Happy summer, ’01s. More importantly, happy 20th anniversary of our Sophomore Summer, ’01s! I do not have many updates for you this time around, but I am going to say that is a good thing so that you can save your time for basking in your ’01 summertime glory. Robin DeGracia wrote in with fond memories of the summer of 1999, when she had just returned from her language study abroad and first trip to Europe. Two decades later, the travel bug remains with her family, including her husband, 9-year-old son, and 7-year-old daughter, heading to Bali to celebrate Robin’s birthday. Happy travels!

Memories of Sophomore Summer often include that awesome New Hampshire landscape. Few people will experience that special New England air as much as Meg (Fuchs) Hastings, who became the director of administration and facilities at Harvard Forest in January. The forest is Harvard’s 4,000-acre outdoor laboratory and classroom located in central Massachusetts.

Now that you have read this pithy column, go outside and relive the magic of our special time in Hanover, just 20 short years ago.

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There is a lot going on in the ’01 world right now. In addition to many 40th birthday celebrations, people are on the move in all sorts of ways. After winning a 2018 Grammy Award for Bluegrass Album of the Year, Chris Pandolfi is gearing up for a big year with his band, The Infamous Stringdusters. Patrick Burleigh, Jeremy Robin, and Chris O’Connell ’04 recently joined him at the beach in Mexico for Strings & Sol, a music festival featuring the Stringdusters. Matt Shaffer wrote in to say that all is well in Chicago, where he continues to work in private clinical practice in the mental health field. He is staying busy chasing around his 4-year-old daughter, Reba, and gets to see Mike Levy and Jim Sitar from time to time.

We have some career changes afoot. Bradford McKeown recently started a job at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor in the firm’s Portland, Oregon, office. Sasha Kraev started a new position as the chair of cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery at Billings Clinic in Montana and just had her first child. Paul Biggs has passed the one-year mark in Berlin. Paul reports, “My wife, Paige, and our two boys, Crosby, 4, and Hugo, 1 (and born in Berlin), moved to Germany from Portland, Oregon, last year, and have been enjoying every second of it. I’m working for a software startup based here, and we make it a point to travel somewhere new at least once a month (just got back from Mallorca). While it takes most expats a while to get used to the rampant nudity, especially on the East German side of town, turns out my years of streaking the Green prepared me well for this chapter of life!”

The ’01 class has a lot going on in the world of academics. Boulat Bash left Raytheon BBN Technologies last spring and moved to the warmer climes of the Southwest to work as an assistant professor at the electrical and computer engineering department in the University of Arizona. Jason Kelly recently took a new job as an assistant professor at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, after finishing up a postdoc at the Harvard Kennedy School. Jason, his wife, Rebecca, and daughter Abigail are loving their new digs in Jamestown, Rhode Island, right across the bay from Newport, and are spending lots of time outdoors, enjoying the beaches and exploring the local playground circuit: “I am happy to report that I recently wrapped up five weeks serving as the acting dean of the U.S. Military Academy and will be returning to my role as the vice dean for academic affairs at West Point. I am sure that Sylvanus Thayer would be very happy to know that the Dartmouth-U.S. Military Academy connection continues to this day.”

Have a great summer, ’01s near and far!

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It took a little cajoling but we have some awesome updates for your reading pleasure. A while back, Chance Hill wrote in to say that he was running for a seat on the Colorado University board of regents, representing the state’s 5th congressional district. He won the seat in November, and starts his six-year term in November. In other fantastic follow-up news, Jesse Foote reports that his Kickstarter campaign to develop his treasure hunt game, Color Clues, was a success with participation from many ’01s, including Sean Alpert, Lindsey Anderson, Paul Biggs, Ivan Cestero, Hillary Dunleavy, Maribel Florez, Mike Foote, Dominic Germana, Devon Green, Dean Krishna, Ian Laing, Patrick Leslie, Brooke Lierman, Jorge Miranda, Prince Neelankavil, Jon Potter, Rhea Powell, Kristin Romberg, Roshan Shah,and Margaret Sloat. Take a look at www.colorclues.com. Maybe all the ’01 kids can play at the next reunion.

Speaking of ’01 kids, there are more of them in this world. Andrew Trief and Samantha Shabman (George Washington ’11) welcomed their first son, Rafael Noah, on October 7 in Atlanta. Splitting time between Atlanta and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Andrew would love to catch up with ’01s passing through the South. Valeria (Guerrero) Lewis, husband Stephen, and son David recently welcomed second child Amelie Maria. Valeria and Stephen also celebrate the second anniversary of their firm, law offices of Lewis and Guerrero in Miami. Costa Mesa, California got a new ’01 baby with little Keia Dresow Cooperstein joining Jacqueline Dresow, Marc Cooperstein, and big sister Taylie (3) in April. Also in California, Jenny Alden reports that she (re)connected with Kirk Spahn ’99—the two parties dispute whether an initial connection was made many years earlier in Hanover—in 2015. This meeting was apparently more memorable with the pair now happily married and parents to a beautiful baby boy. Last, and certainly not least, Jessica Wirth Strine wrote in from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, to say that she completed her happy family of seven with the birth of Camilla (“Milly”) June Strine last March. In June Jessica pivoted away from portfolio management and took a job with Vanguard.

The years 2018 and 2019 are a milestone for many a classmate with at least a plurality—perhaps a majority, but I have not crunched the data—of ’01s turning 40. As expected, many of our classmates are celebrating with ’01 friends and exciting adventures. Rochelle Bourgault is embracing the new decade with her husband, who is turning 50, by relocating her family of four from Marblehead, Massachusetts, to Venice, California, for the entire month of February. Some ’01 friends, Amanda (Montgomery) Martin and Melissa (Singh) Merchant, traveled to Boston to join Jenna and Steve Leschuk for Jenna’s 40th celebration. Evelyn Chen is taking these 40th birthdays global. Just before celebrating Bernette Tsai’s 40th in the Bay Area with Andy Kim, Wendy Yu ’02, and Masashi Kiyomine, Evelyn helped organize Equality Now’s 2018 gala in Los Angeles, helping to raise more than $1 million for women’s and girls’ rights. She will be celebrating her own 40th with some skiing in Hokkaido and traveling around Japan in late February through early March.

Thanks for the updates everyone. Have a great spring!

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Happy new year, ’01s! For this set of notes I sent out an email asking what traditions you have maintained with Dartmouth friends since graduation. One type of response dominated all the rest: The class of 2001 continues to have babies. I received eight updates for this column, and six of them involved new children. Two updates involved Meeta Agrawal, but more on that later.

Jen Feltner shared a nice tradition that she created with her friends from the fencing team. This crew gets together for Mardi Gras-themed fencing reunions, a tradition that sprang up following Jen’s time living near New Orleans. Far from Louisiana, Jen is studying mountain lions and their competitors (think wolves and grizzly bears) north of Jackson, Wyoming, during her fifth year in a Ph.D. program in wildlife biology at the University of Montana.

A couple of European updates to share. Georges Dyer and his wife are moving to London. He will still be running the Intentional Endowments Network from there and looks forward to connecting with Dartmouth friends in the United Kingdom. Abraham Mahshie is returning to the United States after spending four years in Spain. He is currently writing a travel essay-style book on Spanish bullfighting as well as reporting on crime and the midterm elections for the Macon County News in the Smoky Mountains.

And now to those babies. Abby Nova and Tim Wright welcomed Benjamin Fowler Nova-Wright in February. He joins big brother Alex (9). Abby is a partner and producer at Stand Sure Media and Tim recently joined Guggenheim Investments. They recently moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn and were lucky enough to live upstairs from Meeta Agrawal and family. Meeta has the distinction of being mentioned in two independent responses to this request for information. Alka Singal wrote about her whirlwind trip to Mexico City with Sylvia Kindermann and Meeta. Meeta will be starting as the arts and leisure editor at The New York Times. Sylvia and her husband, Case Dorkey ’99, recently had a baby, and it was on Alka’s birthday. So much to celebrate! Andy Pease is an assistant professor of music and director of instrumental music at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. He and his wife, Lisa Samols (Columbia ’04), recently added to their family with the arrival of Maya Samols Pease in June. Their older son, Ben (3), is currently thrilled to be a big brother but it is unclear if that goodwill will last through the printing of this column. Pavan Nihalani wrote in to report the arrival of Bodhi Doshi Nihalani in New York City in August. An already impressive child, little Bodhi managed to sleep through most of the 13-hour flight back to Dubai when he was just 4 weeks old. Well done. Amar Dhand and Charlene Ong welcomed Daphne Cleopatra Dhand in September and are planning a visit up to Dartmouth soon. Amar also recently had some of his research on social networks in medicine published in Nature Communications. Susan Kown Lee and her husband, David, welcomed daughter Iris Lee to their family in October.

The ’01 family continues to grow, and based on this non-scientific data collection, will have a 25-percent chance of living near or vacationing with Meeta. I like those odds. Congratulations to all.

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

Happy fall, ’01s! You may not be aware, but Connecticut seems to be a hotbed of Dartmouth ’01 activity. Joe Sondheimer and I were happy to host a pool party bringing together lots of Dartmouth friends in the Constitution State. Alissa (Abbey) Stoltz,her husband, Don, and their family moved to Weston about a year ago, and Miriam Ingber, Peter Vassilev ’00, and their children are very recent transports to Westport. We were joined by Kristin Delaney and her daughter as well as Suzanne (deVries) Decker and her sons, who were all willing to cross the New York state line for the afternoon. Debra (Brodsky) Shigley and Erich Shigley ’99 and their kids came down from Boston to join the festivities. Scott and Alisa (Beck) Harrison and their kids also visited Ridgefield for a concert in the park this summer. In other Connecticut news, Alexis (Vagianos) Siegel, Adam Siegel ’00, and their four children have moved from Greenwich to Miami.

In neighboring New York, Carolyn (Roth) Fiuza and her family departed the Upper West Side for the leafy streets of Bronxville just in time to welcome their second daughter, Isabelle, in June. Juliana, 4, is enjoying her new home and role as a big sister. Rounding out our discussion of the tristate area, Chris Tully and his wife, Lisa (Rutgers ’04), recently moved to new digs in Chatham, New Jersey, and welcomed their third child, Lucas Michael.

Further north, Rochelle Bourgalt, her husband, James Gotz (Michigan ’91), and their daughter, Margaret, 2, welcomed Benjamin to the family at sunrise on a lovely July morning in Marblehead, Massachusetts. And even closer to that which connects us all, Abby Gillard traveled home to New Hampshire from West Des Moines, Iowa, where she lives with her wife, Lisa. The high point of the trip was a day spent at a lake with Katie Gayman, Bri Johnsen, and Jen (Murray) Talmadge and their kids. They also met up with Bri’s husband, Eric Wang ’02, Riley Lochridge ’02, and Seth Smith ’02, who were on their way back from their annual trip to the Second College Grant. Abby reports, “We were missing a few members of the Dartmouth women’s soccer class of ’01, but it was epic nonetheless!”

In the Midwest, after many years in the fashion retail industry, Chris Miranda graduated from Ohio University College of Medicine and started his residency in family medicine at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season, no matter where you are!

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Hello, ’01s! Not too much news to share this time around, but what we do have is exciting as always. The class of 2001 seems to be in the midst of a baby boom out in California. Rupa Magge welcomed another daughter, Nadiya Parvathi Cross, in May. Big sister Kareena is already obsessed with the new addition and is excited to show her around their hometown of Los Angeles. Kim Vu wrote in from San Jose to share the June arrival of Valeri Cat-Linh Dau. Kim and her husband, Nathan Dau (Columbia ’00), happily introduced Val to older siblings Bruce and Vivian. In addition to adding to the family, Kim recently took a managing counsel role at Align Technology.

Finally, Amy Salomon sent an update from North Redding, Massachusetts. Amy and Matt Deninger report that starting this fall, Norah (9) and Barrett (6) will both finally be in school for the full day! Amy is taking this opportunity to head back into the classroom herself as a teacher at the Temple Emanuel Preschool in Andover, Massachusetts. Congratulations to everyone!

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It has been an extraordinary few months filled with professional and personal triumphs for the class of 2001. First and foremost, give a rouse for our own Mindy Kaling for being selected as Dartmouth’s 2018 Commencement speaker. What an honor! Jesse Foote recently launched a game called Color Clues that lets parents easily set up treasure hunts for their kids. The game uses sequences of colors and audio clues so kids of any age can solve the hunts completely on their own. You can try it out for free at the App Store, and keep an eye out for his Kickstarter campaign to preorder the game box. Mary Barensfeld’s work continues to be published in international and national publications for both architecture and landscape architecture work in the San Francisco and Pittsburgh regions. Check out her recent projects at www.barensfeld.com. A happy one-year anniversary to Erin Dromgoole, who married Paul Rupprecht (University of Maine ’05) around this time last summer. Erin and Paul met through a running club, so it should not be surprising that both running and Dartmouth friends were prominent parts of the event in Windsor, Vermont. Fellow Dartmouth cross-country and track alums Peggy Johnson and Parker Pruett were a part of the ceremony, and Joe McKnight gave a wonderful, heartfelt “man of honor” speech at the reception. Other ’01s in attendance included Terra Beaton, Dave Chalmers, Bill Peter, Alex (Kremer) Marshall, Erika Cafarella, and Handol Khym. Dartmouth cross-country and track and field coach Barry Harwick ’77 even put in an appearance at the ceremony. Michael Friesner recently attended Rob Hallenbeck’s wedding to Lauren Murphy in beautiful Kerrville, Texas. There were many ’01s on hand to celebrate, including Karyn Brudnicki (and her husband, Mark Landis ’97), Eric Bielke, Elliott Freirich, Greg Fournier, Jen Gillcrist (exchange from Wellesley ’00), Nick Dominguez, and Dave Marmaros.

In parenting news, Adrian Loewing and her husband, Patrick, celebrated the birth of their son, Brayden Patrick Carroll, in February. It sounds like this trio is planning on going places, as little Brayden is already in possession of three passports—from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We hope that you bring him stateside soon! Jacqueline Dresow wrote in from Costa Mesa, California, to announce the April birth of her second daughter, Keia Dresow Cooperstein. Big sister Taylie (3) is adjusting better than expected. Brooke Lierman and Eben Hansel welcomed their second child, Eliza Hansel, last November. Brooke is completing her first term representing part of the city of Baltimore in the Maryland House of Delegates. Her bid for re-election starts with the primary this summer and includes the much-appreciated support of many classmates. To those just beginning or solidly in the throes of their parenting journey, Todd Jelen is “fairly confident” that he is the first member of the class of 2001 to have a child graduate high school. Todd’s son, Preston, will attend and play football at the University of Minnesota next fall. Congratulations all around!

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

Happy spring, ’01s! Anyone remember what you were up to 20 years ago this month? Why celebrating your first Green Key Weekend, of course. Turn that one around in your head for a little while as you read about the activities of your fellow classmates.

We have ’01s doing some great work in government. Dan Pollack currently serves as the deputy commissioner of health for the State of Minnesota and was excited to report that his new boss, Jan Malcolm ’77, is also a Dartmouth alum. Carrie (Hoverman) Colla moved her family from Hanover to Washington, D.C., to work as a Robert Wood Johnson health policy fellow in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office. This endeavor would not have been possible without the love, support and babysitting provided by her husband, Geoff ’04, and parents, Steve ’71 and Nancy. Speaking of D.C. (in name only), Minh Le signed with DC Comics to write a Green Lantern graphic novel as part of its new middle-grade imprint, DC Zoom. (For anyone who is curious, the DC in DC Comics was derived from Detective Comics, not the District of Columbia.)

As usual, we have ’01s on the move. Kate (Mattern) McGee and her husband, Conner ’02, moved out of New York City to New Canaan, Connecticut, last summer. They are quite grateful to have a bigger home as they ushered their fourth child, Luke, in along with the new year this December 31. He joins big brother Jamie (6) and big sisters Alex (4) and Casey (2). Kate is very excited about the large contingent of Dartmouth alums in the Connecticut suburbs and has become involved in the new Women of Dartmouth of Fairfield County team. Anyone living in the area and interested in getting involved should email the group at women.of.dartmouth.fairfield.county@dartmouth.edu.

In other baby news, Sena Ku Jaret and her husband, Jeff, welcomed another daughter, Raiyu Ku Saret, into the family in December. Big brother Rylan and big sister Isla are completely enamored. Tom Campbell and his wife, Meghan (Holyoke ’01), welcomed their daughter, Ella, to the world in October. Tom lives in Seattle and recently met up with Aiden Marcuss, a friend from freshman trips. Two decades of friendship! Here’s hoping that many of you are keeping up with those first-year friends!

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Hello, ’01s! Not much news to report but what we do have sounds pretty awesome. After spending 18 months living in Hong Kong, Amanda Cook and her husband, Zak Mazeika, are returning to London. They are not flying as one might expect. Instead, they are taking the train or, to be more precise, many trains. They will spend a month moving through China and then take the Trans Siberian train north before heading west across Russia to St. Petersburg. They will then head through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. From there, Amanda and Zak will complete the journey to London on the Eurostar. If you are intrigued, you can follow their journey on AndOurOtherAdventures.com. The plan is travel from January through March, so by the time you check out the website, it should have a lot of good content. Enjoy!

