Hello, ’12 fam! I’m writing this dispatch from gloomy London, where I’ve been thrilled to spend time with the newly engaged Rachel Moncton and Matt Oatway, as well as soon-to-be graduate of London Business School Erica Serpico. While the climate could be improved, I couldn’t hope for a better crew to post up in a cozy pub with.

Let’s start this off with a baby alert! Thrilled to be able to share this news. Natalie (Obermeyer) and Matt Hunter welcomed their first child, William, in January: “If other ’12s come visit New Hampshire we would love to connect and introduce you to him!” Liz Doe Stone and her husband, Zach, welcomed to the world in November baby Charlie, who is now taking on snowy Montreal. Finally, Bianca Zlatea and hubby Donnie Surdoval ’10 were joined by cutie Don in January—a New York City baby!

Alfonso Villegas writes in, “I recently celebrated two and a half years as a Washington County deputy state’s attorney in Vermont. I represent the state in our adult drug treatment court, which is one of three in Vermont. Our drug court is the largest it has ever been in terms of the number of participants we currently serve. And I recently won a suppression motion in a conspiracy fentanyl trafficking case. Also, I am running for a seat on the Vermont Bar Association board of managers.” Cheers to Alfonso!

Rohan Chaudhary is currently working toward his M.B.A. at Duke and loving life. He welcomes any outreach from those visiting Durham, North Carolina, between now and May 2021 (or in Washington, D.C., this summer when he’s interning there).

David Rogg is striking out on his own, having recently founded a new venture capital firm, Reformation Partners.

Jenny Thapa has wed Max Zimmerman, a Boston College ’12. The couple moved to Los Angeles last summer and plan to celebrate their nuptials with a traditional Nepalese ceremony in Jenny’s hometown of Kathmandu in early December. 

Dan Rozenfeld is engaged to Carolyn Sims, a Stanford ’13. The couple met in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and attended Harvard Business School together thereafter. Carolyn popped the question to Dan during Valentine’s Day Weekend. 

Alannah Phelan married Michael DiBenedetto ’10 in October in Newport, Rhode Island. Both are residents at UMass, Alannah in plastic surgery and Michael in orthopedic surgery.

Bill Lehmann, Michael Schwartz, Max Pillsbury, Henry Hutcheson, Greg Certo, and Paul Jarvis visited Ryan Milligan in Houston in January for the crew’s annual meetup. They’re looking forward to getting everyone back together for Max’s wedding to Annie McDonough in June and Bill’s wedding to Christina Danford in August.

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Hi, ’12s.

We’re somewhere on that liminal plane between Carnival and Green Key, but whether it feels like springtime or not where you live, plenty of updates to get you in a nostalgic Dartmouth headspace.

Starting with a very cheery update: Elizabeth Doe Stone and her husband, Zach, welcomed baby Charlie this December, making the holiday season in Montreal cuddly and warm despite the snow. Congrats, Liz!

Crishuana Williams also shared that in December she gave her first TEDx talk, at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. Crishuana spoke about the power of unlikely collaborations and is completing a master’s in information science at the Syracuse University School of Information. She’s already made her mark with projects at libraries across the country and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

In more academic news, Blythe George writes us to share that she has accepted a postdoctoral position with the president’s postdoctoral fellowship program at the University of California, Berkeley, for 2019-21. Blythe earned her Ph.D. in sociology and social policy from Harvard University and will be continuing her work studying prisoner reentry in tribal communities with the Far North Tribal Offender Registry.

We love a Dartmouth wedding in this column, and the ’12s certainly do not disappoint. David Dowd and Nancy Dietman tied the knot on November 2 in St. Paul, Minnesota, more than a decade after meeting in Arabic class our freshman spring. After years of friendship, David and Nancy finally started dating in D.C., where they now live.

In October,after five years of dating, Sophie Caldwell married fellow Olympian and teammate Simi Hamilton in her Vermont hometown. Congratulations to the very talented and speedy couple!

Adding to the joyful news, Christian Brant and Adam Holt ’09 were married on August 17 in a beautiful summer ceremony in Andover, Massachusetts. Fantastic news, and thanks to Blythe for the tip!

Finally, after several years of dating and a move from New York City to Cambridge, Massachusetts, Chloe Greenbaum and Zach Rubin got engaged in October. Cheers!

To close out this month’s column, plugging a jaw-dropping 360 virtual reality film published by a group of Dartmouth climbers, including our own Mike Swartz (along with Remy Franklin ’13 and Jacob Kupferman ’14). The film documents Mike and team’s five-person expedition to São Tomé, where the group attempted to snag the first free ascent of Pico Cão Grande, 1,000-foot-tall volcanic tower in the jungle.

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Hi, ’12s.

Many notes, little space. (Good problem!)

Michael Moriarty writes to recap a large group of ’12s traveling to London for Conrad Scoville’s bachelor party (he’ll be marrying Kathleen Quirk soon). The trip included Michael, Peter Stein, Kunal Malkani, Patrick Chen, Ray Peng, Tom Woodford, Sean Schultz, Ben Gonin, and David Rogg. “Pimm’s cups and pints were enjoyed and a cricket match was watched (but not understood).”

Lisa Koenig married Brian Quinn (Harvard ’04) this spring at the Milwaukee Art Museum. “It was not only one of the happiest days of my life, but also an excellent opportunity for a Dartmouth reunion,” Lisa writes, “featuring Casey Gardiner ’11, Laura Mantell, Kelsey Woerner Speers, Ryan Speers ’11, Rachel Groh, Jenna Sherman ’08, Grace Tiedemann, Amanda Marinoff, and Melissa Saphier.”

Liz Ballantyne is engaged to Trevor Horan ’13, to be married in August 2020.

Erin Lansky lets us know that Claire Michaud is engaged to Richard Collins. The two met at Oxford, where Claire was studying for her master’s in Latin studies and Rich was working toward a Ph.D. in biochemistry. The couple are moving back to Claire’s native Boston, where she has accepted a new role with Bain Consulting.

Bianca Smith just started a new job at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, as its new assistant athletic director and senior female administrator. She’ll also be working with the baseball team, after starting her career in professional baseball.

Liz Fairchild tied the knot with João Montalvão Machado with two ’12s by her side as bridesmaids, Jessi Merry Samuels and Zoe Friedland, and many more in attendance! She also recently started her M.B.A. at Georgetown University.

Peter Williamson took a break from professional golf to rehab a hand injury, settle in D.C., start a social venture (Game Genius), and marry Mary Adelaide. He shares this fun fact: “We’ve known each other for 21 years now. Our relationship is old enough to drink, but neither of us do.”

After five years in Boston at a global macro investment fund, Kurt Kostyu is now pursuing a masters at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). This academic year he’s at the SAIS Europe campus in Bologna, Italy, and next year he’ll be at the D.C. campus.

Connor Flint just finished his medical intern year at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and is currently in Pensacola, Florida, training to be a naval flight surgeon. (Thanks, Chelsea Stewart, for the note!)

Madison Rezaei finished her M.B.A. from Wharton last year and was recently promoted to principal at Altman Vilandrie, a strategy consulting firm. She’s still based in San Francisco where she competes in dressage with her horse, Cosette.

Finally, Karen Afre writes in with a sweet update to the best class ever: “After graduation I decided to pursue a career in student affairs and stayed on to work at Dartmouth. Time flies, and now I am heading into my third year working as the associate director in the academic skills center. I am two classes away and a thesis shy of receiving my second Dartmouth degree through the master’s in liberal arts (MALS) program. I’m always happy and excited to welcome home a fellow ’12.”

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Hi, ’12s.

Welcome back from our hiatus. We’ve got a ton of updates and not a ton of space so jumping right into the good news.

David Silver notes that he’s doing well following a severe car accident on Christmas Eve. “Thanks to great medical care and the support of friends and family, I have been able to return to work fulltime and resume most ‘normal’ activities with only minor limitations,” he writes. “The way the Dartmouth community was there to support me and Detroit Horse Power after the accident was hugely uplifting.” Wishing you all the best!

During Labor Day Julius Bedford III and Ariel Nicole Murphy got married in Temecula, California, about 10 years after they started dating at the start of 2009 fall term. Happily, I’ll be celebrating the wedding of Catherine Roedel and John Ross ’10, Tu’17, in Boiceville, New York, alongside many pals.

Katie (Edkins) Milligan is pursuing her M.F.A. in creative writing at the University of Houston.

In outdoorsy news, John Hill took a two-and-a-half week trip to Nepal with Liz Calby ’14 and Karen Calby ’81, and they hiked in the Everest region.

Akwugo Nnama, Th’13, graduated from the Wharton School (M.B.A.) and Harvard Kennedy School (M.P.A.). She’s working in energy investment banking at JP Morgan in N.Y.C. and will be representing Thayer as a Dartmouth Alumni Council rep.

Joey Anthony shouts out Lukas Ruiz, who completed a half-Ironman triathlon!

Natalie (Obermeyer) Hunter and Matt Hunter moved to Concord, New Hampshire, last year, where they’ve run into Liz Faiella around town. Natalie works remotely for a nutrition tech startup while also teaching Pilates and coaching young Nordic skiers.

Ben Ludlow has been doing standup for almost a year now; he even opened for Norm MacDonald! Look up Ben or his shows in N.Y.C. or in Las Vegas, where he lives as a professional poker player.

Stacey Derosier received a 2019 Outer Critics Circle Nomination for Outstanding Lighting Design (play or musical) for Lewiston/Clarkston.

The brilliant Julia Sooy just published a children’s book called Our World Is Relative. She saysit’s “a very, very simple introduction to the concept of relativity.”

Chris Chavis recently published a study on the demographic impact of the rural lawyer shortage in New England in the University of Maine Law Review. He graduated in May with a master of public administration from UNC Chapel Hill and holds a J.D. from Michigan State University.

Aki Onda and Mela Omeri bought a house in New Jersey and expanded their family this year with the addition of a cute corgi, Dino.

Billy Strunk left the consulting world at McKinsey & Co. behind to join U.S. Acute Care Solutions, a provider of integrated acute care. He’s engaged to Claire Galiette, Tu’16, and lives in Cleveland.

Phil Griselda finished his M.D. at USC and started his residency for orthopedic surgery at Harvard this summer. He’s also newly engaged to Juliet Hollingsworth ’14.

Mary Dang married Jamie Hamann (OSU alum). She was joined by Erica Andeweg, Andrea Jaresova, Caroline Barnhart, and Jen Zhao in her bridal party and is pleased to credit Anastassia Radeva for the introduction!

Finally, closing out with a host of updates from our nation’s capital. Newbies, check out Washington, D.C.’s very active Dartmouth Club.

Michelle Domingue II has ended his six-year run as a high school math teacher in New Orleans to pursue a law degree at Howard University School of Law.

Througha National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sea Grant fellowship program, Ben Hughey is working for Sen. Cory Booker on environmental policy.

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Hi, ’12s.

Great to see you back here in this space after a few months’ break. (Thanks for your patience!) With winter behind us and May flowers tantalizingly close, I can’t help but think back to spring in Hanover. After what felt like endless permafrost, the snow would melt and we’d spend a couple of weeks avoiding massive mud patches. And then, finally, the grass seed would come in and we’d swarm the newly green-again Green between classes. Naps, Collis picnics, reading, and dodging Frisbees—what could be better?

No surprises here—it’s love and marriage time in the column again. Our resident Olympian Sophie Caldwell got engaged this winter to her fellow U.S. ski team member Simi Hamilton. We’re also excited to celebrate the engagement of Jorge Rodriguez and Nicola Segal ’14, who were engaged in Paris during Thanksgiving. Sounds like a dream—best wishes to the happy couples!

