Class Note 1976

Huge thanks to my awesome predecessor as class secretary, the ever-loyal Jay Josselyn, for his decades of mining for nuggets from us non-communicants and for his demonstrated affection for our class. We love you, Jay!

Since it will take two of us to fill your shoes, Steve Melikian has kindly signed on for the toughest part of the job that you gracefully fulfilled, posting tributes to deceased classmates at

A poem to my classmates: “Ode to June 15-18, 2017!”

Who knew co-chairing 41 could be a blast and so much fun?

When Martha Beattie, star VP, sighed longingly and looked at me,

I knew I had no other choice but to join up with Cathy Joyce

(Now Cathy Brennan), husband Jack and Jim Beattie. No turning back!

We co-chairs chose a “Greet Elite” with open arms and hugs to meet

Each classmate who will join the throng as they return where they belong.

So every hour in our tent you’ll find a classmate heaven-sent

To ask you how the heck you’ve been, pretend to know you, yank you in,

Make sure each name tag’s extra large. And here’s who we have put in charge:

Rich Nichols, U.S. Soccer rep; Rich Horan still with hair and pep;

Ann(e)s Upton, Johnson and Fritz Hackett,who traded in her tennis racket,

Serving biz and Dartmouth College. Clam will come to share his knowledge.

Join Julie Miner, Julie Shepherd setting our attendance record,

Coming from the Northwest coast, our Jamey Hampton helps us host.

Check out his dance troupe, Body Vox, and you will see the guy still rocks.

Bruce York and Eric Copenhaver will import Seattle flavor,

Joined by Jamie Bergford Parkins annoyingly free of wrinkle markin’s.

Paul Lazarus and Amanda Green will greet with drama. What a scene!

Tom Ruegger’sshow The 7D, an animated hit Disney

Won’t keep him from our midst…Yippee! And lots of locals you will see.

There’s Mel Treadway and Mary Beach, Judy Csatari favorite teach.

Jeff Reed will run our shuttle vans and for you classmate football fans,

Our bear hug team includes a crew that may just gently tackle you.

Tom Parnon and our Reggie Williams will be there, our classmates thrillin’.

We’ve got Kipp Barker,maybe Kirk. Tom Souza will be hard at work

Ensuring we are immature and laughing till we beg, “No more!”

Brad Agry, job coach, will bring grins. And two who’ve managed country inns

Will run our menu operation. Sorry, Dick Prentice, no vacation.

Dick owns the Chebeague Island Inn. And Neil Van Dyke will help with din.

Although a search and rescue dude, Neil’s former inn served awesome food.

Joan Tyler Marable said yes. With her calm presence we’ll be blessed.

Good thing, since Seamus Hourihan and Mike Feasel will be on hand.

Kim Windrath will still cook the books. Our registrar is Lynnie Brooks.

She’ll be helped out by Nick Aponte. While Charlie Thayer,our surgeon jaunty,

Helps the huggers. And Art Howe, a fire safety expert now,

May dowse our bonfire flames with water. Hope he doesn’t drench Gus Sauter.

And to New England roots he’s spurned, John Haffenreffer will return!

And what reunion is complete without the Jetons, Nance and Pete?

On Sunday Cindy Shannon reads as class memorial she leads.

And lest you think that it’s too late for you to help out at this date,

Just try us! Email Cath, Marth, me. You’ll have a job as you will see!

Sara Hoagland Hunter, 72 Mount Vernon St., Unit 4B, Boston, MA 02108;


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