so he too has the still north in his heart. She also shared the news that John Kline in November started a new job at Evolent Health, where he focuses on improving healthcare delivery systems. Vaidehi Mujumdar is currently a first year at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and has been continuing to write and publish in all the “spare” time she can find! Diana Lim ’11 is also a fellow first-year classmate, and Vaidehi also reports that Analiza Rodriguez is a first year at the University of Houston Law School.

Chidi Anyadike and Marion Ruan wrote in with the following dispatch: “Gabby Mezochow just got one step closer to dethroning Meredith Grey as ‘Dartmouth’s most famous alum in the medical profession’—she heads back to New York City in the fall to attend Cornell Weil Medical School!” Svati Narula is still working for Quartz in New York City and she is one of the main writers/editors behind the new Quartz iPhone app, which is quite an experiment in mobile news delivery. She writes in, “I’m about to move into a new apartment in Brooklyn with Davey Barnwell, who’s moving to N.Y.C. for the first time from Portland, Oregon. Now if only we could get Nerina DiSomma to come out here so we could recreate our living situation from senior year! Alas, Nerina is happily settled and busy with medical school in Illinois.” Angie Yang is currently working for Uber in Chicago and she and Olivia Martin recently completed the New Orleans Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon. Congrats, ladies!

Brad Reynolds recently moved to Austin, Texas, and would love to meet other Dartmouth grads in the area. Feel free to contact him at brad.l.reynolds.13@gmail.com. Shawn Hawk moved to the Bay Area and works as a data analyst at McKesson Specialty Health. This spring Mike Fancher also moved to San Francisco. Karla Verkouw will be attending the Commonwealth Medical College this fall in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She will be moving there in August and is hoping maybe someone else from Dartmouth might be attending the same program. Patrick Healy moved from Washington, D.C., to Boston and is now working at HBX, the online education startup at Harvard Business School, and studying part-time.

As always, thank you for your updates! That’s all for now—happy almost summer! And congratulations to the class of 2016, the last class we overlapped with in Hanover, on their graduation!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St., NW, Apt. 809, Washington, D.C. 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

It is with a heavy heart that I report the unexpected passing of our classmate Alan Gottesman on November 21, 2015. Alan graduated with honors and studied music, economics and environmental studies at Dartmouth, where he also played the saxophone with the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble. He is survived by his parents, Debra and Bill ’79, sister Clara, grandparents David and Ruth Gottesman and Alice Lopez, and a host of extended family members. Our thoughts are with Alan’s family.

Thank you, class of 2013, for your updates and kind notes every other month. It is always lovely to hear from all of you, and I hope these notes make it a little easier to feel connected to the place that was our home for four (or so) years. Without further ado, below are some updates from our classmates and friends.

Remy Franklin is living in Tucson, Arizona, with Katie Gougelet ’14 and studying climate justice as part of a master’s in human geography. He loves the program, the city, the sunshine and rock climbing on warm rocks.

Kelsey Byrd is back in California coaching women’s basketball at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and pursuing a master’s degree in sports psychology at Cal Poly.

“In lieu of any engagement, baby or other major life events (don’t hold your breath for either of us.) Ashley Afranie-Sakyi and Matt Sturm want to send a dispatch from the cute and embarrassingly trendy neighborhood of Petworth, Washington, D.C. Ashley recently moved into an account management role on the Politico Pro team and Matt is still enjoying being on the leadership team at Illustria, a design startup. A steady stream of traffic has been seen at their shared row house, ostensibly for Gatsby parties and salons and peppered mulled wine, but they know it’s actually just to check out the sweet exposed brick and the painting studio in the attic. Let us know when you’re coming through town and it would be great to see you! Shout out to Dartmouth Gay and Lesbian Association in D.C. and fellow D.C.-area classmates Emily Fletcher, Katie Adams and Ranya Brooks.”

Melissa Gordon is now working at Project Bread, an anti-hunger organization in East Boston, where she helps people sign up for food stamps. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, with Ian Herrick and Mike Swartz ’12. This fall the three of them and about 15 other Dartmouth ultimate Frisbee alumni formed a rec club ultimate team called Dartmouth Women’s Lacrosse, which they report was a blast. 

Katharine Pujol writes in with the following exciting update: “I am living in Guatemala again, launching the social impact arm of an Internet venture capital firm called People Fund. We are launching our first business called Make It Rain, which has the vision of building the online transaction market here in Latin America by teaching people to build websites and monetize them for extra income. If anyone is looking for an adventurous vacation, let me know! Having lived here for almost a year and a half, I have gotten to climb volcanoes, discover caves, do yoga near a beautiful volcanic lake, zipline between mountains, surf some wicked waves and run a half-marathon through Tikal. This place is a treasure trove and I’m always happy to give recommendations and join on adventures!”

Kate Kranenburg is starting a new job in healthcare recruiting and traveled in Ecuador in January.

Christopher Zhao heads back to Hanover in the fall to start his M.B.A. at the Tuck School of Business.

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, D.C. 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com


Happy New Year, class of 2013! It’s always such a joy to hear what you all are up to, so thank you for making this column possible issue after issue.

First and foremost, congratulations to Kim Rose on her engagement to Drew Dillingham!

Sara Stone moved to London and is living in the city and completing a master’s in the control of infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She says, “Dartmouth alumni in London—let’s get together!”

Chelsea Hassett and Aly Perez completed their first marathon in Key West, Florida, on October 10. Well done, ladies!