Also in Great Britain, Jennifer (Gill) Didondi and her husband, Alberto, welcomed their second daughter, Delia, on October 6 in Redding, England. She joins big sister Lucia.

Finally, I have a note from the class of 2001 executive committee. Our class officers are always looking to increase the quality and quantity of how we engage with each other as a class and with Dartmouth. We host a variety of activities and are looking to increase our scope. Last year we sponsored a mini-reunion in Boston as part of the Dartmouth football game at Fenway Park. The executive committee is eager to sponsor similar events in various locations across the country (or anywhere really…the British Isles seem popular) in the coming year. If you are interested in planning or hosting a mini-reunion, please reach out to the executive committee at dartmouthclass2001@gmail.com to get started.

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

Seasons’ greetings, ’01s! During the past few months a bunch of people have reminded me that this is the 20th anniversary of our freshman year. Sit and ponder that with a cup of tea while I give you an update on an ’01 couple that met during our DOC trips way back when. Roxanne (Stahl) and Chris O’Hara celebrated the anniversary of their meeting 20 years ago by moving from New York City to New Canaan, Connecticut, getting a puppy named Sadie and welcoming their third child, Samuel, who joins sister Maddie (9) and big brother Jackson (7). In other baby news, Nicholas Kovner and his wife, Georgia, welcome their third child, Nicholas Thomas, this September. He joins big sisters Paige and Savannah.

A lot of ‘01s are going places—literally. Ben Mandelker went on tour. His podcast, “Watch What Crappens,” hit 1.5 million listens per month so he and his cohost celebrated by taking their show on the road to play to sold-out crowds in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Ben will be coming to N.Y.C.’s legendary Bowery Ballroom this year, so keep an eye out. Madeline (Medeiros) Ruiz took a sabbatical from her art history teaching gig and moved to Madrid, Spain, with her husband, Kially Ruiz ’98, and children Max and Sofia. During their year abroad Maddy plans to write a book on spirituality in art. Peter Leckerling and his family have relocated back to the United States, Chicago to be exact, after living in China for 16 years! He is looking forward to working at a boutique private equity firm and spending more time with his former Tabard roommate Mikah Soliunas. Sarah ’99 and Dominic Germana and their twin sonstraveled from their home in North Carolina up to Hanover for Homecoming. After watching the bonfire and enjoying the festivities, they went to Boston to spend the day with Greg Chittim and his family.

Finally, Tara Dairman recently published her fourth novel for young readers. Published by Wendy Lamb Books/Random House, The Great Hibernation is about a town where all of the adults fall asleep and the kids are left in charge. Sounds like my house on a Sunday afternoon.

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

Happy fall, ’01s! We have a lot of ’01s on the move in various ways.

Andrea Glover recently moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida, where she teaches high school history. She also recently got engaged to Jason Paez on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

Evelyn Chen went in a new direction in becoming the Director of Development for Equality Now, an international nonprofit defending the human rights of women and girls through legal action. Still committed to environmental causes, she also recently joined the Board of Directors of the Lower East Side Ecology Center in New York City.

In the moving forward together category, we have some Dartmouth-laden weddings to report. Molly Feltner wrote, “I got married in June to Brad Costello (Ohio University ’00) with many Dartmouth alums in attendance. I was walked down the aisle by my father, Jonathan Feltner ’67, sister Jennifer Feltner served as the maid of honor and pastor Anna Rudberg Speiser presided over the ceremony. Also in attendance were Andrew and Karilyn Heisen, Mike Bern and Rachel Roth ’02, Andy Pease, Emmett Hogan, Annie Norman ’02 and Dave Norman, MALS’06, Colin McGlynn ’03 and Anna Serotta ’03, Julie Sleison Choiniere ’03, and Roland ’78 and Mary Walter Feltner ’78.

“In other news, I’m currently in the midst of a major career change. After nearly 16 years working in journalism and nonprofit communications, I’m going back to school to become a physician assistant.” Boulat Bash also wrote in with news of his recent wedding to Gail Sweeney ’03 at Occom Pond and the DOC House in July. Boulat said the wedding was “officiated by our mutual friend Andrew Heisen and Elliot Olshansky ’04 and Jesse Roisin ’05 were among my groomsmen. Many of our Dartmouth friends celebrated with us, including Karilyn Heisen, Eric Shoemaker, Kathryn Shoemaker ’04, Jeremy Fineman, Elizabeth Terry ’07, Dan Maxell Crosby ’02, Sarah Maxell Crosby ’04 and Laura Quayle ’06. Additionally, Rob Strong ’04 did a great job photographing our special event.”

And it looks like Katie Miller is moving mountains, or at least moving across a whole bunch of them. Katie recently returned from hiking the GR20 across the length of Corsica. Apparently this trek is considered the toughest long distance trail in Europe. Katie spent 13 full days channeling her inner Napoleon while hiking up and over these mountains from north to south—and has the bug bites to prove it.

See you all in 2018!

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

Happy last days of summer, ’01s! Graduations, meet-ups, babies and an election to report.

Tom Campbell recently completed his M.B.A. from the University of Washington Foster School of Business in Seattle. Now that he is out of school again he is looking forward to a more relaxing summer this year! He also said that he ran into Mamie (Fitzgerald) Marcuss at a fundraising dinner last month. They had a nice time catching up. Pavan Nihalani and his wife, Avni Doshi, also spent some time with fellow ’01s recently. As part of a trip to California, they visited Pablo Stern in San Francisco and Jeet Sohal in Los Angeles. They also spent a lot of time outside of the cities, hiking in Mineral King—a remote part of Sequoia National Park—and in Joshua Tree.

We have some baby news as well. Our esteemed previous class secretary has not forgotten the ’01 class notes and sent word of her newest addition. Kristina (Duran) Panettiere welcomed Margaret Rose on May 9. Big sister Eve (3) is enjoying the life of an older sibling but recently observed that “the baby doesn’t really do anything.” The entire family plans to spend some time in Connecticut and Maine this summer in addition to a trip to Storyland with friends. Richard Baek wrote in to share the arrival of Maxwell Lee Baek back in April. Congratulations to all!

Finally, Chance Hill is running for University of Colorado regent in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. There are nine regents elected throughout Colorado who sit on a board that governs all four campuses of the University of Colorado system. With 32,000 employees, the CU system is the third largest employer in the state. He asks everyone to “please check out my campaign video and website at chanceforcuregent.com. Any donations are greatly appreciated! Between the campaign and my job as a relatively new attorney at a law firm in Colorado Springs, I have been busy!” Best of luck, Chance!

Don’t forget that Homecoming Weekend is October 6-7. I hope that many of you will attend and share some memories with the rest of us.

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

For this column, I asked our classmates to share some of their community service endeavors. As suspected, ’01s are doing some great things in this world.

We have some classmates engaging in micro-level community building. Christine Percheski, her husband, Will McCleskey, and daughter Megan (age 2), welcomed James Stephen to their family on January 9. Stephen Forster, his wife, Suzanne, and son James, welcomed Robert William to their family on February 16. Karyn Brudnicki and Mark Landis ’97 ushered their son, Alexander Gavin Brudnicki-Landis, into this world at 9:47 p.m. on February 5, during the Patriots’ epic Super Bowl victory. Karyn also shared that she is in her seventh year as the president of the board of directors of Community Boating Inc., a not-for-profit that promotes “sailing for all” in the greater Boston area through a variety of programs for all ages, means and abilities.

Other classmates are contributing to the world of letters. Amanda Cook sent word of the publication of her first book, Wellpreneur, about digital marketing for the wellness industry. Kimberley Tait’s debut novel, Fake Plastic Love, will be released in May. Inspired by her undergraduate thesis on F. Scott Fitzgerald, the book explores post-grad millennials as they navigate new lives in London and New York. To further pique your interest, Kimberley shared that some of the characters are Dartmouth graduates and a few chapters are set in Hanover.

Kimberley was not the only classmate to share how their experiences at Dartmouth influenced their current pursuits. Jane Parkin Kullmann wrote in about her work as a volunteer with MentorNet, an organization that provides mentorship to women in science, technology, engineering and math fields. Jane started out as a mentee at Dartmouth and is excited to now work as a mentor for a younger generation. Athena (Lentini) McAlenney wrote, “I’m a professor at a small college in New York teaching teachers how to teach kids to read. I’ve got Dartmouth’s late Dr. Pano Rodis to thank for inspiring me to pursue teaching.” Athena added that she, along with her husband, John, and sons Charlie (age 5) and Teddy (age 2) have become regulars in Hanover thanks to frequent road trips north to visit her brother-in-law’s brewery, Red Barn Brewery, in Danville, Vermont.

Still others looked to the world of the arts in reaction to current events. Karin Goodfellow helped organize Together We Rise, a festival that brought together a diverse collective of artists, activists and Boston community members to stand up for a more just, peaceful and creative future. Karin enlisted Debra (Brodsky) Shigley to help with marketing for the event.

Finally, last October Samantha Berdinka competed in her first USA Boxing-sanctioned amateur bout through a fundraiser for Haymakers for Hope, whose mission is to knock out cancer by literally fighting for a cure. Numerous Dartmouth alums crowded her corner to cheer her on, including Emilia Warrington Peraza ’02, Melissa Roth ’00, Jennifer Burka and others. In the end Samantha raised money for cancer research and is now a retired boxer with an undefeated record of 1-0.

Keep it up ’01s!

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

For this particular column, I asked fellow ’01s to share their recent athletic endeavors. As the outpouring of responses can attest, every ’01 is an athlete in some way, shape or form.

A few ’01s have been or will be lifting lots of boxes as they move around the country. Tara Dairman and Andy Cahill are relocating to Austin, Texas, with their daughter this January. They are looking forward to meeting up with any alums in the area. Lindsay (Reich) Jerutis, her husband, Jason (Connecticut College ’01), and their three children, Eleanor (5), Elizabeth (3) and Miles (almost 1), recently bought a house in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Adding endurance and patience to her athletic skillset, Lindsay joined the world of New York City commuters when she went back to work this fall as the general manager for the lifestyle brands at Time Inc.

Another one of our endurance athletes, Debbie (Bernstein) Foster, sent word of the October 28th arrival of twins, Jacob (Jake) Charlton and Sophie Carolina in Washington, D.C. Debbie welcomed these two budding Patriots fans along with their dad, David (Harvard ’00), and big sisters Abby (6) and Maddie (4).

Exercising some serious brainpower, Catherine Montoya began a doctoral program in educational leadership at the University of New Mexico. She is part of the inaugural cohort of the Native American leadership in education program, joining six other students representing an array of tribal nations. Catherine says she has “been busy balancing being a wife, mother of three, student and employee, but looking forward to the opportunity to further give back to Native students.”

We have some ’01s learning new tricks! Joe Sondheimer would like me to tell you that he recently completed his first triathlon (the TriRidgefield in Connecticut), but instead will share that he has progressed from being able to juggle three balls to skillfully juggling four. Not only did Ellen Pfeiffer add a third child, Daniel, to her brood, she also recently learned to hula hoop!

Finally, I am excited to share the inspiration for this column. Debra (Brodsky) Shigley, Nicole (Diadato) Park, Julia Gertsberg-Scharf, Brookie Purcell and Katie Miller successfully completed the Fenway Spartan in Boston last November. Adorned in matching Dartmouth green knee-high socks, these ’01 athletes climbed walls, ran up stadium steps, heaved gallons of water uphill and did more burpees than any reasonable person should ever do. Nice work, ladies!

Congratulations to all of our athletes. Work hard, play hard!

Rachel Milstein Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel. sondheimer@gmail.com

Happy New Year, ’01s! I hope that you are finding time to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.

Ali Rashid sent his warmest wishes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he recently became the course director of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine for the University of Miami internal medicine residency program. He is “very excited to have [his] first position with the word ‘professor’ in it!”

We seem to be in the midst of a class baby boom. Jane Parkin Kullman and Jens Kullman, along with big sister Ellie, celebrated the birth of a son, Henry David, on September 25 in Sydney, Australia. Kelly (Keene) Horst and Adam Horst ’00 welcomed their new son, Adam David, to their brood, which already consists of 4-year-old Rebecca and 2-year-old Josephine. Chris Tully wrote in to report the October 13 birth of his second daughter, Sienna Brynn. Finally, Michael Levy and his wife, Nichola (Wisconsin ’02), announced the birth of their second child, Ruby Louise, and shared news of his recent work at FloSports.tv, a sports media startup. Congratulations to everyone and here’s hoping that you get some sleep sometime soon.

Leah (Threatte) Bojnowski checked in after attending the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) mini-reunion in Washington, D.C., in October. As BADA president, Leah helped organize the weekend-long event, which included a cocktail party, career counseling sessions and a banquet for around 150 attendees. She happily reported, “The best part of the weekend by far was a group trip to the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. It really is must see!” Great job on the mini-reunion and thanks for the recommendation on this fantastic new museum, Leah.

Looking forward to hearing and reporting more news in 2017!

Rachel Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com


Hello, ’01s! Thank you to Kristina Duran Panettiere for keeping us all up to date during the past five years. I look forward to following in her footsteps in the years to come.

Our classmates continue to provide us with good reads. Corrie Francis Parks published her first book, Fluid Frames: Experimental Animation with Sand, Clay, Paint, and Pixels (Focal Press), this spring and is in her third year of teaching animation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. As she reports, “After pounding away on the manuscript for two years I am very happy to get back in the camera room making animated shorts!” Tara Dairman hit the road in July and August to promote Stars So Sweet (Putnam/Penguin), the final novel in her foodie middle-grade series. Classmates Jeff Birk, Bill Burgess, Jessica Grabarz, Melissa (Singh) Merchant and Katie Wade all came out to bookstore events to help celebrate.

We also have some classmates on the move. Jennifer Feltner is currently living in Jackson, Wyoming, where, as part of her Ph.D. work in wildlife biology, she is researching mountain lions and other large mammals in Yellowstone National Park. She will be transferring to the University of Montana this fall and would love to meet other Dartmouth alums living in or around Missoula. Tom Campbell and his wife, Meghan Palmer (Holyoke ’01), spent their first summer in their new floating home on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. Amanda Cook and her husband, Zak Mazeika, have left London to spend a year in Hong Kong. They would love to connect with any alums passing through. Andrew “Natan” Trief became the rabbi of Beth Shalom Synagogue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this summer. Natan shared that the president of the synagogue is a fellow Alpha Chi Alpha, Mark Hausmann ’83. Just after Natan stepped into his new rabbinate, Baton Rouge was hit by devastating floods. Anyone interested in helping his congregants and the city recover can visit bethshalomsynagogue.org to learn more.

We have two weddings to report. Lynne Grossman wrote in to share some great news: “I got married on April 23 in Charleston, South Carolina, to Vern Bond (Williams ’03). We had an amazing weekend with our friends and family—and many Dartmouth alumni celebrated with us, including the groom’s aunt and uncle, Marianne and Bob Price ’78, and many friends (in no particular order): Kerry (Blum) Palladino, Kate Mattern McGee, Conner McGee ’02, Katie Codey ’02, Kristin (Verdiani) Rowe, Patrick Rowe, Meghann (Ganey) Carroll, Alissa Golden, Roxanne (Stahl) O’Hara, Chris O’Hara and Lindsay (Reich) Jerutis. We recently moved from N.Y.C. to Connecticut and are enjoying married life in the suburbs.” Adrian Loehwing tied the knot to Patrick Carroll in New York two weeks after our reunion. Numerous ’01s were in attendance, including Kara (House) and Mike Bayer, Kristin Delaney, Nazanin Dana, Kelly Hsieh, Lauren Emerson, Jennifer (Taylor) Veneris, Jess Webster and Shelley (Sandell) Allen.

Finally, on June 27 Rob Costello and his wife, Julianne, welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Robert Joseph Costello IV. The couple was pleasantly surprised to have their baby delivered into the world (and into the Dartmouth fold) by fellow ’01and Boston obstetrician and gynecologist Joan Hier.

Rachel Sondheimer, 143 Branchville Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 645-693; rachel.sondheimer@gmail.com

Many thanks to our reunion committee for hosting what I hear was an especially memorable event in June. Several people have told me the weekend exceeded their expectations, and I’ve seen some great pictures of not only ’01s, but also their families. So sweet! If you’d like to share your own photos with a broader audience, please post them in the “Dartmouth College Class of 2001” group on Facebook.

If you missed reunion like I did or were too busy enjoying the incredible weather to attend the ’01 author panel, you may not have heard two classmates published books this summer. Tara Dairman’s third novel, Stars So Sweet, was published by Putnam/Penguin in July. I’m a Gladys Gatsby fan and will dig into this one shortly. Meanwhile, I’ve also ordered Minh Le’s Let Me Finish!—out since June—andcan’t wait to read it with my 2-year-old. Llama Llama has been on heavy rotation in our house for months now, so we’re ready to mix things up a little.

