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This is a guest column by the wonderful Jake Routhier: Happy spring, ’10s! I’m going to start off by saying how nice it’s been for me to hear from so many of you, and I encourage each of you to reach out to an old Dartmouth friend to let them know you’re thinking of them. Our classmates are an impressive group; here are some of their accomplishments.

Congratulations to everybody who matched this March. Jane Kurtzman will be in residence at Columbia’s department of urology. Zoe Lawrence will be starting her residency in internal medicine at NYU. Ben Murray will also be doing an internal medicine residency, but across the country at the University of Washington. Amita Kulkarni, in her last year of medical school at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, is thrilled to have matched at the Women & Infants Hospital-Brown University for obstetrics and gynecology.

Speaking of OB/GYNs, congratulations to Zachary Gottlieb and his wife, Valerie (Silverman) Gottlieb ’04, on the birth of their daughter, Remi Elizabeth. Zach reports that she “is already an expert at the boot and rally.”

Chris Bustard is getting married in August to Kate Lyon ’05. Benjy Meigs and Jason Lyon, along with plenty of other alums, will be in the wedding.

Kari Cholnoky writes, “I’ll be in a two-person show at Big Medium Gallery in Austin, Texas, opening April 21 and will be artist-in-residence at the Fountainhead in Miami for the month of May.” If you have an opportunity to see Kari’s art in either location, it’s well worth the trip.

The ever-impressive Tabetha Xavier wrote and associate produced a film, What’s In a Name, which was invited to the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in May 2016. Olivia Baptista ’12, Chris Herbie Holland ’11 and Gabriel Rodriguez ’13 all played a role (the first two more literally than the last) in bringing the story to life. Olivia Snyder-Spak is a development producer for Left/Right, a TV production company in N.Y.C. If you’ve got a reality, documentary or scripted show idea, pitch her!

Lily Eom, after beginning her M.B.A. at Kellogg, will be embracing her hipster roots and interning at Microsoft in Seattle this summer. K. James Hung just completed his Ph.D. in ecology at UCSD and is headed to the Ohio State University for his postdoc in crop pollination research. Both are interested in connecting with alums in the area.

Boyd Lever is looking forward to incorporating a technology company and is looking to move to Palo Alto, California. Tay Stevenson started Generation Atomic, a grassroots advocacy organization for nuclear energy, for which he recently ran his first canvassing and organizing operation. He was also thrilled to take part in Camp Granite in Hanover last month. Marina Andreazi, after successfully selling her innovation consulting firm, has been traveling and exploring what’s next, including buying land and finding sustainable ways of investing in the Amazon region of Brazil.

And, to show that the community is still strong, I’m happy to report that Kathy Oprea ran the Boston Marathon (setting a personal record of 3 hours, 28 minutes) cheered on by fellow ’10s John Schroeder, Vanessa Szalapski, Becca Dellenbaugh, Catherine Armstrong and Alex Hall. Jocelyn Krauss has been happily supporting student startups at the Harvard Innovation Labs and regularly runs into many alums, too numerous to name-drop here.

Lastly, I (Jake) am living in Philadelphia, but will be spending the summer between San Francisco and Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re in either city let me know and I’ll make it my beeswax to come say hi.

Jennifer Chong, Via dei Serragli 7, Florence 50124 (FI), Italy;

Robert M. Hoffman ’10

Robert M. Hoffman ’10 passed away peacefully in his sleep on September 21, 2015, in Los Angeles. At 27 years old, Robert led a short but full life. He came to Dartmouth from Bethlehem Central High School in Delmar, New York.

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