In September Sara Marcus moved to Denver for a new job at Earthbound Farm (an organic salad company) and she is living with fellow ’13 Whitney Fitzpatrick.

Lauryn Overton is pursuing a master’s in human resources at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business in Columbia.

Luke Murphy recently started a new job at UTA (an entertainment agency) on a comedy desk and is working directly with an agent with clients on many popular shows, including Saturday Night Live and Broad City.

Benji Kessler is in a Ph.D. program at the University of California, Berkeley, studying the evolution of color vision.

Camden Nogay recently moved to Los Angeles to work for the private equity firm CIM Group. He is living in Santa Monica and would love to meet up with any fellow Dartmouth grads either living in or visiting L.A.!

In December “June” Yuan Shangguan graduated with a master’s from the University of Michigan and she is now working on the Amazon Echo Research team in Seattle. She is looking forward to reconnecting with old friends on the West Coast!

Joanna Schneider is a first-year student at University of North Carolina School of Medicine and she recently got a dog named Odie. Although we, unfortunately, can’t publish pictures in Class Notes, Joanna sent me some photos and I can vouch for Odie’s adorableness.

Thank you as always for making Class Notes possible! Please do not hesitate to send me updates and share your big news!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St., NW, Apt. 809, Washington, D.C. 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who sent in updates! Keep sending them my way, and feel free to alert me of what your friends have been doing as well. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Happy housewarming to Melanie (Parnon) Guyer and husband Martin, who recently bought their first house in Normal, Illinois!

Robbie Cholnoky moved in with Don Casler ’14 and Alan Keegan ’14 on the Lower East Side in July and is working in banking.

Danny Freeman is working as a campaign embedded reporter for NBC News for the 2016 presidential race. Thanks for keeping us informed, Danny!

Katharine Pujol and her family recently launched a Kickstarter for a line of classic, literature-inspired fine teas and tea tins, with themes such as War and Peach and 50 Shades of Earl Grey. As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign had raised more than 150-percent of its goal with 26 days to go.

Lots of our classmates are starting or finishing graduate school—it’s never too late to send those updates in if they haven’t appeared yet. Here’s who I’ve heard from recently.

Rebecca Schneyer recently started medical school at Stanford and both Erin Klein and Christine Averill are first-year medical students at Washington University in St. Louis.

Kate O’Brien started medical school at Georgetown after earning a master’s in the spring and Gaby Sauza is now in medical school at the University of Michigan. Caitlin Foley is studying at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Greg Buzzard recently left his job of the last two years at the Manhattan district attorney’s office and headed to law school at Yale University. He says, “I’ll miss New York, but I’m excited to transition back into school life.” Congratulations, Greg! Say hi to the Big Green for us when they come through New Haven.

Pauline Schmidt started a Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School in September and is hoping to research therapeutic immunoengineering.

After two years of teaching in New York City, Alice Liou moved back to Cambridge, Massachusetts, this fall to pursue a master’s in technology, innovation and education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She moved in with her partner, Autumn White Eyes ’14, and reports, “We are both excited to be living within walking distance of Maha Malik. Maha was just promoted at Bain and is excited to start her third year as a Bostonian.”

Emma Brush recently graduated with her M.A. in English language and literature from the University of Chicago—congratulations, Emma!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St., NW, Apt. 809, Washington, D.C. 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Ruthie Welch is serving in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica and writes in to say she is living super close to the airport, so if anyone happens by Costa Rica before June 2016 they should stop by for a visit.

Whitney FitzPatrick moving to Denver for a new job teaching special education at a charter school. John Guo moved back to Hong Kong in late April to start working at a private equity shop. He says everyone should come visit! Jessica Gagner moved from Boston to Toronto and started a new job in marketing at a biometrics software startup.

Several members of our class are also moving from Korea to Cambridge to start graduate school. After two years Marissa Lynn has left Korea and started at Harvard Medical School in August. While she will miss Korea greatly, she is looking forward to catching up with ’13s in Boston.

Joshua Lee finished his Korean military service in May and then traveled around Spain for a month. He headed back stateside in July to catch up with everyone, and this fall he started at Harvard Law School. Jennifer McGrew recently graduated from Boston College Lynch School of Education with her master’s in education and has a job teaching eighth-grade social studies at Davis Leadership Academy in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Eliana Ramage just finished a master’s in creative writing and works as an English teacher and content writer in Tel Aviv. She says she would love to host any visiting ’13s!

Joel Malkin recently reported to 2d Battalion, 7th Marines in Twentynine Palms, California, and was assigned as a rifle platoon commander in Fox Company. He says, “In layman’s terms that means I’m now in charge of training a group of 40 or so Marines in preparation for a deployment overseas sometime next year.”

Congratulations to Alfredo Velasco, who got his first coauthored publication into MEMSYS, a memory systems conference for computing. The article will be published in the proceedings of the conference, and he and his team will give a talk at the conference in Washington, D.C., in October.

Aurelia Solomon moved to Boston in the spring and is working for Enernoc, a business started by Tuck School of Business graduates.

Deidra Willis was recently promoted to a systems engineer position with General Mills after completing a two-year engineering rotational program. Deidra moved from South Jersey, where she was working with Progresso Soup, to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she works in the fruit department as the engineer for Fruit by the Foot.