Congratulations to Carrie Hoverman Colla, who gave birth to her third child, Chloe, on April 30. Carrie said, “She attended reunion with us and enjoyed the festivities!” I’m not sure who’s more impressive, Carrie or Chloe!

This is my final column, as my term has come to an end, and Rachel Milstein Sondheimer will take over from here. Thank you, Rachel! And thanks so much to all of you for making this a fun gig. I’ll miss all the notes, so please do keep in touch, and enjoy the last of summer!

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

By the time this column reaches you, many of us will be heading off to or just returning (and perhaps recovering) from reunion. I hope the festivities inspire lots of you to write in with news or memories!

Elenor Mak wrote earlier this spring to share some gorgeous photos of Caroline Chang’s wedding, which was “an early Dartmouth ’01 reunion in Malibu, [California].” Other classmates in attendance included Kim Vu, Candice Ling, Annie (Chung) ’03 and Ricky Wong and Soon Hyouk Lee.

Several ’01s sent word of new babies, too. I owe Rochelle Bourgault a prize for emailing me the same day her daughter was born! She and her husband, James Gotz (University of Michigan ’91), welcomed Margaret Rachel Gotz on April 25. Rochelle still plans to attend the reunion, which will give her a chance to stop at the Coop for Margaret’s first Dartmouth onesie.

Louisa Sadler Gauthier and her husband, Michael, welcomed a baby boy this March. Andrew Fuller joined big brother Henry (age 2). Louisa noted, and many will agree, “The days are long but the years are short!”

Dean Krishna and wife Reena announced the arrival of their third child, Ellora, who joined big sister Asha (age 4) and double big brother Veer (age 6).

And Emily (Nielsten) White welcomed a daughter, Nora, on April 12. “Our son, Owen (who is almost 2), is excited to be a big brother. While we’ll enjoy our beach community here in California this summer, we are sorry that we can’t make it to Dartmouth reunion.”

Finally, I received an entertaining update from Nicho Dankers: “As part of the early alumni retirement program here in the Upper Valley, the trumpeted report is that Aliette Karina Frank ’00 and I are—indeed—gettin’ married (at a spontaneous place and time somewhere between Balch Hill and New Year’s Day, 2017). Please forgive me if this update sounds potentially epic.

“Since graduation I learned that my great-grandmother, Bertha Whittaker, was a house mother for the Tri-Kap fraternity (after my great-grandfather, William, passed away during the Great Depression and my great-uncle, Lyle, could afford tuition through writing a fraternal house history). Suffice to say it stoked my affections for the College on the landscape that shaped my life. Currently Aliette is pursuing a post-doc in anthropology while I’m working locally part time with an artistic arborist and finishing up my urban-growth forestry thesis for the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.” He also forwarded an email he’d just sent to safety and security in which he hilariously recounted and confessed to a number of on-campus transgressions between the years of 1998 and 2003. Nicho, I hope they share your good sense of humor. If not, as you pointed out, the statute of limitations has passed.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Reunion is just around the corner now! If you haven’t registered yet or need more information, there are lots of helpful details at dartmouth.org/reunions.

Congratulations to Pavan Nihalani, who married Avni Doshi at Burning Man on September 4, 2015. The happy newlywed wrote me to say, “There was an intense dust storm all day long and at 6 p.m., the scheduled time of the wedding, we couldn’t get to the chosen venue because of the storm and our minister failed to show up. In true Burning Man style, however, order emerged from chaos, our photographer found us a new location and one of the guests announced that he was an ordained minister and could marry us! Our beautiful, intimate group included ’01s Pablo Stern, Puck Wheaton and Schuyler Minert as well as Ariel Diaz ’02. Avni and I are living in Dubai, so please get in touch if you pass through.”

And best wishes to Adrian Loehwing, who is engaged to marry Patrick Carroll, an Irishman from Dublin, this summer. The two met in London three years ago. Of the proposal, she wrote, “He took me to Paris one weekend last August and proposed with an emerald ring at Sacre Couer at sunset with all of Paris lit up below us. Very romantic! The wedding is happening in New York two weeks after reunion, so it will be a great way to catch up with old friends in Hanover and, I hope, see many of them again at the wedding two weeks later!”

We have new babies in the ’01 family, too. Amelia Kahl and Alan Green welcomed their second daughter, Ginevra River Kahl-Green, on December 5. Their older daughter Eleanor (3) is excited to be a big sister! Elizabeth (Walter) Shelly and her husband “welcomed son Rowan in December—the best early Christmas present possible! Big sister Hazel is cautiously optimistic about this new family development, especially as baby brother’s arrival also came with lots of grandparent attention and presents.” Jessica Wirth Strine and her husband, Todd, had their second baby boy, Jonas Michael Strine, on December 27. Jessica told me, “We are keeping it real in our den of toddler toys and fuzzy vibrating infant nests in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.”

Last November, after more than eight years with Schwab, Robin DeGracia left for “a small, fast-growing financial services firm called AssetMark to join its newly created product management team. Then very shortly afterward, my husband and I bought our first home, here in the Bay Area. We and our two children are now nicely settled in and looking to have years of wonderful memories here.” Ali Rashid is enjoying his new job and home, too. From sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he wrote, “I’ve been working in the ICU and operating room getting a very broad variety of work and spending a lot of time working with my brother (and roommate) Omar Rashid ’00, who is a cancer surgeon at the same hospital. We are doing a lot to move forward (and I’d like to think pioneer) enhanced recovery after surgery and comprehensive surgical care. It’s rare to have a close periopertive team like we do and the hospital has been very supportive so we’re just running with it!”

Finally, we’re nearing the end of the school year—last chance to pay your class dues! You can get it done in two minutes right now at our class website: 2001.dartmouth.org.

I hope to see you all in Hanover in June!

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Happy New Year!

Will Hughes and his wife, Gray, welcomed a healthy new baby, Alexander, on September 18. “He joins Peter (5) and Whitney (2). Three little kids is endless fun but also a workout!”

Susan (Swords) Gudas added to her family in the fall, too. “My husband, Chris Gudas (Brown ’01), and I welcomed Olivia Mary Gudas this October. We are overjoyed and our Doberman pinscher Perrla has been an amazing big sister.”

Tara Dairman and Andy Cahill became parents just before the turn of the year. They “are thrilled to welcome baby Nora Lucille Dairman-Cahill to the family. She was born on December 23, 2015, in Boulder and looks forward to her first visit to Dartmouth this summer for reunion.” For the record, these three babies are exceptionally adorable. I saw pictures of Alexander and Nora, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Olivia.

Ben Mandelker wrote with big news of a different variety. His podcast, Watch What Crappens, “which skewers Bravo TV,” hit a ratings milestone of 200,000 monthly listeners and reached No. 3 on the iTunes TV and film charts. “I’m super excited about it, and I can’t wait to see how it grows over the next year!”

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com


I’m very sad to report our classmate Adam Tanney passed away in September. On behalf of the class, I offer our sincere condolences to all his loved ones, including his son, Xavier.

When I set out to collect news for this particular column, I solicited book recommendations in addition to updates. Thank you to all who participated! I, for one, will be checking out some of these titles in the months to come. As you make your own 2016 reading list, please consider When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, the late husband of Lucy (Goddard) Kalanithi. It broke my heart and brought me solace at the same time. Jessica Wirth Strine loved The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson, and Leah (Threatte) Bojnowski enjoyed The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman. Shira (Reiss) Krance recommends The Year of Soup by her father, Howard Reiss ’73. She said, “This novel was recently ranked No. 1 on Amazon in the bisexual romance category.”

Andrew Trief sent me a happy note to say he’d married Samantha Shabman (George Washington University ’11) in the fall. He “had proposed six months earlier while running the Paris marathon with her, just a few minutes before the finish line.” Dartmouth alums in attendance at the wedding included Ivan Cestero, Christopher Taylor and Tibor Nagy ’00. Andrew also included a strong recommendation for Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse. Andy Pease is excited to announce he and wife Lisa Samols (Columbia ’04) had a baby last spring. “Benjamin Samols Pease was born on May 3 in Tempe, Arizona. I also just finished my doctorate (doctor of musical arts) in wind conducting at the Arizona State University School of Music, graduating eight days after Ben was born. We now live in Phoenix.” On his bookshelf? Hyperion by Dan Simmons and its sequel, Fall of Hyperion. “They’re like Canterbury Tales in space opera form—good stuff!” Steve Forster wrote to say he and wife Suzanne welcomed their first child, James Stephen Forster, on May 16. Catherine (Nakai) Montoya and husband James had a girl, Callie, on May 18. Catherine noted, “Our boys (Jacob, 7, and Justin, 6) love her so much, checking on her constantly or helping us keep her entertained.” And Julia Calderon Rizzo, husband Mike and son Luke welcomed baby Natalie to their family on August 24. Congratulations!

Vanessa (Spencer) Blake’s 18-and-over women’s doubles tennis team won the 6.5 Combo State Championship for Georgia in October. She added, “We are headed to the regional championship in Alabama in the spring!” And earlier this year Kelly Fisher second chaired a trial in Portland, Oregon, “that resulted in a $3 million jury verdict. We represented a nurse who was terminated after 34 years of employment after she complained that time standards relating to productivity were negatively impacting her ability to properly care for patients. The jury found for us on all counts (retaliation under Oregon’s nurse staffing law, age discrimination and breach of contract), awarding $1.5 million in compensatory damages and another $1.5 million in punitive damages.”

Finally, a note fromour class VP, Kristin Delaney:“I am busy planning our 15th reunion (June 17-19—save the date!) with our class committee and committee reunion volunteers. I’m currently working on picking caterers and collaborating with the ’00s and ’02s on cluster events. If you’d like to help, please reach out! In my free time I am currently finishing We Are Called to Rise by Laura McBride (wonderful!) and about to start Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.”

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Save the date! Our 15th reunion is June 17-19, 2016. Look for more information on our class website or in our Facebook group. If you have suggestions or would like to help out, please contact Kristin Delaney. Meanwhile, enjoy these updates from your classmates, and please consider submitting one of your own. Everything you read here will make a great conversation starter in June!

In early August Jane Parkin Kullmann published her first article for her Ph.D. in JMIR Research Protocols. You can read the article, which is about developing a web-based questionnaire for her study of ALS, here: www.researchprotocols.org/2015/3/e96. Sherryta Freeman is now the senior associate athletic director for student development at the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah Craft wrote to say, “This year I was the alto soloist at Carnegie Hall in Vivaldi’s Gloria with the Masterworks Festival Chorus and at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in Mozart’s Coronation Mass with the American Classical Orchestra. This fall I’ll be a soloist with Princeton Pro Musica in Mendelssohn’s Elijah and on January 19, 2016, Carnegie Hall will present me in a solo spotlight recital with legendary pianist Warren Jones as part of its annual art song celebration, ‘The Song Continues.’ And I’m still living in Brooklyn with my husband, James Lawrie ’00, and our two kids, Theo (6) and Owen (3).” Kudos to each of you!

Emily (Pollakowski) Harder welcomed a daughter during last year’s epic New England winter. “Our newest addition, Cecily Hope, joined our family in between snowstorms this past February. Big sister Elsa and big brother Ethan have enthusiastically welcomed her. Adam and I are smitten.” Kate (Mattern) McGee and husband Conner McGee ’02 had their third child, Cassandra “Casey” Elizabeth, on June 25. She joins big brother Jamie (3 1/2) and big sister Alex (2) in their busy N.Y.C. household. Kate added, “Conner has recently returned to financial advising and now works at Morgan Stanley, and I run marketing for the startup delivery.com.” Also on June 25, Clara Elise was born to Matt Wilkens and wife Julia (University of Virginia ’05). Matt says, “Clara’s an extremely laid-back, healthy and happy baby girl and we couldn’t be happier parents.” Ryan Heiberg and his wife, Suzanne Beauchene, are pleased to announce a new addition to their family, too: “Savannah was born August 1 and is heavily guarded by her older brothers Dorian and Drew and enjoying the exceptionally warm and sunny summer in Seattle.” Finally, Esther Freeman and Adam Young are delighted to announce the arrival of Amos Jonathan Freeman Young, born on August 11. Fortunately for Amos, Esther notes, “Our labradoodle Moosilauke isn’t so sure, but we think we’ll keep the baby!” Congratulations to all! And new babies, please be good to your parents. Maybe they’ll take you to Hanover next June.

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi, ’01s!

Anna Rudberg Speiser and her husband, Pete, “love living in an 1890s farmhouse on my family’s farm in northeast Nebraska, keeping horses, raising chickens and starting up some beehives. Pete is working as a Lutheran pastor in a neighboring town and I’m a pastor and chaplain at a hospital in nearby Sioux City, Iowa. And our most exciting news is we had our first child, Ingrid Linnea, last July. Inga’s 10 months old now and such a joy! We enjoy seeing Dartmouth friends on occasion, most recently Jennifer Tlumak Westerholm and Christine Percheski, and only wish we weren’t all so spread out.” Happy belated birthday to Inga!

Jay Bregman raised $2.5 million for Verifly, his new venture aimed at putting trust and safety into drones. He is actively hiring in New York City; Dublin, Ireland; San Francisco, California; and Xiamen, China. Ramon Zertuche joined Ford Motor Co. recently as manager of international government affairs for the Americas (Canada, Mexico and South America). He previously served as minority staff director for the Western Hemisphere subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Michael Holmes wrote to say he’ll “be enrolling in the master’s program in English literature at University of Vermont, Montpelier, and also serving as a graduate teaching assistant in charge of sections of the introductory freshman writing course. He already has one essay, about Henry James’ The Golden Bowl, flagged by a professor—Daniel Mark Fogel, who happens to be founder of The Henry James Review!—as literary journal material, so with any luck it’ll one day see publication.”

Jen Feltner shared, “My update is that I’ve made a major career shift during the past few years from Chinese language and literature (my major at Dartmouth) and international relations to wildlife biology. I’m now getting my Ph.D. in wildlife biology at N.C. State, but my research is based in the southern greater Yellowstone ecosystem, where I’ll be working with Panthera and a number of state and federal agencies on cougar ecology and their interactions with wolves and grizzly bears and their ungulate prey, such as elk and bighorn sheep.” She’s looking forward to visitors, including twin sister Molly Feltner, while living in the Grand Teton, Wyoming, area.

In February Gloriana (Gallegos) Trujillo began working in Stanford University’s office of the vice provost for teaching and learning as a science, technology, engineering and mathematics associate director. She works with the campus community to think about teaching and learning, and she’d love to connect with ’01s on or near campus in different capacities. Across the country Amy Briesch received tenure at Northeastern University in the spring. She’s been teaching graduate students and conducting research in school psychology for the past six years and truly enjoys her work.

Natalie Reese will marry Kleon Diamantopoulos on September 1. Kleon was born and raised in Greece, where the two will wed, but he and Natalie spend most of their time in N.Y.C. these days. She started her own coaching and consulting business a few years ago and loves doing what she does. Jeremy Robin married his longtime girlfriend, Annie Valente, at a small ceremony in Big Sur, California, on May 16. Class of ’01s in attendance included Patrick Burleigh, Drew Allport and Hannah Kenah. Adam Kipp ’03 and Nader and Allison Akhnoukh ’99 were also there to celebrate.

David Tatkow and his wife welcomed a son, their second child, in June. Congratulations!

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hey, ’01s! Have you marked your calendar for next year’s reunion? We’ll be celebrating alongside the ’00s and ’02s from June 17 to 19.

Alfred Valrie wrapped up a master’s in English at California State University, L.A., in December and is searching for night teaching opportunities while continuing his work in sustainability with the Los Angeles school board. And in March Jonathan Mingle published a book with St. Martin’s press. Fire and Ice: Soot, Solidarity and Survival on the Roof of the World “combines a scientific detective story about the health and climate impacts of black carbon (soot) pollution and the tale of a drought-stricken village in the Indian Himalaya in the process of reinventing itself.” You can learn more at Jon’s website, jonathanmingle.com. 

Joe McKnight is in his ninth year with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and recently took a role in management, working out of the company’s headquarters on East 42nd Street in New York City. How’s that going? Joe says, “So far, so good.” Life is treating Justin Isariyawongse well, too. He writes, “I just had as successful a 16-day stretch as I may ever have. On February 21 I passed my certifying exam for the American Board of Urology. Then on March 8 my wife, Joanna, and I welcomed our second son, Lincoln Connery, into the world. Two-year-old Parker is smitten. I’m now in private practice in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, so if anyone is in town and passing a kidney stone (or otherwise) look me up.” 

Alyssa Rower gave birth to a daughter, Emily Rose, on March 22. Emily joins big brother Oliver, who turned 2 on March 25, and the whole family is doing great. They continue living in Brooklyn suburb Cobble Hill, New York, and Alyssa practices divorce law at a boutique firm in Manhattan. Chris Miranda is finishing up his first year of medical school at Ohio University and he and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a new baby on March 20. Chris describes Foster Thomas Miranda as “healthy and wide-eyed.” Madison, 4, and Cruz, 1 1/2, are proud and excited big siblings.