There’s winter wedding news all over the place. Carissa King and Jorge Ascui tied the knot in Miami, not long after Cassandra Siegel and Alex Neubauer were married in New York City in January. And about 10 years after meeting one fateful Green Key, Molly Khalil and Dominik Kolodziejczyk ’08 made it official in a beautiful Carlsbad, California, ceremony followed by an extended golf-filled honeymoon in Australia. Congratulations!

I’m also excited to see businesses helmed by ’12 ladies picking up loads of press coverage…and significant seed funding. Cheers to Faye Keegan and the Dipsea team on a successful launch, and we’re all looking forward to sipping some Bev on a rooftop this summer thanks to Alix Peabody.

Got any news to share, or memories of Sophomore Summer you just can’t shake? Shoot me some snail mail, an email, a DM, or a smoke signal…details below. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hi, y’all! We’ve got a wide range of joyful news to celebrate below—let’s get to it!

Paige Franklin just graduated with her master’s in public health from Columbia University and is now working at NYU Langone Health in the research division of the department of emergency medicine. Congrats, Paige!

A few of our classmates are making cross-country moves: The inimitable Dana Or graduated from Harvard Law School and will now be living in Los Angeles. And after living in New York since graduation, Brian Moon relocated to San Francisco this summer to pursue new opportunities and more space to get a dog. They will both certainly be missed by his friends on the East Coast!

We also heard from Will Bishop this month, who writes in about one pretty joyful occasion to kick off our Class Notes: “In May I had the pleasure of flying out from Seattle for the wedding of Aaron Koch and Jennifer Koester at Rollins Chapel! Other ’12 guests included Billy Zou, Jeff Portnoy, Kat Hicks, and Alyssa Lindsay. It was a very small ceremony, so we got to spend the whole weekend with Aaron, Jen, and their families, celebrating their marriage and having a mini-2012 reunion.” Thank you, Will, and cheers to Aaron and Jen!

Bianca Zlatea and Donnie Surdoval ’10 celebrated their marriage in the Swiss Alps this summer, surrounded by love and a Dartmouth-heavy crew. Raise a glass to the world travelers who are settling back into life in N.Y.C.!

Catherine Roedel and John Ross ’10, Tu’17, made the most of a (truly gorgeous-looking) vacation to the Azores this spring by getting engaged. Congratulations, you two!

Finally, perhaps in a first for the ’12s column, Peter Blair has been accepted for the novitiate for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph to become a Dominican friar. After this year-long experience Peter expects to take his vows and continue onto further religious study. Best of luck, Peter!

That’s all for now, folks—hope you’ve got some gorgeous Labor Day plans ahead of you, whether that means relaxing in your backyard or getting out of town.

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Hi, y’all. Well, it’s now been a full six years since we graduated. Doesn’t it seem like we deserve another reunion already? I’m ready to see you all back in Hanover already but, in the meantime, let’s hit it with the updates from our classmates.

First, some exciting ’12 family news to report that will likely impact all of our alumni experiences: Cheryl Bascomb ’82, mom of Rosa Van Wie, has been named VP for alumni relations, leading the College’s alumni engagement worldwide. Rosa writes, “I’m still kicking it in upstate New Hampshire, teaching, acting, and politics-ing, but I now have another reason to cruise down to Dartmouth on a regular basis and make a visit to Hanover, specifically Blunt. Mom is getting ready to move with all of our help, and soon she’ll be up and running, connecting two of her favorite things, and helping Dartmouth and friends connect with each other as well. She’s ready to use all the marketing skills she’s gained and honed over a long career, and once she finds some way to add sports into the mix it will literally be a dream job that involves only her favorite things.” Congratulations to Cheryl, Rosa, and family.

Plus, Rosa let us know that Kelly McGlinchey has been running half marathons to raise money for Ujima, a farm that provides food-farming connections to youth from N.Y.C. Go, Kelly!

Samantha Knowles, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, saw her short documentary The Blue Line premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year as part of the event’s N.O.W. New York Times screening of opinionated documentaries. The documentary tells the story of an explosive controversy in Sam’s hometown of Warwick, New York, and how the small town was affected. Congratulations, Sam!

Boston is losing a couple of good ones, although the Dartmouth contingent there is still going strong. Our dedicated class president Tim Koeth has relocated from Boston to Philadelphia. (Wish him luck and say “Hey” if you’re in the area!) And the brilliant Alina Everett will be joining the class of 2020 at Cornell’s S.C. Johnson College of Business this fall. Any other alumni/ae heading that way?

And, finally, in the world of Dartmouth romance: James C. Reed married Erin J. Feeney at the Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park in Waterford, Connecticut, on Saturday, April 21. The two met as classmates at the Yale School of Medicine in 2013. Three illustrious Dartmouth grads served as groomsmen: Reed Stephens, David Lumbert, and Travis Blalock. Dartmouth ’12s Rohan Chaudhary, Bishnu Panigrahi, Michael Katz, and Gregory Troderman danced the night away. Fellow Dartmouth and Yale med classmates Alanna Kaplan ’11, Emily Hyun ’13, and Angela Gauthier ’13 celebrated with the newlyweds!

Enjoy your summer, wherever you are, and please continue to write in with your latest joys, ventures, travels, and more!

Liz Sullivan, 1444 Rhode Island Ave. NW, #603, Washington, DC 20005; easullivan12@gmail.com

Hi, y’all. Summer is nearly upon us! We’ll be reaching out about some events coming up to bring our class together and kick off the season. Keep your eyes peeled for details and, as always, reach out with any suggestions or to get involved!

April showers bring May flowers, and that means engagements to celebrate—as well as the start of wedding season. Here’s the latest. After meeting at Green Key our freshman year, Molly Khalil and Dominik Kolodziejczyk ’08 are settling down in Madison, Wisconsin. They just bought a house and got engaged—who knew Green Key romances could end so well?! Let’s also raise a glass to a couple more ’12s on their exciting engagement news: Pat Martin to Lindsay Wahl and Zumba queen Carissa King to Jorge Francisco Ascui. We can’t wait to see the pictures.

And while the weather’s heating up with this issue, I’d be remiss not to call out our ’12 classmates who competed for the United States in the Winter Games this year: Sophie Caldwell and Tommy Ford. Big congrats to these two all-star skiers, who made up part of a large and impressive Dartmouth contingent this year. Plus, Alexi Pappas traveled to Pyeongchang as an artist-in-residence, where she shot and starred in a series of short films inspired by her own experiences running in the 2016 Summer Olympics, along with fiancé and creative partner Jeremy Teicher ’10.

Finally, with her doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in hand, Ally Clark will be starting her orthodontic residency at Temple in July. And Boston docs Stef Lazow and Manisha Apte will be continuing their medical education with new roles as well this summer; Stef is beginning a two-year research position at Boston Children’s Hospital, while Manisha will begin a role as chief resident at Boston Medical Center.

For our next issue, help me recognize the start of ’18 Sophomore Summer (yikes) by sending in your favorite ’10 Sophomore Summer memories, plus any news about big summer plans you’ve got coming up! And, hey, maybe we should all head on up to Green Key this year—is it too late to follow in Molly’s footsteps and find true love in Hanover?

Liz Sullivan, 1444 Rhode Island Ave. NW, #603, Washington, DC 20005; easullivan12@gmail.com

Hi, y’all. This month’s notes are short and sweet, much like the holiday break I enjoyed while writing them up. With the summer months approaching, write to us with your breaking news, summer plans adventurous or languorous and memories of 10X past.

First, our usual roundup of Dartmouth kids in love: Jasper Hicks and Carrie Ryder tied the knot back in September, in case you missed it. And over the winter break Katie Gonzalez and Doug Nelson ’10 got engaged out west. Congratulations, all!

While his days on Burnham Field may be in the past, Lucky Mkosana’s success continues as a forward for the New York Cosmos, a team in the North American Soccer League. He’s now expanding his impact by developing Bridging Youth through Soccer Academy in his Zimbabwe hometown. The academy’s goal is to help youth develop their skills and gain the kind of exposure that can lead to scholarships and other valuable opportunities while also providing a mentorship program. (Read more about him on page 55.) Daraiha Greene, head of computer science in media multicultural strategy at Google, was recently profiled in The Root for her work developing the CS+X program, which introduces a diverse set of students to careers in computer science and coding by showing how the field intersects with more approachable passions such as music, fashion and dance. Can’t wait to see what’s up her sleeves next.

In other boss lady news, Alix Peabody recently launched her brand, the Alixir Co., to “bring together and empower millennial women.” Be on the lookout for Bev, a canned California rosé, this spring! Cheers to our classmates near and far doing cool things and leaving a Big Green impact on the world. Email and snail mail below—don’t forget to share the love when you’ve got news to announce!

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Hi, ’12s! It’s been a big year. We’ve moved, started new jobs or schools, maybe even launched companies of our own, made new friends and in general just grown a lot. Sure, maybe we regressed a bit at the five-year reunion. At the Class Officers Weekend up in Hanover this September your class officers (new and old) met to set goals for the next few years and learn from the experience of other classes. In addition to working with Tim Koeth and Shaun Akhtar for a couple of days, it was a treat to run into Karen Afre hosting a Latinx barbecue in the McLaughlin Cluster. She’s working for the College and looks like she’s still making a big impact on the current students.

As usual, our class has a host of joyful moments to celebrate, from engagement rings to wedding bells to babies. Keep the announcements coming!

You can take the kids out of New Hampshire, but you can’t take the New Hampshire out of the kids. Amanda Hua and Matt Stone got engaged on Mount Osceola this summer. They’ll be tying the knot in Boston in March!

In more New England wedding news, Marcelo Menezes tied the knot with Molly Michalenoick at Killington, Vermont, in September. And Waitsfield, Vermont, was home to two double-’12 weddings this summer! First, Laura Coyle and Wills Begor capped off years of dating this August. Then, about a month later, Kat Sanders and Yang Wei Neo sealed the deal in the same picturesque town.

In October Chris Calby and Ilanna Kowski got married on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. And a belated congratulations to longtime sweethearts Anna Weingart and Kevin Folinus, who got hitched in New Jersey this past spring.

Finally, Priscilla Trojano and Cody Dennis, along with buying a house in Massachusetts, announced that they’ll be welcoming a baby boy this January. Cheers to the happy parents-to-be!

Celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime moments of our fellow classmates is a joy, but I’m also loving living vicariously through our friends’ daily adventures. For one, Ariana Vacs Renwick just wrapped up a busy travel season in her role as assistant director of admissions at Skidmore. She hit India, France, England, Wales, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Scotland, just this fall. I’d definitely like an invite next time.

Ben Ludlow also spent much of this fall traveling through Europe and Asia, including six weeks walking and biking the Camino de Santiago in Spain before heading to Japan and Hong Kong. Per Ben, one memorable moment was “finishing in the top five of a stein hoisting contest in front of thousands of onlookers at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong (joined by the eventual winner Tom Hauch ’13).” Ben, I’m very jealous. As is Jamila Ma—hat tip for the Instagram find!

Wishing a happy holiday season and new year to all of you and your loved ones! Keep breaking the mold, taking risks and doing cool things. And when you do, shoot me a note so I can share the news. We couldn’t be prouder!

