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Dean Everett Nicholson ’36Aug. 12, 2014

John Doner Diffenbaugh ’39Jan. 21

George Francis Clabaugh ’41May 16

Ronald Edwin Losee ’41May 17

Bill Porter ’43Nov. 10, 2016

Ralph Arthur Rieth Jr. ’44Feb. 20

Henry Burton Hicock ’45May 31

Milton Cooper ’46April 29

Robert Frank Craig ’47June 17

George Alexander Dwenger ’47March 9

Donald Frederick Page ’47May 19

John Harris Hatheway ’48April 24

Richard Durning Leggat ’48June 17

Walter Z. Newman ’48March 9, 2014

Phillip Viereck ’48May 26

Dean Cowell Cameron ’49June 20

Eugene Dahl Miller ’49May 24

John McClelland Simpson Jr. ’49March 1

Richard Houghton Bill ’50May 7, 2010

Selwyn I. Atherton ’51May 5

Bayard W. Johnston ’51Feb. 7

Raymond C. Lindquist ’51Jan. 18

Jeremy C. Lindsay ’51Jan. 8

Richard Bell Mason ’51Nov. 15, 2016

Henry S. Moyer Jr. ’51 April 25

Robert W. Woodhouse ’51Feb. 23

Roy Twining Abbott Jr. ’52April 25

George C. Gibson ’52June 4

J. Reginald Pierson Jr. ’52May 17

Harold Alexander Wiper ’52 May 9

Mayo Johnson ’53Aug. 24, 2016

Harry E. Walburg Jr. ’53Sept. 23, 2016

Richard Montgomery Deaner ’54 April 8

Paul G. Finegan ’55March 29

Joseph Bolton Hick ’55March 1

Edward Lee Storrs ’55April 16

Ted Bremble Jr. ’56April 18

Burnett C. Buckborough ’56Dec. 18, 2016

Donald Bernard Davidoff ’56May 5

Howard Sodokoff ’56Feb. 28

Robert Jordan Googins ’57Feb. 25

Walter Kent Prindle ’57May 3

Robert Jay Eleveld ’58March 19

Walter Cunningham Wilson ’58May 6

Robert Orlaf Halbert ’59Feb. 23

John Blaisdell Nason III ’59May 23

Richard Drake Baldwin ’60May 18

Bruce Webb Eaken Jr. ’60Feb. 11

Michael Howard Savage ’60 May 12

Richard Robertson Barr ’61May 27

William Frederick Roth ’62Aug. 22, 2016

William Robert Jevne ’66April 1

Robin Jim Williams ’66April 5

John B. Chittick ’70April 5

Karl David Maurer ’71May 4, 2015

John Edward Shanahan ’71April 24

Albert Lee Kemp Jr. ’74April 22

Robert Joseph Lang ’74June 14

Mark Alan Mahoney ’74April 22

Joel Blaine Sanborn ’74 May 7

Charles Frederick Roots ’782015

Daniel S. Kersey ’87May 30

Christopher Bayley King ’90 May 29

Kent Cazimir Liske ’04April 24

Eric Ray Cruz ’07Jan. 5

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