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John H.B. Knowlton ’36Dec. 16, 2013

Robert Mott Brown ’38March 15

Richard Devereux Hill ’41March 8

Richard Hartley Hempstead ’42Jan. 30

Paul Uhlmann Jr. ’42 March 30

Joseph Gustav Hirschberg ’43 March 27

Roy Harrison Kirch Jr. ’43March 13

Herbert Albert Brandt ’44Nov. 14, 2015

Donald Allen Campbell ’44March 16

William Bell Roberts ’44Dec. 27, 2015

Harold Salmanowitz ’44March 11

William Cronin Trier ’44Feb. 17

John Tannehill Bressler III ’45Dec. 2, 2015

Gilbert Harold Jones ’45March 20

Campbell Miller ’45Feb. 12

George Warren Miller ’45March 18

Raymond Edward Campbell ’46Feb. 24

Louis Meyer Heller ’46Feb. 17

Douglas Berry Leigh Jr. ’46Feb. 28

James William Conceison ’47March 1

John E. Clemence ’48March 17

Martin L. Ullman ’48March 6

Ralph Prestat Melville ’49Feb. 15

Richard W. Moulton ’49March 19

Dean Stoddard Worth ’49March 1

Allan Botshon ’50Aug. 11, 2014

Macauley Worth Taylor ’50July 17, 2013

Ralph T. Hand Jr. ’51Feb. 18

Franklin T. Laskin ’51Feb. 5

Peter Reed Mann ’51March 16

Robert Karr McCabe ’51March 9

Jacques W.F. Allen ’52March 17

Howard J. Geist ’52March 21

Peter F. McSpadden ’52March 13

Stewart M. Rose ’52Aug. 7, 2014

Jay R. Schochet ’52March 24

H. Donald Staubes ’52March 5

William H. Baughman Jr. ’53Feb. 2, 2015

Arthur F. Little Jr. ’53March 16

Peter M. Mattoon ’53March 29

Frank D. Mulcahy Jr. ’53March 10

Richard W. Nunley ’53March 3

Robert T. Pierce ’53Feb. 26

Mitchell L. Strickler ’53March 8

Willard Nice Chamberlain ’54June 27, 2015

David Keith Martin ’54 Feb. 19

Anthony Joseph Migliaccio ’54March 13

Barry Jay Nova ’54March 2

William Emery Ullmann Jr. ’54 Sept. 27, 2015

Richard Theodore Bueschel Jr. ’55March 24

James Whitney Hall III ’55March 28

Nelson Charles Nicholson ’55Nov. 2, 2015

Carl Frederick Hilker Jr. ’56Feb. 19

Robert Joseph French ’57March 3

Jonathan Franklin Seely ’57Jan. 13

William Neill Kirchner ’58Feb. 21

Robert Ostenberg Lindig ’58Feb. 1

David Hamilton Rice ’58March 14

James Francis Sullivan ’58Nov. 15, 2015

James Aloysius Burke ’59March 2

George Warren Carlson ’59Feb. 29

David Lee Heine ’59March 8

David Oscar Ramsburg Jr. ’59March 7

James Wheland Wall ’59April 1

James Scott Brannen ’60March 16

Samuel Williams Parke Jr. ’60March 24

Thomas Walter Wahman ’60Feb. 26

David Thomas Hugo ’61Jan. 2013

Thomas Henry Mealey Jr. ’61Feb. 24

Robert Allan Wolf ’62July 4, 2014

Gary Lee Weltner ’65Nov. 21, 2015

Greig Tyler Burdick ’67March 18

John Winfield French ’69Nov. 11, 2014

James Osborne Safford III ’69April 9, 2011

Alan Richard Reese ’70Nov. 21, 2015

David J. Funsch ’77Dec. 7, 2015

Tom Allatt Broadhead Jr. ’84March 25

Aaron James MacArthur ’84Feb. 16

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