Liz Sullivan, 1444 Rhode Island Ave. NW, #603, Washington, DC 20005; elizabeth.a.sullivan.12@dartmouth.edu

Friends, I couldn’t be more excited to take over the reins for this space from the inimitable Kelley Crisp. She’s set pretty high expectations for the quality (and pun-density) of our class notes column during the past five years, and I’m lucky to have been able to pick her brain for suggestions. All I can say is that I and the rest of your new class officers—president Tim Koeth, VP Jamila Ma and treasurer Ray Li—are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you guys until our next reunion. Reach out with your thoughts, ideas and concerns and keep your eyes peeled for some fun new things we’ve got up our sleeves.

Now, the notes.

In case you missed it, Nina Skagerlind had a great (the best) excuse for missing reunion: She and Max Geld ’11 welcomed their first child, a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Mira, in late May. The couple also relocated to Newport Beach, California. After moving all over the world, they’re looking forward to connecting with Dartmouth alumni in southern California.

Summer wedding season is behind us and with it lots of new marriages to announce. Keira Grimes and Mike Zirngibl ’10 tied the knot this summer, as did Mike Dimitrief and Leslie Herscher and Ray Li and Maddie Steiner ’11. Eleni Marmarelis (now McGeehin), who graduated from Geisel last spring, married Brendan McGeehin ’09, Tu’15, this summer—and they’re expecting their first child in 2018. And in the world of future weddings, Bianca Zlatea and Donnie Surdoval ’10 got engaged this summer. Cheers to all of the happy couples!

They’re not the only ones on the move. Anna-Kay Thomas made the leap to Los Angeles to continue chasing her entertainment host dreams. Hard-working boss lady that she is, A.K. already has her foot in the door with a job on NBC’s Steve.

Chloe Greenbaum, Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at New York University, is doing big things in Boston as a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School. Caitlin Nicholson just finished up medical school at SUNY Upstate. Now in Philadelphia, she’s an intern in family medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. A bit further south Lauren Pace has just kicked off her first year at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Sarah Tanaka Glass has gone west to Portland, Oregon, for her ophthalmology residency at Oregon Health Sciences University. And scholar extraordinaire Liz Doe Stone, a doctoral candidate in art history at the University of Virginia, just moved to Sweden to conduct archival research on the artist Anders Zorn. Wish all of these ladies luck!

Back in the Upper Valley Bekey Lee Kettering will be attending Tuck in the fall. And between golf tournaments Peter Williamson organized a fundraiser called Capture the Flags this September. Held at Hanover Country Club, the event raised money for the Hanover-based nonprofit Positive Tracks, which empowers kids through a combination of getting active and giving back.

That’s all I’ve got! As the holiday season approaches, share your news with me so I can share it with the class—we can’t wait to hear what you’re up to.

Liz Sullivan, 1444 Rhode Island Ave. NW, #603, Washington, DC 20005; elizabeth.a.sullivan.12@dartmouth.edu

As children of the 1990s, I know you remember the Mickey Mouse Club. Well that song from the end of each episode—“Now’s the time to say good-bye to all our company. M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E”—is going through my head right now. Meaning we’ve come to the end of the road and I can’t let go. Yes, that’s a Boyz II Men reference. It’s also my roundabout way of saying this is my last column before passing the torch or, more accurately, the keyboard to our new secretary. I know you’ll be in good hands, nay great hands, but it still doesn’t make it any easier to leave y’all. Now before I get all sappy (that’s what the last paragraph is for, obviously), let’s get to the real reason you’re here: to listen to me wax poetic about the most random of things. Just. Kidding. It’s my unparalleled writing skills that draw you in but my unquestionable wit that makes you stay. Not. Remember, y’all are going to miss me. Okay, actually on to the updates.

First and foremost, let’s give a huge round of applause to our reunion chairs Tim Koeth, Jamila Ma and Emma Fidel for crushing our fifth-year reunion and truly making it one to remember. Even though our tent was basically on Geisel’s campus, we represented and had way too much fun. Nobody puts the ’12s in a corner.

Shan Shan He moved to Seattle to start a new job at Amazon Alexa. Alex Tejeda will be attending Howard University College of Medicine in the fall.

Christina Mai and Saagar Kaul are engaged. Omiee Momoh and Attila Gál are also engaged. As if that weren’t enough, so are Jess Duncan and Michael Cassolato. There are also a couple of weddings to report: Lucinda LaCour and Thy Nguyen are married and so are Michelle Greenberg and Matt Walker ’10. Congrats all around!

Love, marriage and baby carriages (in no particular order; this is 2017 after all). Bekey Lee and Alex Kettering welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Taeo, into the world in April. Nina Skagerlind and Max Gelb welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Mira. If there was ever a time to Facebook and Instagram stalk, now is it. These are some seriously cute babies. I would not lead you astray.

Sarah Tanaka Glass graduated Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Royce Egeolu graduated University of Minnesota Law School. Kayasha Lyons graduated from Columbia Law School. Jay Kraska graduated from University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Tim Goh graduated from Harvard Law School. You guys are wicked smart.

Also impressive: James Reed delivered the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) student keynote address for the institute’s meeting of the medical fellows at the American Society for Clinical Investigation conference in Chicago in April.

That’s all I’ve got, ’12s. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and I’m pretty sure I have weirded y’all out at least once. Who am I kidding? It’s definitely been a solid 10 or more times. But would you have wanted it any other way? That’s a rhetorical question. In all seriousness, these past five years have consisted of me Facebook stalking you, LinkedIn stalking you, Insta stalking you, basically stalking you in all of the ways that are somewhat socially acceptable and just short of the stalking they make horror movies about and, to be honest, I would not have had it any other way. It’s what I do for y’all and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s been real, ’12s. Stay classy.

Kelley Crisp, 45 Marion St., #513, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Happy almost fifth-year reunion, 12’s! I don’t know about y’all but I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already been five years. Time flies, am I right? Keep an eye on those inboxes for information from our hardworking reunion chairs. They’re pulling together an amazing weekend for us, so get ready to party like it’s 1999 or 2012 or 10X, whichever strikes your fancy. Either way, it’s sure to be a good time, so I hope you’re all getting excited and I hope to see you all come June. Okay, onto the updates:

Chad Hollis moved to Los Angeles and is working at Netflix. Let me be the first to say that we all miss you in Boston, Chad, but if we had to lose you, at least it was to Netflix, without which I would not currently be binging The West Wing (which I highly recommend in case anyone is in the market for a new show).

In other cool job news, Anna-Kay Thomas made the trip out to Los Angeles to cover the Oscars. If that’s not totally awesome then I don’t know what is.

I have a couple of very exciting engagements to report. James C. Reed and Erin J. Feeney, both medical students at Yale, got engaged on February 1. Also, Sara Remsen and Kelly O’Brien ’11 are excited to announce that they’re engaged. We could not be happier for you guys!

But wait, there’s more: Sara is also graduating from MIT in June and is the cofounder of a new augmented reality startup out of Harvard and MIT called Waypoint Labs. You’re totally crushing it, girl!

As you’ve noticed, the notes are a bit shorter than usual. I’m sure it’s because everyone is saving updates and whatnot for reunions. Quite frankly, I can’t blame you. But with that said, I will never not be excited to see updates from members of my favorite class in my inbox, so don’t hesitate to send them my way. And with that, I’ll see you on the Green or on the other side of a pong table. Your choice. I just hope to see you all soon. One last thing, if you’re wondering if I’ll be harassing, I mean chatting, you all up for updates, the answer is obviously yes. Let’s just call it something else for y’all to look forward to. Contain your excitement, ’12s.

Kelley Crisp, 45 Marion St., #513, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hi there, ’12s! Spring has just about sprung…or, perhaps, is at least thinking about springing? Either way I’m happy to be writing to you all again. I hope everyone is doing well and is getting pumped for our five-year reunion. While we wait, I’m going to share some updates.

Bells will be ringing, wedding bells that is. Daniel May and Lauren Goodnow are engaged. The same goes for Caroline Lindseth and Will Stone. Congrats all around!

On a similar note, Connor Flint and Chelsea Stewart got married in New Orleans on October 8. The wedding party included Morgan Wharton ’13, Caitlin Flint ’16 and Brian Flint ’14. Other Dartmouth ’12s were also in attendance, including Claire and Justin Lashley (another newlywed ’12 couple), Jenna Trejo and Alex Schulz, Caitlin Nicholson, Andrew Cebellos and Greg Trodermann. Not to mention the many other Dartmouth attendees from other years as well. A very Dartmouth affair, if I do say so myself.

Equally as exciting, Jason Goodman is now in San Francisco working as a data scientist at Airbnb. Be sure to look him up next time you’re in the Bay Area, folks.

In other cool job news, Mike Gillis is living in Chicago and flexing his writing muscles at The Onion. Give his articles a read on your next commute; I’m sure you’re in for a laugh.

I promised I would circle back around to reunion talk, so here goes. As you are all aware (at least I hope you are), our fifth-year reunion is in June. Hard to believe it, I know, but here we are. You’ve probably received a few phone calls from the reunion fundraising committee and I know you’ve received an email or two from Cat Roedel and yours truly. I hope this has been enough to get everyone fired up and ready to go. We promise that is just the beginning. Your reunion chairs, Jamila Ma, Emma Fidel and Tim Koeth, have been working hard and have some amazing activities in the works. Keep an eye out for updates and such in your inbox, Facebook feed, the Tweeter, basically anywhere and everywhere you can share information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reply to any of the reunion-themed emails you receive or reach out to the reunion chairs at 2012reunions@gmail.com.

That’s all for now guys. As always, updates are greatly appreciated (k.crisp12@gmail.com). Stay classy, my friends.

Kelley Crisp, 45 Marion St., #513, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Happy holidays, ’12s. This round of notes will be in your mailboxes just as the holiday season is whipping into full gear. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but soon enough it will be the middle of February and we’ll be staring down another blizzard—wow, that just got too real. Before I go too far down that tundra of a rabbit hole, let’s talk updates. I’ve got some good ones that I’m pretty pumped to report. Eat your heart out, ’12s.

Wedding bells are ringing, y’all. Patrick Cunningham and Georgia Bird tied the knot this September. Jenna Pfeffer and Bret Tenenhaus ’09 also said “I do.” To make these Dartmouth weddings even better, there were plenty of ’12s there to help them celebrate. There are also some engagements to report. Chris Calby and Illiana Kowski are engaged, along with Patrick Lahey and Ali Keller. And the good times just keep on rolling: Kendall Weikert and Garret Ley are also engaged. Guys, so much love here.

But wait there’s more. You’ll remember when I happily reported that Ryan Milligan and Katie Edkins got engaged. Well here’s an update on the nuptials from the groom: “Katie and I got married in September in Chittenden, Vermont, about an hour west of campus. Our family is a big Dartmouth family, so my brother, Sean Milligan ’09, my father, Marty Milligan ’77, and my mother-in-law, Laurie (Campbell) Edkins ’78, were all there. Also Greg Certo, Henry Hutcheson, Michael Schwartz, Carrie Poorman and Maddy Packard ’13 were in the wedding.” Swoon, guys.

In other exciting news, Ally Gittens started her first year at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Jennifer Park is now a first year at Harvard Law School.

Watch out, Atlanta. Joan Leslie is in the building. Be sure to give her a warm welcome.

File this next one under “’12s that are too legit to quit”: Juliana Ortega delivered a talk to a group of more than 500 women at the Women’s Leadership Conference in Texas this October. The talk was described as inspiring and filled with joy. Well done, Juliana.

