Sweet 16
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Some newly minted alums share their post-graduation plans as they head into the wild blue yonder.

“I’ll be working at Walter Reed in D.C. doing clinical research on prosthetics for amputees—as well as on PTSD and phantom limb pain.” 
Kelly Bach

“I’ll be working in D.C. at a consulting company called Applied Predictive Technologies.”
Spencer Chu
Engineering Sciences

“I’m going to grad school in Beijing with the Schwarzman scholars program.”
Jordyn Turner
Asian and Middle Eastern studies

“I’ll be in Singapore working with the World Toilet Organization to address the international sanitation crisis.”
Anna Ghnouly
Geography and Asian and Middle Eastern studies

“I’m doing a post-baccalaureate year to prepare to apply to medical school.” 
Alex Ganninger

“I’ll be in New York City working as an institutional wealth analyst at Goldman Sachs.”
Sophie Hoffman
Psychology andEconomics 

“I’ll be going to Columbia Law School.”
Kasia Robak
Spanish and government 

“I’ll be doing education consulting in Dubai.”
Dari Seo Seo

“I’ll be serving in the Israel Defense Forces.”
Jordan Kastrinsky
Linguistics modified with film and media studies, and Asian and Middle Eastern studies

“I hope to play in the NFL. I’ve been signed by the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Vernon Harris
Electrical Engineering 

“I’m going to Stanford medical school.”
Sharjeel Syed






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