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William Joseph Crangle Jr. ’36Aug. 9

Martin Joel Rubin ’40July 22

Leo Francis Caproni Jr. ’42 Sept. 4

Lee Romanow ’43July 23

Stanley Douglas Skaug ’43Aug. 10

William Beacon Hirons ’44June 25

William Joseph McCarthy ’44Oct. 10, 2012

Robert D. McLaughry ’44Sept. 7

Robert Leonard Sundblad ’44July 20

Theodore Pockman Swick ’45May 13, 2014

Francis Thomas Adams Jr. ’46July 12

Ralph Emerson Dennis Jr. ’46 July 23

John Patrick Harrington ’46Nov. 7, 2007

Joseph Thomas Keckeisen Jr. ’46July 23

Frank Arne Lundblad ’46June 16

Lawrence Henry Callahan ’47July 10

John Linwood Kelley ’47June 14

Jackson Oliver Welsh ’47July 26

John Petersen Warwick ’48June 26

Mahlon Hoagland Fox ’49Aug. 9

Eugene Jeffrey Smith ’49July 13

Edward Michael Sullivan ’49July 14

George Francis Carter ’50Sept. 22, 2015

James Prentice Farmer ’50July 5

Richard Kohl Frey ’50June 23

Robert Brane Funkhouser ’50 July 22

John Howard Krick ’50June 26

Roderick Douglas Stinehour ’50July 2

Richard Jay Wilcox ’50June 26

Charles H. Hood ’51July 8

Richard W. Swain ’51July 25

W. David Dugan Jr. ’52July 23

Richard Doyle McDonough ’52June 27

Preston Howard Saunders ’52July 20

Ray V. Schumacher Jr. ’52June 15

Paul M. Arenberg ’53Aug. 8

Richard Hoyt Confair ’53 July 22

Ronald Kaye Dunton ’54July 19

Peter Frank Geithner ’54July 29

Peter Edwin Roos ’54July 17

Donald Oden Ford ’56July 22

Michael Jerome Zissu ’56 July 12

Richard Kimball Norris ’57Aug. 12

Clyde Rollin Bomgardner ’58July 11

Edward Eliot Burns Jr. ’58July 3

James Bernard Geier ’58 July 9

Nathan Hunt Palmer ’58 July 21

Peter Jacquette Burton ’59March 2, 2011

James Roger Crise ’59Oct. 15, 2012

Max Clark Fischer ’59March 9

Charles Root Parsons ’59Aug. 8

James Leon Mairs ’61July 26

James Lockwood Hazard ’66July 22

William Henry Kinschner ’69March 26, 2014

Frederick W. Ochs Jr. ’69Dec. 31, 2015

Michael Schrom ’73July 25

Timothy Ian Moore ’78Aug. 4

Robert Lionel Conwel Maxwell ’82July 31

John Patrick Wolfenden ’92June 23

Stephen Timothy Largay ’93July 3

Gregory Reed Ferris ’94 July 19

Hareesh Kumar Khurana ’95Aug. 1

Thomas Francis McClure ’96June 14

Racquel Racquia Sinclair ’97May 2, 2010

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