Deidra isn’t the only ’13 working in the food industry—Juan Sanchez worked at the Pillsbury research and development group of General Mills in Minneapolis this summer and he’s now back at Purdue University to finish his master’s in food science. Sam Ticker also recently moved to Pittsburgh to work for Heinz. Maan Singh Tinna writes in, “I finally escaped the world of theater internships and landed a marketing associate position at New York Theatre Workshop! We are gearing up for a very exciting 2015-16 season and our company takes residence at Dartmouth every summer, so maybe I’ll get to put in a visit.”

Alyssa and Jacob Hickson joined staff with Cru, a ministry organization. They will be in Washington, D.C., as part of the Epic Movement, which focuses on reaching Asian American college students. After this summer they will spend approximately a year raising financial support for their ministry and will then begin going to campuses.

Jen Jaco recently accepted a job in the Chicago suburbs and Jeremy Whitaker ’15 and Jen moved out there together in early August.

Brendin Beaulieu-Jones, John Mascari, Nirali Patel and Rajiv Raghavan completed their first year at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and are looking forward to a few weeks off before starting second year.

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Larissa Russell’s venture Green Pea Cookie is halfway through a Kickstarter campaign and doing great! She reports, “We reached our initial goal in seven hours, have since exceeded it by more than 500 percent and are aiming to reach our ultimate goal of mailing off 1 million cookies in Kickstarter rewards!”

Gregg Fox has been living in New Zealand for the past six months and exploring the North Island on the weekends. He and his girlfriend are next going to spend some time in the Cook Islands before traveling around the South Island of New Zealand before returning to the United Kingdom. Sounds like an awesome adventure!

Jeff Ledolter moved to Seattle in January and started working as an associate consultant for the Spur Group, a management consulting firm.

After living in New Jersey for almost two years Yi-Jie Wang recently moved to Detroit to start a new position as an associate at the Boston Consulting Group. Danielle Jellerette got a new job as a consultant at Deloitte in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Benji Kessler moved to New York to pursue standup comedy and Zach Martinez recently moved to Philadelphia for a job in Camden, New Jersey. Raghu Vaidyanathan is currently doing macro research at Fidelity in the Boston area.

Chase Womack is working with Merriman Capital, an investment bank run by Jon Merriman ’82. Womack actively seeks investors for early-stage technology, healthcare and energy companies.

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Our class never ceases to inspire me with their updates, and this month was no different. Thank you for the incredible response to my last-minute call for updates! Whether pursuing graduate degrees, playing professional sports, serving our country, starting companies, conducting research, jet setting around the world, working awesome jobs or bringing new life into the world, you all are truly amazing. Let’s get to the updates!

Grace Best gave birth to her first son, Parker Jayce Best, on January 23. Congratulations, Grace!

Michael Keenan is currently playing professional hockey, splitting time between the Orlando Solar Bears in the ECHL and the Albany Devils in the American Hockey League.

Matt Peterson bought a house in Houston—the class’s first homeowner, perhaps? Congratulations!

Evan Gray recently returned from a medical mission trip to El Faro, Guatemala, where she served four villages with a team of doctors, optometrists, dentists and spiritual leaders.

Ashlee Roberson’s first first-author research manuscript, “Antidepressant nonadherence in routine clinical settings determined from discarded blood samples,” will be published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in the coming months.

Phil Gordon is currently in his first year of medical school at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and became captain of the Jefferson Medical College club hockey team. Dan Marcusa is working on his M.D. at University of Michigan Medical School and Annabel Frank is a first-year medical student at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Racquel Bernard is currently a master’s student at the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica. She recently presented a paper titled “Reclaiming Bumboclaat: Peter Tosh’s Subversive Speech Acts and Social Change” at the International Reggae Conference. She is currently considering offers from several Ph.D. programs.

Savannah Martin is finishing up her first year of a six-year Ph.D. program for physical anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She would love for other alumni to contact her if they’re in the area! Blaine Johnson is writing her master’s thesis on waste management behavior in Shanghai’s residential communities and hopes to graduate this year.

Julian Sarkar is studying at UC Hastings College of the Law and clerking at the San Francisco district attorney’s office.

June Yuan Shangguan will spend the summer in Seattle conducting Amazon research. She says, “I am very excited to be able to put my Ph.D. studies into real products.” Casey Conway will be working at Apple in Cupertino, California, this summer.

Larissa Russell’s venture Green Pea Cookie is halfway through a Kickstarter campaign and doing great! She reports, “We reached our initial goal in seven hours, have since exceeded it by more than 500 percent and we’re aiming to reach our ultimate goal of mailing off 1 million cookies in Kickstarter rewards!”

Gregg Fox has been living in New Zealand for the past six months and exploring the North Island on the weekends. He and his girlfriend are next going to spend some time in the Cook Islands before traveling around the South Island of New Zealand before returning to the United Kingdom. Sounds like an awesome adventure!

Jeff Ledolter moved to Seattle in January and started working as an associate consultant for the Spur Group, a management consulting firm.

After living in New Jersey for almost two years, Yi-Jie Wang recently moved to Detroit to start a new position as an associate at the Boston Consulting Group.

Danielle Jellerette got a new job as a consultant at Deloitte in the greater Washington, D.C., area.

Benji Kessler moved to New York to pursue standup comedy and Zach Martinez recently moved to Philadelphia for a job in Camden, New Jersey. Raghu Vaidyanathan is currently doing macro research at Fidelity in the Boston area.

Chase Womack is working with Merriman Capital, an investment bank run by Jon Merriman ’82. Womack actively seeks investors for early-stage technology, healthcare and energy companies.

