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John Francis Imo ’40Jan. 28

Richard Robert Otter ’41March 6

Murray Jesse Latz ’42Feb. 27

Richard Remsen Jr. ’42Feb. 18

Robert Eugene Rice ’44Feb. 12

Charles Martin Secor ’44Jan. 23

Douglas Alexander Donahue ’45Feb. 12

De Witt Clinton Baker III ’46Feb. 13

Eugene Bronstein ’46March 5

Mark Francis Byrne ’46June 8, 2009

Paul MacArthur Canada Jr. ’50Feb. 4

Hugh McKenna Lynch ’50Feb. 26

John Alfred Sirois ’50July 28, 2009

Max Welborn Jr. ’50Oct. 7, 2016

Francis R. Burns ’51Nov. 7, 2003

John Rheinstein ’51Jan. 10

Robert S. Cotsen ’52Feb. 11

John Lloyd III ’52March 13

Raymond J. Watson ’52Feb. 24

David W. Folger ’53April 1

Jackson O. Hall ’53Dec. 23, 2016

John U. Harris Jr. ’53March 13

George B. High ’53March 21

Jonathan Moore ’54March 8

Alan Averill Terrill ’54April 10

Kenneth Vernon Zwiener Jr. ’54Jan. 29

Carl Leslie Swenson Jr. ’55Feb. 4

Leo Charles McKenna ’56March 6

John Kalar Van de Kamp ’56March 14

Richard Stephen Cross ’57Feb. 14

Robert Wright Amis ’58Feb. 25

Paul Howard Frankel ’58Feb. 28

Theodore King Furber ’58March 9

David Gladstone Campbell Jr. ’59March 5

William Richard Sweet ’59March 15

Paul Bone Hartley II ’62Feb. 18

Edward Anthony Keible Jr. ’65March 19

Maxim Koslow ’65Jan. 24

David Wrisley ’67Nov. 12, 2016

Malcolm Alden Cross Jr. ’68Feb. 7

Peter Craig Ginder ’68Feb. 9

Oliver Greenhill Hess ’71Jan. 30

Lewis Cicero Horne Jr. ’72Feb. 23

Caren Lea Diefenderfer ’73March 30

Gary Anton Sporcich ’73June 6, 2016

Robert Chester Pridham ’74March 19

Charles Pitt Crandlemire II ’82June 11, 2016

Mark James Byrne ’85April 6

Samantha Hankins ’88March 2

Andrew Patrick Ciccone ’07 Oct. 22, 2016

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