Several alums were involved in the new HBO film Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing, which premiered in Boston on October 26. The film was made in association with The Boston Globe and follows the story of three survivor families from the day of the bombing through the immediate aftermath and the years that have followed. The film’s crew was comprised of five Dartmouth alums: Austin deBesche ’68, Jonele Ceicao, Samantha Knowles, Annie Sundberg ’90 and Ricki Stern ’87.

Last but certainly not least, guys, I’m so pumped to report that our very own Kyle Hendricks helped the Chicago Cubs reach—and win—the World Series for the first time in 71 years. We were all rooting for you, Kyle (all other baseball team affiliations aside…but seriously).

That’s all for now. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and a very, very happy New Year. See y’all in 2017.

Kelley Crisp, 45 Marion St., #513, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hello, hello! It’s almost here. You know what I’m talking about; that pre-holiday season craziness that seems to start mid-October and runs into the New Year. So with that said, I won’t waste anyone’s time and will hop right into the updates.

Let’s start with what’s new on the graduate school front. Natalie Colaneri started medical school at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine this fall and Jalea (Roxy) Moses started her first year at Quinnipiac University Medical School. And if that weren’t enough, Elizabeth Trandel is now a first year at Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Claudia Cornejo is a nursing student at Vanderbilt School of Nursing. Quick correction from the last round of notes: Alix Peabody is a graduate student at the University of Southern California, not South Carolina. You guys are wicked smart. That’s all.

You guys are also moving all over the place. Color me impressed since I can barely move a few blocks without losing my cool. With that said, Jessica Chen moved to Chicago and Giulia Siccardo moved to San Francisco. Be sure to extend the warmest of welcomes to them in the Windy City and the Bay Area.

Some great news on the engagement-marriage-baby carriage front: Sarah Tanaka and Michael Glass are engaged, as are Marcelo Menezes and Molly Michalenoick. In addition, Alfonso Villegas and Lilian Dalton wed in July and Lauren Goodnow and Dan May were both there for the festivities. Alfonso is also finishing up his third and final year at Vermont Law School, so be sure to send him all the good vibes. And last, but certainly not least, Ally and John Gallagher welcomed Sadie Isabel on July 24. (That name! Am I right?). Guys, all the ’12s are so proud of you all.

Okay, y’all, short and sweet like I promised. Hope you are all having an amazing holiday season. Please keep the updates coming (k.crisp12@gmail.com)—I don’t have to tell you guys how much I love hearing from you. Stay classy.

Kelley Crisp, 45 Marion St., #513, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hi there, ’12s. I hope summer is treating everyone well. No need to delay. I know you all have beaches and popsicles to get back to so I’ll get right to the updates.

Alexi Pappas qualified for the Olympics! She’ll be running on the Greek team and we could not be prouder. Rio won’t even know what hit ’em. If I could insert an applauding emoji, y’all know I would, so just use your imagination.

This never gets old: Wedding bells are ringing. Emilyn Leiva and Ernie Economides are engaged, along with Jake Carlson and Kaitlyn McInnis. But wait there’s more, Ray Li and Maddie Steiner ’11 are also engaged, and so are Georgia Bird and Patrick Cunningham. Not to mention we have a couple weddings to report: Liz Doe (now Liz Doe Stone) married Zach Stone in June and Brandon Floch and Stephanie Picon recently tied the knot, too. Toasts all around to the happy couples.

On the graduate school front, Joan Leslie is starting a program in public policy at Jacksonville University. Alex Tejeda will start a post-baccalaureate program at Georgetown University School of Medicine this fall. Alex Kettering is heading back to Hanover to start medical school at Geisel School of Medicine. Ann Baum will be starting business school this fall.

Additionally, cheers are in order to our newest graduates. Christina Mai is officially a doctor. Daniel Whalen graduated from George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Oh and Shawn Abuhoff and Rebecca Lee are a couple of our newest law school graduates. I’m so impressed, team.

Rob Rein and his fiancée, Talia Weiss ’14, are moving to Chicago, where Rob will be attending Chicago Booth Business School. Patricia Nicholls is also on the move as one of the newest members of the Teach for America Denver corps. Wish them luck, everyone.

That’s all for now, ’12s. As always I love hearing from you, so don’t be strangers. Reach out and let me know what’s what at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Now, as you were (meaning you may now get back to those beach reads…). Stay classy, my friends.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Class of ’12s, I’m back! Let’s start with a confession. I’ll go first: I will never look at “Lemonade” in the same way. Seriously guys, we need to take a moment and appreciate all that is “Lemonade.” In doing so, though, don’t hurt yourself (if you missed that reference, you know what you need to do). Against my better judgment, this will not be a review of Queen Bey and “Lemonade” (although if you wanted it to be, I wouldn’t hate it). Instead it is about the next best thing, updates. Real quick, as always, updates are greatly appreciated. You guys have been great and deserve a huge shout-out. Keep up the good work and keep sending updates my way at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Okay, the wait is over, at long last, your updates.

Sujin Lim began a new job at Google. Likewise, Hilary Krutt started a new job at a digital content marketing startup. Pierre Guo can also make it rain, with new business cards that is; he started a new job at Netflix and, as a bonus, moved to San Francisco.

Speaking of moving, Marcelo Menezes moved to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Sam Knowles has some “cool movie news.” Her film Madly premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and To Keep the Light Film, a film she did a lot of work on, screened at the Florida Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival in April. So many awesome films to chose from.

Big news on the graduate school front: This fall Akwugo Nnama is bound for the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Kristina Black will be attending University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Likewise, Alix Peabody will start at University of South Carolina master’s in fine arts program in the fall with a focus in screenwriting. As if that weren’t enough, come fall Rob Marwanga starts at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Anna Fetter will begin her pursuit of a Ph.D. in counseling psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall. Ally (Dutton) Gallagher starts medical school at Oregon Health & Science University in the fall. But wait, there’s more and it keeps getting better. Emily Lui will be starting her second year of business school at Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia in September. And last, but certainly not least, James C. Reed has just finished “my third year at the Yale School of Medicine and was selected as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Research Fellow for 2016-17. I’ll be taking a year to research. Rage!” Such smartypants, you sure know how to make a girl proud. I know y’all still bleed green though.

Wedding bells just keep on ringing for ’12s. Whitney Robinson and Dave Goldstein are engaged, as are Keira Grimes and Michael Zirngibl ’10 and Lillian Wilson and Matthew Pascale. As if that’s not enough, Allie Bradford is engaged to George Tory. Loving all the love, y’all!

I’m beaming with pride here, but that’s all for now. So deuces up and tell him, boy, bye. It’s another “Lemonade” reference; sorry (I ain’t sorry). I can’t stop myself. Just go with it. Until next time, ’12s.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hey there, ’12s. I’m writing these updates in February, but you could have fooled me. Hope the weather is a little bit more predictable, or at least seasonal, in your neck of the woods, but if not here are some updates that are sure to brighten your day. Real quick, before we get rolling with the updates, as always, I appreciate the updates. Seriously, they make my day. Hit me up at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Now on to why you’re all really here, the updates.

Wedding bells are ringing again, y’all. Wills Begor and Laura Coyle are engaged. These two started dating sophomore year and, according to Wills, they are both “incredibly excited.” A Dartmouth love story, swoon! In other exciting engagement news, Cristina Hensel is engaged to Tom Flanagan. How exciting; we couldn’t be happier for all of the happy couples! John and Ally Gallagher are expecting their first baby in July. Congrats you two! Don’t worry, ’12s, I will be sure to keep you all up to date on all things baby Gallagher.

Our favorite cross-country skier, Sophie Caldwell, is continuing to do what she does best: absolutely crushing it. Drumroll, please: Sophie earned her first World Cup win in January in the 1.2-kilometer classic sprint. This is the first time a U.S. skier has won a classic sprint, which is pretty sick, amiright? You go, girl. Ann Baum got a huge shout out from Karlie Kloss when the model asked how Ann taught herself to code. Objectively speaking, that’s pretty cool, no?

Mike Dea wanted to check in to say that he just moved from Toronto, Ontario, to San Francisco. He’s looking forward to connecting with the Dartmouth community in the Bay Area, so, ’12s, treat him right and make him feel welcome. And last but certainly not least, Jasmine Kumalah and Si Jie Loo recently published a book through Lystra Book and Literary Services, a small press in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The book is called Holding Demons in Small Jars and is written by Jasmine and illustrated by Si Jie. The book is being called “lyrical and brutal,” a “penetrating story-in-verse about war, loss of innocence and the ‘small horrors’ people carry in their hearts.” The book is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindles.

That’s all for now, ’12s. Until next time.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hi there, ’12s. Hope it’s warmer where you are than here in Boston. Either way here are a few updates to warm you up from the inside out. Before we begin, as always I love hearing from you guys, so please keep the updates coming. Email me (k.crisp12@gmail.com), Facebook me, stop me on the sidewalk, I’m not picky, just let me know what’s going on. Please and thank you. And, what you’ve all been waiting for, here are your updates.

Let’s all give a big shout out to the ’12s who ran the New York Marathon, specifically Cat Roedel and Aly O’Dea. I’m sure there were more of you, so let me know who you are and I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Patricia Nicholls and Paul Spear, Adv’13, are engaged. These two also recently moved to Denver, so if any ’12s are in the area be sure to look them up.

Connor Flint and Chelsea Stewart are also engaged. Connor is currently a second-year medical student at Louisiana State University and a naval officer. Big shout out to all of the soon to be newlyweds. We wish you guys nothing but the best!

I kept the updates short and sweet this month, but fret not. There is always more where this came from, but until then, that’s all for now. Tune in next time, ’12s.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu


Hi, friends. Hope you all had a great holiday season and are settling into winter. I also hope y’all are staying warm and cozy (hot toddies totally encouraged) if you call home some place that gets and stays way too cold, and soaking up some sunshine if you live somewhere that permits wearing shorts year round. (Easy on the Facebook posting, y’all. Have a heart; it’s blizzarding for the millionth time over here.) Alas, this too shall pass and to tide everyone over, I have updates to warm everyone’s heart regardless of outside temperatures.

Sorry Minneapolis, but Justin Samuels now calls Park City, Utah, home, where he is working for United States Ski and Snowboard Association. Consider this fair warning, Justin, we are all coming to hang out and ski. Isn’t that what friends in Park City are for?

Similarly, Lani James is bidding Ohio adieu and now calls Portland, Oregon, home. Put a bird on it or something like that.

I never get tired of these particular updates. That’s right, it involves diamond rings and cake. Annie Norwood is engaged to former law school classmate Mark Downer. Congratulations, Annie!

And because those ringing wedding bells never get old, here’s another one for you all: Kristen Goldberg and Casey Hingtgen ’10 were married in October. They were surrounded by a number of Dartmouth folks, including fellow ’12s as bridesmaids Hilary Smith, Rachael Eggleston, Kelly Foley, Amber Bryant and Sarah Plumb. Congrats, Kristen, we all wish you and Casey the best!

Soccer fans rejoice. Lucky Mikosana extended extended his contract with the N.Y. Cosmos. Feel free to applaud wildly now.

In other sports related updates, Jabari Trotter is now a basketball coach at Lehigh University.

Although a bit late, this next update is no less impressive. I want to give a huge shout-out to everyone who passed their respective state bars. We all deserve several rounds of applause as well as several glasses of champagne. Cheers, y’all.