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

I hope everyone is doing well, wherever you may be living now. Thank you to everyone who sent in updates for Class Notes. It’s a privilege to hear from so many of you every other month. Please keep updating me about what you’re doing and where you’re going!

I could not be happier to share the exciting news that several of our classmates are planning weddings and expanding their families. We wish you all the best, and I can’t wait to report more soon about your adventures together!

Melanie (Parnon) Guyer and Martin Guyer are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son, Willem Edward Guyer, on November 10. Melanie reports that both she and Willem are doing great. Congratulations to the happy parents! Thomas Prewitt got engaged in September and recently accepted a full-time ministry position with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in his home state of Colorado. He says, “I was involved with FCA in high school and college, but now have the tremendous opportunity to serve on staff.” Congratulations, Thomas!

Angela Gauthier and Andrew Zureick recently became engaged. Angela is in medical school at Yale University and Andrew is also pursuing his M.D. at University of Michigan Medical School. Best wishes, Angela and Andrew! In other exciting news, Clau Becerra reports from New York that Emily Tomlinson got into Columbia Law School.

A team of several Dartmouth alumni recently had a book accepted for publication by the University of Chicago Press. Justin Bauer ’12, Yoo Jung Kim ’14, Andrew Zureick and Daniel Lee have authored What Every College Science Student Should Know, a guide for incoming undergraduate students on how to succeed in college science, technology, engineering and math coursework, majors, research and career planning. Christie Henry ’91 will edit the book, which is slated for publication by the end of 2015.

After living it up in the Pacific Northwest for a while, Katie Adams moved in January to Washington, D.C., where she is working as a research assistant at Medstar’s simulation training and education lab (SiTEL). SiTEL is working to transform healthcare education by developing 21st-century training technologies with innovative educational approaches that are user friendly and easily accessible.

Pat Healy is also in D.C., working as a research analyst for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In his current role he assists economists in creating training material for classes offered by the IMF to government officials, including staff from central banks, ministries of finance and other governmental organizations. Pat says, “In particular, I’m helping to put some of the fund’s core macroeconomic and finance classes online via edX.org (I was proud to see that Dartmouth actually recently joined the massive open online course initiative too). Outside of work I’m enjoying living in Arlington, Virginia, and exploring all the D.C. area has to offer.”

Scott Lacy is now living in Jackson, Wyoming, working as a mechanical engineer, and in March he is rafting the Grand Canyon with friends. He says visitors are always welcome in Jackson!

Sara Stone has been temporarily reassigned from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Newark Liberty International Airport to work in the quarantine station and monitor travelers for infectious diseases. She will be there for a while, so if you are flying through, give her a shout! From New York City, Grace Afsari-Mamagani writes in that she is curled up beneath a tower of energy drink cans, because some things never change. Grace will receive her master’s after completing a thesis—way to go, Grace!

That’s all of this month. Stay safe and keep exploring, class of 2013!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Thank you as always to those of you who sent in updates! The more the better, so please don’t hesitate to send blurbs my way. I know lots of you are in the midst of applying to grad schools, so please send me updates on your plans when you find out where you’ll be headed next year. Best of luck to all of you!

And now to all of your impressive accomplishments, jobs, and athletic feats.

Jacob and Alyssa Hickson are proud to announce the birth of their son Levi in August. Congratulations to the happy parents! Maybe one day we’ll see him in Dartmouth green, running around the Homecoming bonfire with the class of 2036.

Joshua Konieczny finished 10th in the lightweight double sculls at the 2014 World Rowing Championships. He also finished fourth in the lightweight double sculls at the 2014 World Rowing Cup II and finished sixth in the lightweight four at the 2013 World Rowing Under 23 Championships. What fantastic accomplishments—congratulations, Joshua!

Over Homecoming weekend Aly Perez, Jamie Li, Liz Fleming, Chelsea Hassett and Angie Yang ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. Way to go, ladies! I know I’ve seen some other pictures of sporty ’13s who have run races floating around social media recently, so let me know for next Class Notes and I’ll be sure to include you, too.

Emma Smith recently completed her M.A. in human rights at University College London and moved to Bunia in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo to serve as the program development officer for Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian humanitarian relief organization.

Matt Nichols earned a master’s in international environmental policy from Middlebury College and completed a research fellowship in Denmark before taking a position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington, D.C. He also ran the Chicago Marathon in October.

Katherine Shu sent in this fun update: Julia Harvey and Ramesh Govindan have moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and are looking forward to celebrating the first birthday of their two cats, Winston and Jimmy (both girls).

Larissa Russell is working on an e-commerce business selling green pea cookies online and in stores. She says the cookies are sweet, salty and scrumptious and “don’t taste like dinner.” Sounds like a winning recipe! You can order yours at greenpeacookie.com and follow the company on social media (bonus: the cookies are a very Dartmouth-appropriate shade of green!).

Sara Stone is living in Fort Collins, Colorado, working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and applying for a master’s program to begin in September. She made it back to Dartmouth for Homecoming with a bunch of other ’13s and said it was fantastic to be in Hanover pretending we never graduated!

Torrey Barrett moved to San Francisco in September to work at Twitter and is excited to connect with all the Dartmouth alumni in the Bay Area.

Joanna Schneider is serving as the Advisory Board Co.’s inaugural community impact fellow. She will spend six months working on a pro-bono project focused on hospital sustainability. She will be publishing best practice research, piloting waste management tactics at hospitals across the United States and building a waste-tracking toolkit for hospitals. As a fellow Advisory Board employee, I think I can vouch for all of us when I say how impressed and proud of you we are!