“The Biggins Family, Gretchen (Bell) Biggins, husband Tom, and children Abby (6), Samantha (5), Tommy (3), and Ben (1) are excited to announce the arrival of their newest member, Andrew Philip, born February 5. Everyone is doing wonderfully now that the 110 inches of snow in Boston have melted and we can play outside again!” On April 27 Jeremy T. Ware and his wife, Christina, welcomed their third child, Benjamin Calvin. Older siblings Jonathan (3) and Sophie (2) are excited about their new little brother! 

Lydia (Dixon) Lawhon married Jason Lawhon (University of Washington ’99) in early April. They and their three dogs live in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado. Lydia writes, “Many folks may remember my furry Aussie shepherd mix Targhee from his days looking cute in return for snacks on the Collis porch. He’s now 15 and his begging skills are still very much intact. I’m a Ph.D. candidate in environmental studies at the University of Colorado Boulder; my research investigates the role of local knowledge in wildlife conservation policy. Jason runs the wildland fire program for the Nature Conservancy in Colorado.”

Finally, Catherine (Nakai) Montoya emailed just as I was getting ready to send this column off to print. She and her husband, James, are expecting their third child on May 15. They have two sons, Jacob (7) and Justin (5), and are very excited to have a baby girl. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hey, ’01s! By the time you read this, if we’re lucky, spring will have sprung. In the spirit of the season I have a healthy collection of birth announcements to share. 

Christine Percheski submitted this about her daughter: “Our first child, Megan Grace McCleskey, was born on November 3 in Evanston, Illinois. Megan is such a happy baby, and Will and I are so proud to be her parents. She has already had many Dartmouth visitors, including Caroline Cantner, Tara Dairman and Andy Cahill.” Also in Illinois, Matt Shaffer and wife Julia Goldhammer (Northwestern ’02) welcomed a little girl, Reba, in December. Matt says both mom and baby are doing great, despite the challenging Chicago winter. And with a dramatic finish to 2014, Christopher Tully and his wife, Lisa (Rutgers ’04), celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Ava Patricia, on December 31. Chris notes, “New Year’s Eve will never be the same.” 

Elena Ghanotaki is now a mom to two girls. She and her husband welcomed baby Sophia to the world on January 16. Next up is Taylie Larkin Cooperstein, born on January 31 to Jacqueline Dresow and Marc Cooperstein. Taylie and her proud parents currently live in Costa Mesa, California. Also on the West Coast, Everest “Evi” Jacquelyn Nevraumont “popped into the world on February 3.” Her delighted parents are Jessica Webster and her husband, Ed. Evi has “already been sent some wonderful Dartmouth gear by Amy Salomon.” 

Tara Dairman is pleased to announce The Stars of Summer will hit shelves on May 5. “It’s a sequel to All Four Stars, which came out in 2014 and was named an Amazon Best Book of the Month and one of A Mighty Girl’s 2014 Top Books for Tweens and Teens. I’ve also just signed a contract for a third book in the series, which will be out in 2016.” And you may have noticed Aaron Wilkinson has been publishing regularly on HuffPost.com. Aaron has also settled in as an assistant professor of history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Congratulations to you two! 

Finally, the Dartmouth Alumni Council is planning a Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service for May 2 of this year. It’s an opportunity for alumni to give back alongside fellow members of the Dartmouth community. If you’re interested in participating and haven’t heard details for events in your area, please contact the Alumni Council at alumni.council@dartmouth.edu. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hey, ’01s! We’re full to the brim with news. Thank you!

Dave Chalmers and wife Margie (Van Orden) Chalmers ’00 have moved to Yarmouth, Maine, with children Jack (4), Eli (4) and Louisa (2). Dave works at Maine Medical Center and Margie is an English teacher. 

Jay Bregman started a new business—his third since graduation—aimed at making drones safe and reliable. His New York City startup has raised millions from high-profile investors around the world. 

After two years as a freelance journalist in Colombia Abraham Mahshie now works within the political section of the U.S. embassy in Madrid, Spain. 

Ali Rashid is halfway through his fellowship at Duke and “signed to start work in Ft. Lauderdale starting in September. It will be a combination of cardiac and general anesthesia, plus intensive care unit time.” He’s excited for the variety at work and to be returning home. He spent Christmas in London with his brother, Omar Rashid ’00. 

On October 18 Evelyn Chen married Johnson Tang (UPenn ’98), whom she met through Willy Wong ’99, their officiant. They “celebrated with fellow ’01s Bernette Tsai, Hsin Lin, Ricky Wong (and Annie Chung ’03), Justin Campbell, Andrew Fitzgerald, Karin Goodfellow, Mel Kang, Arthi Reddy, Roshan Shah, Matt Curro, Handol Khym, Erika Cafarella, Masashi Kiyomine, Tara Dairman, Andy Cahill, Joyce Lee, Eugenia Choi, Debra Shigley (and Erich Shigley ’99), Andy Kim, and Candice Ling.” Other Dartmouth guests included Wendy Yu ’02, Hoi Ning Ngai ’00 and Holden Lee ’00. Also in October, Negarra Kudumu joined the staff of the Frye Art Museum in the education department. She plans adult education and exhibition-related programming.

In November Brooke Lierman was elected as a state delegate to represent Maryland’s 46th legislative district. A first-time candidate, she was the top vote-getter in her district. In December Dominic Germana celebrated his second anniversary of founding his product development consulting business, Impact Embedded, LLC. Meanwhile, it’s been 10 years since he and wife Sarah (Piecuch) Germana ’99 moved to Durham, North Carolina, where they’re really enjoying life with their twin boys, Carter and Max (5 in March).

As always, we have new babies to announce! Meg (Cahill) Becker and her husband, Todd Becker ’99, are enjoying life in the Connecticut ’burbs. They’re living in Rowayton and recently added baby girl Kacey to their family. Siblings Campbell and Billy are thrilled to have another playmate. Josh Holman and his wife, Kerri, welcomed their second daughter, Griffin Elizabeth Holman, in September. The family was “hunkered down in Denver for the holidays and looking forward to a white Christmas and a happy New Year!” Anjali Godambe is living in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she had a son, Sajan, in September. She is “back to work practicing pathology and loving it!” Katie Lyndon Kehoe and husband John moved last summer back to New York City, where their second child, Charlotte, arrived on November 20. Nick Kovner and his wife, Georgia, welcomed their second daughter, Savannah Pearl, on December 13. Her big sister, Paige Elizabeth, and the entire family are thrilled. 

Boulat Bash squeaked in at my deadline to share this: “I defended my thesis on the ‘Fundamental Limits of Covert Communication,’ thus completing my Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.” In February he’ll move farther east for a job at Raytheon BBN Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “I am looking forward to reconnecting with my many friends from Dartmouth who are now around Boston!”

Happy 2015, everyone! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Happy holidays, ’01s! It feels funny to write that while nibbling on Halloween candy, but 2015 is sneaking up on us. Before you know it I’ll be nudging you to register for our 2016 reunion. Stay tuned for committee opportunities. 

Congratulations to Puck Wheaton and Julia Richman ’04, married in Crested Butte, Colorado, in August! The happy couple celebrated with an impressive collection of Dartmouth grads: Lee Richman ’67, Doug Richman ’65, Erik Wright and wife Cate (Mowell) Wright ’99, Luke Perry, Tom Stephens, John Nichols, Tam Boyar, Ben Cotting, Pablo Stern, Schuyler Minert, Nick Claassen, Martin Kerestes, Rob Ozols and other friends from the classes of 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, Tu’08 and Tu’09. 

And best wishes to Rochelle Bourgault, too! On October 18 she married James Gotz (University of Michigan ’91) at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine. They hosted a full weekend of events and lucked out when rain threatened the ceremony but held off until the cocktail hour (held inside, fortunately). Alums celebrating with the couple included Thalia (Margalit) Krakower, Andy Hoey, John and Kascha (Semon) Snavely and Shea McInerney ’00.

Kudos to Mara Tieken, an assistant professor at Bates College, for authoring another book. The University of North Carolina Press recently published Mara’s Why Rural Schools Matter. In other professional news, Dave Castleman left Sullivan & Cromwell to become an assistant attorney general in the investor protection bureau of the New York attorney general. Congrats, Dave! Finally, Lindsay Mac (Lindsay MacIndoe) released her debut single from her new pop album Animal Again in late October. You can get it for free at www.lindsaymac.com. Way to go, Lindsay! 

Once again, we have many new babies to welcome! Catherine Zusky and Eric Hogenson are living in Los Angeles with their two boys, Charlie (almost 4) and Marcus Xavier (born in May). Cat writes, “We teach at the same high school here. We were recently so excited to see Brad Crevier and his charming wife, Sierra, who ventured out from Boston with their amazing, traveling 3-month-old daughter Inde.” Carolyn (Roth) Fiuza and husband Pedro are the proud new parents to little Juliana, born September 4. Carolyn notes they’ll all be traveling to Pedro’s native Brazil for Christmas. Best of luck on the baby’s first big trip! Kelly Fisher and her husband, Matt Walker, welcomed their adorable son, Orion (class of 2036), on September 28. During the summer Pam (Crikelair) Garrity and her husband welcomed their fourth child, a daughter named Sadie. Pam says, “She joins Paige (4) and twins Kiera and Kevin (19 months). Thankfully she is an easy baby—as most singletons are after you’ve had twins! We are settled in a routine and I’m back to work as a realtor in Fairfield County, Connecticut.” 

Kristin Delaney and Alissa (Abbey) Stoltz met up in Croton Falls, New York, for the N.Y. metro area fall mini-reunion in October. Together with their families, including Austin Wheeler ’02 and Don Stoltz, they enjoyed pumpkin picking, pony rides, tractor riding and cider donuts. Look out for another mini-reunion in the area in the spring!

Happy New Year!

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hey, ’01s! Great updates again. Enjoy! 

Let’s all send good wishes to Amelia Kahl, as she and Alan Green are newly engaged! The couple and their daughter live in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and she works as the Coordinator of Academic Programming at Dartmouth’s Hood Museum of Art. And hearty congratulations to Ivan Cestero, who married Katie Hillier on August 2 in Julian, California. Christopher Taylor was there to celebrate with the happy couple and wrote in with this tidbit, as well as a fantastic picture I wish I could include here. In addition to Christopher ’01 guests included Andy Trief, Jon Mingle, Mike Gallagher, Minh Le, Craig Davis, Jocelyn Leavitt and KiMae Heussner. 

Kerri and Josh Holman live in Denver, where Josh works in the benefits administration industry for Businessolver and Kerri is a nurse for Craig Hospital, which specializes exclusively in spinal cord injury and brain injury rehabilitation and research. The couple and daughter Piper (2 1/2) were expecting a baby sister as this column went to print. I look forward to including a birth announcement in this space next time! Meanwhile, we can give a warm welcome to Josephine Marie Horst, born to Adam Horst ’00 and Kelly (Keene) Horst on July 31. Kelly said, “She looks just like her sister Rebecca, who just turned 2. She weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Adam is now comptroller of IU Health and I’m a pediatric radiologist here in my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. We are very blessed.” And congrats to Jackie (Lippe) Berecz, too! She wrote, “My husband, Steve, and I welcomed our son, Ryan Robert, and daughter, Bethany Gertrude, on July 2. Bethany was a peanut weighing in at 4 pounds, 11 ounces and Ryan was 6 pounds, 8 ounces. They were born at 34 weeks but spent only four days in the hospital!” I’ve seen photos and am pleased to report they are beautiful! 

Ellie Leahy and family have exciting relocation news: “After a decade living and working in N.Y.C. my husband, Eric, 18-month-old daughter Evelyn and I made the big move out of Brooklyn to Cleveland, Ohio. Love being part of the Cleveland renaissance—it’s really happening, people! I continue to work in the education world, now for TNTP. Would love to hear from any ’01s with northeast Ohio connections.” If you’re in or from that area, please get in touch with Ellie. If need be, I can connect you. Also beginning new adventures in a new spot is Corrie Francis Parks. “The news from me is I’ve moved to Maryland and am starting a new job this month as assistant professor of animation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.” Corrie is “looking forward to reconnecting with East Coast friends again and living within striking distance of Hanover.” Xander Kerr Meise has no immediate plans to move, but would love return to New Hampshire where, she points out, it would be much easier to follow her beloved Red Sox. In the interim Xander lives in Washington, D.C., and travels to Africa often for work. We recently caught up via Facebook and I learned her role is “to teach companies and countries how to develop their natural resources mindfully and with respect for international human rights standards and treaty obligations.” How cool is that? She’ll likely be back in east Africa or central or southern Africa soon and would love to know if any other alums are living or working in the region. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

It’s a big summer for Tara Dairman: Her first novel, All Four Stars, was published by Putnam/Penguin on July 10. “It’s about an 11-year-old girl who secretly becomes a restaurant critic for a big newspaper in New York. People can find out more about it at taradairman.com/books.” She isn’t the only one celebrating lately! After working as a nurse for five years Christina (Glastris) Greisler completed her master’s in nursing at UConn and began working as a family nurse practitioner in July. She said, “Hoping to do my part to make some sense out of our crazy healthcare system.” Joining her in the medical field are Brian Graner and his fiancée, Kelly Carlberg, who both matched in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Medical College of Wisconsin to begin their fellowships in July 2015. Chris Miranda is in this camp, too: He was recently accepted into the 2018 class for the Ohio University College of Medicine’s location in Dublin. Chris recently retired from a career in retail merchandising and began his first year as a medical student on July 7. As if that’s not enough excitement, he and wife Ashley had their second child, a healthy baby boy, last year. Welcome, Cruz! Rounding out the crowd is Sasha Kraev. He and his family moved to Yellowstone County (big sky country) in Montana, where Sasha practices cardiothoracic surgery at the Billings Clinic. 

Kristina Klebe recently played a lead in the feature film Proxy, which premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and will soon be available on DVD. Variety gave her performance a good shout-out. She also had a two-episode arc on The Following and is using her NYU grad film directing degree to develop some of her own projects. Regarding other ’01s, she told me, “I recently saw Sope Ogunyemi, Ben Mandelker and Jeet Sohal at my birthday party in Los Angeles and also frequently see Lubna Ammar and Hilary Prentice. I also had the great luxury to recently be shown around (by that I mean camping, climbing and rafting) Anchorage, Alaska, by none other than Ian Laing, Alaskan extraordinaire himself.” 

Jessica Marshall wrote in with a double dose of updates: “My family continues to grow as our twin boys Isaac and Theo joined 2-year-old Levi in rounding out the family! In other news, I recently left classroom teaching after eight years to assume the position of manager of civic engagement and service learning for the Chicago public schools.” Elizabeth Sullivan and husband Sandro Pasquali had a daughter on January 18. “Julianna Teodora Pasquali weighed in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and has been stealing hearts since her arrival.” Elizabeth continues coaching young dancers and their parents in her wellness practice, The Dancer’s Toolkit. Darby Green and husband Jason Davis (Brandeis ’00), who live in New York City, welcomed daughter Piper Jemma Davis on May 23. Everyone is doing well, including big brother Lawson, 3. 

Luisa (Capasso) Robinson’s second son, Leo, turned 1 in June and her older son will attend preschool this fall. Still at WhiteWave, she recently moved over to brand manager of innovation on the Horizon Organic brand. In the spring she attended a barbeque hosted by Erin Roeder, who’s relatively new to the Colorado area. Luisa is “looking forward to going to Seattle to celebrate Kate Knights’s August nuptials with fellow ’01s Rhea Powell, Ellen Hur, Jocelyn Leavitt and Ki Mae Heussner.”

Finally, J. Edward Kim was one of many ’01s in attendance at James Yoo’s wedding. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi! It appears warmer weather inspires people to share great updates. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with news! 

Jennifer Tlumak got engaged on New Year’s Day to Peter Westerholm. The two will wed in September in Nashville, Tennessee, with a few Dartmouth friends among the guests. Best wishes! 

We have some impressive career-related announcements, too. Negarra Kudumu relocated to Seattle at the beginning of this year and is the current artist-in-residence at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. She continues her consultant work in the areas of arts, culture and social impact and looks forward to new projects and new adventures throughout the rest of the year. Minh Le signed a book deal with Disney-Hyperion for a debut picture book to be published in 2016. Starting in June Meg (Fuchs) Hastings will be the director of administration for the computer science and electrical engineering departments at Harvard University. Greg Fournier has accepted an assistant professorship at MIT in the earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences department. Mikah Soliunas has a new assignment: Cook County, Illinois, assistant state’s attorney assigned to felony review. Michael Holmes had a story, “The Boiling Point,” published in the April issue of Prick of the Spindle, a literary magazine. An experience he had while teaching in the Marshall Islands through the education department during the winter of 2000 had a part in inspiring the piece. And Mary Barensfeld has started her own architecture firm, Mary Barensfeld Architecture. Her work can be seen at Barensfeld.com and in the April issue of Dwell, a design magazine. 