Now before I sign off, just a quick reminder that updates from you guys are always greatly appreciated. Seriously, keep me entertained during the many inevitable snow days that lay before me. Hit me up at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Nothing but love from your class secretary, who is most likely snowed in as we speak…just saying. (This is a guilt trip. Is it working?) Until next time, friends.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hi there, ’12s. Hope the holiday season is treating everyone well. I have some great updates for you guys, lots of exciting things to report. Real quick though: As always, updates are always appreciated. I love hearing from you guys so make my holidays and hit me up with some updates at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Without further ado, the updates.

Excellent news on the engagement front: Claire Hunter and Justin Lashley are engaged, both are second-year law students at William & Mary Law School. Likewise, Josh Riddle and Kristi Dameron are engaged. So are Liz Doe and Zach Stone. And last but certainly not least, Katie Edkins and Ryan Milligan are engaged. He popped the question on the Green: how perfect. Both are living in Boston, where Katie currently works at Mercer and Ryan is at Wayfair. We could not be happier for all of you lovebirds. Congratulations all around!

In addition to running Bellwether Rugs with fellow ’12 Molly Khalil (check them out here: bellwetherrugs.com), Sara Remsen also started the integrated design and management master’s program at MIT this fall, which is a joint program with the school of engineering and the Sloan School of Management. Good luck, Sara!

It goes without saying, but I’m always so impressed by all that you guys are up to and this next update is no exception. David Silver has been doing some big things in Detroit. Here’s what he has to say about his new nonprofit, Detroit Horse Power: Detroit Horse Power completed a successful summer of pilot programming, teaching kids from the city how to ride and care for horses. The participating children had an amazing time and learned not only about horses but also about themselves—developing greater confidence, responsibility, determination, and more. This is the first step on the path towards a new urban equestrian center that repurposes vacant land in Detroit and provides year-round programming for kids. Next, I will be putting my government and public policy studies to good use as I support Detroit’s city council in approving a new urban livestock ordinance that would pave the way for a new horse barn in the city. Stay in touch with the latest on Detroit Horse Power on Facebook (www.facebook.com/dethorsepower). While you’re ruminating on how cool a project this is, check out this new article while you’re at it: www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/oakland-county/2015/08/22/detroit-h.... Good luck with everything, David. Can’t wait for more updates.

Likewise, here is what Giulia Siccardo has to say about her new business venture: Pursuing a long-standing passion for healthy food, I ventured into entrepreneurship earlier this year and founded Heavenly Blix Inc. along with three fellow Harvard Business School classmates. My company produces Just Bananas, a non-dairy, banana-based frozen dessert that contains no added sugar or preservatives. Additionally, Just Bananas’ operations have a positive impact on the planet by sourcing our bananas from produce distributors with an oversupply of the fruit and by creating a market for ripe bananas that might otherwise be disposed of. Just Bananas is currently available for sale at specialty grocers throughout Massachusetts, and the company is currently in discussion with a major retailer to move toward distribution throughout the Northeast later this year. Giulia hopes Just Bananas will be hitting a grocery shelf near you very soon and encourages you to check out www.just-bananas.com for more information. Is it me or does this sound like the perfect holiday treat? Spoons at the ready, ladies and gents.

That’s all for now, team. Wishing you guys nothing but the warmest wishes this holidays. Merry, merry, y’all.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hello again, ’12s. Lots of great updates to tell y’all about, so I’ll get right to the good stuff. But real quick, as always, I love hearing from you so keep the updates coming (k.crisp12@gmail.com), please. And thank you.

Faye Keegan is moving to San Francisco, so be sure to give her a warm West Coast welcome.

After three post-grad seasons in Vermont Gordon Vermeer just retired from professional ski racing and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. He’ll be joining Charlie Governali at a timber and agriculture investment firm downtown and is excited to see Max Goldberg at November Project workouts. He’s also looking forward to reuniting with other ’12s around town. You heard him, fellow Beantown ’12s, let’s welcome him right, mmmk?

A few other ’12s are joining us in Boston this fall for graduate school, including Dana Or, who will be attending Harvard Law School; Remy Dikeou, who will be attending Harvard Business School; and Kristy Abo, who is moving to Boston to do the M.D./Ph.D. program at Boston University School of Medicine. Way to go, ladies. Can’t wait to see you around town. Similarly Hikaru Yamagishi is starting a graduate program at Yale, focusing on the study of the political economy of gender. Likewise Chris Plante is starting his first year at Cornell Law School. Big ups for you guys.

Additionally, a few more graduations to add on to the previous list from the last issue: Annalyse Chinco graduated from Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, Rachel Siegel graduated from Harvard Law and Jessi (Merry) Samuels graduated from Yale Law School. Virtual high fives all around.

Some ’12s are now officially hitched since we last spoke. Looking at you, Bekey Lee and Alex Kettering and Sarah Streeter and Henry Hutcheson. Congrats, you guys. The ’12s are sending all the love we have to give your way!

Alicia Kim is traveling to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, to help build a campus for a local high school. She writes that the project, called Dreams2Act: Nicaragua, is run by Random Acts, a nonprofit organization. The students in San Juan del Sur are excluded from regular schools due to their rural location and poverty. The Free High School gives them a chance at secondary education, and they deserve their own campus where that can become a reality. The volunteer team is made up of 25 people, each of whom raised $5,000 to put toward construction. Numerous Dartmouth alumni helped her reach the goal and now she is really excited to serve in Nicaragua this year. Additionally, Alicia is currently fundraising to support the logistical side of her trip, through Crowdrise (crowdrise.com/alicia-nicaragua). She’s fundraising through November, so go ahead and help her out if you can, ’12s. We wish you lots of luck, Alicia.

Lastly, it is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Nina Brekelmans. Please keep Nina’s family and friends in your thoughts and hearts during this difficult time.

That’s all for now. Carry on, ’12s.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Here you go, ’12s! As always these notes are for you, to keep you up to date with what is going on with your fellow ’12s. Thank you to all who sent in updates and keep ’em coming. Send them my way at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Love hearing from you guys. Here are the updates.

Emma Mahoney will be heading to Tuck Business School in the fall as one of the newest members of the class of 2017. 

Big shout out to Chinedu Udeh and Ryan Mei who were married on April 11 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, in Ontario, California. Class of ’12s were representing, as most of their bridal party members were Dartmouth alums, including Chinedu’s maid of honor, Mary Tate, bridesmaid Lauren Strainge, Ryan’s best man, David Gonzalez, and groomsman Jun Liang. Chinedu’s sister, Ngozi Udeh ’15, and Boma Ubani ’11 were also bridesmaids. Facebook stalking has shown me that everyone was glowing and looked stunning. Congrats you two! On a similar note, Ariel Murphy and Julius Bedford are engaged. As are Eddie Smith and Rachel Reynolds. How exciting, guys! Keep us posted on wedding details. Please and thank you. 

Stephanie Cobau graduated from UC Berkley School of Law this May. This is a great time to give a shout out to all law school grads out there—I’m looking at you, Ethan Weinberg, Kelsey Hogan, Maddy Sims, Rachel Siegel and anyone else I left off that list. (Sidebar: Let me know who you are and you’ll get a personal shout out in the next round of notes.). Also, I don’t usually do this and don’t even know if it is kosher, but I’ll give myself a high five for bidding adieu to law school too. Congratulations all around and to all other graduates out there. I want to know who you are (there’s only so much Facebook stalking a girl can do, am I right?). But actually, send it in please.

While we may be wrapping up, Graem Calloway is heading off to get his Ph.D. in English at Tufts University this fall. We’re sending good vibes your way and, not to get ahead of ourselves but, we cannot wait to hear all about your dissertation. Seriously, though. The highest of high fives goes out to Rachel Groh who ran in the Boston Marathon (bib number 29682). She raised $10,762 for Jumpstart for Young Children Inc., which, according to Rachel’s fundraising page, is a nonprofit that “recruits and trains volunteers to build early language and literacy skills in low-income communities.” Even though the marathon is over, here is a link to Rachel’s page, which gives a bit more information about Jumpstart and shows Rachel looking pretty legit: www.crowdrise.com/JumpstartBoston2015/fundraiser/rachelgroh.

Last but certainly not least, Molly Khalil and Sara Remsen have exciting news. Here’s what they have to say: “We have just launched BellwetherRugs.com, a vintage, one-of-a-kind rug marketplace brimming with handmade finds. They’re sourcing rugs from ’round the girdled earth and bringing them directly to consumers for a fraction of the cost. Bellwethers are sheep that lead the flock, and these Tri Delt roomies are bringing the outdated rug industry into the modern, good-looking world. Follow along on Instagram and start planning your first home purchases!” Check it out, guys!

Adios, amigos, summer is a calling. 

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

It’s been too long, ’12s. Summer is right around the corner and I, for one, am glad. Winter has been, er, a trying experience for those of us in the Northeast so summer literally could not come soon enough. It is the light (and warmth) at the end of the unbearably long, blizzard-filled tunnel that has been the past few months. Seriously, 20 degrees was starting to feel warm, ain’t nobody got time for that. Am I right? 

Before I get to the reason we’re all here—the updates—just real quick, I love hearing from you guys, so keep the updates coming. Send them my way at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Okay, on to the good stuff.

Thomas Balch is in Seattle working on robots that build airplanes and “aerospace stuff” (in case you’re wondering, there are also rockets involved—just saying). He also recently spent seven months in Japan and just went to Brazil as well. With that said he is looking forward to a bit of downtime in Seattle to settle in, sail, hike, climb and get a little ultimate Frisbee in. 

Great news on the graduate school front, everybody. Victoria Yu got into Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Jessica Reyes was accepted into Tufts University School of Medicine. And Alix Peabody got into the University of Southern California master’s program in screenwriting. Guys, I speak for all of us when I say we are so proud of y’all! Can’t wait to hear all about the great things you guys are going to do.

This is pretty cool. Matt Jorgensen, Ben Waller and Aidan Nelson are doing pretty big things in the overalls world. Yup, you read right. Overalls are back. Children of the 1990s, rejoice. Their company is called Rousers and they make “overalls for the modern man.” They won at Kickstarter and raised $25,000 in the form of preorders within the first three weeks of their campaign. You can still preorder some ’ralls (that’s an abbrev) on their website if you’re interested, which you all should be. I know I’m hoping they’ll expand and start making some ’ralls for the modern woman (my Gap jean overalls just don’t fit like they used to and I’m trying to get back into the overall game). You can find out all the information you need here: matthew-jorgensen-0rlg.squarespace.com.

Finally, Karen Schuster has an update on her update from the last round of notes. She’s still in China, but is now working at the growing digital arm of McKinsey. Keep doing you, Karen.

As always, it’s been a pleasure, ’12s. Over and out. 

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Spring may not have officially sprung in Boston, but y’all have warmed my heart with all of these updates. Keep ’em coming, okay? Send them my way at k.crisp12@gmail.com. So, without further ado, the news.

Love is in the air: Nina Skagerlind and Max Gelb ’11 are engaged! Anna-Kay Thomas won VH1’s dream-jobbing challenge, meaning we got to see her as a social buzz reporter on Big Morning Buzz Live alongside Nick Lachey. Not too shabby, A.K.

Jason Goodman moved to Berkeley, California, to pursue a master’s of information and data science at UC Berkeley. Be sure to touch base with Jason and roomie Nick Knezek if you’re in the Bay Area. Natalie Obermeyer married Matt Hunter in Aspen, Colorado, in August. They are now living in Boston, where Matt works as an attorney at Goodwin Proctor and Natalie is finishing her master’s in public health and nutrition at Tufts University. Nate Severance is on a research trip in Burkina Faso. Follow his whereabouts at http://feministlinguistatheistveteran.blogspot.com.