That’s all for now, class of 2013, but please stay in touch and let me know what you’ve been up to!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

No space for a fluffy intro—just how I like it. Thank you all for making this column possible!

Katharine Pujol recently moved to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, to work for an entrepreneur cultivator and impact investor called Alterna. She recently finished climbing her fifth volcano and she’s reliving the glory days of unreasonably competitive intramural soccer championships. Give her a shout if you’re ever in Guatemala!

Julie Fiveash recently began working at Comic Outpost in San Francisco. Comic Outpost is the sister store to Comix Experience, a renowned comic book store in the Bay Area.

Matt Boyas graduated in May from the University of California, Berkeley, with his master’s in statistics and he recently moved to New York City to start working for ZS Associates. Also in New York, Soo Jee Lee started at Columbia Law School this fall as a member of the class of 2017.

After summering in Washington, D.C., Blaine Johnson headed back to Shanghai for the fall. She’s looking for internship opportunities in the United States for the winter, so be in touch if you know of any openings!

FranciscoHerrera just started his second year as an admissions officer at Dartmouth.

Callista Womick is pleased to announce that this year she will be celebrating December 19 (her birthday) in her birthday suit with the life drawing class at the Brookline Arts Center.

Scott Lacy is working as the manager of Moosilauke Ravine Lodge until the season closes in November, after which he is moving to Jackson, Wyoming, to make custom skis for a ski company.

Dan Husband is working for Oneok Partners and he recently relocated from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Houston for his job placement.

This summer Justin Foley moved to North Chicago, Illinois, where he is attending Rosalind Franklin University in its master of biomedical science program.

After graduating with a master’s in magazine, newspaper and online journalism from Syracuse University, Jonathan Gault spent the summer interning at the running website LetsRun.com. He has been hired as a full-time staff writer and moved to Boston in September.

IanHerrick finished the Boston teacher residency with his master’s in education and started teaching freshman physics in South Boston in the fall. Sean Derrow traveled throughout the summer before moving to Boston to start full-time work at Bain & Co. this fall.

Karla Verkouw moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in September and will be working in Boston. Melissa Gordon also moved to Cambridge for a job at the Boys and Girls Club.

Yuan “June” Shangguan is currently a Ph.D. student in the computer science and engineering department at the University of Michigan. She studies artificial intelligence and researches the dynamics of emotion perception.

Sarah Wildes is living it up in Madison, Wisconsin, and started her second year at Epic in the fall. She says the ice cream and beer are delicious, so drop her a line if you find yourself in Madison!

Renee Scott moved back to her hometown of Washington, D.C., and is now employed as a member of the teacher recruitment and selection team for D.C. public schools. She manages all of the recruitment and selection for educational aides. Maya Herm also returned to Washington, D.C., in August after a year of playing field hockey and living in the Netherlands.

Meeta Prakash is currently working for the Advisory Board, playing ultimate on the weekends and exploring Washington, D.C., with a large group of fellow ’13s. In September she and about 25 members of the class of 2013 convened at Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for a weekend of hiking and good dinners. How fun!

Emily Fletcher, 1375 Fairmont St. NW, Apt. 809, Washington, DC 20009; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

I received a stellar number of responses to my call for updates, so thank you all! Let’s get to it:

On June 24 Peter Hill proposed to Evan Gray at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At the end of the tour he surprised her with a letter and dropped to his knee. They plan to marry in June 2015.

Sarah Aronson started the medical scientist training program (M.D./Ph.D. program) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and she is focusing on schizophrenia research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center.

Melanie Guyer (Parnon) and husband Martin Guyer recently moved to Bloomington, Illinois, where Martin is working as a statistician at the State Farm headquarters.

After a year in San Diego working for the biotech company Illumina, Luisa Sperry returned to the East Coast to start medical school at Stony Brook University.

Christopher Rhoades moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and started working as a body systems engineer for Tesla Motors in June. Ali Oberg also moved to San Francisco to help open the first West Coast office of the Future Project. 

After finishing the first year of her presidential fellowship in finance and administration at the College, Jen Jaco decided to stay in Hanover as a second-year fellow.

Sophia Schwartz trained for freestyle skiing on the water ramps in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this summer and headed to Chile in August to train on the snow.

Sam McPherson recently began work as a product development coordinator at a stationary company called Punch Studios in Culver City, California. Emily Blackmer moved to Truckee, California, for the next year or so, so get in touch if you’re in the area!

After completing his B.E. at the Thayer School of Engineering, Rajiv Raghavan started medical school at the Geisel School of Medicine.

Ashlee Roberson and Jennifer McGrew recently moved to Boston, where Ashlee is working in clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital and Jennifer is pursuing her master’s in education at the Boston College Lynch School of Education.

This summer Max Hunter acted at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival in Boscobel, New York, with roles in The Liar and Othello.

Kyle Lawson is living in New York City working as a web developer and consultant at Silverline, a Salesforce implementation consulting firm located in Union Square.

Clau Becerra started her Ph.D. in biomedical sciences at Columbia University last fall and was published for the first time in May in the journal Cancer Cell.

Alfredo Velasco is going to Duke University in the fall for a computer engineering PhD, and Robin Costello is going to University of Virginia for a Ph.D. in biology.