After a relatively short stint in Vancouver, British Columbia, Georges Dyer and his family have relocated to the N.Y.C. area for his wife’s job. From the Garden State, Georges wrote, “We’ve been moving too much lately but are excited to be back East and seeing lots more Dartmouth people on a regular basis.” Welcome back to the States! 

Jane Parkin Kullmann and husband Jens welcomed beautiful baby girl Eleanor Julia on January 9. Jane said, “Ellie visited Dartmouth for the first time during Winter Carnival, her first visit as a prospie!” And shortly thereafter, at the beginning of March, the adventurous family packed up and moved to Sydney, Australia. Jens is doing a stint in the Sydney office of PwC and Jane is pursuing a Ph.D. in neurotoxicology at the University of Sydney. They would love to hear from any other Dartmouth grads Down Under! Sena Ku Saret wrote, “Jeff Saret and I added a daughter to our family. Her name is Isla Ku Saret and she was born on December 12, 2013. Her big brother Rylan is the cutest and most enthusiastic big brother that one might ever meet!” Jessica Wirth Strine sent this wonderful news: “My husband, Todd Strine, and I were thrilled to welcome Benjamin Ryan Strine into the world on March 28. He is pure joy. We are living in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and I work at Blackrock in Philadelphia, investing in energy stocks.” And I have one last update of my own: my husband, James, and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter Eve Elizabeth Panettiere. Born April 25, weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces, she arrived just in time to be included here. I can’t express how happy we are! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Happy holidays! I hope 2013 has been good to you and yours. In this final column of the year, it’s my pleasure to report some wonderful news on behalf of a handful of classmates. 
First, we have four new babies to welcome. Denise McBeth Marshall wrote in to say, “Dustin and I welcomed baby No. 4, Madelyn Paige, to our family. Maddie was born on August 24 and is much loved by older siblings Lily (6), Jack (4) and Hailey (2).” In September Elizabeth (Walter) Shelly and her husband became first-time parents to a little girl, Hazel. Elizabeth said, “It’s been an amazing (and a bit sleep-deprived!) ride so far!” And on October 11 Anne (Hutchinson) Norman and husband Chris added a second daughter, Adelaide Beatrice Norman, to their family. Anne added, “Her big sister Mikayla, 2, loves spending time with her.” And Hamilton (Fryer) Reavey and husband Keven Reavey ’02 welcomed a second baby girl to their family, too. Evelyn Beauvais Reavey was born on October 18, weighing 9 pounds 15 ounces! The whole family, including big sister Estelle, is thrilled about the new addition. Congratulations to all of you! 
Christine Percheski married Will McCleskey on September 21 in St. Ignatius Chapel in Dover, Massachusetts. The happy couple honeymooned in Hawaii before returning home to Chicago. Christine and Will remain grateful to Marjory (DeWard) Rolling ’00 and her husband, Craig, who introduced them. Best wishes! 
Finally, Gretchen (Bell) Biggins caught me just before my deadline to share a fantastic update about the Dartmouth women’s soccer team. The team had its annual fall alumnae event on October 26, and the 2001 class was in full attendance! (How impressive is that?) Attendees came from all over the country: Kristen Luckenbill came from Texas, Abby Gillard from Iowa, Jen (Murray) Talmadge from Maine and Bri Johnsen, Katie Gayman and Gretchen all from Massachusetts. “We brought our spouses and our collective nine children and hiked up to the fire tower before enjoying an alumni BBQ at the house of Melissa Roth ’00, a Dartmouth women’s soccer 4-2 victory over Columbia and a post-game tailgate. It was great to spend an entire day back in Hanover all together!” 
Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to hearing from you in 2014.
—Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi, ’01s! Hope everyone’s having a great summer. Lots to report from our classmates:

Erika Doody married Dr. Leif Bohman in Ridgefield, Connecticut, on June 20. The wedding party was full of Dartmouth alums, including Alissa Golden, Jane Serene Limmer, Megan Anderson Macintosh, James Macintosh and Austin Williams. Jordana Phillips married David Allen ’97 in June. Meg Fuchs got married to Aaron Hastings on July 4th; the couple lives in Arlington, Massachusetts. Athena Lentini graduated with her Ph.D. in special education from the University of Connecticut; she’s planning a spring 2010 wedding to John McAlenney. Steve Hallowell got engaged to Johanna Visuri and is planning a wedding in December in northern New Hampshire. Steve is currently attending Tuck Business School and is heading to Hyderabad, India, in the fall on an exchange program to the Indian School of Business. Tara Dairman and Andy Cahill were married in Walpole, New Hampshire, on June 6. Anna Rudberg officiated the wedding and there were lots of Dartmouth alums in attendance: Kristina Duran, Jenn Tlumak, Sabrina Hepburn, Betsy Timbers, Jeff Birk, Jeremy Fineman, Jessica Webster, Nate Russo, Brian Maloney and wife Alice Gomstyn ’03, Mike Bern, Evelyn Chen, Allison (Murray) Brennan, Bill Burgess, Rachel Roth ’02, Nate Sabel ’02, Amy Pogoriler ’00 and Alice Hagens ’02. Andy and Tara are leaving on an 18-month round-the-world trip; you can follow their travels at andyandtarasworld.blogspot.com.

Pat Leslie traveled to Bangkok after finishing his M.B.A. at the University of Washington; he’ll be working for a large power utility in Seattle. Pat sees Nicho Dankers nearly daily and they recently skied Mt. Rainier. Michael Friesner received a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and will be working at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Tai Antoine graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Jim Noonan’s theater company, Fabulous Productions, had a very successful run of Figgy Saves! It’s a fabulous drag cabaret show directed by Jim McNicholas as well as conceived by, written by and starring the two of them. Andrew Trief was released from the Israeli Army after more than a year of combat service; he is now preparing to sail from Israel to America during the course of five months. Corrie Francis is in New Zealand for the southern winter, working as a freelance animator and photographer. Sean Richardson is headed to the University of Pennsylvania Wharton M.B.A. program. Melanie Ellis Starks and her husband, Christopher Starks ’02, are living outside New Haven, Connecticut, and plan to celebrate Melanie’s 30th birthday with a group of Dartmouth friends, including Tiffany Gooden, InSung Cho, Joan Marc and Aviva Moss ’00. Joe McKnight recently purchased a home in Stratford, Connecticut, and has been working for Pfizer Inc. for the past two years. Bayard Russell lives in Manhattan working at Google and is a member of two rock bands—Negative Ken (negativeken.com) and The Botz (www.thebotz.com). He still hangs out with fellow Amarna alums Justin Bow, Dan Kotler, Elizabeth Licata ’02 and Nick Vogt ’00. 

Sarah Craft and James Lawrie ’00 are thrilled to report the arrival of their first child, Theo Harold Lawrie, who was born in November 2008. Eric Shoemaker and his wife, Kathryn Shoemaker ’04, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their second daughter, Michaela, who was born earlier this year. Betsy Parks-Stamm and her husband, Ben, welcomed daughter Pauline (Polly) Altz Parks-Stamm in February. Additionally, Betsy finished her Ph.D. in social psychology at New York University. Kevin Stanhope and his wife, Katie, welcomed their son Asher James Stanhope into the world in April. 

Please send news.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Hi, ’01s! I hope we’ve all been having a happy holiday season and best wishes to everyone for 2010! Now, on to the news.

Congrats to all of our new parents! Adam Nemser and Kim (Taylor) Nemser ’02 are thrilled to announce the arrival of their daughter Millie Margaret Nemser, born October 3. Ryan Heiberg and his wife, Suzanne, are overjoyed with the arrival of their son Dorian Paul Heiberg, born September 2009, just a little over a month early—the little guy just couldn’t wait to meet Mom and Dad! Gusty Swift and her husband, Ethan Beck, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son Thatcher Hoyt Beck; Gusty also opened a medical practice in Portland, Oregon. John Leyba is proud to announce he got married in December 2008 and is expecting his first child in December 2009. Erika (Nelson) Smith and Kyle Smith moved to Salt Lake City; they are expecting another baby girl in February to join sister Olivia, who is now two and a half years old. Lindsay (Bishop) Anderson and her husband, Nathan, welcomed their daughter Reese Bishop Anderson in September 2009. Tom Driscoll and his wife, Gina, welcomed their daughter Lily Caroline, in November 2008 and are expecting their second child in April; Tom also recently joined the law firm Bifferato LLC in Wilmington, Delaware.

Brooke Lierman and Eben Hansel were married in southern Maryland on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay on September 19; many of their Dartmouth friends were able to join for the celebration! Valeria Guerrero is engaged to Stephen Lewis; they plan to marry in 2010. Chris Miranda married his fiancée, Ashley Weaver, in August 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the couple currently lives with their two King Charles spaniels.

Tai Antoine graduated in May 2009 with a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law adding to the M.P.H. she earned from Dartmouth Medical School in 2005. Jenny Alden started a new Web site (www. dessertdarling.com), where she is the “sweet tooth with the sweet truth,” who rates and reviews desserts. Anna Rudberg finished her masters at Harvard Divinity School and her residency in chaplaincy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is now headed for her final year of schooling at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. After finishing his M.B.A. at the Kellogg School of Management, Sean Alpert took a short trip through Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia before traveling Amtrak up the east coast to visit many of his Dartmouth friends; he is now settled in San Francisco. 

Please send news.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Hi, ’01s! Thanks for all of the updates; it was a busy summer for our class.

A big congratulations to all of our newly married and engaged classmates! Kristin Verdiani and Patrick Rowe were married in a beautiful mountaintop ceremony in Chittenden, Vermont. Dartmouth alums were well represented at the wedding and of course on the dance floor as well; it was a strong one all around! Chiara Grabill was engaged to Dave Garonzik (Duke ’01) on the shores of Lake Tahoe, California, this summer; they are planning a wedding for next summer. Jared Fry married Jenny Moyer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in July; a great time was had by all at their wonderful wedding weekend. Emily Littlefield was married on Cape Cod in June. Leah Threatte was engaged to John Bojnowski (Rutgers ’01) earlier this year; the couple lives in Albany, New York, and are planning a wedding next April. Jane Parkin married Jens Kullmann (Cornell ’99) in Palatine, Illinois, this past summer; Jane was also elected to be the president of the Dartmouth Club of Greater Boston for 2009-2010. Josh Holman married Kerri Weaver in early September; the couple lives in their new home in Denver. Caleb Moore and Katie Gayman were married in August in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Julie Calderon married Mike Rizzo in June; the couple met at law school.

And another big congratulations to all of our new (and soon to be new) parents: Travis Meek and his wife, Katie, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son Colvin, born in June. Ryan Heiberg and his wife, Suzanne, are expecting their first child in late October. Kim Lenox Rockers and Joe Rockers are thrilled to announce the arrival of their daughter. Tim Wright and Abbey Nova welcomed their son Alexander Nova Wright in May. Amy Salomon and Matt Deninger are the proud parents of daughter Norah deVore Deninger, born in July. Robin DeGracia and her husband, Siva Sankaranarayanan, are expecting their first child, a son, in early December. Kevin Stanhope and his wife, Katie, welcomed their son Asher James Stanhope into the world April 14. Halsey Morris and wife Laura are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son Pierce Jackson Morris, born August 15. Thomas Leatherbee and Jill Cusack ’03 welcomed their newborn Evan Joseph Leatherbee on July 8. Denise McBeth Marshall and her husband, Dustin, welcomed their second child, Jackson Garrett Marshall. 

Elizabeth Sullivan graduated with a master’s from Columbia’s arts administration program and works with American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Jessica Marshall spent the summer in Kenya researching for a post-colonial African literature course; she’s returning to the Bronx, New York, to teach high school special education humanities. Chance Hill is adjusting to civilization after his Iraq experience with the armed services; he’s attending a master’s program at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

Karl Baumert, Dave Floren and Conor Grimes met up for a vacation in Colombia; a great time was had by all! Rich Harvell sold his first novel, The Bells, in September and is a new father to son Anatole, who was born in 2008. Adrian Loehwing is still living in London and has made a few trips back to the States to catch up with a number of Dartmouth friends. Sarah Rubenstein is starting the M.B.A. program at Columbia Business School. Gene Long is a first-year medical student at Georgetown University Medical Center; his preceptor is Dr. Jon O’Brien ’46, S.J. Andy Hoke started his first year at an electrical engineering Ph.D. program focusing on renewable energy. 

Please send news.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Hi, ’01s! Hope everyone has been enjoying the first few months of 2010!

A very big congratulations to all of our newly engaged couples! Carly Prior recently got engaged to Jon Clarke (University of Sydney ’01) on a beautiful Saturday morning at the beach in Sydney, Australia, where the couple currently lives. Abraham Mahshie (Missouri Journalism ’06) met a great Nebraskan girl while salsa dancing and managed to hang on to her. He and Meghan Mercier (Missouri ’08, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies ’10) will be married in January at a small ceremony in Miami and are looking forward to continued international adventures together. Rupa Magge and Kurt Cross (Kenyon ’00) were engaged this past spring while vacationing in Maui. Kurt popped the question on the beach at sunrise. Their wedding will be next May in Los Angeles, California, where they reside. Kurt has Dartmouth blood in him; his father, Bruce Cross, is a member of the class of 1964. Tom Campbell got engaged to Meghan Palmer (Mount Holyoke ’01).

And a few new additions to announce as well, congratulations to our new parents! Susan Feakins Masry and her husband, Avi, welcomed a baby boy, Benjamin Paul Masry, in December. Robin DeGracia and her husband, Siva Sankaranarayanan, welcomed their first child, a boy, Santiago Kesavan Sivakumar, born December 7. Ryan Bouton and Jennifer Bouton ’02 welcomed their fourth child and fourth daughter, Eleia Christine Bouton, in November.

And one of our classmates is now a published author! James Feinstein wrote a book of narratives about the clinical year of medical school titled Short White Coat: Lessons from Patients on Becoming a Doctor. It is available through all major booksellers. His Web site is www.shortwhitecoat.com.

Please continue to send news to me.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Hi, ’01s! Thanks for all of the updates, looks like 2010 is off to a good start for our classmates!

Jenny Alden is engaged to Tyler Barth. The couple has been dating for three years and is planning a wedding for next spring. Kristina Duran got engaged to James Panettiere (Boston College ’93); the couple is planning a November wedding. Last December Laura Enomoto got engaged to Harrison McGrath (William and Mary); they are both medical students at Virginia Commonwealth University. Congratulations to Melanie Ellis and her husband, Christopher Starks ’02, who recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They also met up with Aviva Moss ’00, InSung Cho and Andrew Park ’00 to celebrate Aviva’s engagement to Jeff Lewis, a friend of Christopher Stark’s from medical school. 

Negarra Kudumu is back in the Netherlands since May 2009 working in the operations department of a small international research institute in The Hague. Seth Button finished his Ph.D. in archaeology at the University of Michigan and will spend the next few months in Egypt as a member of the Penn-Yale-IFA Expedition to Abydos. Rachel Richardon’s first book of poems, Copperhead, was published in January.

Jenna Goldberg recently passed the licensed independent clinical social worker examination and is now working an as an adult day healthcare coordinator at the Veterans Administration in Boston. Christian Larsen is now working for the LEGO Group as a senior business developer within the new business group; Christian, along with his wife and their newborn child, has relocated to Copenhagen.

Gabe Horwitz and his wife, Jessica, are proud parents of Grant Alexander, who was born on February 5, hours into a blizzard that shut down D.C. Luckily the nurses and docs were snowed into the hospital with them and everyone made it through happy and healthy. Allison (Murray) Brennan and her husband, Marty, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their first son, Martin Joseph Brennan III, born January 5. Margaret (Grace) Mills and her husband, James Mills ’00, welcomed Hayden Paul Mills, born December 27, 2009. 

And to finish we have a request from one of our classmates, Jennifer Kay, who covers Haitian and Caribbean communities in the United States for the Associated Press and tracked various relief efforts as they came through the Port-au-Prince airport in the first days after the earthquake. She is back in the United States now and trying to keep up with the ongoing relief efforts supporting the Haitian community. Please reach out to Jennifer at jnkay@ap.org if you have taken on any projects related to the ongoing Haitian relief efforts, including things such as immigration questions, adoption problems, insurance issues or social services for survivors or families.

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Hi, ’01s! As always, lots of news to report. Congratulations to all of our new parents! Carrie Hoverman Colla and Geoff Colla ’04 welcomed their first son, Blake Russell Colla, who arrived happy and healthy three weeks early and is the newest member of an extended family with nine Dartmouth alumni, including his parents, grandfathers Dr. Stephen Hoverman ’71 and Stanley Colla ’66, great-grandfather Stanley Colla Sr. ’33, uncle David Hoverman ’98 and aunt Abigail Smith’98, and uncles Coleman Colla ’58 and J. Russell Hoverman ’67. Additionally, grandmother Nancy Hoverman studied at Dartmouth while attending Mt. Holyoke. Jen Wiehn Bogue and her husband, Peter, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their first son, Tyler James Bogue. Kelly Finck Waters and Alex Waters welcomed daughter Natalie Celeste Waters. Dominic Germana is proud to announce the birth of his twin sons Carter Elliott and Max Campbell Germana.