Will Bishop is living in Juneau, Alaska, and working at Alaska’s department of revenue as a tax-forecasting economist. Will is glad “to be back in my home state and in a new city at the same time.” Leah Nicolich-Henkin and Andrew Bloomgarden are now living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Leah is studying language technology at Carnegie Mellon University. Giulia Siccardo just moved from San Francisco to Boston and started at Harvard Business School. She’s glad to be back on the East Coast and hopes to visit Dartmouth more often.

Beijing 09X veterans Karen Schuster and Michael Hauge are “keeping it fresh in Shanghai, where they’re loving the fast-changing, cosmopolitan and dumpling-filled city. Karen is enjoying her role at Mailman Group, a social media agency specializing in bringing international sports brands into China’s digital market, and in between coaching debate and squash. Michael is currently launching a startup focused on education technology. If any Big Green friends (or foes) are coming through China, don’t hesitate to be in touch!”

Daneille Devlin started her second semester at Berkeley Law. David Silver is working to open a unique urban equestrian center in Detroit, combining his experiences growing up horseback riding and his two years of teaching in Detroit schools. David hopes to transform a large piece of vacant land and expand opportunities for kids in the city. He’s always up to play tour guide and show people why he loves Detroit (just ask Sidny Ginsberg), so be sure to look him (and Samson Sigma Alpha Epsilon) up next time you’re in Detroit. 

Our very own Drew Wong just started a Ph.D. in applied physics at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science studying batteries. He’s also been hanging out with other ’12s, including Natalie Obermeyer, Ken Greim and Rob Mercurio in the city. Bianca Zlatea and Rachel Moncton ran the New York Marathon at the beginning of November. I speak for all of us when I say, you go, girls! 

Sydney Bonham (formerly Sydney Schmus) moved this summer to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she and her husband were overjoyed to welcome their first child, daughter Kayvin Bonham, into the world on October 23, 2014. Dartmouth class of 2036? Bleed green, right? 

In January Hillary Barker moved to London, where she’ll be for the year working for FactSet. She’s looking forward to being back in the United Kingdom and spending time with Ally East and Chase Eldredge ’11, who are also in London.

Last but certainly not least, Jess Duncan recently moved to San Diego to work at Hines, a real estate developer and investor. Send her some love, guys. 

Until next time, ’12s. 

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Happy New Year, ’12s! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that the holiday season has come and gone. Wasn’t it Thanksgiving yesterday? But alas, here we are. Fall is over and winter is about to let us have it. (Please, dear weather gods, just not another polar vortex. Am I right?) Anyway, I’m going to stop my yapping about the weather and get onto the good stuff. Don’t forget, dues are still a thing. Pay up. We put them to good use, E.C.’s honor (it’s kind of like scout’s honor—go with it). Also, keep an eye out for mini-reunions. Our mini-reunion chairs always put together some great events. And, as always, updates from you guys are greatly appreciated, as are emails just to say hello. Okay, onto the updates. You guys have been up to some pretty cool things (not that I would expect anything less).

Sarah Scully has recently moved to Houston, where she is working as a reporter at the Houston Chronicle and a journalist at The Gazette. All you Houstonians out there be sure to give her a shout out and a warm welcome.

Dan Eisenson recently had his white coat ceremony at Brown Medical School, where he is currently studying. We couldn’t be prouder, Dan!

Bekey Lee started a new job at Hasbro. So if you need advice about the best new toys out there for nieces, nephews or 6-year-old cousins like me, she’s your girl.

Big ups to Andrea Daley, who just finished her first semester at UVA Law. Speaking from experience that is definitely worth a round of something—catch my drift?

Galen Barry wrapped up a Eurotrip not too long ago. Be sure to ask her all about that. Similarly, Cat Roedel is currently traveling around the world with travel buddy John Ross ’10. They recently finished up El Camino de Santiago, which is a 35-day, 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. Considering I sometimes find the walk to the T-stop taxing, what Cat and John are doing is beyond impressive. Be sure to follow these two as they gallivant around the world by checking out their blog hungrytomove.com. The pictures and stories are enough to make anyone quit their day job.

Great news guys, Louisa Harrison got into nursing school and is now on the road to becoming an RN. Congrats, Lou!

A little late, but still exciting and definitely worth noting, is Nate Brakeley’s role in helping the U.S. Collegiate All-American rugby team defeat their counterpart from across the pond (Cambridge University’s team) in the first game of the two-game series in June. The U.S team went on to defeat Cambridge in the second game of the series as well. 

Last but certainly not least, Matt Gallira wants to spread the word about his startup specialty food business, The Atlantic Ave. Co. It launched about a year ago and is now taking on an undergraduate intern. How exciting. The company is based out of New York City and northern New Jersey, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area. If you’re not, you can find more information as well as their amazing products at www.atlanticaveco.com. Show your fellow ’12 some love.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys, but be sure to keep the updates coming. I love hearing from you all. Hope all of your holiday seasons were merry and bright, and I wish y’all nothing but happiness in the new year. Here’s looking at you, 2015. Cheers!

Kelley Crisp, 24 Ransom Road, Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hiya, ’12s. Hope this finds you well. Great news to report this month, so I won’t delay.

Drew Jones says hello from Berkeley, California. He wrote in to say that he’s now working for a small company called Access Softek that does mobile banking applications. “I’m working with a bunch of other Dartmouth alums too. I think there are about 12 to 15 of us in the company thus far.” He was sure to add that he’s “doing the job right now during the day and also trying to get some songs written so that I can start pursuing music as a career.” We wish you nothing but good luck, Drew!

Mike Randall is moving to Philly. Give him a warm welcome, guys.

Ally Dutton ran the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in Portland, Oregon—making it her third half marathon. That’s right, count ’em—not one, not two, but three half marathons! You go, girl!

Shelley Carpeni and Amanda Conrad took a lovely trip to San Fran recently, and have the classic Golden Gate Bridge pic to prove it.

One of our very own mini-reunion chairs, Cat Roedel, told me all about the fabulous mini-reunion she organized in N.Y.C. I heard only good things from Cat, but would love to hear equally good things from everyone else who was there (cough cough—I’m looking at you, N.Y.C).

Watch out, Beantown. Kyle Boyd moved to town at the end of June to start a new teaching job. Send him good vibes. Please and thank you.

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to John Hill for making the clever suggestion that each issue should feature a different city along with the lovely ’12s who call said city home. Needless to say, I literally could not love this idea more. So keep an eye out, ’12s, there’s a new sheriff in town (I don’t think that saying really works here, but lets roll with it, shall we?).

Since John had this rocking idea, it seems only fitting that we start in his town. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Philly! 

That’s all for now, but as always comments, questions, concerns, updates and all around basic musings are always welcomed and greatly appreciated, even though its already well known that I am not too proud to Facebook stalk (but come on, it’s a two-way street, y’all). You know what to do. X’s and O’s.

Kelley Crisp, 1284 Beacon St., Apt. 410, Brookline, MA 02446; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hello, hello, ’12s! Summer is in full swing and I refuse to be the one who keeps you from beach reads, outdoor patio drinking, lawn games (corn hole, anyone?) and general across-the-board fun for too long, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

Jay Kraska and Carolyn Gaut ’13 are engaged! Keep ’em coming, guys; loving all this love.

So occasionally I tune into ABC Family, because hey, why not? Imagine my surprise, when I saw our very own Julian Flamer walking across the screen on Switched At Birth. How exciting! Everyone needs a summer show—’12s, make this yours. Come on y’all, show some solidarity. 

You guys never fail to impress me, and Justin Samuels is no exception. His photographs were featured in a trade show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my opinion, that’s a picture-perfect example of ’12s doing big things out there in the real world (Get it? Picture perfect. I thought it was clever.) 

Some ’12s are moving around these days, so keep an eye out for them if you’re in these cities. Erin Lansky is leaving the Big Apple behind and heading to Chicago. Color me jealous, Erin, and don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep. Kidding, but not all at the same time. Elizabeth Kamai is moving from Boston to North Carolina to start a graduate program in the fall. Congratulations, Elizabeth! Keep in touch; we’re sending good vibes your way. And cannot leave out Alex Kettering, who is moving from Philadelphia to Boston. Fellow Bostonians let’s give him a warm welcome, okay? 

Sabrina Chiasson and Emma Mahoney recently ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon We Run D.C. in Washington D.C. Similarly, Haley Carstensen ran in the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennsessee. Get it, girls.

Until next time, ’12s. Resume your fun in the sun. 

Kelley Crisp, 24 Ransom Road, Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Happy, happy New Year, fellow ’12s! Hard to believe it is 2014 already (oy vey), but hope you all celebrated right and brought 2014 in with style! Let’s not waste any more time (brand new year, lots to do); let’s get right to it. But first, don’t forget to keep an eye out for mini-reunion info from Cat Roedel and Toshi Harris-Koizumi. Also, remember it is never a bad time to pay some dues. Moving on to the updates:
The mini-reunion during Homecoming was a huge success, as was the one in N.Y.C. Both had large turnouts and gave people plenty of time to catch up, hang out and just have an all around good time. In case that is not enough good news, there’s another mini-reunion coming up in D.C., so keep an eye out for info on that if you’re in the D.C. area. Even if you’re not and are feeling the urge, head that way: You won’t be disappointed.
Jasper Hicks is about to start his second semester at University of Texas Law School. Hook ’em, Long Horns, right?
New year, new you…or how about updated you, specifically, a you updated with the groovy fashions from our very own John Shi’s startup Hillflint. John was nice enough to give us a little insight into all things Hillflint: “Hillflint was born out of a dissatisfaction with how uninspiring and heavily marked up college bookstore apparel was. So I wanted to make something I’d be pumped to wear, and I started with a piece that I always thought was really cool—the class sweater. There’s this iconic photo in ‘take ivy’ of Ed Heald ’68 who I caught up with recently in Boston, wearing his ’68 sweater. He still has his ’68 sweater and it still looks awesome—that level of quality just doesn’t exist anymore today. We didn’t compromise at all with the construction of the Hillflint class sweater. No synthetics, no cotton. The best materials out there so each sweater is knitted with only 100-percent Australian merino wool, in extra-fine grade. That means the wool fibers are very, very fine, which is why our sweaters almost feel more like cashmere than the scratchy wool we have come to expect. It’s the same wool high-end designer brands use in sweaters that cost $300-plus. But we can sell them for a fraction of that because we run super lean and spend next to nothing on marketing, relying instead of word of mouth. Next steps: adding new schools and testing our concept in the general fashion market (www.markonesweater.com)! You can check out the about us page on hillflint.com or read up on www.markonesweater.com for more info.”
So word of mouth it is! I’ve been to the website and have my eyes on a few goodies, so be sure to do the same. Seriously, a lot of good stuff there. Spread the word and support a fellow ’12 in the process—what could be better?
Last, Hayley Daniell, Sarah Cohan, Jamie Chapman, Hannah Jeton, Kristy Abo, Liz Salesky, Phil Grisdela, Matt Gallira and Hunter Dray all raced in the Head of the Charles Regatta in a variety of boats. They rowed real fast (as in fast-enough-to-medal-fast) and made us all proud. 
Nothing but love. See y’all next time!
—Kelley Crisp, 24 Ransom Road, Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hiya, ’12s! I’m so happy to be back here with another hello-in-column-form. Thankfully, it’s finally starting to feel like summer up here in Boston (took long enough, am I right?) and I’m excited to start everyone’s summer off right with some great updates. But real quick (you guys know the drill): dues, dues, dues, dues—always a good time to pay them (we promise to do great things with them)—and don’t forget to keep an eye out for news from our mini-reunion chairs Toshi Harris-Koizumi and Cat Roedel. To the updates.