Both Maddie Lesser and Kristen Colwell are going to the University of California, Berkeley, for Ph.D.s in the fall—Maddie for English and Kristen for chemical engineering.

Joy Piotrowski moved from Taiwan, where she was teaching English, to Hawaii to start medical school at the University of Hawaii.

Jack Boger reported for active duty in the Marines at the Basic School in Quantico, Virgina, and Kate Sullivan just graduated from Basic School as a logistics officer. Kate will be stationed with the 1st Transport Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 1 at Camp Pendleton, California, after attending logistics school at Camp Johnson, North Carolina. Kate also ran in the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon as the first active duty female and took fourth overall.

Blaine Johnson moved to Arlington, Virginia, for a summer internship at the Foreign Service Institute and then headed back to Shanghai to finish up her master’s in public management at Fudan University.

Emily Fletcher, 545 North 70th St., Seattle, WA 98103; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Congratulations to all those members of the class of 2013 who graduated this year! Whether with a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of engineering, we are proud of you and excited to welcome you all into the alumni ranks. No matter when you took your last term of classes, if you matriculated with the class of 2013, you are one of us. Lucky you!

Best wishes to Carolyn Gaut and Jay Kraska ’12, who got engaged on March 29 while on a trip with Carolyn’s parents! The couple met in the basement of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in spring of 2010 and they have been dating for three and a half years. They both live in Boston and are excited to be getting married. 

Sophia Schwartz finished up an incredible season on the U.S. freestyle ski team in March, coming in second in the dual mogul event at the U.S. championships in Deer Valley, Utah. The season took Sophia to competitions in Canada, Australia, Norway, France and Japan.

Our classmates continue to enroll in a variety of interesting and impressive graduate programs! Emma Vance is headed to Berkeley in the fall for the Ph.D. program in ancient history and Mediterranean archaeology. Across the country, Kate O’Brien is starting a master’s program in physiology at Georgetown University.

Greg Patton is headed to Washington, D.C., to begin his studies at George Washington University Law School. I’ll see you there, Greg! I’m also moving to D.C. to begin work as an analyst at the Advisory Board Co. Amelia Raether is also working nearby at the McChrystal Group.

Katie de la Rosa is enrolling at the University of Michigan Medical School and Nirali Patel, the Presidential Fellow in Dartmouth’s wellness office, will be sticking around Hanover for a few more years at Geisel Medical School.

Cote Theriault is starting her second year at Boston College, where she is studying for her master’s in applied developmental and educational psychology. Philip Royer is also a second-year master’s candidate, studying at the University of Tulsa for a master’s in computer science. Elsewhere in Oklahoma, Katherine Lindzey is halfway done with her master’s in geology at the University of Oklahoma.

Naomi Elias is finishing up her master’s in communication at Stanford University. Sydney Ayers is completing her year as a Society of Architectural Historians H. Allen Brooks Traveling Fellow, which allows an emerging scholar to experience architecture and landscapes firsthand. This year Sydney traveled to England, France, Italy and Croatia.

After completing Presidential fellowships in the office of the president, Holly Ceplikas is now working in the development office at Harvard and Edita Robinson is working as a customer success manager at RelateIQ in Palo Alto, California. Chris O’Connell recently relocated from Hanover to Singapore to work for Yale-NUS College, a new initiative from Yale University. Look him up if you find yourself in the area!

Marissa Lynn is finishing up her Fulbright grant year teaching English at an all-boys middle school on Jeju Island in South Korea. She is now moving to Seoul to become the Fulbright Korea program coordinator and lead a network of 100 Fulbrighters throughout South Korea.

Amanda Duchesne is working as a project manager and geologist for the New York City mayor’s office of environmental remediation through the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection.

Entrepreneurs Will Lowry and Eric Wu recently launched Thriftbox, which allows Dartmouth students to order boxes of surprise thrift store items for delivery. Will and Eric curate the items at New York thrift shops and send boxes of flair and vintage clothing items to buyers.

Please continue to send me updates!