On April 8 Lacary Sharpe and Sujan Patel, both of New York City, and Chris Hummel, on a three-week break from the U.S. State Department in Afghanistan, met Gene Long, who is finishing his first year at Georgetown Medical School, in Gene’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia, to witness Tiger Woods’ return to golf at the Masters. The guys enjoyed watching golf during the day and hitting the town at night! Erik Andreasen started a new job as director of film development for Participant Media. Esther Freeman and Adam Young are living in Boston, where Esther is continuing her residency at the Harvard combined dermatology program and Adam just finished the Boston Marathon in less than three hours! Nathaniel Morgan just finished composing the musical score for a documentary called Raw Faith that had its world premiere at the Nashville Film Festival and won Nashville Public Television’s Human Spirit Award. The score also features an original song by Sheryl Crow; additional information is available at www.rawfaith.com. Negarra Kudumu is still living and working in The Hague, where she helps plan international conferences. Ying Li is moving to Boston in June to do a pediatric orthopedic surgery fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston. Ali Rashid is graduating medical school and relocating to Virginia for an internship in general surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia. Ali recently returned to Hanover for the 11th annual Psi Chapter (Dartmouth) La Unidad Latina fraternity reunion. Dave Marmaros graduated from Stanford with a master’s in computer science. Adrian Loehwing recently visited friends around the world and while traveling she was able to catch up with Naz Dana, Shelley Sandell Allen and Shelley’s baby Aubrey.

Carly Prior and Jon Clarke were married on Maui this April and had a wonderful week celebrating with their families, including father Ron Prior ’63 and brother Brandon Prior ’95. Damon Austin and his longtime girlfriend Erica Upshaw eloped in Big Sur, California; the happy couple currently lives in Laguna Beach, California. Megan Hitchner got engaged to Matt Ketchum; the couple met while working together in Boston and will be relocating to San Francisco. Josh Holman married Kerri Weaver last September and they have a new puppy named Mulligan. Jeremy Ware married Christina Wingo in March; Mike Chen was a groomsman and many Dartmouth friends joined in the festivities. Sena Ku married Jeff Saret last September in West Harrison, New York. Dean Krishna officiated the wedding, and many Dartmouth friends attended the reception helping the couple celebrate. Corrie Francis married Thomas Parks on May 1 in South Lake Tahoe, California. Thom is a cousin of Betsy Parks-Stamm, the couple met at Betsy’s wedding in 2006.

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Hi ’01s, hope everyone has been enjoying the summer! 

Congratulations to all of our new parents! Roxanne (Stahl) O’Hara and Chris O’Hara welcomed their son Jackson Forrest O’Hara on June 3—big sister Madeline is (mostly) thrilled about the family’s new addition! Gretchen (Bell) Biggins, husband Tom and daughter Abigail are excited to announce the arrival of the newest member of the family, Samantha Ann Biggins, born April 2. Spencer Meyer and his wife, Joanna Lisker Meyer ’02, had their first child, Andrew Francis, in February. They’ve been enjoying the summer of “firsts” with Andrew at their home in Maine. 

Leah Threatte married John Bojnowski (Rutgers ’02) on April 2 in Albany, New York. Lonnie Threatte ’02, Vanessa Long ’00 and Mary Anne Mendenhall ’02 were in the wedding. Ben Mandelker, Katie Stewart, Eleanor Leahy, Julie Calderon, Pamela Cogut ’02 and Summer Craig ’97 were also there! Katie Stewart married William Sanford on June 5 in Middletown, New York. Everyone enjoyed celebrating with the couple, including Leah Threatte Bojnowksi, Brooke Lierman, Eben Hansel, Jason Hamilton, Judy Huang and Amanda Taplett. Peter Leckerling is engaged to his girlfriend, Grace Zheng, and is planning a wedding in Madison, Connecticut, in June 2011. His retail consulting business has gathered steam over the past few years and recently added another Dartmouth alum, Imani Payne ’99, to the company.

Kristin Luckenbill is in her last season of professional soccer, playing for Sky Blue FC in New Jersey. She is attending UVA’s Darden School of Business in the fall. Jessica Marshall is returning to Chicago after teaching for the last four years in the Bronx. She is also getting married in Davenport, Iowa, to Meredith Bawden, sister of Ben Bawden ’99 and sister-in-law to Allison Brugg Bawden ’99. Xander Meise is living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where is he is clerking for the extraordinary chambers of the courts of Cambodia. He plans to return in the fall to New Hampshire, where he’ll spend the following year clerking for a judge on the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. Negarra Kudumu is still working at The Hague at a Dutch foundation focusing on globalization and international law. In her spare time she writes on her blog, wanderlustlive.wordpress.com, is a member of a wine club and is planning mini-adventures in Europe and its environs. Isaac Edson graduated from New England Law with a J.D. on May 28. Rafael Rosengarten completed his Ph.D. in molecular, cellular and developmental biology at Yale this spring and has relocated to the Bay Area for a postdoctoral fellowship. Weekends are full of hiking, climbing, camping and wine tasting in the company of Alexis Jhamb ’03. Marissa Wong moved back to New York in March to begin a job as director of strategy at Saks Fifth Avenue. She spent time in Boston after finishing her M.B.A. at Columbia Business School in 2009. Sasha Kraev will be finishing a general surgery residency this year and starting a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship at Yale University next year.

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Hi, ’01s, another busy summer for everyone. Congratulations to all of our new parents: Carly Prior Clarke and her husband, Jon Clarke, welcomed their first child, Alexander Ryan Clarke, born August 26. Harlan Thompson is thrilled to announce the arrival of his twin sons, born earlier this year. Anne Wadlow and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Mary Anne Drogula, born in July. Eric Kelley and his wife, Loreen, welcomed their daughter Sofia Chiumiento Kelley. Katharine MacIntyre Navins and her husband, David Navins, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son David McPherson Navins Jr. (nickname “Mac”), who arrived just in time to celebrate 4th of July weekend with his parents. Will Hughes and his wife, Gray, welcomed their first child, Peter Sherman Hughes. Eric Shoemaker and his wife, Kathryn, welcomed their third child, Michael. Greg Chittim and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed their firstborn, Liam David Chittim. Jason Weber and his wife, Meredith, are the proud parents of their second child, Sophia Grace. Adam Tanney and his wife, Jennifer Kirby Tanney, welcomed their baby boy Xavier Kirby Tanney in March.

Chiara Grabill married Dave Garonzik at Lake Tahoe, California, on August 7; lots of Dartmouth friends were in attendance to wish them well! Justin Isariyawongse married Joanna Fong this summer. Melissa Miranda married Dick Brouwer in April 2010 in the Dominican Republic. Elena Ghanotakis married Costas Theocharidis in Boston, she also recently released a documentary titled South Africa: Inside the Cycle of Rape (http://to.pbs.org/elenaprison). Emily Nielsten married Ryan White in Montauk, New York, in May. 

Dr. Carrie Hoverman Colla is moving back to Hanover with husband Geoff ’04 and son Blake. Carrie will start a new job in September as a professor focused on health economics research. Scott Macartney retired after a 12-year career with the U.S. Ski Team and two Olympic teams. He is now working with the World Cup Dreams Foundation, a nonprofit that funds and supports injured athletes. Gloriana Gallegos Trujillo married David Trujillo in 2009 and just finished her Ph.D. in biology at UCSD. Christine Percheski started a faculty position at Northwestern University. Richard Harvell has a new book coming out in September, The Bells. Kristin Luckenbill finished playing professional soccer and is now studying for her M.B.A. at University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Brian Graner moved to Royal Oak, Michigan, to start a residency at William Beaumont Hospital.

Steve Hallowell finished at Tuck and moved to San Francisco to work at a new late-stage startup. Molly Feltner is working in Africa as the communications officer for the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, which provides healthcare for Africa’s 700 wild mountain gorillas. David Tatkow recently relocated from Chicago to New York City, where he is working with Albourne Partners.

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Hello, ’01s! I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying 2014. After you read these updates, please send along your own! 

First up, we have big news in a small package: Kate (Mattern) McGee and husband Conner McGee ’02 welcomed a daughter on August 20. Kate rightfully says hers is “quite a crowded household in N.Y.C.,” as baby Alexandra joined big brother Jamie (2 years old) and the family’s two dogs, Bailey and Chester (both 6 years old). Congratulations to the whole family! 

And best wishes to Jessica Webster, who is enjoying life as a newlywed. She wrote in with this update, “Yay! Brought in on a rowboat by my mom and dad, I got married in September to Edward Nevraumont out on the gorgeous Olympic Peninsula, surrounded by lots of Dartmouth friends: Jen Taylor and Naz Dana, adventurous bridesmaids who came in on canoes, Tommy Avery, who sang in the ceremony, and other awesome ’01s who could make the trek out there, Tara Dairman, Andy Cahill, Lauren Emerson, Jess Penchos, Debra Brodksy, Adrian Loehwing and Bryan Russel!” 

Finally, just before my deadline, I heard from Chance Hill. He’s in his third term at Michigan Law (in Ann Arbor) and will be working in a prosecutor’s office in Billings, Montana, this summer. He hopes to hear from anyone who will be in the area then. If you live there or even plan on passing through, please drop him a line! 

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Hey, ’01s! Many thanks to those who sent notes before 2013 became history. It’s great to end the year with a variety of good news. 

Stina Brock humbly kept this to herself, but another alumna told me Stina received a well-deserved Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award in October. She was cited for her work in the energy field and commitment to Dartmouth through club and committee volunteer work, as well as alumni interviewing. Way to go, Stina! You can learn more from the award file linked here: http://alumni.dartmouth.edu/awards. 

Jennifer Gill Didoni and her husband, Alberto, welcomed a baby girl on November 15. Lucia Maria Didoni, described by her mom as a “beautiful and well-cooked joy,” was in no hurry to make her debut: She arrived 13 days after her due date at the healthy weight of 9 pounds, 12 ounces. Jenn was kind enough to include a photo when she sent this announcement, so I’m pleased to confirm Lucia is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you’re all doing great! 

Amar Dhand wrote in with two fantastic items: He is engaged to Charlene Ong (UPenn) and he invented the NeuroBoard, a device for teaching patients and students about neurological illnesses. Congratulations! 

Have a great 2014, everyone!

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I hope you all enjoyed the summer! Georges Dyer moved to Vancouver, hometown of his wife, Michelle. They miss New England and the friends they left behind but “are loving the mountains, forests and coastlines of British Columbia and getting to see ‘The Tis’ (Dory Tisdale) and his charming fiancée, Melly, on a regular basis.” Georges and Michelle’s daughter Hanna is 18 months old and loves being close to her grandparents. 

Greg Frank, newly elected president of the Dartmouth Club of New York, joined a new law firm, Frank & Bianco LLP, in January. In August Dave Castleman received a Best Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Lawyer (LGBT) Under 40 Award from the National LGBT Bar Association. Congratulations! 

Miena Meek Hall matriculated at the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine. Meanwhile, her eldest, Xander, entered middle school. Good luck to both! 

Lindsay “Mac” MacIndoe is “neck-deep in a new musical project set to launch later this year.” She promises more info soon, and I know we’re all ears. We’ll need to keep our eyes on Brooke Lierman too, as she’s running for Maryland state delegate (from Baltimore City). “My website is www.brookelierman.com. So far my Dartmouth friends have been instrumental in getting the campaign up and running (financially) and my husband, Eben Hansel, has been a huge support. We have an 8-month-old son now as well, who we think is cute enough to win me a few votes!” Best of luck! 

Congratulations to Carolyn (Roth) Fiuza, who married Pedro Fiuza on June 15 at the University Club in Chicago. Joining in the celebration were several Dartmouth pals (and tennis teammates): Aki Naito, Ashley (Zielinger) McMahan, Chiara (Grabill) Garonzik, Whitney Stevens ’02, Carly (Bashleben) Partridge ’02 and Sarita (Yardi) Shoenebeck ’02. The happy couple held a reception in Rio de Janeiro, the groom’s hometown, on August 30. 

Last, but not least, we have many new babies to welcome! Will Hughes and wife Gray added a daughter, Whitney Rothwell Hughes, to their family in February. She and brother Peter, now 3, are doing great. The Hughes family also moved from Boston out to Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and are enjoying the extra space and bigger yard. Will sums it up well: “Life is great.” Ali (Waggener) Boyd and husband Brewster Boyd (Middlebury ’00), along with their two daughters Keagan and Cora, were delighted to welcome Brewster “Rew” Boyd on June 17. “We have fun catching up with Josh Holman and his family a few times a month for backyard games, and I got to spend a night with Katie (Reichardt) Bishop picnicking by a Colorado creek while waiting for little Rew to arrive. Life is good in the Colorado summertime!” Greg Chittim and his wife were pleased to add a second son, Aiden John, to their family on the first day of summer, June 21. He is already adored by his 3-year-old brother Liam, who thinks Aiden “is just the coolest thing.” Halsey Morris and his wife, Laura, welcomed their third boy, Grant Kellogg, on July 16. He joins big brothers Pierce, 4, and Teddy, 2. Gretchen (Bell) Biggins and husband Tom now have a family of six! Benjamin Walter Biggins was born on July 17. Big siblings Abigail, Samantha and Tommy are loving life with a new little brother! In August Jonah Stulberg and Dana Parnes Stulberg welcomed their daughter Maya Isabelle, who shares a birthday with her 4-year-old brother Ethan. Jonah continues his training at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, as a fourth-year general surgery resident.

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Hey, ’01s! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. 

When I was collecting news for this column in June, Dan Pollock wrote to say he’d just finished his first legislative session working as the executive assistant to the Minnesota House majority leader, helping to make Minnesota the 12th state to legalize gay marriage. He and his wife, Rachel (Truman State ’02), are expecting their second child in August, around the time this column reaches you. Congratulations, Dan! 

Also in June, Scott and Alisa (Beck) Harrison attended the wedding of Kushal Patel and Rekha Rao in Newport Beach, California. Best wishes to Rekha and Kush, who made his entrance especially memorable by riding in on an elephant! In addition to celebrating with the newlyweds, the Harrisons enjoyed catching up with Melissa (Singh) Merchant, Eric Sirianni, Alex Oren ’02 and various other Alpha Chis from the classes of ’03 to ’05. 

Kristin Luckenbill recently sent word that she retired from professional soccer, got her M.B.A. at Darden (University of Virginia) and “finally entered the ‘real world’ as a management consultant in Morristown, New Jersey.” In other exciting career news, Jane Serene Limmer is moving to Denver and joining the ob/gyn faculty at the University of Colorado this month. She would love to see any Dartmouth folks in the area. 

We have some new ’01 family members to announce, too! Kay Weston Walsh and Greg Walsh ’98, along with awesome big sister Fiona, welcomed Franziska Laura on April 20 in Zurich. John and Leah (Threatte) Bojnowski welcomed Caleb August Bojnowski on April 29. Caleb weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces, at birth. I’ve seen photos of both babies on Facebook, and they are absolutely adorable. Finally, Luisa (Capasso) Robinson and her husband, Tony, were anticipating their second son’s arrival on the day this column was due. Luisa, we’re all looking forward to an update! 

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Hey, ’01s! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. As I write, the Fourth of July is just around the corner; by the time you read this, Labor Day will be sneaking up on us. How did you spend the stretch between those holidays? After you’ve read these updates, please take a moment to send me one of your own! 

As has become the norm, we have many babies to celebrate. Georges Dyer is thrilled to announce the birth of his baby girl Hanna (Mary Hanna Dyer). “My wife, Michelle, and I are loving being parents and have had a great time introducing her to Dartmouth alums and spouses, including Casey and Charlie McElligott, Marci and Scott Kinum and Sierra and Brad Crevier.” The family is moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, this summer and would love to connect with any alums in the area. Josh Holman is also the proud dad of a new daughter. He and wife Kerri welcomed Piper June Holman to the world on March 12. Josh is opening a satellite office of Businessolver in Denver this summer and looks forward to growing the business in the West. Katie Lyndon Kehoe and her husband, John, just moved to Chicago with son Ollie, born December 24, 2011. Katie hopes to connect with any ’01s living downtown. Robin DeGracia writes, “My husband and I welcomed Indira Elizabeth Sivakumar to the world on June 15. Mom, dad and big brother Santiago are all excited to add a girl to our growing family.” And Kelly (Keene) Horst is a new mom, too. “My husband, Adam Horst ’00, and I welcomed baby girl Rebecca Ann Horst on June 20. She is our first. I recently finished a fellowship in pediatric radiology at the University of Michigan and Adam is both the Indiana State budget director and office of management and budget director under Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana.” 