Wedding bells are ringing again guys. Bekey Lee and Alex Kettering are engaged! Sarah Streeter and Henry Hutcheson are as well. Huge congratulations to all of you guys! So excited for you guys and we wish nothing but the best for y’all. 

Justin Samuels is the new young alumni chair of the Midwest. So all of you out that way get ready; I know for a fact Justin is planning big things for you guys. Be sure to keep an eye out for information from him and try to make it to as many events as you can.

Good news everyone in Philly and not so much for the folks in Chicago, but Caitlin Keenan is bidding the Windy City adieu and moving to Philadelphia. Be sure to give her a warm Philly welcome.

Lastly, how could we not give a huge shout-out to Sophie Caldwell, who is hands down one of our most favorite Olympians. We were all so proud to hear that you made it to the Olympics and then to watch you crush some records in the process was just icing on the cake. You go, girl. We’re all so proud of you.

So, the notes were short but sweet, right? While this is never a bad thing, I would love to hear from you guys more and if you guys want longer notes (and let’s be real, everyone does), send some updates my way (k.crisp12@gmail.com). I promise to do them justice. That’s all for now; nothing but love for you guys. 

Kelley Crisp, 24 Ransom Road, Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Spring has sprung, y’all. I’ll do us all a favor and keep this all short and sweet. Don’t forget about dues and, as always, keep an eye out for mini-reunions (word on the street is something’s brewing in Beantown). Let’s get right to the updates, shall we? Just for the record it is a super exciting column this month because two of these updates were emailed in (thanks, Ethan and Caitlin). Yay! Okay, without further ado.

Amber Dewey headlined in Mysticism and Majesty at the Hop, singing soprano with Tyler Putnam ’09 singing bass, Louis Burkot as the conductor and a guest orchestra. 

Lots of engagements to report (just warms my little heart, y’all): Ethan Weinberg and Dan Van Deusen ’11 are newly engaged, as are Thandar Tun Aung and Joseph Pena ’10. And as if that wasn’t enough to be excited about, Chinedu Udeh and Ryan Mei are also newly engaged. Guys, this is too much! We love you all and are over the moon for all of you. Sending the best and the warmest wishes that the ’12s have to offer. 

Our very own Ms. Mary Tate is crushing it at Harvard Medical School, so be sure to send some good thoughts her way. On a similar note, Caitlin Nicholson is a first year at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York. 

Galen Barry just got back from a work trip to Tokyo. How exciting. Be sure to check in with her to get all the deets; sounds like it was a blast. 

Peter Williamson has officially become a professional golfer. Big ups, Peter. Keep up the good work, we’re all cheering for ya. 

Lastly, quick correction from a previous column: Ethan Weinberg and Kelsey Hogan are both in the middle of their second year at Columbia Law School, not in the midst of their first year. As a fellow second-year law student I would not wish reliving the first year of law school on anyone, not even if just in the form of DAM notes. But love that Ethan let me know and sent in an update along with it. Follow suit, ’12s. I love hearing from all of you guys. That’s all for now. See you on the flip side. 

Kelley Crisp, 24 Ransom Road, Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Happy holidays, ’12s! As my holiday gift to you all, I won’t talk you’re ears off about dues, mini-reunions or sending in updates (although you guys know what’s up). Now, lots of updates for you all, so I won’t delay.

Great news on the graduate school front: Kelsey Hogan and Ethan Weinberg both started their first year at Columbia Law. Junine So started her first year at New York University School of Law. Sarah Tanaka is a first year at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, as is Carrie Poorman at Emory University School of Medicine. Tara Henn is taking Rutgers Medical School by storm, and Kelly Foley is getting her M.B.A./M.S. dual degree at Bentley University. Way to go, guys; sure you’re all crushing it.

Move over sports world, ’12s are in the building. Kyle Hendricks is pitching for the Tennessee Smokies and was recently named May’s Pitcher of the Month by the Chicago Cubs Organization. Kyle was additionally selected to start for the north division in the Southern League All-Star Game this past July. Joe Sclafani has been playing like an all-star for the Lancaster JetHawks after being selected by the Houston Astros (source: www.wmur.com).

The running world cannot keep up with Alexi Papas, she’s leaving them all in the dust and looking super fresh in the process. ESPN’s Endurance Sports recently wrote an article not only about Alexi’s sick skills, but also about her unique style and attitude, both of which cause our standout gal to stand out even more. See article here: http://espn.go.com/sports/endurance/story/_/id/9469153/endurance-sports-...

Watch out women’s hockey, Reagan Fischer is coming for ya. Reagan was recently drafted in the fifth round of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League for Alberta. Congrats, Reagan; we’re cheering for you!

In case all of this wasn’t enough, Michael Odokara-Okigbo (better known to the musical world as Michael O) released his first EP in August called “In The Beginning.” It has been received positively and to say I strongly suggest that all of you show some love and download it immediately, would be an understatement. But in all seriousness, you should all download it ASAP. 

Ginna Roach is also doing big things as one of the newest Knowles Science Teaching Foundation 2013 Teaching fellows. This fellowship is all about recruiting and training the best of the best teacher candidates focusing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM. What an amazing accomplishment, you go girl.

Jess Drazenovich recently joined the Peace Corps. Be sure to send us a postcard! 

Last, it is with a heavy heart that I have to share this last piece of news. In August Jonny Kessner passed away, leaving all ’12 hearts feeling a little bit heavier. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kessner family; Jonny, we miss you already. 

Until next time. 

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Hello hello hello, my fellow ’12s. It’s been too long! Let’s not let this happen again, okay? Joking. But not all at the same time, because you guys have been a bit too quiet for my liking—so really let’s not let that happen again, okay? In other words, send me updates people! Please and thank you. I’ve got some good ones for ya, compliments of my fabulous Facebook-stalking abilities (you can compliment me in your e-mails filled with updates that I know you’re all going to rush off and write after finishing this column). Seriously, I would so much rather hear them all directly from you all, so go ahead, give yourself or another ’12 a DAM-style pat on the back and send me some updates. 

Now before we get to the good stuff, otherwise known as the updates, keep an eye out for information about mini-reunions (I’m looking at you, Toshi Harris- Koizumi and Cat Roedel). Also, not too late to pay class dues. I won’t belabor the point here: Plain and simple, pay ’dem dues.

Alright, without further ado, updates on updates on updates.

Wedding bells are ringing, y’all. Ally Dutton and John Gallagher are engaged. Yay! And…wait for it, guys, so are Emily Shaw and Eric Richards. Double yay! Congrats to all of you. We literally could not be happier for you guys.

More great news on the graduate school front as well, Jessica Reyes was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania’s master of public health program. We know that she will be nothing short of awesome while there. Also, Michael Appeadu just started medical school at Emory. If you’re in the Atlanta area be sure to give him a shout out. On a similar note, Christina Mai finished up her first year of medical school at Baylor College of Medicine and is gearing up for year No. 2. Big ups, girl!

Watch out Beantown, Jamie Mclaughlin is coming our way. Try to conceal your utter excitement, my fellow Bostonians. I dare you. 

Lastly, Annalyse Chinco is now a program intern at Global Health Corps, so be sure to give her a high-five next time you see her or buy her a drink. 

Since it is fall, it seems like an appropriate moment to give a shout out to all my fellow grad students (those of us who just could not get enough of school so much so that we had to hop right back into it) and teachers (what’s up, Teach For America?) to wish you all good luck with the new school year! 

Happy fall, y’all. Until next time. 

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Hello, ’12s!

First and foremost, congradulations! Graduation has come and gone, making us officially Dartmouth College alums (still a bit hard to swallow, I know). I think I can speak for most of us and say that it is strange and exciting all at the same time. So here we stand: Dartmouth graduates. Now what? As many of us head off to various cities, towns, states and countries to pursue jobs, fellowships, graduate degrees and other various activities, I encourage you all to stay in touch, not only with Dartmouth, but also with other ’12s. Whether near or far (around the girdled earth right?), keeping in touch is easy these days, and your 2012 executive committee (EC) has made it that much easier. Thanks to our resident webmaster, Mr. L.J. Sconzo, we have a Facebook, a Twitter, a website, a newsletter and much, much more. And this just in, we’re also on Linkedin. Just search “Dartmouth Class 2012” and request to join. The long and short of it, we’ve got you covered. So check us out! 

Now, I also want to use this as an opportunity to explain what our little bit of space in the alumni magazine is all about. As the secretary, it is an opportunity for me to keep everyone up to date on what the EC is up to as well as what fellow ’12s are doing out in the real world. Here’s where you guys come in. Please, please, please keep me posted on all of the amazing things y’all are up to. Seriously, guys, the sky is the limit here. This can be anything: job updates, if you’re moving, engagements, weddings, book, movie and restaurant suggestions, fun recipes, jokes (we could all use a laugh every now and again, right?) and everything in between (clearly, I’m not picky when it comes to this). We all spent four years together in Hanover and are ’12s for life, so let’s stay in touch, shall we? No update is too small, so send ’em all my way (see e-mail below). 

Okay on to our first few updates:

Malia Reeves was featured in The Taos News and is in the process of preparing for two art openings at Dartmouth this September.

Michael Odokara-Okigbo and the Dartmouth Aires just finished up touring in Maine, and now he will focus solely on pursuing a career in music. We will be sure to keep you posted!

Keep an eye out for Kyle Hendricks, currently playing MLB with the Texas Rangers. Be sure to show him some love.

Nick Schweiger was recently drafted to the St. Louis Rams, so be sure to show some support once the NFL kicks off again.

Lastly, Lucky Malala Mkosana will be playing MLS for the Chicago Fire. Stop by a game if you are in Chicago. 

That’s all for now folks. Be sure to send me any and all updates so that I can give shout-outs where shout-outs are deserved. And do not forget to join, like, follow, do what you gotta do to stay up to date on all things related to the best class ever. Here are all the details of where and how to access all of the above: Facebook, www.facebook.com/dartmouth2012; Twitter, @dartmouth2012; and LinkedIn, lnkd.in/BZMh6s.

Kelley Crisp, 1295 Turkey Trot Road, Manakin Sabot, VA 23103; (804) 366-5912; kelley.a.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu

Hi again, ’12s! 

It’s me again! New issue, new set of updates! Hope everyone has had a great summer post-graduation and has transitioned smoothly into the “real world” (whatever that means, right?). Seems like most are settling in and starting to get a handle on it all. 

Before I move on to updates just want to remind you all to continue to like the ’12s Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, check out our website and join the party on Linkedin by searching “Dartmouth Class of 2012.” (More details below.)

Also, a quick reminder to continue to send updates my way at k.crisp12@gmail.com. Remember, nothing is too small. Send everything my way and I’ll make sure it makes it in, mmmk?! Please and thank you.

Okay, onto the updates.

Our very own Phil Grisdela along with Nick Dawe ’10 competed at the world crew championship in Bulgaria August 14-19. Big ups to them both.

Peter Williamson has won two major amateur golf championships—the North & South Amateur in North Carolina in early July and the Southern Amateur Championship later that month—and has qualified for his third U.S. amateur championship. The Masters can’t be far. (See his story, page 22.)

Exciting news for Sarah Streeter, who began work at global health and humanitarian aid organization AmeriCares, where the president and CEO, Curtis Welling ’71, is also a Dartmouth alum. Lots of Dartmouth love at AmeriCares. 