Emily Fletcher, 545 North 70th St., Seattle, WA 98103; emilyefletcher@gmail.com

Hello again, classmates! It was wonderful to see so many of you at our year-zero reunion during Homecoming. Thank you to those who updated me, and I want to hear from the rest of you soon. Here is a sampler of what your (terrifyingly accomplished and endlessly cool) fellow ’13s have been up to.
Congratulations are in order for Greg Buzzard, who competed on Jeopardy on October 11! His championship appearance netted him $26,000 overall, in addition to all of my awe and respect.
In September DOC trips director Chris O’Connell and assistant director Anneliesse Duncan wrapped up another wildly successful trips program. Good work, team!
While my diploma hasn’t even made it out of that cardboard tube they gave us at Commencement, a number of our classmates are already well on their way to earning advanced degrees. Blaine Johnson is living in Shanghai and working on her master’s in public management at Fudan University. She also recently bought her first bicycle—very exciting!—and is enjoying exploring the city.
Julie Campbell has finished her first semester of medical school at the University of Washington in a program that allows the Montana native to complete her first year of school in Bozeman. Andy Zureick is also currently in his first year of medical school at the University of Michigan.
Grace Afsari-Mamagani is as sleep-deprived as ever but is haunting other libraries now as a graduate student in English and American literature with a concentration in the digital humanities at New York University. She also teaches math and works at a small-cause marketing firm when she’s not in class.
Around the country and the world, other members of the class of 2013 are adjusting to exciting new jobs and cities.
Svati Narula is loving her work as an editorial fellow at The Atlantic in Washington, D.C., where she mostly writes and produces stories for TheAtlantic.com. She gets to see Catherine Treyz and Melody Zhang often, since they are both fellows at the Atlantic Media Co.-owned National Journal.
Sara Stone is working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out in Fort Collins, Colorado, for the next two years. Closer to Hanover, Jessica Gagner is working in Boston at DigitasLBi and living with Isa Guardalabene.
Caroline Liegey moved to New York City and is living with Rachel Abendroth and their fish Eleazar Wheelock. Caroline started work in corporate philanthropy with the Wildlife Conservation Society, headquartered at the Bronx Zoo.
In October Phil Royer and Jonathan Gault traveled to Japan as part of an Ivy League alumni team that participated in the Izumo Ekiden, a six-stage road relay race between Japanese universities. Phil is still running competitively as a grad student at the University of Tulsa, and the fleet-footed duo raced a 5k against Japanese runners.
After Sam McPherson finished Tuck Bridge and before Sara Marcus started work in October, the pair traveled to Europe for two weeks and uploaded the entirety of Oktoberfest. They also visited Maya Herm in Amsterdam.
Danny Freeman moved to Medellin, Colombia, at the end of August and is working as a political journalist for an online international newspaper called Colombia Reports.
Eliza Relman is working as a teaching fellow at the Asian University for Women, an international liberal arts university in Chittagong, Bangladesh. During her first semester she worked as a teaching assistant for comparative politics and social and political thought classes, a writing tutor and an assistant to the registrar.
That’s all for this installment of Class Notes. Email me or send a carrier pigeon with updates for next month!
—Emily Fletcher, 30 Lebanon St., Apt. 5, Hanover, NH 03755; emily.e.fletcher@dartmouth.edu

Thank you for the updates this month! The class of 2013 never ceases to amaze and inspire me, and it’s exciting to hear about what you all have been doing. Keep it up!

Jacob and Alyssa Hickson recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary (congratulations!) and in March moved to Washington, D.C., where Jacob now works as a research associate with the Advisory Board Co.’s higher education branch.

Rosalie Lipfert spent last summer living in Bern, Switzerland, working on a storytelling project about climate change. Her goal was to bring the topic of climate change to a wider audience by interviewing local residents about the landscape changes they have witnessed throughout their lifetimes. She is currently in the midst of trying to publish her final document.

Christine Averill and Juliana Ortega led a group of Dartmouth alumni and students on a service trip to Honduras in March to run a leadership development program for local youth. After graduation Christine and Juliana cofounded Dartmouth Alumni and Students for Honduras, a chapter of the not-for-profit American Caring Teaching Sharing, based in the Upper Valley. The pair held a fundraiser in New York City in February and 75 Dartmouth ’12s and ’13s came to support the organization.

Maya Herm reports from Amsterdam that the Dutch won’t stop talking about their dominance in speed skating in Sochi. She is playing field hockey with the Gooische Dames 1, and the team sits first in their pool. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, let Maya know!

In December Juan Sanchez spent some time in Venezuela visiting family and working at a German charcuterie. He is moving to California to start the master’s program in food science and technology at the University of California, Davis, and pursue his desire to work in the food industry.

Madi Gamble is also embarking on a new academic adventure. Madi moved to Seattle in March to start graduate school at the University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science, where she is studying the factors affecting survival of juvenile Chinook salmon in Puget Sound for her master’s.

Parnian Parvin-Nejad started medical school in New York City in the fall. Elsewhere in New York Alex Gordon started at Cornell University Law School in September, and although it’s more work than she anticipated she is enjoying living in the metropolitan city of Ithaca.

The theatrically gifted among us have also been busy. Maia Matsushita and Max Hunter recently teamed up to showcase their talents at New York City’s Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival in February. Two of Maia’s plays were performed, with Max acting in and directing one of them.

Talene Monahon recently premiered in her first off-Broadway show, The Chocolate Show! The family-friendly musical has an indefinite run length, so don’t hesitate to see Talene shine the next time you’re in New York!

Charlotte Williams recently graduated from Marine Corps officer basic training, which took about a year. She has been selected as a logistics officer and is moving from Washington, D.C., to Wilmington, North Carolina. Thank you for your service, Charlotte!

Anneliese Sendax is now working as a consultant at Frederic W. Cook & Co., an executive compensation consulting firm founded by a Dartmouth alumnus.

Not only did James Lee win his school’s New Teacher of the Year award in Houston, but this is also the year he became an athlete. James finished his first half marathon in mid-February and is also part of a softball league.

I am always looking for more updates, so don’t be shy about emailing me with tidbits about you or your friends. Thanks for reading!

Emily Fletcher, 30 Lebanon St., Apt. 5, Hanover, NH 03755; emily.e.fletcher@dartmouth.edu

As we approach a year since Commencement (how is that even possible?!), some ’13s are starting to feel settled in jobs and graduate school, while others are looking for fulltime positions or considering a change of scenery. There is no better time to provide some fast and furious updates about what our classmates are doing around the country.

If you are interested in learning more about what your classmates are up to, many of them are on LinkedIn, so don’t be shy about reaching out!

And without further ado, here is a smattering of job updates from our impressive classmates. Proud cat owner Jamie Li is working as a marketing associate at Yahoo! in California. John Renehan is a project engineer at Riparius Construction in Baltimore. 

Elizabeth Evans is working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as an associate merchandise planner for American Eagle Outfitters.