Jennifer Taylor Veneris graduated from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine with her M.D. and Ph.D. in June. She is staying on in Chicago for her residency in internal medicine and always looking forward to meeting other alums in the area. Meg (Fuchs) Hastings also shares graduation news: “I graduated this March from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education with an Ed.M. in higher education administration. I currently work in faculty affairs at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as the academic appointments manager.” Congratulations to both of you! 

Last, but not least, we have a fun tidbit from Alric Lam. “At the time of this publishing I should be engaged to Amanda Price (Northeastern ’10). Assuming she said yes, we should also be under way on a road trip of epic proportions. After spending a long time of saving and planning, we are traveling the United States in a 30-foot Keystone fifth-wheel camper with our cat and dog, Mac and Chibby. I hope we’ve met up with lots of old friends already, and are planning to meet up with many more. During this time, we will be updating our blog regularly: www.roamdaily.com. Check it out and if we are swinging your way and you want to meet us, just let us know!” Best wishes to the happy couple! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi, ’01s!

Great seeing everyone at reunion, hope we all enjoyed the beautiful weekend in Hanover! Congratulations to our new class secretary, Kristina Duran Panettiere, who will be writing this column going forward. Before we jump into the news, I would like to thank everyone for sharing their updates with me through the past five years—hearing from so many people made this a fun experience! I’m thrilled to share news of my own: On June 25 my boyfriend of three years, Joe Marcello, proposed after a wonderful afternoon together in New York City. He further surprised with me a cocktail party to celebrate our engagement, which was attended by our families and many of our friends, including Alissa Golden, Lynne Grossman, Roxanne Stahl O’Hara, Kate Mattern McGee and Conner McGee ’02, LaCary Sharpe, Julie Clark ’02, Kim Taylor Nemser ’02 and Brendan Panda ’00. Thank you to everyone who has reached out with their kind wishes—we’re very excited!

Amy Coe Rodde and her husband Brian are thrilled to announce the birth of their son Austin Becker Rodde, born February 26. Deborah Foster and her husband, David, welcomed their daughter Abigail Rebecca, born in March; the family lives in Washington, D.C. Andy Hoey and his wife, Angela, welcomed their second daughter, Elena Peralta Hoey, on April 28; Elena and big sister Miranda enjoyed seeing everyone in Hanover at the reunion. Dan Pollock and his wife, Rachel, are the proud parents of their first child, Isabel Barbara Pollock, born June 2. 

Brad Crevier and Steve DeVecchi are carrying on the DMAC tradition via a website, dmac10year.com, which showcases the many musicians from our class who continue to make music and has an archive of all of the mixes that the club made our senior year. Miena Meek Hall finished the MCAT exam and will be applying to medical school this summer. Miena and her husband, Dan, are expecting their fourth child in December, joining siblings Xander (9), Aubrey (6), and Eamon (2.5). Hank Leukart spent a month running and trekking with a camera across Morocco recently, working as a producer for ABC’s summer adventure-race series, Expedition Impossible. Check out his travel blog, withoutbaggage.com, where you can also read about his recent trip to post-revolution Egypt and watch the documentary film about hiking to Nepal’s Everest Base Camp that he made with his brother. Caroline Cantner graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School and joined a small animal practice in the Philadelphia area. Elizabeth Sullivan is starting two new ventures this summer: a private practice as a health coach (easullivan.com) and a company that provides wellness solutions for high school performing arts students (creativecompass.org). Please check out the websites for more information.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt. 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Hey, ’01s! 

I hope each of you had a wonderful summer. Around these parts it seemed to pass very quickly. Fortunately, as you all know, fall in New England has its perks. Homecoming is just around the corner, so if you’re heading to Hanover for the festivities, have a great time and be sure to write in and tell us about your visit. Also, keep an eye out for Amy Salomon and Matt Deninger, as they and their girls will be making the trip from North Reading, Massachusetts. This will be 3-year-old Norah’s fourth bonfire, but it’s only the first for little sister Barrett Caroline Deninger, born June 6. 

Amy and Matt are not the only ’01s with a growing family and school spirit: Rupa Magge writes that she and husband Kurt Cross are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter Kareena Lakshmi Cross. Born April 30 in Los Angeles, where the family resides, Kareena is already sporting some Big Green duds, courtesy grandfather Bruce Cross ’64. Andrew and Karilyn (Saunders) Heisen welcomed their second child, Thomas Carl Heisen, on April 7. He joins big sister Kalae. Amelia Kahl and Alan Green had their little girl Eleanor Jaina Kahl-Green on August 21. Eric Kelley, wife Loreen and daughter Sofia added a baby boy, Alden, to their family on July 8. Erin Roeder and husband Jay Spader had daughter Hollis (Holly) Roeder Spader on January 26. Lubna Ammar and husband Shayan Habib were joined by son Zeyad Ammar Shayan Habib on May 2. Josh Morey and wife Christine Kornylak had daughter Isobel Pepper Morey on July 13. Kelly Fisher and husband Matt Walker welcomed daughter Savanna Ruby Fisher Walker on July 31. And Melissa Miranda and husband Dick Brouwer had daughter Aria Miranda Brouwer on August 7. 

In other news Ed Bialas, wife Kate and their two girls, Phoebe (3) and Milly (1), recently relocated to Houston.

Last, but not least, let’s all congratulate Abby Gillard, who recently completed the New York City Ironman in August, meeting fellow alum and first-time Ironman Chuck Rosenwasser ’06 on the bike portion of the race. Way to go, Abby! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hello, ’01s!

As I write the house is lit by candlelight, supplemented by the sterile glow of my laptop. Hurricane Irene was only a tropical storm by the time she blew through my neighborhood, but she managed to cause a little trouble and knock out the power many hours ago. The novelty is beginning to wear off, but it has been little more than an inconvenience, which is a relief after threats of so much damage. I hope those of you in the storm’s path and within reach of the summer’s earthquakes are all safe and sound! 

While in Cape Town, South Africa, on business Amanda Cook wrote to share a little about her life in London, where she recently bought a flat with her boyfriend Zak. Her role at a software company includes managing partnerships across Europe and Africa so she spends a great deal of time traveling. She also manages to maintain an amazing blog, Vintage Savoir Faire (http://bit.ly/r7fjhC), where she learns “to make good food, kitchen remedies and beauty products.” I am so impressed, Amanda! I recommend you all check it out. Also, please get in touch with her should you find yourself in London; she missed reunion and would love to meet up with any ’01s visiting her neck of the woods. 

Laura Enomoto submitted a quick note about her wedding. “I got married to Harrison McGrath (William and Mary) in Lyons, Colorado. We were happy so many of my Dartmouth friends could attend, including Lili Beneda, Jenna Levine, Melissa Mangan Fox, Vanessa Spencer Blake, Alisa Beck Harrison and Michele Coulombe Hosner. It was the best day of our lives!” Congratulations, Laura and Harrison! 

The fun nuptials news continued with an update from Michael Bern. Congratulations to Mike and his new wife, Rachel Roth ’02! They “got married right down the road from Hanover in Quechee, Vermont, and had a blast celebrating with a lot of Dartmouth folk including Brian Landry-Wilson, Handol Khym, Erika Cafarella, Eric Costello, Brian Maloney, Rob Costello, Matt Kuhn, Andrew Heisen, Karilyn Heisen, Anna Rudberg, Jen Feltner, Molly Feltner, Nat Rink ’99, Carolyn Swan ’02, Elyse Krantz ’02, Eric Schatz ’02, Robin Levine, Sarah Finck ’02, Hillary Schrenell ’02 and a bunch of Tuck ’09s.” The couple also hosted a dinner at the DOC House and jumped in the Connecticut River while on campus. Well played, Mike! 

Last, but not least, I received an exciting announcement from Halsey Morris that he is the proud father to a second son! Halsey and his wife, Laura, welcomed Edmund “Teddy” Morris on June 27. Congratulations to the whole family, including Pierce, who is now officially a big brother! 

Until next time, enjoy the crisp fall weather and keep the good news coming. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Thanks, ’01s, for all the news! 

Congratulations to Karyn Brudnicki and Mark Landis ’97, who met in Boston in 2007 and married at Rollins Chapel last May. The College was heavily represented at the wedding: groomsmen included Elijah Cocks ’97 and Phil Currier ’97; Adam Mirick ’99 and Steven Wiesenthal ’00 were ushers; Malini Mukhopadhyay, Jennifer Gillcrist ’00 (Wellesley/Dartmouth exchange ’00) and Jeremy Siegel ’97 served as readers; and Christie Jackson ’97, Jen Siegel ’97, Dave Coleman’97, Tu’03, Michelle Coleman ’99, Craig and Dawn Allen ’97, Evan Koch ’97, Dan and Abby Kempf ’00, Robert Hallenbeck, Eric Bielke and Michael Friesner were guests.

Amanda Cook will marry Zak Mazeika this fall and recently left her corporate job to focus on her own business. As a certified health coach, Amanda works with stressed out professional women, a demographic she knows all too well! You can keep up with her via vintagesavoirfaire.com. 

Elizabeth Sullivan has consolidated her health coaching practice and wellness curriculum into a new company, the Dancer’s Toolkit. She recently launched thedancerstoolkit.com and enjoys coaching students and their parents on dancer health, nutrition and career prep. She remains grateful to Tuck professor Gregg Fairbrothers ’76, who, at a Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network meeting last fall, urged her to take her curriculum to market. 

Xander Meise Bay spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Zambia with Chris Hummel, Allison (Schumitsch) Hummel ’02 and the couple’s adorable daughters. Soon thereafter Xander became president of the Dartmouth Lawyers Association (DLA). Concurrently, Greg Frank assumed his post as chair of the DLA’s Young Lawyers Committee. Kudos to both!

In May Chance Hill will relocate from the Washington, D.C., area to pursue a degree at the University of Michigan Law School. He writes, “If any classmates are passing through Ann Arbor this summer, by all means let me know.” 

Tom Campbell and wife Meghan Palmer (Holyoke ’01) recently left Colorado for the Seattle area and an opportunity with LMI Intec, which is expanding its manufacturing of composite components for the aerospace industry. Tom says, “The area is nice even though the weather can be dour!” and reports having already run into Kathryn Knight, who is working to develop the field of impact investing. 

We have lots of births to celebrate, too! Veronica Mae (Ramsey) Carney and husband Michael (St. Joe’s ’00) welcomed daughter Brennan Delia Carney on November 17. “Older sister Nola Mae is loving being a big sis, as well as hanging with her friend Marshall (son of Liz Kleinerman) in the Boston area and Nora (daughter of Sarah Lodewick) via Skype from Ohio!” If you plan to be in Norwell, Massachusetts, Veronica would love to hear from you. Julia (Gertsberg) Scharf, husband Jon and big sister Eva, 2, welcomed Isaac Lawrence to their family on January 23. Jeremy Ware and wife Christina welcomed their second child, Sophie, on January 31. Carrie Hoverman Colla and husband Geoff Colla ’04 had Juliet Elizabeth on February 9. Carrie writes, “We live in Hanover and I am enjoying my maternity leave from my work at the medical school!” Debbie Bernstein Foster, husband David and big sister Abby, 2, welcomed Madeline Anne on January 23. Spencer Meyer and wife Joanna Lisker Meyer ’02 had their second son, Silas Robert Meyer, in January. Spencer adds, “His big brother Andrew, 3, is quite smitten but wishes Silas would do more than ‘just sit there.’ We’re still in the Bangor, Maine, area and would love to have visits from anyone headed to Acadia National Park or the end of the earth.” 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Spring is here! In the spirit of new beginnings, we’ll kick off the ’01 news with birth announcements. Justin Sarma writes that he and his wife, Michelle Chui, “just had a son named Ian Atreya Sarma-Chui (’30, if he studies hard).” Gretchen (Bell) Biggins, husband Tom and daughters Abby and Sam are excited to welcome baby Thomas Joseph VI to their family. He was born on the fun date of 11/1/11. Congratulations to all of you! 

Kudos to Joe McKnight, too, as he is “on schedule to graduate May 12 with an M.B.A. from Southern Connecticut State University.” Joe continues to live in his Stratford, Connecticut, home and work full-time for Pfizer Inc. as a healthcare representative. Recently he volunteered for and completed his first two alumni interviews. He says, “It was really fun meeting potential 2016s—they were quite impressive ‘kids.’ ” 

Jenna Goldberg married Pedro Ramos in Boston over Veteran’s Day weekend.And Jacqueline Dresow will be marrying Marc Cooperstein (Washington State ’01) this July in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They met at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine, and currently reside in Orange County, California. Best wishes to both couples! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

I am so sad to report that our classmate Josh Morey passed away in December. On behalf of the class, I express our sincere condolences to his wife, Christine, and their daughter Isobel. 

Harlan Thompson was named Partner of Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, LLP, on October 4, 2012. He and his wife recently moved to Westchester, New York, where their identical twin sons, now 2 1/2, keep them very busy. 

Mamie (Fitzgerald) Marcuss has been named chief of staff for the Washington Attorney General’s Office. Mamie previously served as a legislative analyst for the King County Council’s operating and capital budget committees, analyzing a budget of $5 million. She and husband Aidan Marcuss have son Luke (3) and live in Seattle.

Matt Lazar, MALS’09, has published a young adult novel with coauthor Amanda Thomas. Warrior Girl explores the coupling of reality and gaming fantasy for a Korean student at Oxford who gains strength from escaping into World of Warcraft. You can find the title through Amazon: http://amzn.com/B009WCPH6Y. Matt currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and works in business development for ConsumerAffairs.com.

I look forward to hearing from a record number of ’01s in 2013. Until then, best wishes to everyone for all good things in the new year.

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

I hope 2012 is off to a great start for each of you! 

Jeff and Sena Ku Saret had an excellent excuse for missing the reunion last June: the arrival of “super-adorable” Rylan Ku Saret. Marisa Jupiter and husband Jonathan Miller ’00 welcomed Samuel Jupiter Miller on October 2. They hope he is left-handed like his dad. Dean Krishna and his wife, Reena, had a daughter, Asha Vaidya Krishna, on October 28. Big brother Veer is older by two years and one day. Ryan Bouton and wife Jennifer (Conrad) Bouton ’02 had a son, Josiah, on November 9. He has four older sisters to show him the ropes! Evangeline (Choe) Lehr and husband Jackson Lehr ’00 happily welcomed baby girl Aerin Montgomery Lehr on November 15. Greg Buth and wife Shannon had twin boys on December 6, which happens to be Greg’s birthday. Quite a present! Greg writes, “Ben and Shay were born at 6 1/2 and 7 pounds, respectively. They join our 20-month-old boy Kase in what has quickly become a very crazy house in Chicago.” Congratulations to the happy moms and dads! May the new year bring you some sleep. 

Best wishes to the newlyweds and newly engaged, too! During Labor Day weekend Kim Vu married Nathan Dau (Columbia ’00). She writes, “The wedding party included Helen Chen, Ricky Wong, Caroline Chang and Elenor Mak. A number of Dartmouth friends also attended: Candice Ling, Hsin Lin, Wendy Yu ’02, Masashi Kiyomine, Soon-Hyouk Lee, Annie Chung ’03 and Henry Chen ’99.” After five years with Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP in New York, Kim joined Sidley Austin LLP in Chicago and continues to do mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Richard Sherman wrote to say he and Amanda Morganroth ’04 wed in Portland, Oregon, this past fall. Dartmouth grads in attendance included groomsman Josh Morey, Kelly Fisher and a whole bunch of ’03s and ’04s. Amanda Cook and Zak Mazeika both love to travel, so they fittingly got engaged on a weekend trip to Amsterdam. The couple met in Las Vegas and dated long-distance between Paris and London before Amanda moved to London almost three years ago. Stay tuned for wedding details! 

I received word that Sanctuary for Families honored Brooke Purcell with an award at the nonprofit’s annual Above & Beyond Pro Bono Achievement Awards & Benefit in New York. The award served as recognition of Brooke’s work on a team of Covington & Burling LLP attorneys who exhibited remarkable compassion while working tirelessly on the asylum case of a severely traumatized victim of domestic violence and her two young daughters. Brooke now works at Arnold Bloch Leibler in Melbourne, Australia. Robbie Barbero ’01, Th’02, finished his Ph.D. in biological engineering at MIT on November 28. He continues to work at MIT while looking for a job in biotech or cleantech.

Andrew Heisen was ordained as a pastor on December 10. Nat Rink ’99, Chris Bowen ’02 and Colin McGlynn ’03 joined in the celebration. Andrew will serve at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He and wife Karilyn (Saunders) Heisen are also expecting their second child, a son, in April.

Sherryta Freeman was recently promoted to senior associate athletic director at Temple University. Sarah London is moving on from her position as an assistant attorney general in Vermont to serve as Gov. Peter Shumlin’s legal counsel. Sarah is replacing Beth Robinson ’86, who was appointed to the Vermont Supreme Court. 

Stay warm and keep those updates coming. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi, ’01s! Hope everyone has been enjoying the New Year.

