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Former federal civil rights trial attorney Michael Gennaco ’75 guides police departments toward reforms that reduce ugly incidents, increase transparency and promote accountability.
How much force does a police department need? When Fay Wells, Tu’06, locked herself out of her Santa Monica apartment last fall, a neighbor reported her as a burglar. This is her story.
Photojournalist Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin ’07 explores notions of identity and place in conflict zones where statelessness and forced migration prevail.
First-generation students must navigate a unique set of obstacles to get into college—and to survive once they arrive on campus. Here’s how several first-gen undergrads are faring at Dartmouth.
The Harvard professor discusses her new book about Thomas Jefferson and offers her take on racial inclusivity on campus.
Is it uncool to say I had a great time at my 20th reunion? There’s nothing like the people who knew you when.
A student’s journal from 70 years ago turns out to be far more intriguing than its author could ever have imagined.
Sculptor David Stromeyer ’68 brings muscle and mathematical precision to his stunning work.
Michelle Fox ’98 • Neil Castaldo ’66 • Peter Robinson ’79 • Bob Pattillo ’82 • Jack Groetzinger ’07 & Russ D’Souza ’07 • Nicole Carrier ’94, Tu’00
An NYC aide on facing urban challenges
At Work in the Murk
Early Innings
Tidbits from around the College
Andres Smith ’17, Comedian
How to Find Peace of Mind
At the Wheel: Undergrads at the Davidson Ceramics Studio
“…and the granite of New Hampshire keeps the record of their fame.”


Readers write, react and respond. (May-June 2016)


New titles from Dartmouth writers (May-June 2016)

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Designer and educator Tom Bonamici ’07 has made outhouses, backpacks, ax sheaths, chairs—even a cookbook without words. Here he shares the stories and ideas behind a few of his favorite creations.
EXCERPT: Advice for loud, smart women in turbulent times
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