In Boston Elizabeth Hoffman is working as a marketing and communications associate at OvaScience. Melanie Wilcox is a communications strategist at Luntz Global.

Chris O’Connell is now a full-time employee of the Dartmouth admissions office. Janet Kim is working as a squad-training specialist at MOUSE, an organization that empowers youth to learn, lead and create with technology.

Shloka Kini is a software developer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Deidra Willis is working as a manufacturing engineering associate at General Mills.

Ashley Blum is a paralegal at Storch Amini & Munves, PC, in New York City, while Kali Montecalvo is working as a paralegal at the U.S. Department of Justice. Annie Rendall works as a staff assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives.

John Biberman is an Africa program intern at Search for Common Ground in Washington, D.C. Kathryn De La Rosa is a City Year Corps member. Stella Safari is a 2013 Venture For America fellow at Invest Detroit.

Troy Dildine is doing social neuroscience research at Colorado University in Boulder. Angela Gauthier is a medical student at Yale Medical School. Megan Jang is a cardiovascular research technician at Massachusetts General Hospital. Kate O’Brien is working as a session assistant at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

Richard Asala is an associate at Artisan Healthcare Consulting. Damayanti Desai is a federal analyst at Deloitte Consulting. Chelsea Hassett is an analyst at Quadrant Real Estate Advisors. Stephanie Pareja-Fernandez is a commodity merchant trainee at Cargill. In Philadelphia Hank Savage is working as a business analyst at Independence Blue Cross.

Jane Cai is working as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. Kevin Cox is a private equity analyst at the Audax Group. Bob Huang works as a financial rotation analyst at Capital One in the Washington, D.C., area. Albert Roth is a consulting analyst at Fidelity Investments. Eric Wu is working as an analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York City.

The class of 2013 also has strong representation in the Bay Area. Kate Comée is an associate at the Parthenon Group, while Suril Kantaria is working as a private equity analyst at TPG Capital. Cecil Qiu is an associate consultant at Bain & Co.

Congratulations to Jay Webster, who will soon be working at AlphaSights in New York City with fellow ’13s Jackie Donohoe, Joe Kim, Aurelia Solomon, Alexis Zavras and Chris Zhao.

I know there are more of you out there doing incredible things, so let me know what you are up to. Any and all updates are welcome. All of those still in Hanover hope to see you at Green Key the weekend of May 17-18!

Emily Fletcher, 30 Lebanon St., Apt. 5, Hanover, NH 03755; emily.e.fletcher@dartmouth.edu

It’s hard to believe we graduated five months ago, but here we are, gracing the pages of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine! I am thrilled to introduce myself as your class of 2013 secretary. Please don’t hesitate to send me updates at any time—I rely on all of you to tell me what everyone is up to!

Thank you to the 70 percent of ’13s who donated to the senior class gift, raising $24,785 for the Dartmouth College Fund! The gift totals $74,355 with the class of 1963’s matching challenge, and your generosity will allow for the naming of 24 Class of 2013 Scholars in the class of 2017. I’m proud of us!

At last count, nearly 500 people had filled out class council’s destination spreadsheet. Surprising no one, New York City boasts the highest concentration of ’13s, with 130 indicating they would be living there for the year. Boston was a distant second with 77 members of our class, followed by Hanover, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, with 46, 44 and 28 classmates living in those locations, respectively. Check out the Google doc if you’re still looking for roommates or friends!

Others of our classmates will be living, working or studying in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, India, Israel, Italy, Liberia, the Marshall Islands, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Oman, Puerto Rico, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom, among other international locations. We may not have touched the fire, but it sure sounds like we might be the most adventurous class ever! 

Congratulations are in order for several of our recently married and engaged classmates! Melanie Parnon married Martin Guyer (Lenoir-Rhyne University ’12) in Portland, Oregon, in June with fellow ’13 Amy Bray in attendance. The couple currently resides in Corvallis, Oregon, with their dog Ajax.

Across the country, Harry Greenstone married Sarah Rossow ’14 in Woodstock, Vermont, in June.

Recent graduates Laura Neill and Jaymes Sanchez also recently became engaged. We wish the happy couples all the best!

Continuing to awe us with their athleticism, both Camille Dumais and Sasha Nanji were drafted in the third round of the professional Canadian Women’s Hockey League. Cam, a forward, will be playing for the Montreal Stars, and Sasha will lace up her skates as a defenseman for the Toronto Furies.

In July Julia Szafman played goalkeeper for Israel at the 2013 Federation of International Lacrosse Women’s World Cup in Ontario, where the team took eighth. Well played, all of you!

As many of us start graduate school or settle into jobs and internships, a few of our classmates are charting less conventional paths. Branko Cerny left his marketing job at Google to work full-time on SquareOne, a startup he founded with two other Dartmouth students that recently received venture funding. Branko and SquareOne are working to build e-mail apps that provide a stress-free e-mail experience, and the pilot iPhone app is currently out in beta form. 

Hannah Giorgis and Melissa Centeno are living and working in New York City, putting together a book of student narratives to capture and share underrepresented students’ college experiences.

Colin Harris, a government major at the College, is running for a state house seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in the November 5 general election. We wish all of you the best of luck in your endeavors and look forward to following your success!

That’s all for now, but don’t forget to send things my way for the next issue!

Emily Fletcher, 30 Lebanon St., Apt. 5, Hanover, NH 03755; emily.e.fletcher@dartmouth.edu


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