Brad Crevier proposed to his girlfriend Sierra Rosen, who grew up in the Upper Valley. Brad proposed with a ring as well as a vintage motorcycle, and Sierra agreed to ride off into the sunset with him. They are planning a summer wedding in Vermont. Melissa Miranda recentlymarried Dick Brouwer and has started three companies, including listcharming.com and kokodex.com. Soon Hyouk Lee married Michelle Choi in November at a ceremony at the Riverside Church in New York City. Many Dartmouth friends helped the couple celebrate at the reception in West Orange, New Jersey. David Tatkow is recently engaged to Heather Christopher.

Chance Hill graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service with a master’s in security studies and plans to start working full time in Washington, D.C., after the new year. Jenny Alden is engaged to Tyler Barth and is having great success with her new brand, dessertdarling.com, where she critiques and reviews desserts with a five-cherry system. Robin DeGracia and her husband, Siva Sankaranarayanan, enjoyed their first year with their son Santiago Kesavan, taking him to New Jersey, Canada, India and Las Vegas all before he was 1. John Leyba got married in December 2008 and welcomed his first child, Barbara, in December 2009. He and his wife, Marisol, are expecting their second daughter in April. 

And Boulat Bash has now seen Dartmouth hockey play at every arena in their conference. It took a few years (and thousands of miles of driving), but he’s now seen the Big Green at all 12 ECAC arenas. His final game was a Big Green win at Princeton on November 20. 

Please continue to send me updates.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt. 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Congratulations to our ’01 newsmakers! 

Robert Mirakian was named associate director of the Toledo Opera Association in March. He also began serving as music director of the Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra this past fall. Way to go, Bob! Christine Campbell shared some exciting news from afar: “I’m finishing my residency in pediatrics with an elective in Santiago, Chile, in June. Then in July I’ll start a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham. Hooray!” With more great fellowship news, Ali Rashid wrote, “I’m about to start my last year of residency in anesthesiology in Richmond, Virginia. I accepted a position at Duke University for a fellowship in critical care/cardiac anesthesiology. I don’t head out there until July 2014, but I think I’ll miss Richmond a lot. I haven’t visited Hanover since October, but hope to make it up soon and maybe next year will be easier to have a fun travel schedule!” And Gene Long graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine in May and will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee, soon to begin his residency in internal medicine. Earlier in the spring he took a well-deserved break to reunite with Lacary Sharpe in Augusta, Georgia, for their quadrennial trip to the Masters. 

On March 25 Alyssa Rower and husband Daniel Fay had a baby boy, Oliver Thomas Fay. James Kittredge and wife Elizabeth added a healthy baby boy to their family, too, welcoming Donald Frederick Kittredge on April 3. James included some of Donald’s stats, writing, “At birth, he weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long.” And Lindsey (Bishop) Anderson has a new little one, as well: On April 21 she and husband Nathan welcomed Noa Elizabeth Anderson. “Noa joins big sisters Reese (3 1/2 years) and Colby (1 1/2 years), who are both very excited about (and a bit possessive of) the new addition to the family.” Jessica Morris and Dan Fossitt recently celebrated their daughter Samantha’s first birthday. They also enjoyed a visit from Lisa Emerson, Lisa’s husband, Brendan, and Lisa and Brendan’s daughters Stella and Amy. Jessica said, “The Emerson-Toch posse made a special stop in Atlanta on their southern road trip.” 

The class officers have a few announcements, too. President Jane Parkin Kullmann writes, “Hey ’01s! The executive committee would love to plan some mini-reunions in your cities. Please let us know if you would be interested in a mini-reunion or if you’d like to help plan upcoming mini-reunions. Don’t be shy! We are also toying with the idea of a ‘half-reunion’ for next January to mark the halfway point between our 10th and 15th. Look for more details in the coming months.” VP Kristin Delaney and Greg Frank represented us at the first Dartmouth Club of N.Y.C. masters pong tournament in March. We cosponsored the tourney and need your help identifying other events ’01s will enjoy. Kristin invites you to join our Facebook group, Dartmouth College Class of 2001, and to contact her with your ideas. Last, but not least, treasurer Rachel Richardson reminds us the fiscal year ends on June 30, and your dues contributions and donations make it possible for us to hold events and finance projects, including our new memorial fund, as a class. For more details and to pay online, please see the “pay class dues” link at our website, www.dartmouth2001.org. You can reach any of the officers through our class e-mail address, dartmouthclass2001@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hey, ’01s! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the 10th reunion. Our 15th will be here before we know it. Yikes! 

Many thanks to Diana Vernazza, who tells me Andrew Allport won the 2011 New Issues Poetry Prize (http://newissuespress.blogspot.com/2011/05/winner-of-2011-new-issues-poe...). Andrew’s book, the body | of space | in the shape of the human, came out in March and has received incredible reviews. With more literary news, Tara Dairman writes, “I’m thrilled to announce that my debut novel, The Delicious Double Life of Gladys Gatsby, will be published by Penguin/Putnam Books! It’s about an 11-year-old foodie who secretly becomes a restaurant critic for The New York Times. I’ll be sharing the publication date when I get it and other news at my website, taradairman.com.” Anne Wadlow also has something to celebrate: “Two kids and a few extra years later I have finally finished my Ph.D. in the classics at the University of Virginia!”

Andrew Trief just finished up his first year of rabbinical school in Jerusalem and is back in N.Y.C. for four more years. He adds, “Spending this summer traveling around the States, so hit me up if you’re up for a road trip.” Also in New York, Elizabeth Sullivan has just wrapped up a pilot program of her wellness curriculum for young performing artists. “The 16-week pilot at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy in N.Y.C. has been a great success and I am hoping to expand into more schools this fall (creativecompass.org). Also, April marked the six-month anniversary of my marriage to Sandro Pasquali, a software developer from Toronto. We are happily ensconced in the hippest neighborhood in Brooklyn, Williamsburg. We saw fellow ’01 Patrick Francis and his lovely wife, Bulbul, in the city a few months ago and caught up on old times. It is always such a pleasure to see Dartmouth people!”

After five years in London Adrian Loehwing was granted indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom, which means she can now spend the rest of her life in Europe. Next up, dual citizenship! Karl Polifka is enjoying life on this side of the Atlantic. “Having lived in both N.Y.C. and Chicago during the past 10 years, my wife and I decided we had enough of the bright lights/big city and recently moved to Burlington, Vermont, with our 4-year-old, Henry. I’m now on the corporate development team with Dealer.com. I’d love to connect with any ’01s who are in northern New England.” 

By the time this issue reaches you Jackie Lippe and Steven Bercez will have wed at the Metropolis Ballroom in Arlington Heights, Illinois. At press time Jackie expected Aseem Gandhi, Isaac Berniker, Matt Curro, Randy Choiniere and Gyvonne Pinkston ’99, an old basketball teammate, among her guests. Best wishes, Jackie and Steven! 

Finally, congratulations to all the new and repeat parents among us! Steve and Nicole (DioDato) Park welcomed their second little girl, Ivy Abigail, on November 25. Kate (Mattern) McGee had an especially memorable New Year’s Eve: “My husband, Conner McGee ’02, and I welcomed a son, James ‘Jamie’ Palmer, on December 31, 2011.” Colin and Melissa (Mangan) Fox have added to their family, too. They and big brother Jeffrey welcomed Nicholas Colin on March 2. Ryan Heiberg and wife Suzanne Beauchene write from Issaquah, Washington, to announce their second son’s arrival. Born March 18, baby Drew joins big brother Dorian, now 2 1/2 years old. Also in March Lily (MacLean) Bennani and husband Chris welcomed their first child, Austin. The family recently settled in Concord, Massachusetts. 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi, ’01s! Big congratulations on all of the new arrivals! Chiara (Grabill) Garonzik and her husband, Dave, are thrilled to welcome their son Taylor Fredric Garonzik, born April 28. Nicholas Kovner and his wife, Georgia, are the proud parents of baby girl Paige Elizabeth, born in February. Rachel Richardson and her husband, David Roderick, announce the arrival of their first child, Olivia Richardson Roderick, born in November. Rachel’s first book of poems, Copperhead, has been released. Jeremy Ware and his wife, Christina, are expecting their first child in October. Britt (D’Augustine) Broady and her husband moved to Durham, North Carolina, a few days before the arrival of their daughter Shea Caroline Broady. Britt is now the assistant field hockey coach at Duke University.

Rochelle Bourgault completed a 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training program and will start teaching yoga workshops incorporating writing, creativity and personal expression in the Boston area. Joe McKnight purchased a new home in Stratford, Connecticut, and continues to work as a healthcare representative at Pfizer Inc. Additionally, he is pursuing his M.B.A. at Southern Connecticut State University. Brian Graner is relocating to Harrison Township, Michigan; get in touch if you’re in the area. 

Please continue to send updates to me!

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt. 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org

Happy holidays, ’01s! 

This column is going to print on the heels of Homecoming, but 2013 will be just around the corner when you read it. I hope 2012 has been good to you. It has been very memorable for some of your classmates! 

Sarah Hamilton married Greg Lucas ’03 in June during “a fun-filled weekend of sailing, beach parties and endless dancing” in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Many ’01s and ’03s were guests. The newlyweds live in the Bay Area, and Sarah says, “Our door is always open to any alums passing through!” 

Stephen Forster married Suzanne Skinner (Colby College ’03) in Alexandria, Virginia, in October. His best man was Steven Hsu and his groomsmen included Jason Lioon, Patrick Francis and Justin Johnson ’03. Other Dartmouth alums in attendance included Kendall Lioon, Allison Murray, Sarah Warlick and Laura Hsu ’04. 

Carolyn Roth will marry Pedro Fiuza and host a mini Dartmouth reunion of her own in her hometown of Chicago next June. Pedro proposed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August, and Carolyn writes, “We met in Brazil a few years ago (but live in N.Y.C. now), so it’s amazing to get engaged where it all began.” 

Anna Rudberg Speiser and husband Pete are traveling as part of a fellowship he was awarded through their seminary. “His proposal was for a year exploring the way people’s faith lives are lived out through their relationship with the land and its resources, justice issues of land, water and food production and use, and care of creation. We’ll spend the year exploring all of this in Japan, South Africa, Armenia and surrounding areas. We feel super blessed by this opportunity and are excited to spend our second year of marriage exploring and adventuring.” To follow along, visit petespeiser.wordpress.com.

Esther Freeman and Adam Young are still in Boston. She is finishing up a dermatology residency at Harvard and has signed to stay on as faculty at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital next year. Esther says, “My work is letting me mix together my two academic loves, global health and dermatology, by working as a consultant for the World Health Organization in the area of HIV dermatology. Adam is teaching seventh grade at Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts, and spent the summer in Vietnam leading a high school student community service trip.”

Mike Levy and wife Nichola (Wisconsin ’02) welcomed their first child on September 29 in Chicago. Ethan Isadore is a big boy, weighing 9 pounds, 13 ounces at birth. Mike is a loyal alum, having already outfitted Ethan in his Dartmouth baseball gear. Karl Polifka writes with fun baby news, too: “Ruby James showed up on our front doorstep on the morning of September 22. Now a month old, her cheeks and second chin appear to be on track to be plump enough for her relatives to munch on during the holidays. Her older brother Henry is adjusting well enough to the new reality of the world not revolving around him. Heather and I are coping relatively well with the sleep deprivation.” Rosemary (Riley) Dempsey and husband Deron added a son to their family in August. “His name is Michael Deron Dempsey and he’s one sweet guy.” Gloriana (Gallegos) Trujillo and husband David are the proud parents of a baby girl named Soledad. The family lives in San Diego. Scott and Alisa (Beck) Harrison welcomed their second son, Colden James Harrison, on September 5. Alisa writes, “ ‘Big’ brother Timmy (only 19 months older) is enjoying him, as are we!”

Happy New Year! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Before 2011 becomes history, we have one last batch of memorable updates. 

Ali Rashid completed his internship and is enjoying life as an anesthesiology resident in Richmond, Virginia. He had a great time seeing so many classmates at our reunion and made plans to visit Dartmouth again in November for La Unidad Latina’s Noche Dorada. He and his brother Omar Rashid ’00 even invited their parents. 

Ryan Garcia sends good news from Pasadena, California. In addition to serving as a principal at CIBA Real Estate, he is hitting the books as a part-time M.B.A. student at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. In October he took a serious study break, meeting up in Chicago with then-girlfriend Ani Khatchadourian, who is working on her doctorate in psychology from Pepperdine University and currently at Johns Hopkins for an internship. He planned their trip under the guise of attending the USC/Notre Dame game and surprised her with a marriage proposal. Congratulations, Ryan and Ani! 

Anna Rudberg spent a year with fiancé Pete Speiser in Bratislava, Slovakia, interning as a Lutheran pastor for the Bratislava International Church. The couple returned in August and married on September 24 near her family’s farm in Nebraska. She says, “It was so wonderful to share that special moment surrounded by people we love. Now we’ve moved to southwest Minnesota, where Pete is doing his internship. We’re loving life surrounded by cornfields, open prairie, and our new puppy dog, Bryndza. If you find yourself in southern Minnesota, please look us up!” Elizabeth Walter writes, “My exciting news this summer is two-fold: I married Dave Shelly (Whitman ’00) in an outdoor ceremony this September in the hills near Palo Alto, California. Dave is a seismologist for the U.S. Geological Survey out here and we met while I was a postdoc in psychiatry at Stanford. In attendance at the wedding were Aki Naito and Jay Schneekloth, as well as my new uncle-in-law Jim Tilden ’72. I also just made the leap out of academics to start life as a user experience researcher with AnswerLab, a small company in San Francisco. So far things are goin’ well!” Best wishes to the newlyweds! 

Kudos, too, to Andrew Heisen, who will be an ordained pastor by the time you read this. He will serve a Lutheran congregation in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. 

Finally, congratulations to the proud parents of new babies! Last spring Christopher Miranda and wife Ashley had a baby girl, Madison Ashley. Travis Meek and wife Katie, along with big brother Colvin, welcomed Rosemary Elizabeth on July 22. Ellen Pfeiffer and her husband, Erdin, had a baby girl, Maria Boinay Beshimov, on July 30. Sarah Lodewick and husband Rian Laub welcomed their daughter Nora Madison Laub on August 18. Elizabeth Kleinerman and wife Allison had their baby boy Marshall Blecker Kleinerman on August 29. On September 25 Jeremy Ware and wife Christina welcomed Jonathan Atticus Ware. Susan (Feakins) Masry and husband Avi welcomed their second son, Robert, in October; their first-born, Benjamin, turns 2 this month and is excited to be a big brother! Steven Hsu and wife Laura (Fraser) Hsu ’04 had a baby girl, Amelia Juliet, on October 2. And after seven years in San Francisco, Lindsey (Bishop) Anderson and her husband moved back east to Westchester County, New York, just in time for the arrival of daughter Colby on October 17. She joins big sister Reese, 2. 

I hope the new year brings you and yours good health and lots of happiness! 

Kristina Panettiere, 20 Great Rock Road, Sherborn, MA 01770; dartmouth2001notes@gmail.com

Hi, ’01s! Hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season. Lots of good news to report from our classmates.

Katie Lyndon married John Kehoe in a gorgeous ceremony in Newport, Rhode Island. Many Dartmouth classmates helped them celebrate at the reception at the New York Yacht Club. Scott Kinum married Marci McGregor overlooking the water at Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in September. The couple was joined by many of their Dartmouth friends spanning the classes of ’98 to ’03. Rupa Magge married Kurt Cross over Memorial Day weekend in Marina del Rey, California, with many fellow alums on hand to celebrate. Alyssa Rower married Daniel Fey on June 26 at Buttermilk Falls Inn in upstate New York surrounded by many fellow alumnae. Sarah Lodewick and Rian Laub were married in October in Waltham, Massachusetts, with a number of Dartmouth friends joining the celebration, including Lisa Thum, 2001 class dean. Sarah also recently earned a master’s in social work from Simmons and has been working as a clinical case manager in the Boston Area Program of Gould Farm. Andy Pease married Lisa Samols in New York City and was joined by many friends from Dartmouth. Andy is still teaching outside of New York City and conducting the Columbia University Wind Ensemble and the Columbia Summer Winds. Kim Alexander and Gary Maslow ’00 were married during Columbus Day weekend at the aquarium in Kure Beach, New York. Many Dartmouth friends attended the special event.

Brian Maloney and his wife, Alice Gomstyn ’03, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son Marshall Aaron, born this past July. Kay Weston Walsh and her husband, Greg Walsh ’99, welcomed their daughter Fionnuala in September.

Britt Broady is still coaching field hockey at the University of Louisville. The team, currently ranked 10th in the country, is getting ready for this fall’s NCAA tournament. Britt and her husband are expecting their first daughter in the spring. Abbey Nova graduated with a master of arts in the history of decorative arts and design from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and Parsons. Abbey is now working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, where she is the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Curatorial Intern in American Decorative Arts.

Best wishes to all of our classmates for a happy and healthy 2011, please continue to send to me updates about everything the New Year brings.

Kerry Blum, 298 Mulberry St., Apt 3J, New York, NY 10012; kerry.blum@alum.dartmouth.org


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