Jabari Trotter is now playing professional basketball overseas in Dublin, Ireland. Snaps to Jabari. We wish him nothing but the best! 

News Daily’s article title reads, and I quote, “Mkosana Stars at Harrisburg City Island,” as they write about the one and only Lucky Mkosana. Lucky is now playing in the United Soccer Leagues pro league for the Harrisburg City Islanders in Pennsylvania and has been deemed a “game changer.” You know what this means—all of you even remotely close to Pennsylvania have to make your way to a game to show him some love. Read more of the article at www.newsday.co.zw/article/2012-08-22-mkosana-stars-at-harrisburg-city-is.... 

Also, continue to keep an eye out for information from our wonderful mini-reunion chairs Catherine Roedel and Satoshi Harrison- Koizumi, who are working hard to make sure there are plenty of organized events for ’12s and other alums to get together and reminisce about the olden days. (Can I say that yet? Has it been long enough for us to have “olden days?” I’ll let you guys decide.) Some of these will be big events like our zero-year reunion during Homecoming, but some will also be smaller events at local bars, restaurants, parks, you name it, where fun will surely be had by all! 

Alrighty, that’s all I have for now, but I know y’all have been up to some great things (or maybe up to no good…either way works for me) so be sure to keep the updates coming so I can pass it along to everyone. Good luck out there and have a great holiday season. 

In case you’ve already forgotten, here are all the ways the webmaster L.J. Sconzo has set up to make staying in touch and updated easy-peasy: Facebook, www.facebook.com/dartmouth2012; Twitter, @Dartmouth2012; LinkedIn, lnkd.in/BZMh6s.

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Hello, ’12s! Summer is getting closer and I for one am glad! Spring proved to be chillier than I would like up here in Beantown, so out with the old and in with the new (weather-wise at least). 

Before we move on to the updates, just a quick reminder to send updates my way, (Seriously, any and everything. Your fellow ’12s want to know what’s up!) Also, don’t forget to check the ’12s website for updates, and to keep an eye on the Facebook page and Twitter too.

To the updates! The theme for this issue’s column goes along with what I ask for (beg for) every issue: updates from you guys. These are all updates that were sent to me, so send stuff my way and get a shout out in our little space of the alumni magazine (who wouldn’t want that?!). Okay, here goes.

Alexi Pappas was featured in The Oregonian a few months ago. No surprises here: She’s doing big things out in Oregon, running for University of Oregon and leaving everyone else in the dust. Lexi is in a master’s program in interdisciplinary studies at UO, and is additionally taking advantage of remaining eligibility in indoor track and cross country. The article not only raves about her amazing talent as a runner, but also about her positive and refreshing attitude. It also mentions her success with writing films, one of which, Tall as the Baobab Tree, was featured in film festivals in London, Montreal and most recently the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar. Big ups, Lexi! Keep it up!

Ida Sargent competed at the World Cup cross-country ski sprints in her first World Cup team sprint final in Quebec City in December. Ida says the experience has been great and loves training and competing with her teammates. She says it’s been a learning experience and that she is “grateful to be part of this team” (quoting from the Valley News). Keep up the good work, Ida! We’re all cheering for you!

Similarly, Sophie Caldwell also made her World Cup debut in Quebec City. She finished 14th in the team sprint with fellow teammate Sadie Bjornsen and just missed qualifying for the finals. Additionally, her performance in the individual sprints left her in 14th overall, definitely something worth celebrating as far as we’re concerned. After graduation Sophie joined the Stratton Mountain School’s new T2 elite team to train along with fellow ’12s Erika Flowers and Eric Packer. Good luck, guys! Y’all make us so proud!

Also, be sure to check out Sarah Scully’s article, “Forager’s Beauty,” in the March/April DAM if you haven’t already. You can also find the article online at http://dartmouthalumnimagazine.com. It’s awesome, so be sure to read it! 

That’s all for now! But worry not, more updates and notes to come. Promise! Until then.

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Hello again, ’12s! Spring has sprung! I hope you all are enjoying the break from the cold and looking forward to warmer weather. First, we’re going to take care of a little business. Thanks to L.J. Sconzo, our class of 2012 website is up and running and looking good! This is where you can find all of the information you need about what the executive committee (E.C.) is cooking up. Meaning, information about events, class dues, links to the newsletter and class notes (i.e., what you’re reading right now), general Dartmouth news and class photos. There is also information about all of the members of the E.C., so you all know who to reach out to if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We are all here for you guys, so let us know what’s up! 

Speaking of class dues: Our treasurer Chris Jenny has made it super easy to pay dues. It’s $35 a year and you can pay through PayPal on our class website (http://bit.ly/dartmouth2012dues) or check your e-mail for an e-mail from our president Greg Knight to find the link as well. I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “Why should I have to pay dues?” Well, that’s a great question. Dues are used for a lot of different things, including our newsletter and organizing reunions of all kinds, including mini-reunions and “banner year” reunions (like the zero-year reunion during Homecoming and eventually our five-year reunion). So please try to pay class dues as soon as possible. We promise we will put it to good use!

Similarly, your loyal secretary (me) and your loyal newsletter editors (Shaun Akhtar, Sarah Schewe and Nora Winslow) are all about keeping you all up to date so please, please, please send us updates! We will be forever grateful! Secretary updates to kelley.crisp@dartmouth.edu and newsletter updates to dartmouth2012news@gmail.com. 

Okay, onto the updates:

Our mini-reunion chairs Cat Roedel and Toshi Harris-Koizumi organized a “huge” mini-reunion in N.Y.C. in November. It was a joint event with the ’11s and roughly 200 to 250 people were there. What a great turnout! Keep an eye out for other upcoming mini-reunions! If you would like to plan or help to organize a mini-reunion in your city, do not hesitate to reach out to Cat or Toshi at class.of.2012@alum.dartmouth.org.

Lastly, a big shout out to Samantha Knowles, who is taking the documentary film world by storm with her new documentary Why Do You Have Black Dolls? The film seeks to unravel the intricacies of that very question that Knowles received a number of times as a child. Knowles takes on this subject by interviewing black women from Philadelphia to Harlem, New York, and discovered an overwhelming appreciation for black dolls. She sought to make this film a tribute to black dolls, wanting people to see the importance of them. Knowles says, “Going into this film I thought I knew a lot about black dolls, and I was just trying to convince everyone else, and I was surprised in learning how powerful they really are. So I think that’s what I learned, and I see them as not just playthings that are there for kids, but as images of ourselves and how so many are not looking to ToysRUs or Kmart to see ourselves.” (http://uptownmagazine.com/2012/11/why-we-need-black-dolls/). Read the article and definitely check out this documentary. Making us all proud, Sammy!

Until next time, ’12s. 

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Hi, friends! Happy summer! Hope you are all having fun in the sun! It is going to be a quick hello this time around, but there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Real quick plug about dues: Send them in! Don’t worry, it’s not too late (I know you are all relieved to hear that!). Our very own treasurer, Mr. Chris Jenny, has made it way too easy to pay dues, so no excuses on that front. Dues are $35 a year and, bonus, you can pay through PayPal! You can find the link on our class website or right here: http://bit.ly/dartmouth2012dues. I know you’re thinking, “Who needs dues?” Well, we do! Seriously, dues are used for a number of things that we all benefit from, including our newsletter and reunions—both mini-reunions and “banner year” reunions. So, please try to pay class dues. We promise we will only use them for amazing funtivities! 

As always please, please, please send updates my way (k.crisp12@gmail.com). I know you guys have been up to some great things, so send ’em in! Seriously, anything will do; the ’12s just want to know what’s shakin’! Otherwise, I will Facebook stalk all of you! (I’m not too proud.) Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for tweets and Facebook posts from our mini-reunion chairs, Cat Roedel and Toshi Koizumi- Harris, because I know for a fact that they are planning some super exciting things! And don’t forget to check out the ’12s website, too! 

Okay. I’m looking at you, updates:

Ally Dutton was featured in the May issue of Runners World magazine looking hip, fit and fabulous! You guys have to track down this issue; seriously, it’s a must!

Bekey Lee was recently promoted to an assistant planner at Hill Holiday. Keep on keepin’ on, Bekey!

We’ve got some big news on the graduate school front! Carrie Poorman will be attending Emory for medical school this fall. Also, Whitney Robinson, Keira Grimes and Rebecca Lee will be starting law school this September. Snaps to all, y’all! So, so happy for you guys!

And last but certainly not least, Louisa Harrison, will start researching at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in a group called OurGenes, OurHealth, OurCommunity this summer. You go, girl!

That’s all for now, ’12s. Over and out. 

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com

Hi, friends! Your loyal secretary here! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a very happy New Year! In that same spirit, I’m starting something new for our little section in DAM (new year, new column…that’s my motto at least). So here’s the deal, I’ll give you guys the normal updates, but, additionally, each column will also have a theme or focus. I have a few ideas, but here’s where you guys come in: If you have an idea for a focus, let me know and I’ll make it happen! So, please e-mail me at kelley.crisp.12@dartmouth.edu with column themes and ideas as well as any updates you may have. 

Great! Now on to the premier “themed” column, focusing on (drumroll please) ’12s living it up and doing big things this year while abroad! This by no means is an exhaustive list, really just a few people who are abroad, so I may repeat this focus (just this one time) to make sure we hear from as many ’12s abroad as possible. Here goes:

The one and only Ally Gittens is currently in Soweto, South Africa, working with Grassroot Soccer as a monitoring and evaluation intern. Ally says she’s having a great time and that it has been “both rewarding and challenging.” Ally has also been working on the Skillz Street program, an intervention specifically geared toward young girls that, like the other Grassroot Soccer programs, seeks to teach life skills as well as HIV awareness and prevention, and acts as an outlet for girls to express themselves in a safe space and build a strong support system. Anyone can host a tournament with their soccer club, school or community to raise awareness and funds for Grassroot Soccer, and applying for the year-long internship is always an option as well.

Greg Knight, Mr. President himself, is currently in Milan, Italy, at the Collegio di Milano, where students from all of Milan’s universities come together to attend lectures and participate in the programma culturale (cultural program), a special program designed to broaden students’ perspectives and knowledge base. Specifically, Greg is working with students who want to improve their English for personal use as well as those who hope to work in the States one day. For more information contact Dartmouth’s French and Italian departments.

“Bonjour” from Paris and from the lovely Hilary Krutt. Hilary is currently living with fellow ’12 Lizzy Kee (Hi, Lizzy!), working as an English teaching assistant at the middle and high school levels, while Lizzy is working at the elementary school level. Hilary says it’s been an “overwhelmingly positive experience,” and has loved the questions her students ask like, “Have you been in Las Vegas and did you see stars?” and “Do you eat a lot of hamburgers?” (All fair questions I would say.) Anyone interested in getting involved can find more info at frenchculture.org.

Jabari Trotter is currently in Dublin, Ireland, playing for one of the top ranked professional teams, the Dublin Thunder. Jabari says the team is “very diverse, which makes the team really fun to be a part of.” Additionally, he is also getting his M.B.A. at Dublin Business School (a la master’s by day and b-ball star by night…sick life, if I do say so myself). 

In other news, Cat Roedel and Satoshi Harris-Koizumi tell me that the year zero reunion during Homecoming was “such a success,” with roughly 300 ’12s and ’11s making an appearance to enjoy good food, good music and good company. That’s all for now. Until next time!

Kelley Crisp, 1677 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 5, Brighton, MA 02135; k.crisp12@gmail.com


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